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@maggiecodes_ thank you maggie :) @WONG_is_Royalty thank youuu
Phew, my mental health was down and I took a few weeks away from coding. I've finally found my way back. It is mor…
Places to find #remote #developer jobs (THREAD) (reply with your favorite site, I can't find them all) #100daysofcode #code
Retweeted by ✨ @powertofly That was so wonderful - thank you!This is today!
@mdimran31906322 Nice, good luck! @LisaBea07414324 Thank you both!!
@SJPSnickers You've got this!! @rothecoder Im a former park ranger who needed more of a challenge! I miss being a ranger dearly, but maybe one day… @chrisdixon161 To be able to be challenged every day while also bring able to hopefully work remotely.Four more job applications down. 💪 Let's do this! ✨ #womenintech #100DaysOfCode
@justriseandgrnd Please @justriseandgrnd Normally I do too. I think I'm overwhelmed with ideas and that's what's making it difficult. I don't know where to start
@sam_does_code I guess just improving in general? My projects are pretty basic since I'm still learningHow do you go about upgrading your personal projects? What is your thought process when deciding what to change/upg… @moferg0 @JimLynchCodes @treehouse 💪 you too!! 🙌 we've got this. @moferg0 @JimLynchCodes @treehouse That's fantastic. I hope I get there soon! This gives me hope @kefimochi I've done this to you 😂
@moferg0 @JimLynchCodes @treehouse Thanks Marshall :) has anything been helping you get out of your funk? @moferg0 @JimLynchCodes @treehouse I think I just got bored honestly...
If I could give 1 piece of advice for new and aspiring developers: DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! When people…
Retweeted by ✨ @justriseandgrnd We are our own worst critic @justriseandgrnd Whoa that's really awesome. Will you share when done? I'm always fascinated when people can do that! @hibacodes This is dangerous.. Neither would I hahaSome excellent tips here for entry level devs 🚀
Retweeted by ✨ @Alvin82381476 Awesome! @danpdev @Raspberry_Pi 🙌 nice!! @filipkunjadic Oh those are important! Speaking of resume writing... I spent all day applying to jobs. That was a b… @sam_does_code That's important! Hopefully they aren't too tough to tackle @EclecticCoding Oof me too.... Glad you're doing better as well. @danpdev @Raspberry_Pi Nice!! What are you going to do with it? @maggiecodes_ Liking* @maggiecodes_ Ohh nice! I'm glad you're looking angular @NehemiahKiv Thank you! I would love to learn more about this! @maggiecodes_ Thanks!!
I've been in a funk for 3 weeks, but I finally sat down and started applying for jobs and coding again. What are… @maggiecodes_ Good idea! Where did you put the summary section?
@ctrlALTsamara Added:)
@justin_kambic Thank you Justin @Toluwannimi Oh yeah I was being real for sure. But yeah I'll keep doing that. @ravikiran_09 Thank you ravikiran ✨ @sam_does_code Thanks Sam ✨ @Toluwannimi Well I had two interviews. I mostly work in react but I work with python too. Maybe I wasn't great wit… @sarahh_dev Thank you Sarah ✨ @Puneet29633001 I'm not but I'm so cal and willing to move. I'll DM you in the morning. @TheGerardTaylor Must be crazy to look back on. Switching careers is rough! I hope my future looks like yours - thx ✨ @nlognco I'm trying. Thanks. ✨ @DThompsonDev Thanks Danny. You've been so inspiring, I hope I can keep the positivity up like you do. Thanks for the encouragement.Oof, didn't get the job even tho I thought i aced the interview.
@MariamV_96 Build stuff! Good to learn the basics but you only retain it by building @kefimochi I got my first paid project ever so YES. Howvever that's all I could do.. No learning for myself or pers…
Also, I got my first paid project a few hours ago. AHH!!! But more importantly, black lives matter. Have you give… went a bit quiet to allow for more important tweets to go out this week, but - quick Q! When freelancing, if you…
@kefimochi 🙄🙄🙄
(Psst: White Dudes: Wrote one for you, two! It's XL, smells of sandalwood, and only comes in slate grey and black)
Retweeted by ✨Are you a white woman who is feeling sad about everything that's going on but unsure what you should be doing? I w…
Retweeted by ✨ @Niweera Oooh interesting. I'm gunna have to do more research on this. @Chetans4514 Enjoy! It's my fav @spotlessapple Im gunna have to give it a try. I've mostly used react but I've been curious about vue. @spotlessapple Oooh how do you like vue? @maggiecodes_ That's awesome! @LisaBea07414324 Nice! That's a good one to know @mosesintech Oooh I'll check this out, thx!!
@mosesintech Awesome! Where are you learning? @maggiecodes_ Ah sweet! How is angular?What are you learning right now? ✨ I'm learning GraphQL and Apollo. 🙌 #webdevelopment #WomenWhoCode #100DaysOfCode @DThompsonDev Just keep moving forward, don't spend too much time contemplating things. Learn, meet people, grow. @_deeb_deeb Thank you! @Karemortiz1986 Thanks karem! @LafontLft @DThompsonDev Thank you! @DThompsonDev 🖤 thank you Danny!! @egong4real Thx Eric! 🚀 @maggiecodes_ Thanks Maggie!! @JorgeMoovein Thank you! @javascript_jess Thank you Jessica! @UncleDude8 Thank you! @Upwork 🙌🙌🙌 @pldev1153 Thank you Paul! @danpdev Thank you! @ntaverna @DThompsonDev Im always down for advice. Thanks! @DThompsonDev I am! Spoonacular :)SHOW AND TELL! Do you have a project you have made that you have done? No matter how simple or how amazing, drop it…
Retweeted by ✨ @DThompsonDev My most recent
@syntax_Err0r_05 @100xcode That stuff is tough, keep it up!yall. 😮 1- I rocked my first interview of the day. 2- I talked with someone on upwork who is going to send me freel… @tweetycoolguy @LeetCode @InterviewCake Oh I'll check this out, thx! @levlaz Thx lev! @tweetycoolguy I've been looking up a lot of YouTube videos on mock interviews... Also @LeetCode and @InterviewCake have been super helpful. @maggiecodes_ Thank you Maggie! I appreciate it:) @Kaya_Mooon Were you able to labs a job at a mission driven company? @Kaya_Mooon YES! Congratulations!!! 👏👏👏 @Romanatized @femtech_ I love that you added pictures of your notes! @CatMcGee14 @maggiecodes_ I feel the same! Everyone is so encouraging and helpful here. 🖤 @Ara_CE_93 @WomenCodersBot @Microverse Yes! It's so good to see how far you've come.I've been studying for my interviews so much - but the more I study, the less prepared I feel. 😔 gotta keep remindi…
@kimutai_codes @CoderNotesBot 🙌✨“How to Contribute to OSS as a Newbie” thread 🧵:
Retweeted by ✨ @maggiecodes_ This is so helpful - I've been trying to figure out where to start for forever! But now I have this, thank you! @ShanteTech @WomenCodersBot Yes!