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#nikkyburrsir on the @hamiltonmusical Phillip Tour; a master at raising profound hell.

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... @watchmen on @HBO. ... holy fuck. #inaweWelp 🖕🏾
this is a man who understands. @Winston_Duke @Payton_26 @NBCBlacklist About to finish S3Bruh.... Reddington... Exactly how many of these "friends" do you have my dude??!? @NBCBlacklist3 more weeks until Rick and Morty
Retweeted by Nik Walker @aparnabrielle But like this is why we’re friends tho
Someone with an unbiased stance please catch me up on this @TulsiGabbard stuff. Just the facts please. Very confused. #stayinformed @rickjensen70 No no. Roadhouse will not be a musical. Roadhouse will be a play, or a 30 minute stunt show a la the… me- before i draw my last breath, i WILL pen and produce a remake of Roadhouse, for stage and/or screen. Mark… @MaryEMcGlynn @BrianWFoster @Hydra_Lord @WillingBlam @sweeetanj @kharypayton @Marisha_Ray @matthewmercer WAIT WHAT🇺🇸
@MPSmithnyc @NBCBlacklist ac.cur.ate.After hearing Mulvaney's comments, I now believe that @realDonaldTrump should be impeached by the US House and face…
Retweeted by Nik Walker @JevonMcFerrin @firstwefeast PLEASEOkay straight up I hope that one day I become ultra ultra famous for the SOLE purpose of being a guest on #hotones @LConoscenti The fact that THOSE were the quotes you used for this retweet, immediately justifies our entire friend… @cindy_datagirl @FoxCitiesPAC @HamiltonMusical @JosephAMorales Schuyler Defeated, right after Room. Small moment, b… SEASON 3 OF @NBCBlacklist MIGHT BE THE MOST EXTRA WICKED DRAMATIC SEASON OF TV I'VE EVER SEEN AND THEY CAN TAKE…"I’m not just an overrated general. I’m the most overrated general," Mattis says. "I'm honored to be considered tha…
Retweeted by Nik WalkerI’m so tired of Latinos always being left out of the conversation 👏🏽
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Nov. 4, come hang with us @TheGreenRoom42 as we raise a glass to celebrate the life of one of the baddest mothereff…, but to everyone onstage who’s NOT receiving the aftershock of beans, chicken, broccoli and protein shakes that…
@singinganagram AHHHHH I MISS THIS- AND YOU LADY!!!I am disappointed that the racism inherent in the political dynamics of our time has not been a bigger part of this debate.
Retweeted by Nik Walker @stoopswats @NBCBlacklist Nothing awful about that at all 😂 @blumspew @MaryEMcGlynn This is just wonderful @natashakermani @NBCBlacklist YOU WOULD BEan announcment: recently discovered @NBCBlacklist and it now has my full and undivided attention until i'm caught up. #JamesSpader
Succession but everyone wants some of Logan's M&Ms
Retweeted by Nik WalkerMy cat is exactly like me in that most of the time he’ll make a big show of pretending he don’t like you but the mo…
Somehow she hasn’t choked me out yet 😝 #HappyAnniversary #comerainorcomeshine #nikandsarahsinfiniteplaylist @jasonjwilde @tdhildebrandt @JosephAMorales @MarcusChoi11 @MissTarea @HamiltonMusical Thanks for coming thru!!!
@MiggstaC09 So much love to both of you guys. Here if you need anything at all.this is fucking nightmarish at this point. has been for a long fucking time. @1285KAS aw- thanks lol!
Wait for it. #hamiltonfoxcities @HamiltonMusical @FoxCitiesPAC @JosephAMorales us a postcard, partner. #RIPRobertForster
@ryno1185 So. Rare. @ryno1185 this is a MASSIVE fight in the joyce-walker household and i need you to know that i come down squarely on your side @blumspew @shaunking Right back at you bro bro, appreciate ya(Pt. 3) So... and this is an honest ask... tell me again how we’re supposed to just “get over” segregation and slav… 2) An anxiety so bad that my g’pa never spoke her name after; a guilt that he seemed to carry the rest of his… 1) Learned yesterday that my g’ma’s death- while giving birth to my ma- was most likely cuz she couldn’t get i… @AlishaGrauso fuckin' love thishad the time of my life making this movie with my friends and family (which is the best way to make anything)!…
Retweeted by Nik Walker @Jackson____03 I will come to your house and we will do this together cuz
#TBT to the speech we gave in solidarity to @VP when at Hamilton. This cost me everything. My personal safety, secu…
Retweeted by Nik WalkerFinally caught @KaitlynDever in @Booksmart. She is 100% her generation’s Jodie Foster. I called this back on… @fancyfitz @DTWeetin @jamesmiglehart My home 😊 #617strongConnectingFlightAirportRave @DTWeetin #personalday #shippinguptoboston"You lost today kid... but it doesn't mean you have to like it." #indianajones #LifeHack
Jack McBrayer is the only correct answer here. Although I also wouldn’t mind seeing @donaldglover in for Dusty, as… amount of $ I could make, recording/selling @NeilHaskell’s random song outbursts in this Appleton AirBNB... lik… @KarleeSchamber @HamiltonMusical 🤗🤗🤗 @Robert_Voth
@JennyAment I’m sitting in my car weeping now, because it’s so important to remember that most people in the world…
Retweeted by Nik Walker @ERAlban @LConoscenti YAAAAAS @LConoscenti @XxNess_ Once I’m onstage or on set or in the actual audition room, I’m fine. The work to get there, or come down a… @kstraith #gluttonforpunishment 😂*raises hand* - Generalized Anxiety Disorder since ‘95. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek @LConoscenti ..... NOOOOO.“It takes no compromise to give people their rights... it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no pol…
.... @PattiMurin i'm here for all your content. (That is all. Back about your business everyone.) #hilarityensuesHey, remember when Jeffrey Epstein got killed 2 months ago right before he was about to snitch on a ton of global e…
Retweeted by Nik Walkerplease watch. @BernieSanders twitter for 2 minutes & see yet another innocent person of color has been shot & murdered in our country, & six…
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If you’re lucky enuf to endure in this biz, you sometimes pick up #brothers4life; this mega talented asshole is no… shit. @KhalilahYasmin Yes. Yes you will. @aleelambert @HamiltonWestEnd Welcome to the #burrtherhood bro bro!!! @fergsters95 WHY WERE WE NOT WARNED MY BRO #gonetoosoon @Summerbellies NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Hi. Remember when riding an attraction, whether it’s your second time or one millionth, it might still be someone’s…
Retweeted by Nik WalkerMark Hamill Praises Joaquin Phoenix's Joker -
Retweeted by Nik Walker @RachelAHelson Just DMed you lol(Pt. 24)... as someone who has been fascinated by this character since childhood, and who truly appreciates the cra… 23) It makes a great case for more attention paid to mental health, and the less fortunate- though it’s cautio… 22) I don’t know what the experience is, watching this as a movie goer who doesn’t know Gotham like I do. I’m… 21) And for all the phenomenal feats that Joaquin pulls off in the run time, his handling of this particular m… 20) For all the amazing moments that preceded it, THIS was when I finally breathed a sigh of relief, that Phil… 19) The greatest victory of this movie then, is where the 2 hrs of anarchy, tension and Taxi Driver nods revea… 18) That is The Joker- a big loud insane broken foil to the greatest detective in our fiction's history.(Pt. 17) The singular point of the character is that at the end of the day, no matter what he does to stand out, h… 16) My Joker- the kernel of Joker that I’ve always loved- does not care about his own brains, how “cool” his anarchy looks on a poster.(Pt. 15) ... where their personal genius is misunderstood and fetishized. And I never responded to it- and excuse m… 14) I saw a tweet, before the film came out- and I’m paraphrasing here- but basically, the author was proposi… 13) And the performance is… heartbreaking. Gut wrenching. Agonizing. Terrifying. All too manic and all too real.(Pt. 12) This film seems to agree with me- and in my mind, that’s why it works. This film, on top of having more Ea… 11) ... and yes, in that regard, I DO want to see a Joker of color, a woman as Joker… #RuthWilson already nail… 10) Not hyperbole- I have spent much of my adult life convinced that a well crafted Joker can be the Hamlet of… 9) If you aren’t familiar with that lore, you’re going to miss all the things that make it special. And viewe… 8) But in my mind, it’s not fair to view this film through the lens of modern film canon. The movie is called… 7) Many have lambasted it for how closely it clings to its predecessors. And if you’re a film critic coming at… 6) ...and his casting of DeNiro in the role of a late night talk show host stalked by our titular character… (… 5) If you’ve seen Scorsese’s King of Comedy, then you’ve seen pretty much the exact plot of this film. And I’m… 4) Last night my watch was ended, my long wait found its conclusion in a beautiful movie theater, late night i… 3) Admittedly, has Phillips’ white-hetero-centric-frat-boy comedy aged well for me over the years? Not in the… 2) Albeit cautiously- Phoenix has more than proven himself a national treasure, so I had high hopes there. Dir…