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Weeb shit, cat pics, Dota 2 ranting, and random shilling. Niko9lives#0009 on discord I stan all Kyoani related things

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"While I'm not satisfied with the current state of matchmaking, I appreciate the efforts being made" "Axe agrees.…
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I just bought some Happy Tracks ice cream and holy fuck. This shit is amazing, I can't believe I've never tried it… me stream or face the consequences! is SO expressive, I can't even fathom this level of quality👌#Beastars (Ep 02)
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiYOOOOOOOOO they ended the episode at the best possible place god bless! I'm fucking floored by this adaptation, th… fucking love the composition of this shot, this show is beautiful!'s Beastars episode 2 time motherfuckers!20 years ago today, audiences in America saw a "Super Saiyan" for the first time on television. #Goku #DragonBallZ
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Live once again with more Indivisible! Watch a single bored twitch streamer fail to be entertaining to anyone but… FUCK, YES!!! eat an inferno volcano margherita mega max now too🥺🍕 #PROMARE
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiEnded the stream early because I'm absolutely exhausted, will be back on tomorrow <3“Hey guys, I’m watching My Hero Academia right now and I want more anime, you guys have suggestions?” “Nice! Have…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshiplacing 4th out of 3,532 at EVO
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiAy yo it's the EXTREMELY unfunny twitch streamer comin' at you live with some lame bullshit Be there we playin' so…
Hoshiai no Sora's ED is FANTASTIC Not only is it great animated dancing, which is always fun on its own, but the w…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshiゆっくりしてます。 ハロウィンオレンジ。
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiI'm finally over with this hell of a week. Now time to prepare myself for next week...In my experience this is the opposite of true. The GM is 100% the sub.
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. @Ninja who are you
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiI called out of work and wrote a song at the beach instead.... Self-Care
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiSylvain Emblem: Dancing All Night I'm very sorry for this. #FireEmblem #FireEmblemThreeHouses #sylvainjosegautier
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiI got home from class ready to watch Beastars and then forget it's a Netflix show... Netflix release your shit weekly bro wtf.PROTECT THIS SMILE!
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @ShaKing807 Thank you Santa Claws, I needed this in my life. Thank you for giving us Beastars.Beastars OP absolutely killing the game in pure creativity and innovative presentation. 10/10.
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiFuck Beastars OP is the biggest of POGs, I fucking love this shit. I can't they made it in stop motion, god bless.… waiting for Snapfire and Void Spirit 🙄 #dota2
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Beastars episode 2 is tomorrow, god give me strength I need that OPI can't wait to submit a source that has "Dickwolves" in the title to my professor.What’s fortnight
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @geo1088_ Luckily autocorrect ain't a person so we don't need to treat it nice. At least not yet...カップ麺からヌードルストッパーへ
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @Sodra9000 My condolences.
Mery out here adapting vol 5. God bless Realizes She Has Ears!
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiI have been on a RHCP kick recently, I don't know why but it's all I've consumed recently.enuma elish ex+++ feat. gEAse #FGO #untitledgoosegame
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Annoying the junior environment artist working on foliage because you get keep getting wrecked in PVP is some "sir,…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @Cpman_ Cpman noI love Act-Age's character art so much, it's so pretty! The eyes especially get me, I love the detailing on them so… fans 🤝 P2 fans 🤝 🤝 P3 fans Thinking Shoji Meguro i…
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiOh god this shit is too real
Why won't people think of the rich, they have it so hard guys :((((((((((((((( wanna reread Beastars already, that shit is fucking hype and I miss it already. Big sads ahead.台風が過ぎるまでは 私のTMレボリューションごっこ見て 外に出るのは我慢してね お兄さんとの約束だよ
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@ShaKing807 TWITTER PLEASE IT REALLY ISN'T THAT HARDGod I wanna post Beastars panels but motherfucking twitter ain't go no spoiler function. So just imagine me postin… Beastars keeps getting more and more danksimon belmont’s walkcycle in early NES Castlevania games be like this
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi12 years ago today, probably one of the most hype Smash Bros character reveals happened.
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiWatching twitch chat meme about Trump live is an interesting experience. I honestly don't know what to think about it.
@ShaKing807 👀 I will for sure!BREAKING: Donald Trump has launched an official Twitch channel and will be streaming his rally tonight live on Twit…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @ShaKing807 17 chapters in and it is mega POG!Beastars extremely good first episode, Legoshi looks to be bae af. Also I can't wait until next week, I'm gonna bi… man @tylerthecreator fell on his entire ass and continued the show. love my legend
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @ShaKing807 What if I want it to turn me into a furry, does that mean I shouldn't watch it?
Blizzard banned pro Hearthstone winner for supporting free Hong Kong and took away his prize money. It would be SUC…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi"you got plans later tonight?" me:
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiW白桃×2
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiIndivisible @IndivisibleRPG is out today! Here’s my fan arts from 4 years ago!✨
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Indivisible launches today on Steam, GOG, PS4 and Xbox One! Buy it now at!
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiBreaking: Effective immediately, Blizzard has removed Hong Kong Hearthstone player blitzchung from Hearthstone Gran…
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiHelp my brother just said poggers to me when I was talking to him on the phone. What have I done to him...помогите
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@Urban_Teh_Myth PS is absolutely amazing! I refuse to even touch Nintendo's online battling system for the same rea… I was born in September! meaning, only transactional nihilism.
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshiファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズにて『比翼の盟主 ヘクトル』を描かせていただきました! 10/ 9(水)から開催の「超英雄召喚イベント~おばけの収穫祭~」で配信されます。宜しくお願いします! 🎃Happy Halloween!🎃…
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiJust finished that new Black Fox anime movie, honestly I was quit surprised with how much I enjoyed it. It was very… was pretty good
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after playing all four routes, here is my OFFICIAL FIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES TIER LIST
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshibase from 🤡 (clown) eyes from 🙂 (default) mouth from 😑 (straight)
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiWent and saw Joker today, it was absolutely phenomenal! I'm so glad DC is making movies like this and would kill to see more.
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Breath of the Wild 2 - Nintendo E3 1999 #BotW #botw2
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshii can’t believe what i just saw on the galar stream!! #PokemonSwordShield
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiOh boy, Arthur Morgan and I have another date with destiny!, Byleth. Very smooth.
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Luffy 😭😭😭 #OnePiece20
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiIt really do be a wendy's around these parts. 2020 - The Last of Us: Part II March 2020 - Final Fantasy VII Remake April 2020 - Cyberpunk 2077 I'm very ok with this
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Announcing Yes, Your Grace, a medieval kingdom management sim about keeping your land (and your family) safe and we…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @ShaKing807 Don't dodge the question Sha, did you????
@smhmines Thanks bb <3😳 @MrLA1234 Hey thanks man <3Tea gang likes their own names a lot #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #ferdinandvonaegir
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @ShaKing807 This is supposed to be the part where I get my cool anime powers that slowly burn out my deteriorating…'ve been sick for the past 3 days and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. This is actually the worst I've fe… game fucks. I mean that in the best way possible. ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiYou ever just come down like an Armageddon flame?CBR: "Uraraka Breaks The Shonen Female Lead Curse." Yeah, but do you know when Kagura almost destroyed the protagon…
Retweeted by Niko9Legoshi @geo1088_ Xcode was a mistakeIt is with great emotion that we announce that Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden will be departing SIE. His v…
Retweeted by Niko9LegoshiAlternatively play 5 and stan Nero because he's my boiHey this is a friendly reminder that DMC is an amazing series and DMC 3 is a gem that everyone should play