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Nik @Nikrc Milton

University of Guelph grad with a H.BSc in biological science. working as a lab tech

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📷 10knotes: me in 1998📷 garrus: the entire normandy crew is just a bunch of socially awkward people and I love them so much
@waxmittert Your art is too real
@ShawnRAshmore The one true iceman @BewilderBerry Honestly one of tops. So much fun.
taur: owe the team behind the sonic the hedgehog movie a huge apology
Retweeted by Nik📷“Dr. Yoni Freedhoff a professor at the University of Ottawa who specializes in obesity, said that the only explanat…
Retweeted by Nik @WillNashOnAir Bring me sooooome📷 blairwitchz: uma thurman in kill bill vol. 1 (2003) maya hawke in stranger things season three (2019) @BewilderBerry It’s even funnier for this years emmy noms.unclefather: murderer in my dreams: i’m going to kill you! me: No!📹 dallasrecklessandrelentless: That fuckin smile at the end grapefruit-sky: HOW LONG I don’t even know who these characters are, but I can’t not…
@vankayak @CanadasLifeline Unfortunately my blood is banned. @XMenMovies @sinKEVitch @BestBuy But but but. Extended cut????? @BewilderBerry Who’s got 5 years to watch that thocontrast-thebasisofseeing: I made a thing. Gay Trans Love Enamel Pin @tylerwhat16 Just like he blamed Ottawa for the long weekend hike in gas. #HeIsAnIdiottranspeterafterdark:📷 c-bassmeow: samsweetmilk: The economic realities of Baby boomers versus Millennials  that comment has had me thin… Taika is great and all but what about my girl Gina? The disrespect!📷 sugar-comrades: this was the funniest fucking thing i saw today📷 captainpoe: Avengers Endgame - Marvel Sisterhood @BlckBolex I love how when women act like men they are arrogant. The reason straight men hate lesbians is cause the… @BewilderBerry Tall Twink Energy. I just made it up. But still. @BewilderBerry Nah man. You got that TTE @GwenLilyOwen This is real talk. @joeypurple @DEADLINE As who!? An eel!?We all need the Extended and Alternate Cut of #DarkPhoenix 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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anthonysjcrowley: theasianinfluence: projectsnt: sakimcgee: lumberjacksteve: ghostfromthefuture: buggerygrips: penf…📷 born-for-fame: bluesymoons: this is the future liberals want This is exactly what I want. the movie longer that's all I ask!!!!!! EXTENDED CUT PLEASE! @xmenmovies @Kinberg
Retweeted by Nik @MutantDiary @XMenMovies @Kinberg YaaaaaaaasWhy no extended cut :( #DarkPhoenix @Kinbergdegguk: indiiglow: me-and-my-dumbass: me-and-my-dumbass: libertarirynn: The Christian celebrities are with us. The… @lenathecat @artsyblacksheep Weeee. Can’t wait#ReleaseTheKinbergCut before we go #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on your 🍑. @Disney @20thcenturyfox 🙂
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@weeeelson No one cal tell them apart @Jesse_Tyrone @emtothegem @OddlyYvie @ScarletEnvyNYC @Mercedesiman @MissShugaCain @Silky_Ganache @Bhytes1 God we are so sexy
@prince_nunu_ Perfect @Jesse_Tyrone @emtothegem @OddlyYvie @ScarletEnvyNYC @Mercedesiman @MissShugaCain @Silky_Ganache @Bhytes1 Ruuuuuuuuuuuuude @EstOdek And if people say it’s unsportsmanlike tell them to watch any male tennis player earn a point. Literally any player and any point. @Jesse_Tyrone @emtothegem @OddlyYvie @ScarletEnvyNYC @Mercedesiman @MissShugaCain @Silky_Ganache @Bhytes1 Dude how… @yeahitsmarco It’s more you’re shoulder i’d be concerned about @aneeshshethacts @ScottDirects I hold my view that: until minority actors are portraying cis straight white charact… @BewilderBerry Makes me self conscious @SurzBabaAhmed Let us know when you gonna start doing this ‘better’ you speak of @SurzBabaAhmed Tell straights to stop poppin out queers. It ain’t our damn fault.dankmemeuniversity:📷 death-by-lulz: lucas better keep his little mouth shut
@Bhytes1 @ScarletEnvyNYC You guys were gorgeous.📷 dragon-in-a-fez: caliphorniaqueen: nameiscorey: chrisdigay: micdotcom: Watch: President Jimmy Carter tells Oprah… please please @WorldOfWonder #DragRaceCanada do a comedy acting challenge and have @danjlevy and…📷 @JaydenPaynneTV Disagree
📷 @BewilderBerry This is so damn cute @MrNoamAsh swag @SinaGrace @Bhytes1 @bioware #xmen #adventuretime #funkopop #masseffect
@MutantDiary I mean is pretty much confirmed. The x men stole from marvel.God damn @PoseOnFX got me crying over her for a full hour. #pose @Erin_Tommy @KiSS925 Saaaaaaaaameme first hearing about the live action mulan missing key characters and songs from the original film vs me learning…
Retweeted by NikI made a thing. Gay Trans Love Enamel Pin📷 rncyanide: crowzley: Clue (1985) dir: johnathan lynn This movie is a gold mine
Panel of the Day: Alpha Flight Issue 106, Page 15, Panel 2 Lobdell/Pacella/Panosian/Sharen/Chiang March 1992
Retweeted by Nik @XavierFiles He is awesome @kerner_gary ‘I’d grab that pussy’📷 @amadcartoonist @meakoopa Jubilee: who?
@NewNowNext @ETCanada @mikeyerxa @iamianlynch @PhilipTetro @juanmgc @DavidRobert And @iamianlynch hasn’t cut his hair since. @aidensunchez Please and thank you @BewilderBerry Whenever I’m not depressed📷 @SchittsCreek when is season 4 going to be available on DVD in Canada?📷 @TheAnnaDiop finally getting into #titans and I have to say I absolutely LOVE you as #starfire📷 churchnotmadewithhands: this show is so fucking funny
Seriously What is with men and their obsession with telling you how to "fix your problems" I swear to god you could… @NickStopTalking @BewilderBerry On their phonesShe captured the fear of coming out so well. @BewilderBerry And we can barely feed ourselves @trixiemattel You spelt misdemeanor wrong.
@trixiemattel Oh honey 🍯 @mikeyerxa So good @meakoopa I want one of those so bad.📷 jcams88: GURL, I SEE you! I👏🏻 SEE 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻
Working I in the garden and my phone fell and took a picture. #NotAModel @ahemdanvers But the 5 year blip.📷📹 bobbywhatsgood: tkyle: Kim Richards vs. Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam ASMR I am fucking screaming 😂…
@AndrewScheer Thanks for the fake newslive feed of me every day trying to remember if i took my meds
Retweeted by NikStraight men breaking out their pastel shorts and American flag tank tops today
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