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I miss partying ;(

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I like nene song 😂
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Retweeted by Nile @KaryllSaid (I do) really wanna know how people are really feeling but I can’t pry. What are your fears your plans how’s your emotional healthLotsWhat’s on my mind? @myk_l33 Ya bored 🙄 @sakebomb_ Please (take him)The cuckold husband giving instructions to the bbc eat a steak on live tomorrow at 8pm
Retweeted by Nile @sakebomb_ @theerkj YOU WEAR A TEAIRA.
Retweeted by Nile @sakebomb_ You are so wrong for this lol @SwaeLee You’re my daddy now ☺️They aite
Nene taking advantage of the quarantineneed that stimulus to stimulate ASAP
Retweeted by NileGirl what the hell did you do
Retweeted by Nile @KaryllSaid @jackieburkhartu I never seen the latter 🌚 I missed a lot of essential movies tho
Retweeted by NileI love that I took these today. Mood goals 🤩 @DreKingston You are so wrong for not acknowledging apeshit @thugpop Locked up, locked up LOCKED UP, THEY WON’T LET ME OUT.
Retweeted by NileWhen Beyoncé put all them damn Spanish songs at the end of B’Day
Retweeted by Nile @Ericcccwayne @astoldbyneekz @CHASEBLAlSE @taebr33zi Looooool 😭😭😭 @taebr33zi Aw I remember the first pic 😢😖Bye I thought this was a challenge
Retweeted by Nile @JulianDionG Aw thanks ju @Corstador Yes @NicQ0tine Ya the beard pic is from 2015. I never grow it out 😅 @1DJFirstClass Drake I guess @gilossal gotta be eating GOOD them mfs out here looking fat and full of energy
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Retweeted by Nile @gilossal 😘🤩 maybe vers @DreKingston Obsessed w/ this tale @gilossal No se @3rdtime_charm Her business partner was flirting w/ herThe fact that this video doesn’t even apply anymore HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT GIRL!!!
Retweeted by Nilehow y’all think my living room gonna feel about these 🤨
Retweeted by Nile @nilodile Im the emoji 😕
Retweeted by Nile @nilodile I’m the literal copy and paste response
Retweeted by NileSo I’m supposed to cook every day?
Retweeted by Nilesomeone proudly explained they are hosting house parties all weekend because they are a hustler
Retweeted by Nile @perrisrueller @DreKingston 😭😭😭 whoooo had been sayin datTag yourself I’m “huh?” @perrisrueller @DreKingston Who said dat?me once the quarantine ends
Retweeted by Nile @gilossal @laflaminghot 😈 why don’t you say sooooosweet anita x omarion
Retweeted by NileWho turned his wifi back on????
Retweeted by NileI think imma play candyman tonight-
Retweeted by NileBopping to songs produced by dr luke @jayhaspower April.. fools? 🥴 @SheaButterPapi Crazy huh before meeting Princess Fiona @jacobeiscool ClearlyWorking out @ home is so boring that’s why it’s hard to meWe’re all living this middle school summer vacay @ the same time
Have we heard from sista avanti?When a guy says “I promise” it’s a confirmed lie @samed_iii 😚
Retweeted by Nile @sta_schemin @gilossal Wedge @lindsaylohan The way this is gonna HITLove when a starlet hits rock bottom then releases a project called Back To Me 🥰The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the pa…
Retweeted by Nile @dequanek She wanted some dollarszzs. Cam girl vibes @dequanek @dequanek I chickened out lolAll the DL dudes stuck at home with their baby mamas
Retweeted by Nilewell😒
Retweeted by NileTHIS JUST HAPPENED LMAO I was irritated am happy to announce that i have found bae
Retweeted by Nile @cake_hoarder Morning? @cleopatra_scat @bgcslave Yaaass this back
Retweeted by Nile @cleopatra_scat @bgcslave you like to do pranks, you’re getting dumped @bgcslave Heart on broken ;( @fonzfranc Boring.. alex*****4, that’s why I own it 😙 spend about an hour a day just losing it 🤯 as soon as they start playing that New York shit in the club:
Retweeted by NileStan lana 🤩 @BohemiannChong @BohemiannChong Whose mans is this?Thank you, MSNBC.
Retweeted by Nilegirls be stroking yo dick & aiming it right towards yo face bitch i wish you would
Retweeted by NileAll the gays gagged over this
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