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Shadow, skincare, and artistry. Aspiring atomic monster. CA transplant in the PNW. Retired from Certification. 2600 to current gen. pfp by @NinaModaffari

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@SavvytheNerd Every single day you are killing it!
@veroicone I keep meaning to buy one for other places or just fun but you can smear peanut butter on the side of th… the vaccine was dangerous they would've given it to poor people first, not politicians and billionaires.
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @Katchdraws Happy birthday!!! @BlizzJess I can’t even begin to understand the mental gymnastics that requires.I’ve noticed that people are quoting the tweet I posted yesterday to push a narrative that this is how blizzard tal…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @BlizzJess Thank goodness.canceled my wow sub who knew having a baby would be a 24/7 type deal and not just something to do outside of raid h…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙re: some tweets I've seen lately self dx is not lying, or attention seeking. it's not dangerous. it's not a slippe…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @zerena_hoofs But who got the dick slice? @FeministaJones @KosherSoul Absolutely correct. I turned 50 this year, and all of my b'day wishes were "you turned…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙People be like “do your own research” and I’m like bitch I won’t even do my own housework. Ain’t nobody got time fo…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @xSPEAKEAZYx @Just_Menniss bi awakening tweet about The Mummy that doesn’t bring up them 👇is missing (at least) half the point
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @Just_Menniss LOL! @Just_Menniss @Just_Menniss What is it? @Just_Menniss I think so and we fell for it. @Just_Menniss @Postsemreh Grow up. As if. @academianut3 @HKTweets666 That’s also my assumption? @Just_Menniss @collettenope “The food lady must’ve set me up.” @Just_Menniss Hook up. Six up. @BlizzJess Please explain to me how anyone is shrill in text?
@Holyzorea Do not recommend, the texture is all over the place! 😂I’m going to wrap that last stack next and see about moving those bins into the shed. 84: Just about done moving all the small appliances to the shelves in the laundry nook. That should free up a l… @CinnriStarling OOF! Seems like they really should know better. I’m sorry. @CinnriStarling I feel like doctors should know that people die. @CinnriStarling My pulmonologist was very angry I had to cancel because a relative died and had the nerve to say th… @JGPasterjak @rob_sheridan @RexChapman I am also a survivor of a homemade microwave lol, and I’m oddly relieved to see I’m not the only one.My father built his own when he was in the air force in the 60’s. It lived in the garage and I was supposed to push… @MattSoms17 They look great. @Pr3stss THANK YOU! That was driving me nuts! 😂 @Pr3stss Someone please point out the cat to me lol.Just because it’s datamined or in the patch notes doesn’t make it PR.Calling devs & teams performative for making the changes that they are capable of making is just misdirected vitrio… @x_fenderx @MattSoms17 Never again at Adobe. @Just_Menniss Oh fuck. @ejonthecan I only played it for a few minutes last night but it seems unique. I’m guessing it gets much harder as… @internetjim @sewzinski Zooming in on this one was delightful!
Picking up the thread since I’m still decluttering. At my father’s funeral an ancient relative picked up this littl… @BeesCharger I highly recommend moving somewhere where no one knows you lol. @porkrind Just call it personal style and you’re good. @twenty20sight @zerena_hoofs @stephnoob If those are the options I think that’s a smart call. need to dig up my email of legal grievances and be loud about it but that was plenty for today. Documents have be… @zerena_hoofs @stephnoob Maybe you’re just supposed to sit in the litter tray for the duration? @Just_Menniss When I die I’m going to designate my worst enemy to administer my final affairs. @Just_Menniss Trying to be. The courts were very delayed before covid. That release order took months.I am having the worst physiological responses to anything regarding the estate at this point. One benign email from… fix will let you resurrect your ancient Gamerpic — bring back Bubblegum Kid!
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @Evolyn_ That messed me up too. @SecretDogClub_ My heart, I always wanted a Pom! @_Gneisha Call in the pros that’s what they’re there for! I’m curious to hear what they say but regardless I hope y… to my friends at @ORIGINPC & @IntelGaming I'm giving away a brand-new computer to someone in the disability…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @aertemisha Mountain person name 🤣 My parents had me late in life but my father did name me so I would go by my i… @zerena_hoofs Earplugs and kitty litter?! @aertemisha I don’t think they’re all awful, the traditional and vintage ones seem fine to me, but I grew up Berkel… @KilroyKT I’m so sorry, goodbye always comes too soon. @zerena_hoofs Not too bad! 😂I hope the shelves hold otherwise I’m just asking to break every kitchen gadget I own. I can’t think of a better solution though.I think I made some progress. I’ve pulled out and cleaned the wire shelves, cleaned most of the small appliances, a… @_Starflare Slather your feet and put on socks. It will keep the bed vapory and not mess up your bedding. @_Starflare Oh no! I hope you feel some relief soon, that’s my usual combo and it’s awful. @Zullell It’s ok! I think I need to just get up and be productive when I’m like this, otherwise nothing gets done. I can always nap later.Yet again I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours so I’m up trying to at least make some progress on the laundry nook. @ejonthecan Sojourner!Update: no longer true
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @dawnwow Oh yeah, we’re sticky :( @thisaintnoel Oh no! I hope they are taking good care of you and keeping you comfortable. @OtekahSunshield That is SO cute!!!Alrighty, it's been a hot minute since I did one of these. ⭐🌟 GIVEAWAY TIME!🌟⭐ I'll be giving away this big juicy…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @druidsfire @SouleBreaker We also don’t know the internal stories or jokes behind those assets. These changes likely mean a lot to someone.
It may be ‘elective’ in the sense that you won’t immediately die without it, but that doesn’t make a medical treatm…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @zerena_hoofs @porkrind @SavvytheNerd Sounds like you need to buy yourself one for swordtember. @porkrind @zerena_hoofs @SavvytheNerd I’m guessing the sword is standing ashtray. @GritnGlitter @antikirsten OMG LOL! @cinder_tweets Are you ok?the world you were raised to survive in no longer exists
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @twenty20sight Their story was so sweet too.“elvira has a butch wife who is her personal trainer” cresting the stormy hellscape of 2021 like jesus calmly walking across the sea
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @porkrind Someone taped a picture of this in the back of the freezer and I’m still laughing about it. @zerena_hoofs Oh no, I hope they’re ok too. @miketheitguy Take care!i hope leadership at Activision Blizzard get what they deserve without it hurting the employees.
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @zerena_hoofs @BeesCharger Some people have priors ok? @rahab_akatriel Good to know it’s not just me.Twitter is barely working for me this morning. @LadyOfValyria It’s ok to take some quiet time for yourself. @thisaintnoel The retail coffee store and espresso bars I managed had a no tipping policy and the customers hated i… 2018 study found that 11% of Disneyland employees reported experiencing homelessness in the previous two years, 6…
Retweeted by Nimyane 💙 @DaleMoss2 Wood paneling.I want to sprawl out on that carpet and have someone bring me some coloring books. Then maybe have a nap on the sof… @aertemisha Expecting children to metamorphosis into adulthood on their 18th birthday is strange as is. And no ment… @aertemisha This makes me so angry! I wasn’t much older when I had to start living on my own and it’s not like I lo… @ChristieGolden My kitty was stolen and I never felt like I could replace her. She would be 23 now. I never did act… @Coatlursa Oh no! @lollyrots I think it’s lovely!