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@Sacha_Lord Buy their stuff... 🤔😬😅 @OllieHThomas Have a lovely Christmas Ollie
Went over on my ankle today. Salford Royal A&E sorted me out in 2 hours flat with painkillers, crutches & boot. T… is the most random amusing piece of PR I’ve seen in months. acknowledgement of the 85 lives lost today. Just straight into nails, tans and dancing.Brilliant article by ⁦@JenWilliamsMEN⁩ on Westminster’s control over Covid data & the subsequent confusion it’s cre… did a podcast about my career and my favourite campaign of the year. Have a listen below over a brew ☕️ & let me…
My phone battery has gone from 100-0 three times already today. So I assume the new iPhone is being released soon.Urgently looking for a hotel in Greater Manchester for broadcast interview this afternoon. Please DM me.Rishi now 4/1 odds on for next PM.Pleased to place my favourites @PKBcoffee on BBC Breakfast this morning discussing the Chancellor’s upcoming announ… 12 weeks indoors, now when I do venture out, I feel absolutely exhausted. Went shopping yesterday for a coup…
Marcelo’s son in the Real Madrid dressing room. 🥰 What a moment. 🎥 @realmadrid
Retweeted by Nina SawetzAnother interview set up for BBC News and BBC Breakfast, airing tomorrow. If you want to be considered for such i… @Sam_L_Shead Nope, @iamliamkelly @thesundaytimes had it weeks ago. Target market us Times readers aren’t we 🐱💅🏻 you stay quiet while you know a friend, pal, bro, lad, mate is abusing their partner, you are complicit in the a… you want to visit Hell, can I suggest you make your way to The Trafford Centre.Or hotel!Urgent media request: Looking for a pub/bar/cafe in Manchester to film for a national news channel today, with staf… for a MCR based studio photographer who can do me some proper shots & make me look nice after 🎨 I’m looki…
@RichLeighPR @famouscampaigns I just think we need to stop saying campaigns which only get featured in marketing ma… @RichLeighPR @famouscampaigns Do you mean good as in creative, or good as in Joe Public will have heard about it?
@mikebutcher Thanks for that mike 😅This week's Patreon interview is with Simon Swan, CEO of Hiring Hub. He chats to me about where it all started, why…'s mad how this country advertises itself around the world with Shakespeare, The Beatles, Charles Dickens, The Ro…
Retweeted by Nina SawetzLooking for a painter decorator in Manchester / Salford?My Future hoodies are nearly all gone! Mediums coming next week. Please DM to place an order. Sizes M-XXL avaliab… reality show celebrity whose ego is second to none, whose thoughts & tweets make no sense & who is obsessed with…
I need some advice from someone techy / website development ASAP. Please DM me if this is you!Sky News interview for @Sacha_Lord this afternoon discussing the reopening of pubs and bars across England. 🎥 2 left!
@alexbuchanan Dennis Healey isn’t itMy new Future hoodies have arrived and 7/12 are already sold! Sizes L - XXL (unisex) left. DM me to order 🖤 @Dubstep1988 I must have been because I’m in heaven. @Unique_Treble UnbelievableFirst McDonalds in four months. Thank you Jesus.This Government announcement is nuts, irresponsible, reckless and offensive to the 43,000 including the 89 who pass… how many pubs are going to have a ‘D Cummings’ in their contact tracing visitor books this weekend.
@danbarker I think it may be the cast/crew proximity to each other, and also for the same reason that live music &… months ago I asked best friend why businesses like mine couldn't be on ONLYFANS and get paid for their content.… week's Patreon interview is with Simon Swan, CEO of @HiringHub. Sign up at to read abo…
Would do anything for a Crème Catalan from El Gato now to be honest. @Padsky Yugoslavia 👸🏼 @garbrookes @mrsjennifield I’ve had “can I just call you Nina Smith?”, and “” I used… @SxJasani Next lecture! Today was Bentham! @AnnaCollinson So nicely handledMy Harvard lecture today discussed utilitarianism & the cost-benefit analysis of life. It demonstrated that althoug… asking ‘what do you mean?’ is *less* embarrassing than blagging it. In my first job, my LM asked me for…
Trying to get a pub reservation for Saturday 📞🙄 course title in the world, but... My ‘How to PR your Start Up & Get Your Business in the Media' training s… @Sacha_Lord What if your local is the city centre? 🤔All well & good talking about backing the risk takers, sole traders & entrepreneurs when they were the same people…
Very interesting/disturbing thread 👇🏼 to be growing trend in the US of people (semi permanently) moving away from big cities 🗽 since Covid. Not a… @MarieHallEmpowr @empowrmenthouse @KatrinaCliffe @TheWomensOrg @alexlouisenails @RuthHartnoll @gemma_mcgowan to my online seminar are now on sale! 👇 'How to PR your Start Up & Get Your Business in the Media' will t…’t go out, but go to the pub. Don’t take the train, but don't drive, go to the work, but don’t go out. If you me… @NinaLockwood @natashahanson66 @CMBoggiano @Zebra_carol @debbiegetsfit @SimoneRoche @sallypenni1 Great name aswellThanks all. The journalists following this thread will get in touch directly for interviews. Last year I got abuse… @ThomHetheringto @NishaKatona @weareindigouk @Echo_PR @SandyLindsay @Lucinoone7 @Social_Daisy @Siob @farman_cleo @StupefiedMeUK @carleyjones1 Love Carley already! 💝 @Jennie_J_ Exactly!!! @Mr_Merryweather @SandyLindsay Sandy’s always on my list 🙌🏼 @OakdenJack @india_morris And yet if you read the thread & the reason behind it... We can’t complain there’s not e… clarify: Females in NW need to be talked about more. Because *clearly* they’re not covered enough. I’ve lived he… @buzzinbee3 @herahussain @Bassajamba @gracevella8 @Kirstydevlin1 @ThatGirlVim @nieniedoo @ms__chief @ndeanstockport @india_morris That’s why I want to know who they are India 🙄Pleased to secure a front cover & 3 page interview spread for Oliver Cookson, Founder of Myprotein in this month's… are the best female entrepreneurs and business owners in the North West? I'm struggling to think of more than 3. Open my mind please. @J_Bloodworth Travel shows & documentaries. I miss them. The BBC News Travel Show is actually good, I don't know wh…
I’ve never felt more inspired & motivated with work then during lockdown. It has allowed me to scrutinise my compan… Bob, it's pronounced CHANGING, not a-changin'. Bob Dylan: ? Me: Can someone teach Bob to say CHANGE? *David Bowie stands up* Me: Not you
Retweeted by Nina Sawetz @GaryUsher_Chef Is it a long term plan? If only temp till venues are back to 100% capacity, hook up with an operato… @dan_wilson1 Exactly 😂 Gathering with (& possibly infecting) people you don’t know = fair enough Gathering with… @dan_wilson1 So who would be committing the crime? If you all went in seperate groups of 6, unknown to each other.… @onionstance No individual rules broken - you’re in separate groups of 6. Take the Bournemouth scene. All separate… ‘6 people only’ idea frankly doesn’t make sense. Get 100 groups of 6 people & you have a party. No rules broken…’ve now launched Personal Consultancy Calls. The hour long calls delve into your objectives & what you need & dis…
@JenWilliamsMEN You forgot future PM 👀Drinks break?! What the... when did this get introduced, and why?! #FACupFor those wanting to know more, Newsnight & Sky News have both done in depth investigations into this… @dan_wilson1 Perhaps because excess deaths have increased by 93% during this time.14% of all UK Care Home residents have died in the past three months. Over one in 10. Many were denied hospital… is never wrong. Happy PRIDE to all fighting for equality and the right to LOVE and BE whoever you want 🏳️‍🌈… @andydurrant75 Don’t get me wrong I’m 👏🏼absolutly 👏🏼 desperate 👏🏼 to go to @ElGatoNegroFood but it’ll be like Fresh… of frustration, anger & lack of socialisation, combined with binge drinking, summer weather, sexual frustrat… proud to be listed in the Top PR Agencies league table compiled by NW Business Insider. If ranked by fees per…
Massive news 🚨 Huge implications for the platforms as more & more brands abandon Facebook & others, and hard going… @zola_jfk And only because Lidl and Aldi are propping them up.I honestly can’t remember (pre-lockdown) the last time I went to a shopping centre. Except to walk through one as a… that everyone is back to their normal routine when the R-Rate is higher than in peak April lockdown 👍 s-balls. @LondonSME1 of rent owed by UK offices & retailers for the June quarter wasn’t paid. The focus is on Intu today, but it wi…
And also, do you have to use Outlook with 365, because I hate it 😫Tech bods, whats better for a business email system? (Obviously either would be x@domain as the address, but I mean for the back end) @danbellj @flickthefinger Thanks sorry sorted now 😂 @BritishGQ @stuartmcgurk Congrats @stuartmcgurkI have enough businesses so someone else can have this one. Dog ice lollies. Dog treat, in a block of ice. You’r… 14% of all care home residents have died in a 3 month period during Covid. 93% increase over the 5 year ave…
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