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Joined Twitter 12/2/11 @valerybastide ❤️ @NinaKraviz playing “plasmax” a couple weeks ago.. Thank you so much for supporting my music )
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that one time I met Boogie during a photoshoot congratulate all my slavic friends who also celebrate the day of Slavic writing and culture! @_LockedGroove Gratias tibi amicus meus!Поздравляю всех с Днем Славянской письменности и культуры!
@davidkeen1989 assentior!bonum nocte omnibus!
La ibicenca Carlota debuta en solitario en el sello de @NinaKraviz con un EP de seis temas titulado "The Bow". Escucha los snippets:
Retweeted by nina kraviz. @carlotamusic - the bow out on 10 July
Retweeted by nina kravizfirst solo record. talented young artist. carlota on @triprecordings
. @NinaKraviz on the cover of @SoundCloud's new Russian Techno and beyond playlist featuring her remix for St Vince…
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#NowPlaying Nina Kraviz - Turn On The Radio
Retweeted by nina kraviz @NinaKraviz Very special morning✨
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a very special morning in Serbia 😍I uploaded Exit festival closing set from 2017 on both my Youtube and Soundcloud… @NinaKraviz (Photography by me) Brooklyn NY @SWEETSBECKER
Retweeted by nina kravizгипнотизёр @NinaKraviz в мутаборе нашаманила 4 часа. май нек май бек ахах
Retweeted by nina kraviz @ThePoleStar1 @CharlottedWitte @AmelieLens 😍The best ever sequencer software intro screen & the one that started 1000s of music careers in the 1990s... The gre…
Retweeted by nina kraviz @michaelblack_28 ❤️Noting the fact that I haven't drawn for almost 4 years, this one really means to me because it reminded me of my o…
Retweeted by nina kraviz#Repost @gramaphonechi ・・・ I’m sure you’ve already heard but this week’s lineup for our twitch stream is a big one.…
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Full video message on my Instagram ☺️ ( in short-I am setting up a digital compilation so some of your music that y… the iron is hot!
By Kate Bellm cool @PaulPurgas
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Когда почистила десктоп на компьютере вместе с содержимым аблетона... но потом все восстановила с бэкапа.. да здра…
2020 Kraviz at No Sleep Festival (2018) via @YouTube
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15 цитат Достоевского о либералах: pravdoiskatel77 — ЖЖ с помощью @livejournalru
Retweeted by nina kravizNo Sleep festival 2018 set is now on my youtube 🚀🚀🚀 @WhiteHouse ???
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Retweeted by nina kraviz @WhiteHouse Absolutely false: It was the Soviet Union that defeated Nazi Germany, not the US and UK. Throughout mo…
Retweeted by nina kraviz @NebulaRoadTo @nosleepfest_ ❤️🚀🙌 Enjoying the Re-Streamed of The Queen @NinaKraviz at @nosleepfest_ (Thanks 🙏) !!! #NinaKraviz #Techno #Festival
Retweeted by nina kraviz @brain0nfire Sorry but You are totally missing the point.. please read the tweet again. I am talkinh about unreleased music..😍 El sonido de los Dioses !! @NinaKraviz @nosleepfest_ #Techno #NinaKraviz #festival
Retweeted by nina kraviz @BombedAlley Is there some conspiracy going on? Lol @BombedAlley ? This artist is only releasing with me since years @BombedAlley Just to remind you that I am running a vinyl record label and I still have to send flles to a masterin… @r_reuben_n :) @gwenstefani420 I think it shall be totally a gentlemen rule... don’t touch unreleased musici was always aware that all my and some of my label’s music’s been floating on pirate platforms and this is ok for… @BombedAlley No, not me. Its not my music @weronixy We are trying to fogure that out but not sure yetJust imagine for a second- you are an artist and this is your music stolen from you before its even released. doesn’t feel right, hun?I really hope that people who upload unreleased music that doesn’t belong to them on pirate platforms do not fully… guys I forgot to add „p.m.“ So it‘s today in a few hoursNo Sleep festival 2018 set is getting re-streamed today 8.20 CET via FB and Youtube 🚀🚀🚀 Expression! I wanna applaud @abstractsunday for (accidentally?) creating the best visual tribute to Fl…
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@1kdepancito 😍 @ben39221167 if you only knew what nazis were doing to peaceful citizens in the Soviet Union you would never say this again... @ben39221167 Please dont try to airbrush our Victory with some propagandist wiki InfosToday in Russia we are celebrating 75 years since the Great Victory in a Patriotic War against Nazis that took 27… @Amphuzor ❤️1941-1945. С Праздником Великой Победы, друзья! Вечная Память Героям! Спасибо за 75 лет мира!… @IvanAmericos @StalinGulag 2573 уебанам это понравилось9 мая 1945 года Советский Союз одержал победу над фашистской Германией. Война унесла более 25 миллионов жизней сове…
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@_Cee_Squared I have to say these records are totally in a wow category:)7 inch 😍 to play 7 inch recording of my No Sleep festival (2018) set will be premiered on Sunday 8.20 CET @adilray WW2 deaths inc military & public:- USA 419 thousand UK inc Crown Colonies 460 thousand ITALY 500 thousan…
Retweeted by nina kraviz“To all those of that heroic generation still alive today, your children and grandchildren are proud of the part yo…
Retweeted by nina kraviz75 years of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany Almost 27 million dead was the sacrifice of the USSR to d…
Retweeted by nina kravizToday is the 75th anniversary of when the Nazis surrendered in World War II. This is Maria Rokhlina, a Soviet comba…
Retweeted by nina kravizАкт о безоговорочной капитуляции фашистской Германии и ее вооруженных сил был подписан 8 мая 1945 г. Документ ознам…
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@khandmusic ❤️A grrreat way to kik start off anyone's day w/ 1 of @NinaKraviz latest now with tracklisting !
Retweeted by nina kraviz @_DeFeKT Yamaha sk-20surprise! Its nice to clean your place sometimes.. comparte en Youtube y Soundcloud un set de alto voltaje con su habitual dosis de acid, IDM, psytrance…
Retweeted by nina kravizRemembering Delia Derbyshire (May 5, 1937 – July 3, 2001). Delia was an English musician and composer of electronic…
Retweeted by nina kraviz @bennyrodrigues omg I know this feeling!sorry I am without glasses and accidentely deleted the tweet😩 @James_mcmxciv @dissolvedboy_ but the worse is ze zzzsounddd! it’s like you are being informed about the torture @NinaKraviz Check out my @NinaKraviz pencil drawing ! ✍🏻 🙏🏻
Retweeted by nina kraviz @jampleford_art beautiful! @jampleford_art ❤️ @dissolvedboy_ @dissolvedboy_ he means business is great. these guys-not so much
@Felipony1 @hardpopclub ❤️ @_darkmavis @XeonUpdates Not this time 😢my 4 hour set is now on both soundcloud and youtube ( where you can find full tracklist) music on the video: Blawan… would electronic music be without Kraftwerk? R.I.P Florian Schneider-Esleben
Here is the link: uploaded the tracklist for this 4 hour set on my youtube! Thank you for your music ❤️ @NinaKraviz @luquitasdetigre Aquí esta el hit ;)
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@luquitasdetigre Realmente el Hit😘😀 @boden_steven I am not sure about this 😅The link is here ✌🏻