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BBC's Political Editor for the North West. Presenting business for BBC Breakfast. Manc. Buffet lover.

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@JulieSc27577140 👏 🌟 @paultivey @MrDavidLane 🤤🤤🤤 @andrewriggers Never !!! @_LazyWorkaholic 👏 👏 @sarahhill74 😂😂 @tim_cattlin I think he’s the one who’d get you all kicked out @choochoo45g #pithy 😂 @AndyPoole I love him 😍 @paultivey OMG. Think there are twiglets?Sum up a night out with the Strictly judges in 3 words........go #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #BBCStrictly @janegarvey1 It actually sounds v interesting. ..... hope I can listen again on cutch ip
By my reckoning we are net 4 female MPs down in the North West. Doesn't sound too many; except that leaves 21/72.…’s a long list; the 12 seats Labour list to the Conservatives last night. Two have never been Tory before... did… with the, “they don’t know what they voted for.” As if that response to 2016 ended well 🤦🏻‍♀️Tighter in Cheadle ; Con hold with Lib Dems just 2,000 votes behind. Not good enough though; A bad night in the no…👇 hold : Hazel Grovr : Liberal Democrat candidate looks on smiling.... but this is one of the seats they had to w… Mishra will replace Ann Coffey in Stockport. He concedes; national picture for Labour “isn’t good”. But says Co… : labour convincing hold. But news of shock defeats in other parts of Greater Manchester flattening lab… Leigh swing was predicted by @YouGov weeks ago & nobody quite believed it.... mining town. Andy Burnham’s old s… activists saying they were directed to campaign in the wrong areas. “Why were we invited to Macclesfield wh… 75% in #Cheadle ; which voted 57% remain. A lib dem lifeline? #bbcelection #GeneralElection2019Predictions here? Hazel Grove & Cheadle Con holds ; the sort of seats Lib Dems should be winning back if “revoke”… flat feel in #Stockport ; (and not just because we’re not allowed into the actual count). Labour & Tory…
@ValerieMcKinlay That’s one big gig. BIG. @themerrypig 🙏🌟 @AnitaGhidotti Well done Luca ❤️No political reporting today, but can report from son’s 1st nativity that camel no.4 had a crucial role in the arri…
People say we're tech-sluggish at Auntie........ I say no! Two colours! Asterisks! And a maybe even non-perman… @mrdanwalker @chrisshipitv Ring-binder incorporation is a touch of class; @adamfleming will be in awe 🥳
@nige_h64 Something to do with a soft border between the splash pool and the big slide. Except it isn’t soft. Or is it? @Simonrhills @kevfitz21 Put it this way; here’s my view #earlybird : Big Yorkshireman moves French family’s towels ending 2.5 hours of proxy ownership. “It’s not right and I… @JustJanety @kevfitz21 If it gets to 10am and they’re not here.... that’s exactly what’s happeningMorning from #Tenerife; where early morning sunbed & towel politics is JUST as intense as UK politics ATM. And I’m…
@HughWoozencroft @bbcnickrobinson If it helps - yes I’ve heard them say it.
@theguyliner @KitchenTess Still no sign. But two cocktails in. Think I’ll give them a cuddle when they show and s… @KitchenTess @theguyliner Oh my. So clever. @theguyliner Just have to laugh at how selfish some people are ; look at these prime location sun-beds in front of… @theguyliner I ❤️her @SimonOKing @MetMattTaylor So sorry I missed it 😴 💤
@AmiLouWeevil @ChrisMasonBBC @DanielHewittITV FTR - aside from work; two lovely fellas
Gripping. And amid the horror, a reminder of how brave & kind human nature can be
@DanielDav2017 @josephmdurso Oh man @JulieHilling Is that right? I didn’t know that! @josephmdurso Think you meant there’ll
My dad got me this card when I was a teenager. Still makes me chuckle over my tripe butty & half of stout @dutthenut @BBCNWT Which isn’t in the north west. Have a lovely day. @davidjohnwynne It was our politics gang Christmas party ! You should have come to say hi. Have a lovely weekend @dutthenut @BBCNWT Which isn’t the north west @kevindefty1 @BBCNWT If I’m ever after your sartorial advice Kevin I’ll let you know. But let’s file that under “u…
@kevindefty1 @BBCNWT Oi!Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley tells our political editor Nina Warhurst that he supports a ban on halal mea…
Retweeted by Nina WarhurstUp to 4,500 jobs at #Npower could go under restructuring plans, according to unions. @NinaWarhurst explains what's…
Retweeted by Nina Warhurst
🏡 💴 Did you use a Help to Buy ISA to secure your first home? We @bbcbreakfast are keen to hear from you - the sche… @JayneMcCubbinTV I’ve come to love it. It’s like an in joke many don’t know they’re in. @BBCEmilyUnia @joshparry This makes more sense 🧐 @avanti_trains @aharrington61 Call yourselves Italian? 🇮🇹 🍑 😉
@joshparry #misogynist @TVMarv I think the service is usually pretty good - just expensive @aharrington61 I know - genuinely intrigued ! @michaelhogan Oh manGenuine “ooooooo” moment @FedbyTedUK @sainsburys home in 30 - get me a straw 🥳 @afneil For those asking when Boris Johnson's interview will take place, we're in ongoing discussions with his team…
Retweeted by Nina WarhurstThe Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP tells me "I'm really sorry" for the way antisemitism was handled initially.… chancellor John McDonnell tells a Pendle student who’s asked about the media treatment of Labour & antisemit…
@AbiWilks Maybe rejecting the bottle, not its content - have to sneak off doing this face 😬 and hope the person lef… must add : no filter. Simply not needed @opalfruitfan Sure. But only for mid August-MayIn other election news. This was the colour of the sky at approx 11:37am in Bury. I can confirm this is the colou… Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Conservatives of treating Islamophobia with denial, dismissal and dec… talk religion and politics? Both, & the potential impact on the two marginal Bury seats @BBCNWT 18:30 Chancellor Sajid Javid hits out over anti-semitism in @UKLabour - but tells @NinaWarhurst that Boris Johnson h…
Retweeted by Nina WarhurstTory activist Nick in Bury North. “If you see that Boris, tell him if he calls another December election he’s on hi…
@alifharris 😂😂😂 @BBCRichardMoss #BrokenBiscuitBritain 😔Day off. Packed a flask and some rich teas to take to see #Blackpool lights. Which finished on the 3rd of Novembe… @chriswarburton_ @bbc5live Gutted 🧀 📺
@chrishallitv @abbiedjones @mattoitv Well done Chris! I had to scarper - early start today. But delighted for you… so I didn’t take home an RTS award last night, but I DID basically meet the Clangers. So I think we can all agr…
@IanPortsmouth @NinaWarhurst As many, many people have pointed out, the tweet was deleted to correct the text and t…
Retweeted by Nina WarhurstThink we can all agree : #Fiona4PM 🙏🙏🙏We’ll be showing the longer interview on BBC Sunday Politics North West this weekend where we’ll look at how all th…
Home Secretary Priti Patel tells @NinaWarhurst that high levels of poverty can't be blamed solely on the government…
Retweeted by Nina Warhurst @JoeBouc52686359 Some might - definitely ! ....Although lots of them do spend a lot of time with grass roots organ… @davegillian @BBCNWT Have a lovely day @davegillian @BBCNWT You watched with the sound off?? You’re probably not in a great position to make allegations of bias. @davegillian @BBCNWT So showing a conservative home sec distancing herself from the causes of poverty and challengi… @rory_og @SusiePeaceCora @BBCNWT Sure. Showing a Tory home sec distancing herself from causes of poverty is cleari…
“Dad can you start bringing healthier snacks for the kids?” “Like these fruit ones?” “No. No not really.” #dads @JamieSc15291434 @BBCNWT Interesting take. Very different to many Labour supporters. @SusiePeaceCora @BBCNWT Hi what is your point here? If you are suggesting bias..... @timcantweet @annabelvtiffin @RogerJ_01 @BBCNWT ....having a lovely time by the looks of things 😊..... hmmmm...... Labour AND Conservative supporters think this is a clip that will help their party to win in Barr…“The government is not a bland blob that can be blamed for #poverty.” The Home Secretary defends its record in the…
Talking over the female host when female swing voters hold the keys to no10 🙅🏻‍♀️Corbyn’s message on world peace was nice. When’s the swimsuit round ? #ITVLeadersDebateTweeting live from the #itvdebate on promises for our region..... and with that I’ll sign out til tomorrow 😉 🙏
@mountains46 @RogerJ_01 45 mins to myself! Was marvellous 💅💋