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Baptised Firmino >>>
@Fabinhoszn1 I’m trying to be inspirational and you’re here chatting shit. Don’t be cheeky fella‘The successful ones focus on making a change to their lives while others focus on changing their clothes’ Which change will you be?New year, new me Permanently logging out my account to focus on bigger goals in life. I am here to make a change n…
Martial or Lacazette. Who’s worse? I genuinely can’t decide. @SeanDOlfc @PressRes @ma95sousa @BLACKFI5H @Mohamoud__ Homegrown CBs are a must when competing in PL fella @FalseCF_ @Mohamoud__ Martinelli x Abraham is BTEC Lautaro/Lukaku @FalseCF_ @Mohamoud__ I actually forgot about Martinelli ngl @Mohamoud__ This is as spot on as it gets. Perfect balance. @CFCMod_ And then how’d I check @Mohamoud__ Dkm Mohamoud @OfficialFPL Kane should get 2/3 WTF @FalseCF_ To say you don’t know ball is an understatement @BLACKFI5H Ik but that analogy >>> @BLACKFI5H Big fish in a small pond @FalseCF_ 😂😂😂 @Oisq__ Yh but go for Mbappe if you can I’d say he’s better @sdolfc Idk cba for that many tokens. Maybe that Spanish CB or Koeman if I can. @MattHDGamer
@FalseCF_ ? @jmemc55 And Jordan Henderson @AVFCOfficial @GarethSouthgate @albalfcV8 @albalfcV8 Part 2 >>> @Mohamoud__ @SkywalkerTosh @IsakLFC I have this guy stalking my account 24/7 not really an L @SkywalkerTosh @Mohamoud__ @IsakLFC 😭😭😭 @YoungAdz1 Dead album. Stop forcing it. @albalfcV8 So we’ll still be top? @SkywalkerTosh @Mohamoud__ @IsakLFC You reply to all my tweets but don’t follow me. Who tf are you 😭 @FalseCF_ @Mohamoud__ @IsakLFC @Mohamoud__ @IsakLFC Klopp is still our manager. Don’t be surprised if we bottle. @toccomotion Obviously not fella @FalseCF_ I’m blocked what is it? @Venginho42 @Mohamoud__ Salah also missed a sitter at the end of that match @SimonBrundish Not as easy it sounds baldy @AnonoFootball As a left winger it would make it more difficult for him to create angles for crosses. He also can’t… @AnonoFootball Trent’s best position is RB of course but if he isn’t playing there, he should be playing as a wide… @AnonoFootball You are so dumb man
@AHLFC19 Yes @EiFSoccer As a long term Liverpool fan myself. Tuchel’s PSG. @CaptainHendoSZN RIP to my notepadI sat there for 10 hours straight watching football. The most constructive Thursday ever.CHECK @KMbappe’s LIKES ASAP
Retweeted by #9 @Mohamoud__ ?We’re coming for you fella @DeBruyneKev @MoManeMoSaIah Klopp is insane dogTrent Alexander-Arnold's game by numbers vs. Leicester: 105 touches (most) 100% shot accuracy 60 passes 37 passes…
Retweeted by #9This will be our most comfortable win of the season. Firmino hatrick incoming.
Retweeted by #9 @RashadJuniorr What were you thinkingNah what if Bobby gets a third ffs he’s a genius
Retweeted by #9 @OmarSZN_ FPL count it as 3 tbfWhere are all the United fans that were telling Trent to come outside? 3 assists and a goal. He’s arrived. @AdxmLFC don’t try it fella @RashadJuniorr Huge L broTRENTTTTTTTT2/3 ✅ @RashadJuniorr LLLLLFirmino 😱
Retweeted by #9FIRMINOOOOOOOOOOOO @Vardesque @Evertxn Literally made an error last game?Another big game error from Soyoncu. We need to start a dialogue.Klopp brought on Milner and 2 seconds later we get a penalty. FA really want us to win the league!Clear penalty. @sdolfc Henderson unlocked Keita.Naby Keita also plays better with Henderson at #6 rather than Fabinho there. @lfcyon Nope this current midfield is perfect balance.No one will say it so I will, we are so dominant and defensively sound without Fabinho. @Vardesque We’re just a class above mate.Roberto Firmino. Create between the lines? ✅ Run at defenders? ✅ Press & defend with intensity? ✅ Fox in the box?…
Retweeted by #91/3 ✅FIRMINOOOOOOOOOO3 big chances bottled so far. We’re inevitably scoring one though.Mané has to score there manThis will be our most comfortable win of the season. Firmino hatrick incoming.Henderson prop on Amazon Prime. They’re clear of BT and Sky.Why isn’t Minamino on the bench today?👌 #LEILIV
Retweeted by #9We’re winning 5-1 @LeooMessi10i @utdBrett @aboooshhkaaaa @FalseCF_ World class @SuperbSturridge AWB got an assistTrent is top 5 trending on Twitter...Wan Bissaka assist WTFGood to see Martial stans have finally found his level coming for Calvert Lewin 😭 absolutely bullying Maguire thereLONGSTAFFFFFFFFFFFFFAyew kidding me. What a goal. @LeooMessi10i @utdBrett @aboooshhkaaaa Check out the results now @utdBrett @aboooshhkaaaa @LeooMessi10i ffsss @LFC10ii Surprised?REDMONDDDDDDDDDDWhat’s the difference between CHO and Demarai Gray? Both same level.
Retweeted by #9Arteta ball is looking good so far just lacking end product. Buildup play already looking much better than previously.N. Pearson is a madness