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Look at this cute flyer I made !! shit @PRAlSEYEEZUZ @theestallion bitch where YOU there WHERE YOU THERE THO stfu you weird ass bitch @maregn_ I use “like” like this like all the time lmao and I have no shame !! It’s powerful.AFAGSGDGFJFIDHRURYF
Retweeted by yeskamala harris made history today being sworn in as the first woman who owes me $2000
Retweeted by yesWhat can’t she do !!!!!! ((This is obviously a rhetorical question bc @chloexhalle do it all 👑 )) @chloexhalle
Retweeted by yesHate simping over a job but I just had the dreamiest conversation with an old white man about gender / race politic… ok ok so I *might* be employed again by early March, not the outcome I was looking for, but they really liked me… @ndrewharper also the old capitol columns at the national arboretum ! @ndrewharper Idk if it's open right now and its very touristy, but if you've never been to the top of the Washingto… a potentially life changing interview in an hour and my stomach is very *gurgle gurgle*is this HAIM
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The way that Jessie Ware’s chart topping 4th album: “What’s Your Pleasure” has absolutely no skips is very 🤩 @donvikxtor ayeee que cute @donvikxtor Yeah lit my mom texted me about it lmao. @zoomjpeg It do take nerve, I'll give the girl that. @donvikxtor okay yes very that, jlo is silly so I laugh, but endearingly, and also objectively still a big deal!I know she did not just..... wow....loud indeed. @tony_charm the MOST but i stanBREAKING: Nancy Pelosi has arrived to the inauguration ceremony with Lady Gaga and Jlo
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Retweeted by yesBernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by yesshaded by lil greta, amazing. love the internet because pre-internet I would've assumed the crane flies in my apt were mosquito monsters sent t… @maregn_ I think the intro chord is literally the sameHAPPY BDAY PETE BUTTIGIEG: woman confuses pete buttigieg for antoni from queer eye
Retweeted by yesYoooooooo around find out
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@maregn_ an LV wallet + a lot of other designer things I all sold to go towards the down payment on my carI’m doing my grad zoom call orientation for the start of my last semester and seeing all these people in what I rec… @SUPLEXClTYBITCH Heck yeahnobody: me: 😭
Retweeted by yesivy league students b like: i will be the first ethical war criminal ✊
Retweeted by yesan in-person inauguration is literally the worst idea ever.......
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sometimes i be talking too much
Retweeted by yes5 years ✨ workers they are essential while also arguing they deserve to be poor is uniquely American
Retweeted by yesEvery time I see a photo like this in color I’m sharing it
Retweeted by yesQAnon 101
Retweeted by yes @maregn_ That sounds so yummy !i think it’s very sexy of me that i’ve been minding my business more than ever before
Retweeted by yes @maregn_ What soup are we doing today 😇...and Thomas Jefferson?: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ..." So the ques…
Retweeted by yes @maregn_ thank youuuuuuuuI have two interviews this week omg omg @tony_charm It was a homeless camp that caught fire under a nearby overpass.The most expensive Taco Bell burrito in Washington DC, where the minimum wage is already $15, costs $3.79.
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Retweeted by yesJust hot boxed
Retweeted by yes @EmileighAnne It is simply too insane.
@maregn_ This is how I feel about anything tiled. Like pretty, but ew you have to clean the groutby this time wednesday, @JoeBiden will be the president of the united states
Retweeted by yesNeed ouid plug sos 🆘All labor is skilled. sayin...
Retweeted by yes @Yulienhr all the timewhen i worked at a food truck in college, a girl bought a $13 acai bowl, clicked No Tip on the ipad, and giggled “s…
Retweeted by yes @VenusEnvyDrag I think this and then think "okay well its already too late today to get a start on tomorrow so this… did they cast for "man with micropenis"I know I'm jumping on the euphoria train so late but what is this show omfgThe only over paid low skill employee at your job is the owner.
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@localdragfag yas b*tch me toosorry I haven't texted you back, I'm just going through a lot rn and I've convinced myself that my friends only wan…
Retweeted by yes“Have you ever worked a minimum wage job or are your parents rich?”
Retweeted by yesMake my day honey $eop993 @CupcakKe_rapper Please sis please $eop993 @tony_charm this $15/hr discourse has me DIZZY @JuicyLobes @sean_don96 @weirdlycrafty @MrTaylorWayne @RobertBureau @gaylenbg You're mad at people just trying to s… @JuicyLobes @sean_don96 @weirdlycrafty @MrTaylorWayne @RobertBureau @gaylenbg All of those things have gone up in p… @JuicyLobes @sean_don96 @weirdlycrafty @MrTaylorWayne @RobertBureau @gaylenbg That's not how that works. Literally…“Ppl don’t deserve a $15 minimum wage bc then my $21.55/hr won’t seem as cool.” - Y’all
Retweeted by yesWhen you consider a gallon of milk is like $3.50 how can you justify ppl still being paid $7.25
Retweeted by yes @djgayz Call poison control, it has parabens !! @santimango_ That’s the plan ! I just wanted an initial direction. @madrosep I want that for you.In '98 I worked at Wendys and made $7.25—the current federal min wage. A medium #6 combo after taxes came out to $4…
Retweeted by yesBaking a cake and 🤩 she hath risen honeyI have hbo max for a month and want to binge studio ghibli. What are y’all’s favs ghibli ?January 19th ... phew , feeling uneasy honey.Damn the NRA couldn’t survive one year without school shootings
Retweeted by yes @JamieIs4PF Imagine being mad at your fellow workers for wanting a living wage and not the rich underpaying you
Retweeted by yes“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by yesi wanna fuck ⁱⁿᵍ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵃ ᵗᵃᵗᵗᵒᵒ
Retweeted by yesSometimes I’ll be eating popcorn and think “huh, this kind of taste like corn.” And like, huh, neat.A little reminder...
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we should start slushing non-maskers like in GLEE
Retweeted by yes @ndrewharper union station *heart eyes*I applied for eight jobs in D.C. and I know it's literally only been one day since I sent out my applications but hello I am unwell !! @CashApp Oops spilled some $eop993 😅$eop993 oops sure where she’s going, but she’s handling it calmly. be in Target w/ no list, just vibes.
Retweeted by yesImagine a little French girl named Cigarette
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Retweeted by yesreoccurring and retroactive payments! how can we be already starting off on the wrong foot? cc: @KamalaHarris /…
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