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society when Kanye wins the election #kanye2020 video is why TikTok should be eradicated from planet Earth. @woozyxr here @iFireMonkey Put it in your bio @hoppie426 @FortniteGame @sharktoofs1 i knowand yes, I will Retweet any purchases using my code. Just tag me (some haven't)If you use my code when buying, that's fine. But support the person who drew the concept. Please. @RobinIsNotCool @DonaldMustard @FNCreate @MarkRein @bri_cheese19 @PeteEllisEPIC yes @Defaulting12 @FortniteGame @sharktoofs1 He's a legend. @ShaneOnDroid @FortniteGame That was a joke. @FortniteGame SHARK SKINS LETS GOOOOO Thanks Epic! @FortniteGame Relatable? (Credit: @JohnsWhicc)
Missing out on skins because you thought the next shop would have new items you want:
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @official_trimix YESSSSSS ⚡️✨
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @redditorsooc @UnexpectedVidss @ITalkFortnite I think Item Shop leaks do bring hype, but is kinda wrong. @nerfsage Ah, I remember that spot. Still remember that one house with overflowed furniture. @SweetRabbitFN Neither of them. I wanted "Dance Off" back then tho, loved the music. @EomyPc @1FCBLeo @FortniteGame He only does it to get people mad. Just mute him and move on. @bananatheboi @FortniteGame *Epic winA salute to all the heroes. Grab the Grand Salute Emote in the Item Shop now!
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @FortniteGame Happy 4th of July Fortnite! @FortniteGame Suit! 🦈 Finally the bunnies get the shark costume! 🐇🦈 And maybe a new friend? OwO 💞 #Fortnite #Fortniteart…
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬🦈🌊 - Cozy and Comfy Chomps! - 🌊🦈 - These are two really cute skins and I decided to draw them! Hope you all enjoy…
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬This tweet has got to be from a troll. @FortniteGame @VanJones68 @jemelehill @ElaineWelteroth @KillerMike @lilbaby_1 Here before the toxic comments.Apparently "Close Encounters" is live. @iFireMonkey "Fog of War"?Happy 4th of July from Gateway! @AAAAAGGHHHH @IPixelzzz @itzkrypt_ A rift beacon in Fatal Fields back in Season X @LoLouisPTDR Misty @Dead1234Kevin @AAAAAGGHHHH I love how it loops @Defaulting12 @FortniteGame So do you fish @FortniteGame @FortniteGame
rt to scare toxic players
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬Did @FNBRLeaks just deactivate?i cant believe they would do that @FattyRheow @FortniteStatus hmm @FortniteStatus Thanks! @StrangestMp4 @YEET39934822 Favorite @urchin62 Literally the first comment America but only the stuff in my locker @urchin62 Instagram is too. @redditorsooc always remember my favorite looting spot @FortniteGame @CiszTheOriginal @OOCWesternR34 song?[Mini Concept] Captain America (Steve Rogers) Edit Style 🎆 #FortniteArt
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬fishNon B&W version:
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @THLArt @FortniteGame @FNCreate so cute @Camdumbb @nibblesfnbr That's why Epic's Social team should try out that new Twitter feature: Limit who can reply.They really need to turn off comments on tweets like that. I know they won't but it will help.Bruh all these comments "Bring back pump" "Ur game's dying" like why now? @NightmarePetrol context anyone? @FaZeSway No @official_trimix 🔥 code Insurance when buying please! #ad @hanonsense I'll give it Gold @ItzBullzye *Fortnite Iron Man. @LoLouisPTDR @FortniteGame @SweetRabbitFN I'm gonna delete it soon actually @D3NNI_yt same but my PC ain't good enough to render in general 😔Pretty clean emote
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @AAAAAGGHHHH never block but if I see Fortnite NSFW under my tweets, it will be a instant block. Otherwise I mute. @NSFWSnap_ @YT_2Demons @FortniteGame @SweetRabbitFN can y'all stop please @SweetRabbitFN @FortniteGame they really did
Epic games.....I dare you to add this
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬we did it @Tom70791952 Doesn't mean I hate Solid Gold. I like the LTM but I wasn't the one who made the image. @fckeveryword very what? @CringeMp4 @StrangestMp4 @Tom70791952 I didn't make that. @SweetRabbitFN JulesChoose your fighter
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬On the grind to defeat NoobMaster69! Hey all, hope you're doing great! I am not gonna be home for a bit so I wante…
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @Riftzz5 @FortniteGame I don't complain about everything... @FortniteGame @FortniteGame Captain America!LETS GOOO SOLID GOLDmorning @Lylons @FortniteGame Really? Thanks for letting me know. Saw this on Instagram yesterday. @FortniteGame
Happy Birthday to the hardboiled set 🥳
Retweeted by Gateway 🥬 @Who_Tf_Is_Dan What software do you use to make memes?New LTM or same stuff? @LoLouisPTDR Wailing WoodsStill waiting for the No Sweat Insurance skin @EclipsePandaa