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Hey everyone! Just want to let everyone know if you get an email from anything that IS NOT the email in my bio, it’… (ft. @ninja)
Retweeted by NinjaTook a spontaneous day off yesterday and spent all day with @JessicaBlevins ^-^ Live all day today @lmSpez @NICKMERCS Your not wrong
@Spartan I told you awhile ago you can dominate at any game you put your mind too after halo. Im so proud of you ty @Lucas7yoshi @TTfue He is using tweets that i never said to mislead people on YouTube... that is nothing like the video I made @Carlitoes @TTfue that is not the point, all this does is give the hacker even more clout and attention, not to men… have no interest in fighting you @TTfue . I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to fail, but I also don’t appreciate… for finals!!!
Retweeted by Ninja @Spartan Incredible bro <3
Everything is back to normal ^-^ Going to play Fortnite for a bit then watch @Reverse2k in the final round tonight… @SypherPK Followed back cutieFINALLY. Reunited for our nephews 5th birthday!! Football theme 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Retweeted by Ninja @Ninja hey ninja it’s me lil nas from that song
Retweeted by NinjaReal talk though, I am just happy he tried to clout farm for 5 minutes instead of leaking all the explicit pics I s… on twitter be like... Seriously same script every time. We back @benjyfishy Nah I choked and needed two factor removed because I didn’t have access to my old phone to login and ne… @JessicaBlevins @timthetatman Bold commentEnjoyed some of the best Fortnite in awhile with @NICKMERCS today we absolutely slayed it and I had a blast AND end… aim is cracked! you want to watch my performance at Anaheim check out He is streaming strictly my gameplay!
Retweeted by Ninja
HYPING UP MY BOY @timthetatman BRING HOME THE WIN! Full video here: ▶️ 2 day 2! Got an amazing night of sleep. @CouRageJD Yurrr @CouRageJD Dude.... a glass of wine sounds amazing. Proud of you today man, congrats on all the records Jack.
It took 2 years for traps to be removed for a season and honestly... not upset #FortniteThrowback
Retweeted by NinjaBuy out the entire battle pass?Are llamas still in the game? :(uhhh... @Ninja are you feeling ok?
Retweeted by NinjaLive playing NEW SEASON 2 FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 w/ my oldest brother @BeardedBlevins first! Then @DrLupo @timthetatman @JessicaBlevins 100% Going to fall asleep @Ninja 100% chest spawn reduced upgrading cost slurp trucks
Retweeted by NinjaAs season 1 Chapter 2 is coming to a close... Let's end on a positive note! Name 3 things Epic added this season th…
Controller vs. Mouse and Keybord 😎
Retweeted by NinjaTriple kill! 😱 my workout, freshly showered <3 Chilling all night w/ the last day of Season 1 Chapter 2 @Nadeshot Proud <3Me during all of season 2 short stream! Grabbing lunch with my bro and family, then I will be back on for the rest of the night! @caseykfrey @LilNasX @LoganPaul @joerogan @chrisdelia @marshmellomusic Dude.... am I skro?How I feel about the Fortnite Season 2 Teasers 😓
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@PeteCurulli @zhiana "There is always room for improvement, never settle" is bad advice? @zhiana Where in this tweet do I say punch a wall and smash a keyboard/rage? It's the way you perceived the message 🤔me playing papas pizzeria on coolmath
Retweeted by NinjaThe phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craf… completely shocked and grateful to be nominated for this year's @nickelodeon #KCA #VoteNinja Make sure you… continues and stream schedule resumes <3 @CashNastyGaming @IamKrisLondon I get a feeling that is 0 LOL @DrLupo @timthetatman @CouRageJD 99% sure they delayed it one more day?! But you know the squad has to unite @DrLupo @timthetatman @CouRageJD Going to bed early to wake up on the 21st for the new season!
All streamers can relate. @Pamaj Incredible bro! @KarlTSDZN @Monckay_ @FNCreate @FortniteGame @JessicaBlevins This is freaking amazing @svghokage @GGoofy @NickBesTMaN @BRIZZ_Legit Simpler timesBEZOS EARTH FUND: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he is committing $10 billion to fight climate change. In an Inst…
Retweeted by Ninja“What a good way do start my day...” - me ft. @Ninja
Retweeted by Ninjawhat an outrageous picture
Retweeted by NinjaSponsored little Toby the corgi this month! He has a torn cruiciate ligament and needs to undergo surgery. Send you…
Retweeted by Ninja @Ninja You may be on to something...
Retweeted by NinjaThe NBA All-Star weekend was one of the funnest events I have been too. Blessed to have been invited and treated so… baby finally comes home today and I’m so excited imma take him out to a delicious lunch, unpack his bags for him…
Retweeted by NinjaThis is accurate :) @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaTransmission deciphered... translating... Wow.. use code Ninja in the item shop? CRAZY #epicpartner @kellydunlop12 @CouRageJD 17kActual competition. Tough defense. Played like a pickup game in the 4th. New All-Star game format gave the match…
Retweeted by NinjaThe most ambitious crossover since the Avengers @Giannis_An34 and @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaThis @NBAAllStar Game is off da hook! @julesfieri @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaThe fit for the night at the final @NBA #NBAAllStar final night"MAMBA ON 3!" 👏 (via @NBAAllStar)
Retweeted by Ninja
@Qwuez_ SoonAlways after my loot!!! love jacks new doll @CouRageJD
Retweeted by NinjaTHIS GUY SPRAYED FOR SO LONG, WHAT WAS HE DOING!? Full video here: ▶️ of me actually getting carried IRL by @Reverse2k @Jordan_Fisher Love you too @Jordan_Fisher You amaze mePhoto shoot today, going to some shopping in Chicago after with @JessicaBlevins Then we are going to the @NBA all star game tonight! VIBESgot to sit next to and bond with one of my favorite gamers during the 3 point / dunk contest ! @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaPrepare for trouble in #FinalFantasy VII Remake with equipment and materia! Healing Materia will allow you to use…
Retweeted by NinjaThings I love to do for people - take pictures in general - take pictures for your kids - take videos for birth… every superstar changing the game, there's a community behind them that made it possible. #ChangeIsATeamSport
Retweeted by NinjaThe dunk contest at #NBAAllStar2020 was absolutely insane... so good to see the boy @bennythebull again and of cour…🌟 @Ninja x @JessicaBlevins 🌟 #NBACelebRow #NBAAllStar
Retweeted by NinjaFuture gamers united at the #adidasLegacy World’s Best Career Day! So awesome to see so many kids interested in som…
@Kephrii Every single time, viewers went down every time at first too. @Kephrii You’ll be fine bro, they won’t all follow but enough will to give you the exposure you need to prove your… night of @NBA All Star weekend 🏀
Retweeted by NinjaThis spring, we're gonna answer an important question: who's the best college duo in the country? Drop in with the…
Retweeted by Ninja @Ninja i like what you said about how new streamers shouldn't start w/ the most mainstream game right away it real…
Retweeted by NinjaSTORMING THE CASTLE WITH THE BOYS! FT. @I_AM_WILDCAT @SypherPK & @timthetatman Full video here: ▶️… @A_kamara6 Crying in the club last night listening @JustZik Bro why am I crying in bed at 9 AM 😭Heart been broke so many times I don’t know what to believe, mama says it’s my fault, it’s my fault I wear my heart on my sleeve.'City Lights' | @Ninja - This is my favorite piece so far, hope you enjoy! 😊 - #obeyvybz #youshallobey
Retweeted by NinjaValentines shenanigans
Retweeted by NinjaWe squashed the twitter smoke 😂
Retweeted by NinjaI just got fucking Rick rolled
@CouRageJD @MaddieM Damn you two are a vibeNever uploaded one of these cuz quite frankly I couldn’t build or edit for shit. But gunna keep grinding and practi…