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I love video games

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We have a visitor on stream today.
Retweeted by NinjaInnitI'm liveeeeee! Playing DBD with a super fun crew @GatenM123 @Ninja @OhTofuOfficial @jasonsulli
Retweeted by NinjaInnitI’m LIVE NOW on! Excited to play #DeadbyDaylight with @ninja and @jessicablevins! See you t…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitLive all night
Grind at noon Eastern, flip things upside down with Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, special guests @Ninja,…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitThe Taco Bell in Grayslake hits different. Not sure if it’s because I just grew up here, (it’s not) but the Baja bl…
Valorant Ranked grind
I’m SO excited to be playing Dead by Daylight on Halloween with @GatenM123 and @Ninja and then playing in the Rival…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitValorant ranked all day @NianticLabs let me play more PvP matches even if I can’t earn rewards they are so fun and I wanna perfect my Halloween team 😭😭was chillin on my alt then @Ninja raids out of nowhere and gifts 100 subs 😭😭 your generosity is contagious and i ca…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitWe lost this game, but got a back to back 4K after this. is there a PvP cap in Pokémon go. Just, cap the rewards if anything.
@RiotZiegler Can you open DMs quick?Valorant ranked and pokemon go PVP Big chill @Myyzzxx @Ninja aHeM As a matter of fact, my good person, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a popular Internet personality an…
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @oderuscs lolYou saw the play. You heard the call. But the reactions? Priceless.
Retweeted by NinjaInnit#TimeIn is also looking for a coach to help us out with Tac-FPS fundamentals. Please DM me or @Morgausse_ with a r…
Retweeted by NinjaInnit
SHINY DRIFLOON anyone got a strong IV event Pokémon yet? Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle?! Send me screen shots if you have!Best video you’ll see all day
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At 25 rounds in a row, Time In currently holds the record for most consecutive round wins in any of our tournament…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitOmg my @Ninja appeal for my kiddo came!!! She’s going to flip at Christmas! This is so clean! @JessicaBlevins
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no way @Ninja thank you brother they're dope
Retweeted by NinjaInnitInternet gear getting upgraded/optimized today so I won’t be on. PRETTY PUMPEDDid they JUST NOW add farfetch’ds evolution?! To Pokémon go? Or was it always there?Had to add the shoes to our collection 🔥
Retweeted by NinjaInnitfire stuff 🔥 @TeamNINJA
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Valorant Ranked and Pokemon Go PVP in between games for a night valorant chill sesh as pwomised to my viewers Big Ninj putting me on. Can’t wait to grind Valorant with these. @Ninja #TimeIn
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@Average_Jonas @Twitch @PayPal FixedThis came in the mail today and I’m in LOVE! ⁦@Ninja⁩ ⁦@JessicaBlevins⁩ does this mean we win the tourney today?! I…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitValorant ranked and Chill with the cutie pie @Morgausse_
@BxbyJ_ I get insta qs on my radiant solo and duo/trio stacking @BxbyJ_ If you only play 10 radiant games and win 8 do you think you should be ranked top 50? 🙃 play more win more,…’m in. idk if I like these more than the classics, but some of these new details are 🥵🔥
Retweeted by NinjaInnit
I ended up pulling the trigger on hydro cannon for my perfect IV swampert for the premiere cup. AND THEN I FINISHED… @Ninja @JessicaBlevins omg I love these shoes, they look amazing!!
Retweeted by NinjaInnit😈🥵🤟 @ninja on top @xGabZz_
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FINISHED A MEGA CHARIZARD Y RAID DURING THIS ROUND AND IT WAS SHINY AND I CAUGHT IT! Also here is an ACE and Chill | Pokemon go between games :D Win a pair of Nite Jogger’s from my new Chase The Spark collection with @adidasoriginals G…
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My @TeamNINJA sweatpants came in the mail today!! I love them a lot!! 😎🔥 @Ninja @JessicaBlevins
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @brax1wnl GGs bro <3 @brax1wnl 13-11Ninja couldn’t make it so @GeorgeNotFound is now going up against Addison Rae! See you all in 6 hours! :)
Retweeted by NinjaInnitHad to drop out of the creator games today, had some unforeseen circumstances happen, but mainly there is a massive… @PoGoKieng I use premiere cup, what then? I hate legendaries @CBADgg Is one better than the other? I have incredible Pokémon for each category atm @Rogue_Arrow359 He’s probably 43 44 IVNeed Pokémon go advice please watch plz help. #TimeIn to the Renegades X @nerdstgamers Invitational! @Ninja @KurtG @Morgausse_ @GregoFPS @DaniVAL__
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Ill be gaming today (valorant grind) but no stream. I am exhausted and want to be off screen/not live so I can just… @RazzJoey <3 <3
Damn, @Ninja hit radiant this season before I did. ggs it's been real guys but ima head out.
Retweeted by NinjaInnitThis man @Ninja is Rank 9 and wins a Premier League battle while in a ranked Valorant game 😂😂
Retweeted by NinjaInnitThe #adidasbyNinja “Chase the Spark” collection is here! I hope these shoes will inspire all of you to keep doing w… @KrissyMig @adam22 Lucky eggs, and a SHIT load of lvl 5 raids🐐 Lobby @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaInnitCreated for spark chasers everywhere. The @ninja x adidas “Chase the Spark” collection is here. Shop the shoes now…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitwith the amazing help of @Ninja and @flexinja tonight i finaly met all the requirements that i have been trying to…
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@CouRageJD Cuz you cant beat anyone unless they remove skill based matchmaking. to a number of devs chasing down the audio bug, we've found & shipped a fix. We'll be turning ranked ON for…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitNew valorant map, skins, battle pass, all looks insane :D Come check it out and big chill lofi vibes YA DIG Games is back for round 2 on October 17th! These 24 Creators will be competing in Trivia to see who the sma…
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @floppyCSGO kids cheating change my mind 🧐🤡 @wippiecs Your nastyWhat the fuck is this? @Logic301
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @Rhymestyle @Logic301 @SeeReax @DotoDoya @jDantastic @TSM_Myth @AfroSenju I hate you
A month after re-signing with Twitch, @Ninja has signed with CAA to take on Hollywood
Retweeted by NinjaInnitSuper excited for this next chapter in my career. Officially signed with CAA! day Valorant ranked grind vibes is complete now @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaInnitMamba and Mambacita Forever. The Lakers have done it For Kobe and For Gigi 💜💛
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Played awful today (personally) pretty upset, still so much room to improve. Taking a break and chilling, might do a night stream. @Ninja @CouRageJD fixed.
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @OMGitsAliA Got this guy today caught @CouRageJD in Pokémon go! Super easy catch, just offered chipotle New shoes have early access for some people. Check the Adidas app to cop early 👀
Retweeted by NinjaInnitMaking the necessary adjustments, will be back better and stronger tomorrow 🙌🏻 FOR THE NO STREAMS LATELY PLZ WATCH! Also #MentalHealthAwarenessDay reach out to a loved one, ask how they ar… brings players together like a good ole' John Denver song during a pause 🎶 🎙 @Morgausse_ @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaInnit.@Ninja had the JUICIEST lockdown I've ever seen in my entire life @Renegades x @nerdstgamers
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Shouts out to @Ninja for making these🔥🔥 early access at Adidas Chicago🙏🏼
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @timthetatman :D @Ninja legendary brooooo
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @Ninja Looks like you’ve got a big future ahead of yourself on Twitch Kappa Congrats, Ninja. Keep the W’s coming.
Retweeted by NinjaInnit @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaInnit16 million followers on twitch, radiant game was a 13-0 match MVP. What a night
@Ninja @adidasoriginals This animation is so sick
Retweeted by NinjaInnitI’m so excited to share the next chapter in my collaboration with @adidasOriginals: “Chase the Spark.” It’s all abo…
Retweeted by NinjaInnitValorant ranked w/ @Morgausse_ and @DaniVAL__’m so excited to share the next chapter in my collaboration with @adidasOriginals: “Chase the Spark.” It’s all abo… Adidas announcement soon :D Going to start with some Fortnite and show it off in a bit
Something big is landing tomorrow... Tune into my Twitch stream to find out. @adidasoriginals #createdwithadidas