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@alistlk Incredible man!. @Reverse2k and I tried a boat challenge and it went horribly wrong! Check out the full video here:… Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all day in support of the Call of Duty Endowment! You can join us in getting…
Retweeted by NinjaSo many ways we can support those who fought & gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom (including our foundatio…
Retweeted by Ninja @OMGitsAliA @FaZeSway Dude what the actual LOL how does shit like this spread? When have I bullied Ali a? Oh 🐳I’ll say this every year, thank you to all the veterans who were braver then I could ever be and serve our country… @TSM_Hamlinz Trying to go round 2?
This dudes reaction to the 4th and 1 😂😂😂 @Ninja
Retweeted by NinjaCasting My Squads Fortnite Skills! Check out the full video here: is losing it with this Detroit vs Chicago game😂
Retweeted by NinjaFuck the refs man seriously it up to the lions to make the Bears offense look like the best in the league. @Ninja Looks clean to me
Retweeted by NinjaHow does this shit not get called? Lions #onepride short stream before noon with @DrLupo had a dream that I was trying to learn Japanese from someone but they didn’t know how to teach me the written lan… @timthetatman cod videos with tim next to me, I see he is using a 725 and I go, 725 shotgun huh? Tim: “i… fight was incredible, and so were all the ones leading up to it. Except Batista embarrassing himself. But safe…
Retweeted by NinjaGrats @KSIOlajidebt incredible fight @Tennp0 It splits amongst the 4 so it should go up 25 eachFirst game 30 points didn’t count but other teams got 2 games in and all points counted after the disconnect. Then…
Is there a statement from epic somewhere? Are we finishing this out? Did the first game count? Is the time going to… legitimately had 8 elims alone, 15 as a team, with the first W game 1... 30 points :(Kobe + Squad Wipe + Saving Funk 😄 Champion Series with the squad! Watch the full video here: qualifiers
.@Ninja had no idea
Retweeted by NinjaNew Video! They couldn't find me!! I'm a Ninja!? Full video here: for at LEAST 10 hours Robinson is a genius @CouRageJD @timthetatman @Reverse2k Thanks jack @timthetatman @Reverse2k What the fu.... @JoshDiesToday Gunna grab the new Tesla 😬👊🏻 @NoahJ456 Dude, that is straight out of a nightmare for a gamer haha @YSttvo Coco @WittLowry Ty Witt <3 @DevinDesire Just didn’t need it anymore and wanna buy another electric car.Just sold the first car I ever bought, took care of it pretty well and got a good resell price. Still feel a little… can watch call of duty Gunfights on YouTube and streams FOREVERThis would make @Ninja proud.
Retweeted by Ninja @tehMorag Yea, about 20 minutes after that I realized I was wrong and regretted saying that. Won’t find that in any…
New video is live! 2v2s vs @cloakzy and @Symfuhny watch the full video here Warfare bringing back Ninjashyper 😄 look for the full video later today! and improving I just put this on... it immediately made me better at video games and cured male pattern baldness... @Ninja
Retweeted by Ninja @benjyfishy @Mongraal @HectorCald_209 Yur @cloakzy is the funniest shit I have ever seen how has this not been done before haha man, I cried Laughing at this par… man, @Destroy_215 and Sharp absolutely popped off in the finals. GGs to them and GGs to @Reverse2k had an incr… the finals with @Reverse2k in the Code red 2v2
Nobody is safe in tonight’s Gyys grocery games from my dad and I as security 👌🏻👌🏻 Youtube Video!! 2v2's on Modern Warfare! Check out the full video here yo @cloakzy @Symfuhny maybe read this after they gunfight match🚨MUST WATCH ALERT 🚨 @Ninja joins us tonight on #GroceryGames at 9pm on @FoodNetwork. He’s really got me rethinkin’…
Retweeted by Ninja. @timthetatman & @ninja went up against @cloakzy and @Symfuhny in Gunfight in #ModernWarfare The trash talk was f…
Retweeted by NinjaFirst a toy, now I'm in a game! Check out the new @LAMO game I helped work on! ✅Free to Play ✅Available on Steam… consists of : Fortnite Wins Code red 2v2 tournament w/ @Reverse2k Pro Scrims on Fortnite after <3 @GreenManGaming But the clickbait on the article lol @GreenManGaming I actually said he should be banned.Okay so, I decided to go live again with more RedDead
Retweeted by NinjaJust wow. Incredible first charity stream over on @WatchMixer! Over $26,000 raised for @Bungie's Game2Give! Thank you.
Retweeted by Ninja
Wednesday night.. you better not miss it. All new #GroceryGames on @foodnetwork and @GuyFieri has called in the hel…
Retweeted by Ninja#mixerstreamer and video game superstar @Ninja is branching out into the world of graphic novels with Ninja: The Mo…
Retweeted by NinjaNew video is live! Check it out here WITH MY FIRST EVER YOUTUBE STREAM! Celebrating throughout the day with Fortnite then CoD! Also, rocking the…
Retweeted by Ninjaconfusing the enemy is the best way to outplay them 😂 NEW GUN IS SO MUCH FUN new Harpoon weapon is pretty sick. Also deals 75 DMG to players and pulls them. It can also break an opponents… nov 5th LOLNovember 4th! End of Fortnitemares so we should be able to see at night now muahaha @Dexerto I mean I said he deserved the ban lol @cloakzy Im sorryMe: hey did you eat in my car when you borrowed it today? Wife: ummm no why? Me: oh because there’s crumbs ever…
Retweeted by Ninja @cloakzy Gimme a bit maybe
The Next Chapter... CouRage x YouTube
Retweeted by NinjaNew Youtube Video! THE ULTIMATE FLANK! Full vid here: @CouRageJD to improve @dakotaz @tiktok_us Download it and realize the addictionRate my first ever @tiktok_us
Triple kill during scrims the other day is NO GOOD! #Lions ball at the 35. #DETvsOAK
Retweeted by NinjaTotally forgot. Thankyou for 100k follows on @WatchMixer and an incredible forst week since our announce! Don’t fo…
Retweeted by Ninja @DrLupo @drdisrespect @CouRageJD All I know is I wanna give him the D... LiveNew video is live! Check out the full video here potty hits different 🚽 💩 @SharpFootball High value hoodie for this convo've seen no worse official this year than Clete Blakeman. I don't know how he's still allowed to determine game o…
Retweeted by Ninja @cloakzy @NateHillTV @Reverse2k_ @Funk You are super adorable ^_^ Gunna be watching you all day tomorrow.Today, we reaffirm our commitment to digital safety and maintaining a strong Mixer community. We are working on s…
Retweeted by Ninja @impshoots Thanks for the professional advice!Super happy with how the boys and I played. We got 89 points and in 2 super crucial games @NateHillTV s game Froze… YouTube video! @Ninja games with girls?!?! OF COURSE HE DOES! Some highlights from our games with…
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New Youtube Video! Solo Arenas <3 and dudettes when I watch competitive Fortnite and Arena matches and scrims at anytime I just wanna get on an…