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jesh @NintendudeX @Venkonia

this kids cocky as fuck he built sheen // First Gentleman of Lourdes student government

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@DrewDozer @chaseshaco @Revengeleague chase rn UNTIL $1K BABY $GME WE GOIN TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀 @BleacherReport Lemickey could never @TheOddOrange @Wildcard_GG @myra__davis evan roleswap from supp to adc?? @lolpomi @esexIover @EvanrlLoL vouch @BroxahLoL I'm an honest Lebron and Jordan fan and Steph Curry is the best to ever play
@NoCapJoshie @Cris_CBurner @RealSkipBayless L @rovexlol @rovexlol "u guys got a dodge? i alrdy dodged today" @roguethepharaoh me buying half a share this morning and selling at 148 for a 30 dollar profit @RealSkipBayless Terrible take Skiiiiiiiiiiyup"this you?" them: @espn I'm an honest Lebron & Jordan fan and Steph Curry is the best to ever play the game
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guys i had a really good day of class :)my favorite kanye song is Treaties in Paris
@espn Packers fans mad To GOATy accomplished as much in the NFC in one year as Rodgers his whole career @NFLonFOX No I woulda taken the rock to the house myself cause I’m built different 💪 @NFLonFOX @TomBrady @AaronRodgers12 Both are 1x NFC champs too! @espn i could burn kevin king @BurnerShaw @espn This is the realest unbiased list you will find on Twitter and I'm muting this conversation @foggedftw2 WinHad a dream that a giant dragon egg the size of a person showed up at my house and I called all the boys over and we made a massive omeletteThe 🥴 emoji pisses me off for no reason @MinfiliaLOL PlayStation achievement hunters want u bruh @BleacherReport Jake Paul could TKO FraudGregorI should call her @espn Harden already wants to leave Brooklyn to play for this dude @serinide has some silver linings like the triumphant return of Jason Derulo @Snorlaxin1 BetBest wing stop fry seasoning?? @SmolWells @lol_Wiggily Yes
@lol_Wiggily Elitist Fox / Falco mains no thanks lol @rovexlol @RisenEsportsNA @alwaysplanahea1 @Tuesday_lol @FreezeMid @Aspectlol2 @Strompest @lol_doxa @RobbyBob311 @SV_ZMT 1. Rovex - 100%
@TheOddOrange Football players turning in their math exam A+ excellent work @chaseshaco @corncobclassic1 brother i got 57 LP for my last win i think ill make it outa d4 @pmNove @rovexlol :*where tf are my paypigs i wants to drain you @tsmreport @FizziLoL I taught him that @princess_onyx No way this works right @whynotbefriends @rovexlol Sheesh rovex, thoughts?
Pour 1 out for tempos, man got scammed out of a scholarship and clol season @ChaosRain Happy for u unfollowed tho @KeatonNA @Lions Even stealing my nickname smh can’t have shit in Detroit @CoachXivia She straight up didn’t know shit for like 6 straight after the panic at the disco song 😭 @espn Dry BonesHow are scalpers still selling ps5s for 1k in January man @okdinka Excellent point Dinka @kwistenkim Is that the one about the girl complaining that she’s driving alone cause her man don’t love her no more @Kolthro @chookieslol mina thy in shambles @ForestWithin we get it dude youre brokenidk how you can grow up in the 2000's and not know every single one of these of Blades Karthus jungle
would u rather be a CLOL finalist or a Teemo Cup Champion? @DrewDozer lets hit the barber up first GCongratulations to my president Joe MamaHow come every time I open Twitter someone is throwin back their dumper stfu I wanna complain about league of legends with the boys @alwaysplanahea1 @FanatiiK_Lol Welcome to the dark side @100ThievesLive @lugerlol @AndybendyLoL THAYS MY (former) ROOMMATEBuff Steraks guysStop scrolling. Get off of Twitter. Go do that thing you’re supposed to be doing right now.
@Becksdere firm stance = cant be pushed over @Anbico1 @ForestWithin have u ever eaten a real brownie @TemposLol have u ever eaten a real brownie @Pheqes im just going with the template given to me, dont get me started on some of the omissionsThe perfect Snack Food Tier List doesn't exi- @JulienMid @EvanrlLoL need templatedo u guys know if why chase shaco AP or AD? PleaseCape HornI need to discuss WandaVision. @FionnOnFire in the Silverdome, jack in front of 8 billion screamin' Hulkamaniacs brother guys fizz just ulted me 😢 i've only got 3 more seconds to live 😭
@Venkonia @EvanrlLoL @lolrbm @ClydeLoL1 @ShorterACE @Kolthro @ShadyL0L @DrewDozer @BukZacH @PapaChau_ @Venkonia Help me ratio this bitch she’s targeting us @EvanrlLoL @lolrbm @ClydeLoL1 @ShorterACE @Kolthro @ShadyL0L @lolAmbie Gang gang gang @chaseshaco so AD? @lolAmbie THAT UI LOOKS FAMILIAR DO U U SE D2L AMBER @LCSOfficial @scarra Pain. @NFLonFOX @NFL Brees arm if he tried throwing that deep ball @GGInflux The fact that we were a late 4th quarter drive from beating that team blows my fkin mind. Chiefs offense… “Threw a TD pass in the playoffs” Winston LETS GO @GGInflux Bro the bandwagon fans rubbing it in lol. We’re the fucking Browns. Praying to god those weirdos don’t come to our team.
@nhobbsicle check them fking go brownsSenna ult @okdinka never had sex @ClydeLoL1 @TheOddOrange YoU jUsT HaVe BaD MmR iT WiLl gO aWaYsauce @MonteCristo cap @officialpittfan @NFLonFOX Firstroundexittron
Stickin with itCLOL > @emiliacosplay YesYo can winter be over yet I’m COLD @ChaosRain i have a girlfriend now
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