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Councilmember, Los Angeles City Council. This is my personal account. For district updates, follow: @cd4losangeles

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Because of the delayed release of census data, redistricting in LA is moving quickly this cycle. After draft maps a… way residents can influence council redistricting: submit a Community of Interest Form. It’s a survey wher… you can’t make tonight’s CD4 redistricting forum, there are more forums to come: 8/25: All Council Districts… are lots of opportunities for residents to weigh in on LA redistricting. If you live in our district, there’… you want your council district to reflect an LA where tenants and working people are well-represented, we encour… stakes are high. Maps that split up neighborhoods with unique needs or identities can reduce their political po… current (and very bizarre) shape of our district didn’t come about by accident. It’s the product of political i… ten years, after the Census is released, LA forms a City Council Redistricting Commission to develop new dist… of the most important processes in LA city government is happening *right now.* City Council district boundari…
My no vote today doesn't mean I'm taking a back seat. Doing nothing is not an option. My staff and I are dedicated… ordinance is likely to pass today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep working to build a better system. It’s… organizations and advocates opposing this ordinance have spoken out about how an enforcement-led approach to h… ordinance also has real equity implications. Without clear criteria for what can trigger a camping ban, the mai… solutions — housing, outreach, and services — take time and money. None of it is easy to do. But that’s exactl… ordinance gives CMs the ability to ban camping in large parts of their districts. CMs who get more complaints… we set homelessness policy in our own districts, Councilmembers end up competing for scarce resources, impl… is no citywide system for sanitation, services, enforcement, or anything else related to homelessness. Each… homelessness requires a consistent, citywide approach to setting rules and sharing resources. But we do…, City Council will vote again on an ordinance limiting where people who are homeless can sit, lie, or sleep.…
If you want to help end homelessness in LA, there’s a lot you can do — starting with joining a community group that… people off the street requires immense patience. Progress can come with setbacks. And there is still muc… outreach and services to help people indoors could work across LA. But we haven’t built the resources to…, the primary tool we’ve used to address homelessness in LA has been forced removal of encampments. We…’re still in contact with some of the people who were put into shelter from this encampment. They are all still… last three residents of the encampment went into shelter on Thursday together, as they requested. One saw her… caseworkers match people’s needs with resources: Do you need a space that can accommodate a couple? Do you ha… months, with the help of community members, case managers, and encampment residents, we connected people with… who got into shelter returned to see friends, and shared that they loved their new living situations. One was… who got into shelter returned to see friends, and shared that they loved their new living situations. One was… directing outreach teams to make weekly visits to link people to services, we were able to get a few people i… groups like @SELAHnhc had been doing outreach at this encampment for years, so we connected with them and… has been an encampment on the corner of Berendo and Hollywood for years, but it grew during the pandemic. The… good news to share! After months of effort from volunteers, case workers, and our staff, the last residents o…
To all of the organizations in our district who contributed to these community counts, thank you — especially Holly… it's exciting to think we may have slowed the rise of homelessness in LA, it doesn’t mean we can relax. It m… can also help more people get indoors by expanding storage options. Most shelters only allow two bags, so some d… LA reopens, we must help those who entered shelter during the pandemic avoid going back to the streets. When a… lessons can we take from evidence that unsheltered homelessness may have declined during the pandemic? One is… would we see more tents on the street if fewer people are living there? After the CDC recommended unhoused peo… if the data we have is correct and street homelessness declined during COVID, why did homelessness look like it… the last year, two events have significantly increased shelter space in LA: 1) a court agreement under Judge Ca… the community counts are right and street homelessness declined or stayed flat over the last year, that’s welcom… to January 2020, this year’s community counts found a *10% overall decrease* in homelessness in their neig… the 2021 homeless count was called off due to COVID, volunteers in Hollywood, Mid-City, and Northeast LA step… had profound effects on homelessness in LA. But because this year’s count was cancelled, we have less data th…
We’ll be talking more about ways we can improve encampment sanitation and all of our processes around homelessness… failure to maintain sanitation at encampments has also eroded people’s patience for longer-term homelessness so… job of a sanitation worker is difficult, and encampment cleanups are the most delicate and fraught aspect of th… of a citywide, need-based system for cleaning encampments prioritizing health, safety, and best practices f… with new reforms, LA still desperately needs a citywide system for encampment sanitation. A system driven by… month, City Council passed @mikebonin's and my motion to create a new approach for encampment cleanups — prior… only has encampment sanitation been insufficiently funded, LA’s approach to cleanups has often been carried out… 2019, LA launched the CARE program, which increased funding for encampment sanitation. It brought new hygiene re…, the number of service requests was one factor in how many encampment cleanups a district was allocate… 2019, each council office got an average of only *two to three* encampment cleanings per month. For their *en… of the time, City Council offices decide which encampments get cleaning services — usually in response to comp… has a Sanitation department, charged with trash disposal all over the city. But other than emptying 500 trash c… LA works to get more adequate housing and shelter spaces online, sanitation at existing encampments is a core co… my time at City Hall, I’ve learned a *lot* more about LA's approach to homelessness. Let’s dig into one piece o…
LA’s 4th Council District is uniquely vulnerable to the increasing dangers created by climate change. For that reas…
Retweeted by Nithya RamanI’ll work to keep putting forth legislation that ensures cleaner, safer, and healthier streets for all Angelenos —… and time again, we have chosen the easy, band-aid solutions in LA — avoiding the hard work that will lead to l… support maintaining ADA access on our sidewalks, and restricting camping in parks and around schools. But to real… we funded compliance-oriented outreach workers? Have we created a new unit of unarmed, non-police personnel th… year ago, we had tens of thousands of people marching in the streets in LA, and we found a consensus -- or so I t… ordinance contains rules for where people can and can’t be, but it’s missing a clear plan for how we’re going t…, the City Council voted to take another step on a piece of legislation prohibiting camping in very large…
Our resolution to support SB 57 and legalization of overdose prevention sites passed in City Council today! Thank…
This week parts of my district hit 109°. It isn’t even summer yet. The young leaders of @sunrisemvmt and… focus on city-owned buildings and vehicles for decarbonization? I’m the chair of the Information Technology an… controls another significant polluter: a fleet of ~13,000 vehicles. The city's 2019 Green New Deal included a p… of the larger energy users in LA is the city government itself — and 32% of municipal emissions come from city-… @sunrisemvmt California completing a 266-mile march this week to demand a #CivilianClimateCorps, I’ve been ins…
A belated first Council meeting in chambers, but felt as exciting as the first day of school.
It’s been wonderful to hear a desire from residents to see more supportive and 100% affordable housing developments…’ve seen over and over the real barriers affordable housing developers face in this city. If we want more affor… next motion instructs multiple city departments to come together and produce a strategic plan to streamline 100%… housing projects benefit from city law that streamlines their review and approval. But 100% affordable… you live nearby, and want to learn more about how supportive housing works, we’re hosting site tours at other co… two city-owned locations we’re looking at for supportive or affordable housing are a vacant lot in Hollywood an…’re thrilled to share that we’re putting forward motions to explore two city-owned lots in Council District 4 for…, there are some obstacles to new housing in our district. One is zoning: the vast majority of lots a… our first day in office, we’ve been looking for places that might be a good fit for this housing. We’ve combe… supportive housing (PSH) is dedicated to people experiencing homelessness, with services and case managem… in LA knows it: we need more affordable housing. Only a small fraction of new projects are 100% affordabl… centers in the district, and more info on how to beat the heat!
I’ll be talking more about my first six months in office this week: what we’ve done, what we’ve learned, and what I… than anything, what has worn on me in my first six months is the inability to gather in person. We’ve held dig… Saturday in Griffith Park, we'll be joining hundreds of Angelenos at the Relay for Life, raising money for the…’re also going to be at the Sherman Oaks Farmers Market *tomorrow*, giving away LA’s most precious natural resour… Oaks! We’ve got TWO cleanups in your neighborhood this week, led by brilliant Field Manager Alex Naseef. A… Koreatown/Mid-City, we’re hosting a COVID vaccine site and need volunteers for flyering and checking people in.… Saturday, we co-hosted a cleanup with Friends of the LA River. Over 150 people attended, including many familie… marks six months after I took office on LA City Council. For most of it, we've been unable to see each other…
Always stirring the pot. :) Thank you to @ProjAngelFood for having me this morning! I'm excited to share more abo…
Join us next Thursday 6/10 @ 6 PM for a CD4 Conversation on affordable housing with @nithyavraman and Executive Dir…
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This is a win and a major step towards creating an equitable economy for all Californians. My fellow Councilmember…
We’re working on issues like substance use in LA every day, and we’d love to hear your experiences and feedback. G… use can be a difficult issue to address in public policy: advocates are rightfully worried about stigmati… submitted a resolution of support for @Scott_Wiener’s bill to legalize overdose prevention sites in LA and other…