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10-4 we even tried throwing and we still won KEKW ggs Madanascar @d0ve_cs @tariannkan @link03086 🙏🙏🙏 @Kal_ult oh god
@AxelsAnimeAimer game tonight at 11 est tonight vs Madanascar on mirage! Will they continue their winning streak to… GO!!!!!!!! you didn't learn a thing LOL"Wanna host a private event for me NiTsU?" -@Kal_ultIt's finally over
Retweeted by NiTsU @RyanAtRBM @AxelsAnimeAimerI just watched @serverski @DEREK_CSGO @1Jellin @TwitchyTalks and myke beat an advanced team omg
I loved the day, thanks for being there ! More to come soon... For those are waiting for signing it'll come today or tomorrow! 🤎
Retweeted by NiTsUCS:GO Roster Update
Retweeted by NiTsU @JGonzalezCue Morning.
I'd like to extend an APOLOGY for my actions on stream today. It's not fair to get angry at strangers who are just…
Retweeted by NiTsU @abbyy_cs Congrats :) @Pyreon_ u right @1jokudah FACTS @thekingkaih @AtozTV_CS no problem :)Valorant feels like when you run in a swimming pool and its so slow and boring. When you hop out of the pool is what cs is like.Someone give my man a chance. Hard working player, wanting to put in the work
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Retweeted by NiTsU @AtozTV_CS @thekingkaihMe: Trying to clutch All of my teammates yelling at me telling me everything to do:
Retweeted by NiTsUAlso shoutout to the boy @DEREK_CSGO for helping us with preparing for our games so far. Love having him around the team!We won the game speedrun style won 16-5 on overpass which puts us up to 9-4 on the season 6-0 with the new roster s… wins will secure us good playoff seedings. Time to grind 😈 Catch all of our games are casted live on…
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@TheUglyBasedGod Ayy no problem brother @TheUglyBasedGod Not much. Just got done with class for the day. @TheUglyBasedGod sup jay @JGonzalezCue @AxelsAnimeAimer @thekingkaih @gaubaeiwnl @link03086 @LockIwnl @Kal_ult that's like our onlyfans stream thodon’t skip your aim training today!
Retweeted by NiTsU @treythun yes sirWishing the happiest of birthdays to the one and only @Zellsis 🥳🎂 #V1VAL ⱽ #NeverDone
Retweeted by NiTsU @treythun i added you before it was coolA new game day for @AxelsAnimeAimer today tune at 10 est in to @thekingkaih as he watches… @Fraqzy_ @EliGE Vouch @DEREK_CSGO yes and ill helpIf it's about realizing potential, why didn't you realize your CSGO roster didn't have any?
Retweeted by NiTsUThe sad reality that this is the most correct statement, CSGO #1
Retweeted by NiTsUWhen he went to a non team doctor after the season:
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@thekingkaih Morning god tier caster @abbyy_cs Hola abby how goes it?Sources say that G2 may be looking to change their roster with the intent to replace Rizzo. It's speculated that Th…
Retweeted by NiTsU @Wolfhound_86 Legends never die @Wolfhound_86 You are still legendary tho 🥺 @CdKcsgo nice @Wolfhound_86 Good morning Legendary cs player Wolfhound @CdKcsgo @1Jellin um minuto @JGonzalezCue Bruh you should have said that like 7 hours ago @CdKcsgo @1Jellin 3 @link03086 @CurFythefriend LInks you are cuter than me @CdKcsgo @1Jellin 5 @CurFythefriend @CdKcsgo @1Jellin 7 now @CurFythefriend Morning Mr. X_Gonna_Give_It. How are you :) @Fraqzy_ yeah straightening it isn't fun LOL @DEREK_CSGO go watch some vods Mr. Derek class will be in session soon :) @Fraqzy_ Just chilling. Just happy we won last night but we could have played a lot better. My calling could have b… @Fraqzy_ Morning Mr. Fraq how are you today? @littlebeerr oh is that so 🇷🇺 @CdKcsgo @1Jellin Morning Mr. Cdk @1Jellin morning Mr. Jellin @littlebeerr Morning Mr. Beer how are you?good morningThis is what the NA teams are staring in the face last and this year.
Retweeted by NiTsUI feel super sorry for the entire EG roster spending months in Europe grinding CS in this hard time You’d think th…
Retweeted by NiTsUNA Counter Strike is under a lot of pressure. Most top teams haven’t been home for months, and are committing their…
Retweeted by NiTsU @AxelsAnimeAimer @_KaozClanggs vs @UWWesports 8-4 for the season we won 16-13 @treythun ayyyyGame will be streamed at
Retweeted by NiTsU @onevoltage @MTUEsports Nice NASA hoodie btw @abbyy_cs @graphitecs VouchGame will be streamed at
@graphitecs suptf the lakers giving danny green the game winning shot attempt for? it’d be like giving dmitri petrovich that shot…
Retweeted by NiTsU @tariannkan @Fraqzy_ hmmmm @Kal_ult @AxelsAnimeAimer @_KaozClan @LockIwnl @gaubaeiwnl @link03086 apparently? @NotSoAxel :)well @AxelsAnimeAimer @_KaozClan has a match on inferno tonight @ 10:30 est tonight. Come watch the young guns… all my boys come back to cs now I miss yall 😢
Retweeted by NiTsULeBron responded after Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized him for his activism. “I’m kind of the wrong guy to actually…
Retweeted by NiTsULFT Main (or top IM) - Rifler (Support, Entry, etc.) - 98 adr s36 and 80adr s35 (both IM) - Available literally al…
Retweeted by NiTsUPablo Sanchez & it’s not even close.
Retweeted by NiTsU @DEREK_CSGO "Thank god I'm not playing with @ar3s_cs " YIKES
@DEREK_CSGO ??? dude your fine chill @piethrouer ratio
Retweeted by NiTsU @xtr_cs Damn you gonna be frozen
@FlowGG_ that was @ZinkkyVEVO but okThe friends that don’t evolve with you are temporary
Retweeted by NiTsU3am matchmaking be like (feat. @daveycsgo)
Retweeted by NiTsUqueuing with @JGonzalezCue with @Kal_ult is some of the easiest mmr i have ever gotten good lord LOLGamers, assemble.
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@giraffley @graphitecsserver and ravens just won a wingman match! this is tweet worthy!
Retweeted by NiTsU @DEREK_CSGO vouch this kid but he's mine :)Nickelodeon Launches Avatar Studios, Will Expand World of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender,’ ‘The Legend of Korra’…
Retweeted by NiTsU @IceyCSOfficial unlucko bro :( you got thisThe state of ESEA open
Retweeted by NiTsU @thebearsboy messi is back?