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Python 2 is going to stay here for a long, long time. People will run it in VM or Docker. That is how IT works, and it is sad. @PresumptuousBug @stillchip I absolutely hate Pharma companies from the bottom of my heart. @PresumptuousBug @stillchip Pharma companies sucks. They increases insulin prices for no good reasons. When invent… Python will stop supporting Python version 2 on January 1, 2020. Are you ready for the end of Python 2? @michaeldexter TP-Link would be my choice. For mission critical stuff I only go with HPE or @Cisco or Juniper. Don'… i will grant you three wishes aladdin: ok genie: but before each wish you must watch an ad aladdin: what gen…
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseFOSS zombies #OpenSourceme_irl is an essential repo for any CentOS Linux 8 user/sysadmin/developer. Learn how to enable and install additiona… anyone noticed how Netscape was taking up 53% of the CPU?Send other UNIX boxes to /dev/null. Apple Mac ad from 2002 aimed at developers and power users. McIlroy is a professor of computer science, mathematician, engineer and famous programmer. He is one of the…
@laffer1 More people are going to sue you if you have tons of money. Companies like Apple, Google, and others get s… Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5 is Here. Good to see knuth’s work progressing. You can grab i… Vim malware. trolling at its finest @Driftpeasant @AMD It is too expensive for personal use. Otherwise it is good cpu. @Colin1374 @AMD Don't worry Intel is fighting too but they are just behind at least price to performance ration wise.Bestsellers CPU on Amazon. Nine CPUs are from @AMD out of ten. AMD is currently enjoying high demand and loyalty fr… password policy in a nutshell @FrankgUnderwood apk add zshWhen you work in IT but also care about the environment and aesthetics to install bash shell in Alpine Linux #sysadmin #opensource #IT @sliwka_PL yes. you got a kitten to match my ThinkPad @Tahnkredo Hah! @gonzopancho Lmao. Moms gonna momcat is guarding my ThinkPad laptop. Who needs firewall? Thanks #Caturday it all began. Taken from @centminmod @linode @AMD Awesome. I saw it today.Linux hide processes from other users and ps command - nixCraft
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseSeem like @Linode started deploying VMs on the @AMD EPYC platform too (yay less CPU bugs). I always saw Intel, but… when absolutely no one asks what linux distro I use. Please enter new password Me: fortnight Website: Error: Password is two week"A start job is running for device" -- Linux. too apple ;) @fossadvocate No. It is meant for AWS. So you have to pay for AWS fees + Ubuntu Pro Fees. But you can always downlo… an IT person I would like to sue this screen for emotional damages ;) announces Ubuntu Pro for Amazon Web Services #ubuntu #cloudcomputing #linux #sysadmin #ITColleague of mine asked the other day if I could possibly remember how I set up a #FreeBSD server back in 2008. So…
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@LockpickingPete Some bios has option to allow external display at boot time too. Check your bios settings. @LockpickingPete Open settings > devices > display Here you can set up display as per your needs. Nvida card users… @packethost Github gives 404 when clicked on the links. Please fix it.me_irl people ask me to recommend a text editor
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseNew Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hijack VPN Connections On in Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS, iOS, and Android "Great Cannon" (a DDoS tool that hides behind the Great Firewall of China) has been deployed again. This time t… in peace, Latte ❤️
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @_t2blk I don't think so that is possible or i am aware of it. They used to have '--cmd-owner ' & '--pid-id ' optio… @_t2blk Are you assigning UID to process? If so use that UID and be done with it. @kennwhite who is gonna pay for that?*grabs popcorn* to see what #infosec twitter does here. LOL @jcnoble that is gnu core utilities version. They have tons of command in coreutils. So all of them would say 8.22… 으로 인스톨된 파일의 위치들
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseFound a cool new open-source software on Github Proceed to read installation instructions, and it says: "First, i… builds. No change. No deploys. No upgrades. It is read-only Friday! #sysadmin #devops #IT You can grab it from… @slashdot Good god. Something that could have been easily prevented but stupid parents let their kids die because t… via @bagder Right now, curl is the only client that is stable enough for http3 testing. FF daily build crashes or just stops. Good work on curl.From my email bag. Good question. The yes command output a string repeatedly until killed. The default is yes or y.… enter in the Matrix if you ever succeed in dealing with such error.You haven't done enough programming until you see: "compiler error on line -1"Can’t argue with that. #me_irl disk drives with taxpayer details sold online #privacy #securityHe's making a list He's checking it twice He's got no idea who's naughty or nice Data consistency in a distributed…
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseElementary OS 5.1 Hera #linux #OpenSource“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” a very very long pause…. “Java.” :-o
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @michaeldexter @mwlauthor At work we use wikimedia. No docker needed. Runs on Linux/*BSD. @Beats0Ling yes it is. I knew it my audience would understand my message. @michaeldexter @mwlauthor What if you keep an online diary? I often ended up finding solution on my own site lolLinux version of BSOD running on tiny Raspberry Pi computer. This is for those who say I always post 'Windows bad'…
Didn't work @mholt6 May I know Caddy powered site in prod that is taking 40000 hits per second? @mholt6 Can Caddy work under heavy loads? Say 40000 hits per second? I am not trying to say Caddy is bad but HAProx… @mholt6 HAProxy have tons of features that you can't find in Nginx or any other web server. Some features are avail… @SocialHappiness I agree. They are talking $1300 worth of labor difference. It is a bit hard to believe for me. Th… still can't make phone calls with this phone. They are going to fix it but no ETA. If I am going to drop $2k, I… @mwlauthor exists only because of a happy accident about baseband OS? I can't seems to find any details.Purism announces Librem 5 Linux "USA" model mobile phone for $1999 USD These guys lost th… was today years old when I learnt that you can run ELF using ld-linux. Useful when the executable bit is not set…
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @pid_eins @__mrvik__ Indeed @__mrvik__ it worked. Thanks for the tip.Calling on systemd & Linux users. How do you restart systemd without rebooting? Is it possible? I tried kill -HUP… @0xUID @openbsd Nothing against OpenSMTPD but we use postfix everywhere when using *BSD/Linux. Years of experienc… @mgarciacase Look into amazon top lists"I don't use debuggers. I just stare down until the code confesses." -- Chuck Norrisyou know what to call it when everything else fails advanced debugging techniques: echo "val $var" printf("aaa %s \n",var); Try running it again without changing… @muellerwHH we need more buzz words ;)AI driven "self documenting" code ... @nixcraft "what's a CPU?" "a rock we tricked into thinking"
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseThank God some people don't need to see so far under the hood. This is the correct answer for all tech questions ;)… Programming 101 is not just dealing with CPU bugs but they are getting steep competition from: AMD in gaming/servers ARM in… Soon – Graviton2-Powered (ARM) General Purpose, Compute-Optimized, & Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances For AWS.… discovered an authentication-bypass vulnerability in OpenBSD's authentication system: this vulnerability is remo… would you do that? are you out of your mind?
Two malicious Python libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys