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Linux Mint drops Ubuntu Snap packages [LWN] [Official blog post]I hope Linux desktop get more popular soon so that more games and apps ported to it you looking to gain a bit of performance and speed out of your @NGINX web server? Try enablin gzip option on fl… few weeks people stopped asking that too. Meanwhile, the financial market is reaching new heights daily, and n… to Acquire Rancher Labs I am glad that @SUSE brought it and not IBM or Microsoft.… @LowEndSpirit @ubuntu @Raspberry_Pi @RetroPieProject I wish I could get the attention of both of you quickly. At least now, I kno…’s Great Firewall has finally come to Hong Kong’s internet So now we have additional t… 2.6.0 released #opensource #linux #macos #unix @climagic @OzRetrocomp Boy, red color makes it so hard to read.Getting notified when tasks complete or failed is essential to avoid service down. So today will explain how develo… a programmer tells you: "I'll see if I can find time for that this week" Lower your expectations
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @FrantisekMasa Oh never thought about that. These are github/gitlab users.About 4,940,000 results links dead. @Google, your blogspot\.in is either hijacked or expired. This is going to create problems for people in India… like sabberworm and willwashburn in WordPress doesn't increase my confidence. Open source always suffered fro…
Yikes! Yet another day with bug. Firefox Android: Camera remains active when the app is in background or the phone… is a new component aiming to potentially replace wpasupplicant for Linux WiFi needs. buddy: Can you send the user documentation? Me: @kaktohomo @nixcraft @ubuntu @debian @ManjaroLinux
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseAwesome news. Google offers free fabbing for 130nm #opensource chips Someone please make… Best viewed on Microsoft Edge 81+, Mozilla Firefox 75+, Safari 5.1.5+, Google Chrome 80+ Me: Do you really n… Linux distro would you consider the hardest to master or learn?Debian Linux in the air. Via
Friend: How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb? Me: None. We don't address hardware issues. Frie…'s always IMPORTANT to Backup your system before an upgrade. #zypper your way to moving from @openSUSE Leap 15.1…
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @humenToGo None. Different flavour and different commands.I guess macOS user may pay for Adobe cloud app thingy ... how to install and configure Nginx with Let's Encrypt free TLS certificate on an OpenSUSE Linux server and se… @ncapeyronSABA last commit was done 3 months ago @collinstork I see. thanks! @SharkWipf Ah thanks!Dear Twitter, Is anyone using mod_pagespeed [] that optimize your site/web apps automatical… @unix_ninja beastie and tux having fun ;)This is going to be fun and pain for many. 293 intermediate CAs to be revoked within 7 days*surprise* Browser: Wiping history still leaves trace of visited sites. Previously they had undisclosed affiliate marke… Python 3 implementation for client-side web programming Brython is designed to replace… @FontrodonaJaume @pmpisch @umihico_ new made me sad :( I absolutely loved his music when writing code or Ansible configs or just to relax my depre… to exclude file when using scp command recursively - nixCraft
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Lmao. Via
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseHow To Set Up WireGuard Firewall Rules in Linux
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @bennyfactor I know two street vendors who closed their carts and returned to their villages. They are not going to… day, I check the vaccine tracker , and I really hope all smart docs and scientists re… always enjoyed street food. You know freshly made with a human touch. The best part was talking to vendors and ge… hope street vendors near my office survive this pandemic, both health and business-wise. Whenever I went to the o… @freebsdfrau I giggled at *slipped*. Typically shady people do that kind of stuff but you are not shady. It made me smile. @ZRayEntertains @SUSE @openSUSE Because we just installed lsof (on most cloud images lsof is not installed). Once l… you know? You can find out if @SUSE/@OpenSUSE Linux server needs a reboot or not using the zypper command itsel… How does it work? Maybe Jen Barber know about it. result is out. FYI, 15 (SIGTERM) is the default for the kill command. Always send that one first, especially wh… IT Pros Tip # 1: Always practise in production, it is the fastest way to learn everything. #Life #Sysadmin #Programming @niels_k @LouisatheLast Yes, here we parents provide school supplies too. Not USA specific.A #new version of the #RaspberryPi 4 features 8 GB of LPDDR4 #SDRAM and almost #Linux #desktop #computer level of…
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Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseOn your first day at the new job, squash every commit from the repo into a single commit with message "Legacy code"…
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2020 @rinsure hehe, I think they added Linux to that mess. @Thespis377 do you master programming, Linux/Unix sysadmin, and IT topics? Wrong answers only. @mdidonato1 @darrenroos Wow. Wonderful to see personal message from @charliesheen . You are indeed lucky to have good SO.A command-line tool to convert currencies. #Python #Unix #Linux #OpenSource #Programming @sazamoracl @DuckDuckGo @internetfreedom China Russia Middle east and many more. @Eyiqchaq @sazamoracl @DuckDuckGo @internetfreedom Irony @mwlauthor yes, stop fighting with each other. If you want to fight, fight corruption, evil and virus.Make Apps for Linux Instead of new Linux Distro: Too often they fall into the trap of creating more Linux distribu… @DuckDuckGo @internetfreedom Any idea, why it was blocked?More info here Interactive Desktop is the little brother of the great SGI Desktop on IRIX! MaXX Interactive Desktop running o… @v1rtl @WtmMao I know. It is kind of hate love and hate relationship. LOL. @G_Langenderfer Ironically log in is must and then downloading stuff (mostly tons of report for processing on Linux… @WtmMao I believe many such JS packages are available, but it is up to the developer to make the correct decision r… more I dive into NodeJS, especially puppeteer, I can see why people love NodeJS and JavaScript so much. It is s… a distinct future, we brought back dinosaur, and they wanted to know one thing immediately: Why was Dino/dinosa… made pricing complicated on purpose. The majority profit of Amazon comes from AWS. MS was losing the war in th… is very popular and used as an example here. But, it may be Google cloud or MS cloud. Don't fall for the market… is why I tell developers and new startups not to complicate things with AWS when you are in a developing stage… know a guy, and his job is optimizing AWS pricing. People/companies pay him a good amount of money to figure out… wanted to try something new ✨ so here’s my first AR Glasses desk setup with Mac remote desktop, iPad virtual keyb…
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverseyeah @nixcraft - I have no words
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverseme and my pytorch learning : I am in this picture and I am going to report this meme to the Internet police. SysAdmin
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseOnyx (@OnyxBoox ) is violating the Linux kernel's license - refuses to release source code. cc @fsf/@fsfe/@sflc. Mo… Shell Script To Purge Cache From Stackpath CDN rebase
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseScaling Linux Services: Before accepting connections #devlife #sysadmin #IT #programming
Geeky love story for Linux/Unix fans to secure Lighttpd with Let’s Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate on Debian/Ubuntu #Debian/Ubuntu #Lighttpd #Linux
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @khaxan See you in another 4 months time ;) Hehe. Glad you back home, tho.[LEER] Apache with Let's Encrypt Certificates on CentOS 8
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the UnixverseLearn how to upgrade OpenSUSE 15.1 to 15.2 using the CLI. #sysadmin #IT #opensource #Linux @freebsdfrau @gumnos @unix_ninja Whatever you do, I repeat do not open Windows, else you will get dust. LOL.
Question: Why are Linux applications so good? Answer: It's the Kernel's secret recipe.How to install #fcgiwrap for #Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 - nixCraft #Linux
Retweeted by The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse @mdidonato1 @ceotodaymag Congrats!Debian Linux version 10 vs 11 (up coming) - Important software stack am so tempted to add tux to my http response too ;)