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Playing 60 games is normal for him thinking about my teacher wife being home in Sept @AdamRubinMedia Leslie in Fort Lee? @Lisa6264 So Irish it hurts @Angry_Bender My little’s fairly obvious nobody takes u serious, I’m just making the best of it for uKendall... go blow your mother lol @Angry_Bender Crazy town is never unoccupied with u at the helm LuisJune 20 USA had 34k positive results... it’s gone higher since, thev2-3 week death lag considered, how are we decre… @laurasgoldman
Crook & Marker seltzer’s are excellent.... 9.5/10 @GotNoSperm @ChetMonteiro Smh @NYMQnz Yea that’s totally acceptable, was talking about the ppl in stores like that @DurhamtheLegend Drives me nuts lolWho has a lower IQ... People driving solo in cars with a mask on or people with a mask on below their noseWatching Peter King And Frank The Tank #EmbraceDebate About If The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Is A Sin Was The…
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈The award goes to guys who actually play so not sure Judge is a candidate @GODJ2 @craigcartonlive @7BOOMERESIASON @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco I have nothing against Gio.... I listen to VSI… @mrsmith715 It was a banger but deserved a lot more... I don’t think more than 1 verified hit it @ChetMonteiro I want to take credit for it but I have no reach ... the intention was there @ChetMonteiro I love it lol @Rusty91104 @LevityNYC @tribros @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler Marchard article said he’s good to go in Oct @KFCBarstool Peter Gammons domes not know what planet he is on right now @JerryRecco @WFAN660 Can’t be serious lol listening to an hour of best of @craigcartonlive and @7BOOMERESIASON there is nothing I’m more certain of that…
@HV3_Golf One of my favorite golfers, keep being you HV @BradHeisler @WFANTrades Oh my! @WFANTrades @NJD107_ we got a peter king burner account. What a time to be alive boys
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @LevityNYC @tribros @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler I have /had no problem with him attacking mike after it came out how… @mike_wor That’s a given tbh... their ratings have to be hilariously bad @tribros @LevityNYC @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler When u have a PB&J I’ll respond to this! @slaw12345678 @LevityNYC @BradHeisler Yea and nobody’s really mainstream knew him tbh... I’m just looking at it fro… @LevityNYC @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler I agree with that... he’s morning or mid day @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler That makes the most sense but putting carton back n not with Boomer seems way too awkwardHey @Alsboringtweets don’t like this tweet if a Boomer n Carton reunion isn’t happening @BradHeisler The station needs a jolt..... Evan needs joe to retire, Gio can go partner with him in drive or JJ in… feel bad for Gio but this has to end with the return of Boomer n CartonLETS GO!!!’ @DurhamtheLegend @ChetMonteiro @Judetruth @metsfanmurph2 SLD... Pena was 100% asking because he wasn’t aware of the… @Lud_Bug6113 @tribros All 3 of those options can throat my entire dick... pardon my French @Lud_Bug6113 @tribros What are they? I’ve heard about 12 different ones from the old bridge parents page that make… @tribros @Lud_Bug6113 @Angry_Bender @ChetMonteiro @ChetMonteiro it’s Sunday night and crazy ass Luis is now in my mentions... I need a drink @tribros @LevityNYC Internet will never fail me @ChetMonteiro @Judetruth @metsfanmurph2 Whites like it because it flips the narrative... blacks hate it because he’…’s go @Mets!
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @LevityNYC @tribros I tried to tweet the Seinfeld Indian gif, it’s always been there but no longer there... sad smh @Judetruth @metsfanmurph2 @ChetMonteiro Murph stretching out to this tweet.... Pena, grab some popcorn lol @tribros I’m in the private sector and we always have it off @free_dowlin_ not see any of you clowns taking the 2nd Monday in October off... stick to the plan and show the man’m at like 97% peak tan right now ... think tomorrow I’ll have a 2-putt for victory @Judetruth @ChetMonteiro I’m not questioning if people are actually saying that, again this is Twitter.. not real l… @ChetMonteiro @Judetruth He posted a tweet saying essentially while we want to ensure all black lives matter please… need Justice for @joeyjaws #MoreThanAnAthlete , cancel @peter_king @ChetMonteiro @metsfanmurph2 I love how I have the special ability to unearth some of the biggest mutants/mutant topics under the radar @NJD107_ @metsfanmurph2 we have Jesse Spector getting in on it now
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @MurphsterB am going to be a Glutton today in honor of Perer King @NjTank99 Screw @peter_king @NYPost_Mets Nobody cares you slobPeter King abs Competitive eating is the weirdest hill anyone has ever died on @joeyjaws @ChetMonteiro Somehow we are here @NJD107_ Did you ever think you’d see an interaction between Peter King, Frank Fleming, and Sam?
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @ChetMonteiro @Angry_Bender @Rusty91104 @metsfanmurph2 Oh boy... Luis is involved now, get ready for a 20 tweet ons… @Rusty91104 @ChetMonteiro @metsfanmurph2 You can’t deny that his stature in the league was deteriorating big time a… @ChetMonteiro @Rusty91104 @metsfanmurph2 There’s a lot Rusty doesn’t understand @SteveAndrusko99 lol he ha a bunch of tweets about it too lolHmmm changed for you in 2 1/2 weeks? @metsfanmurph2 your thoughts? @FranksYanks23 I have to re-evaluate our friendship @JForma @metsfanmurph2 I remember when she was normal on here back when To Catch A Predator was a Sunday night twit… I believe you had too much to drink yesterday @JForma @metsfanmurph2 Fact that these people go virtue signaling and don’t even have the common sense to scrub the… @JForma @metsfanmurph2 I wouldn’t put her in Shaun Kings category because that’s the gold standard of inept but she’s a close 2nd @metsfanmurph2 People like Jemele don’t want issues to be resolved or improved, it’s bad for business... she just f… @Rusty91104 @TeamThirstTrap It was fantastic.. pool, bbq, friend n family, kids are worse w fireworks than dogs so that was fun for us @Rusty91104 @TeamThirstTrap Good morning Juggly @andrewperloff That’s a hockey puck
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @andrewperloff Did you lose a bet?
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @andrewperloff What did you do to that burger?
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈 @andrewperloff Somebody pooped on your bun
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈There are plenty of dogs that wouldn’t eat whatever meat this is.. JFC @andrewperloff What homeless shelter was this meat served at @jim_username Lol wowLol @TeamThirstTrap Has been an awfully kept secret here in NY/NJ by nurses n docs that it’s been prescribed for mild h… 4th of july everyone I hope everyone has a blessed day
Retweeted by 🤑🍕🥃⚾️🏈I assumed the 2020 season opted out of Felix Hernandez tbh @ScroogeMcFuck5 @ChetMonteiro @AndrewBasstardo That’s awful man, hopefully found it early and he’ll beat the hell out of it @Judetruth I felt worried for all the women you might have impregnated @ScroogeMcFuck5 @ChetMonteiro @AndrewBasstardo When AC opens me and uncle Chet need to get u out of this post break… MAN?!?! RT: @Judetruth is there another way I’m unaware of? @sleeepyjoseph I might have had a few drinks but it’s a diabolical plan by him and trump if it’s real