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New Jersey @NJGov New Jersey, USA

OFFICIAL Twitter of the Garden State – the Pizza and Bagel Capital of the World and greatest state in the nation. Central Jersey exists. Wear a mask.

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This is so true. @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyNew Jersey: Social-Distance Trick-or-Treating. 2020...
Retweeted by New JerseyThis is an unsafe space to tell me your favorite pizza joint in @NJGov. Go.
Retweeted by New JerseyNEW JERSEY: Don't forget to return your ballot! 🗳️By mail – postage is prepaid, must be postmarked by 11/3 🗳️Throug…
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UPDATE: If you're traveling to New Jersey from the following states and territories, you should self-quarantine for…
Retweeted by New Jerseyhad to pull over & get some shots of my cute lil hunterdon county @NJGov
Retweeted by New Jersey// Point Pleasant, New Jersey 🏄‍♂️
Retweeted by New Jersey @cecsquared 👀Alright Jersey who we got? PA or NY? @NJGov
Retweeted by New Jerseyvery on brand @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyIMPORTANT: We are still in the midst of a pandemic – and the numbers are going in the wrong direction again. 😷Wear…
Retweeted by New Jersey┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ don't throw crowded parties during a pandemic ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔Need help? 🩺Health care: 🛒Groceries: 🏦Income assistance:… today, @GovMurphy joined Colonel Patrick J. Callahan to welcome brave 4-year-old girl battling cancer into…
Retweeted by New JerseyOn. The. Map. 🎉💯🧩 @NJGov @JerseyCity
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1⃣,7⃣4⃣2⃣,2⃣7⃣7⃣ votes cast in New Jersey so far, as of noon today.
Retweeted by New Jersey#MountainMonday 📷: Kittatinny Lake & Kittatinny Mountain from the Culver Fire Tower
Retweeted by New JerseyTired: Pizza Rat Wired: Bagel Squirrel (For anyone wondering, it looked like a cinnamon raisin bagel)
Retweeted by New Jersey🔶COVID-19 UPDATE🔶 Today we are reporting 1192 new cases, 221,205 total & 4 new deaths for a statewide total of 14,4…
Retweeted by New JerseyDOWNLOAD Covid Alert NJ, our exposure notification app. The more phones that have the app, the better we can fight…
Retweeted by New JerseyDid you know that New Jersey has more historic railroad stations than any other state? 🚉
Retweeted by New JerseyYesterday I saw two boomers fighting over the free air pump in the parking lot at @Wawa - NJ is beautiful this time of year @NJGov
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.@NJGov Jerz farm fresh
Retweeted by New Jerseyshout out to the guy on the parkway opening a sinatra CD with his mouth while driving, thrilled to have seen it!
Retweeted by New JerseyGod bless the great state of @NJGov
Retweeted by New Jerseyis bruce springsteen’s “santa clause is comin to town” the best version or am i just from new jersey?
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New Jersey’s new state flag
Retweeted by New JerseyAsking for recs for @NJGov local bookstores I can support & order from online?
Retweeted by New JerseyWouldn't wanna be anywhere else @NJGov
Retweeted by New Jersey @EliManning 👀As we begin the Hindu festival of #Navratri, Tammy and I wish all those celebrating in New Jersey and around the wo…
Retweeted by New JerseyMornin’
Retweeted by New Jersey @NJGov Wear a mask, you must. #njhealth #covid19 #lifesaversfanart
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Playing this game with the kids I babysit and all I have to say is, if you are from New Jersey... these words do no…
Retweeted by New JerseyNew Jersey Bagels just hit different @NJGov
Retweeted by New Jersey#NationalBossDay holy trinity.
Retweeted by New JerseyThe only boss we recognize #NationalBossDay
Retweeted by New Jersey @NJGov sure looks pretty this time of year 🥰
Retweeted by New JerseyThe most inspiring moments of life often happen while most others are sleeping. #Sunrise #beinspired
Retweeted by New Jerseywell, would you look at the time... 12 11 ^ 1 10 | 2 9 ⊙-…
BREAKING news from @GovMurphy: In cooperation with our utility companies, all water, gas, and electric utility serv…
Retweeted by New Jerseysuspect 🧐 did it first 😎
Retweeted by New Jersey🚨LAST CALL, JERSEY🚨   Today is the LAST DAY to fill out the #2020Census: 💻Online: ☎️By Phon…🔘COVID-19 UPDATE🔘Today we are reporting 973 new cases, 216,994 total and 6 new deaths for a statewide total of 14,4…
Retweeted by New JerseyNEW: I’m signing an Exec Order EXTENDING the moratorium on utility shutoffs: ☑️No household may have its electricit…
Retweeted by New JerseySMH. @NJGov really got me unfriending, blocking & relinquishing parental and auntie rights over the Newark pronunciation. 😩😩😩
Retweeted by New JerseyNJ: choose your own adventure @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyThis for you @NJGov
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The sun sets directly through the 9/11 Empty Sky Memorial in Liberty State Park for the last time this week until i…
Retweeted by New JerseyUuuuuhhhh I live here #capemay
Retweeted by New Jersey @NJGov suh-CAW-cuss vs SEA-caw-cuss
Retweeted by New JerseyNEW: We just launched Get Covered New Jersey, our state-based health insurance marketplace to help residents: ☑️Bro…
Retweeted by New Jerseywho did this @NJGov what do you think of my favorite mug? 🥰
Retweeted by New JerseyLocal Central New Jersey deer attitude. @NJGov #VOTE #WearAMask
Retweeted by New JerseyBOOM! Over 400,000 New Jerseyans have registered to vote or updated their registration using our new online voter r…
Retweeted by New Jersey// REMINDER 👇🏻 @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyNEW JERSEY: You have 3 hours left to REGISTER to vote before the November Election 🗳️
Rainbow spotted on Rt. 57 in scenic Warren County #myNJ @NJGov 🌈
Retweeted by New JerseyNew Jersey is bringing its A Game today. Of course, NJ only has an A Game. So, I should be saying NJ is just being…
Retweeted by New Jersey🗳️ u were here
Retweeted by New JerseyCan you find your town? Great @njgov bday present from @justjerseygoods
Retweeted by New Jersey @NJGov 📱🦅
Retweeted by New Jersey#springsteen 👀
Retweeted by New JerseyMF’s be like Connecticut pizza this, New York pizza that and I’m like y’all are weak af come through to my mom’s ho…
Retweeted by New JerseyNEW JERSEY: Today is the LAST DAY to register to vote before the November Election 🗳️ in NJ !! @NJGov
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New cover photo. 😍 Sussex County, NJ @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyTOMORROW = the LAST DAY to register to vote 🗳️ @DannyDeVito ❄️FORECAST: Windy, rainy conditions are expected today through tomorrow, which may cause power outages. Be prepared:…
Retweeted by New JerseyBearfort Ridge in Abram S. Hewitt State Forest
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The most delicious window in Monmouth County. #local @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyIs it just me or do folks from NJ use exit numbers instead of road names for directions more than the rest of us? Are you....
Retweeted by New JerseyBarns of #SussexCounty #NewJersey @NJGov #VisitNJ @Visit_NJ
Retweeted by New Jerseyshoutout to all the jersey girls #DayoftheGirlyou good
Is this the earliest insult of New Jersey (from the 1871 Congressional Record)? Clearly other states have always be…
Retweeted by New Jersey @NJGov NJ>>>>>>>any other state.
Retweeted by New JerseyIn New Jersey we don't say "it's freezing" when we step outside, we say "oh nahhhh" and I think that's beautiful
Retweeted by New Jersey @JasonSterlacci ❤️ @AlexisLovesMe do I stop saying “I’m from NJ” or is that forever? @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyIts a Jersey thing @NJGov
Retweeted by New JerseyYou can take the boy from @NJGov but you can’t take the bagel from the boy… Homemade NJ-style wholewheat everythin…
Retweeted by New JerseyJust THREE DAYS left to register to vote in New Jersey.   📱Visit 🗳️Register online 🗣️Make y…
Retweeted by New JerseyOn #WorldMentalHealthDay, remember: it’s ok not to be ok. You are not alone. For resources, visit:… at the lighthouse @NJGov
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Did you register yet? 4 more days left. 👉🏾
Retweeted by New JerseyAn early October weekday afternoon is definitely the best time to come for a sausage and peppers with red sauce.…
Retweeted by New Jersey part of this series! The journey continues in the States, this time featuring the Jersey Devil and a glimpse…
Retweeted by New Jersey @ZacWassink @NJGov @ObagelFamily My Jersey folks, can I get some recommendations for great bagel shops?
Retweeted by New JerseyAre your tenants struggling to pay rent? @njhousing will reimburse you for missed or partial rent payments from Apr…
Retweeted by New JerseyReminder: @NJGov bagels > NY bagels. The word of the Lord Thanks for the shipment @ObagelFamily from #Hoboken!
Retweeted by New JerseyBeing from New Jersey absolutely is a personality
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