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Full stack developer. Stack used: Django + PostreSQL + GraphQL + Apollo + NuxtJS #100DaysOfCode #javascript #vuejs #nuxtjs #python3 #django

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2⃣ Second project was a platform for video processing of football records. It was a very interesting project. It wa…[01/100] #100daysofcode #upwork I started working on the UpWork platform. Below I'll tell you about my first two s…
Top Online Games To Learn Coding *CodeCombat - @CodeCombat *CodinGame - @CodinGame *CheckiO - @PlayCheckiO *Codem…
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy⭐️ Not everyone will like you ⭐️Find you niche ⭐️Maintain a valuable content! ⭐️Be you ⭐️Suround yourself with li…
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy @chijindu_julian @100xcode Good job
Day-010 #100DaysOfCode Today I am finishing development of the 0.4 version of the service for integrating #Notion spend 8 minutes on something that needs to be done manually if you can spend 8 hours automating it 😂 #programmer #programming #life
Translated the instructions in English for using my service for integrating #Notion with the Gantt chart. Below I a…
Day-009 #100DaysOfCode Hi, I'm back in the challenge again. Today I ran into a problem that #nuxtjs crash if there…
@mikerusby @motivational071 @aniribe @dasjideepak @tnickatnite23 @clanofredfern @EnockKasaadha @NNakhero @Nancybliss20 @ellie_html What? 😱Tip: @ChromeDevTools has a CSS Animations inspector! Modify timing, delays, durations and more.
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy @moderndotweb Yes, it was very interesting to learn programming like this =) after 11 years, I decided to remember it 👍
#gamedev #100DaysOfCode I haven't developed a game in 7 years, and here's the first result: started programming learning by developing games on GameMaker Studio and spent 4 years developing mini games on It #gamedev #100DaysOfCodeI last worked with Unity 4 years ago, and for Vlad this is a big new experience in learning programming I will con… #100DaysOfCode Now my basic focus is backend for web-apps in #python #django #graphql, but on weekends i c…
Is there anyone who works with Graphql + Django? What do you use for integration? I have tested the hasura-engine,… #100DaysOfCode More #python Hello to you, today i want to rewrite the translation system with Russian in… 20 of #100DaysOfCode. It's satisfying to realise I'm on track with my goals. Today I only read docs to Gatsby a…
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Today wrote 200 lines of Python, generate 100 lines of GraphQL, optimization 7 page own my website for SEO… @NaveenS16 I agree, but there are situations when GraphQL does not do what you can on RestAPII can't get used to posting tweets every day, sorry Day-006 #100DaysOfCode Today hard day... 1. I made up tasks SE…
Webinar Recording: "Advanced Debugging in PyCharm" with @lisa_shashkova and @minus_void
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As architect your role is to understand the benefits and trade-offs of different architectural styles and the impli…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyMy predictions for 2020 is that these are the things that gonna make lot of noise. ✔ #Serverless ✔ #Podcasts ✔…
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Very useful link little bit about why i am wrapping project in Docker I am developing it on Windows 10, but the production server… Saturday, I did not make a report, because was a day off 🥱 Day-005 #100DaysOfCode Today I will wrap a large cli… @acroynon Thanks for the advice, I'll take it into account 👍 @3mro_osman @codedailybot I left the Rest API half a year ago. I believe that GraphQL is more convenient and faster to develop
@sam_does_code Yes, the value can be empty. If the function attributes "ad" and "profile" are not empty, it fills t…
@Jaysivahf @_100DaysOfCode I have been developing apps and websites for 11 years. I learn by practice and sometimes… or Rest API? What is better? #GraphQL #RestAPI #100DaysOfCode @moderndotweb Thx 👍 I will try to work well and write interesting content 🤠The second day I forgot to write a post Yesterday I completed development of generation a form for adding an ad fo…
Refactoring code is mandatory, but if there are no unit tests in the project, it's hell... #100DaysOfCode #Python3’s okay to admit when you don’t know something. One of the most important skills in software is being able to fin…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyDay-001 #100DaysOfFitness 1. I started watching my body and doing sport 2. Trained for 20 minutesForgot to write about yesterday work: 1. Completed development of the chat Day-003 #100DaysOfCode - start day Goal…
How to get the index of a character in Python String #Developer #coding #python #codeexamples #100DaysOfCode
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyDrag it, scale it, warp it, pinch it, group it, rotate it, snap it! 🤩 Vue Moveable is a kick-ass component for elem…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyIt turns out it is hard to developing a chats or messengers #100DaysOfCodeDay-002 #100DaysOfCode - start day 14:10 - I woke up as hour ago Goals by the end of the day: 1. Release chat on d… up an online store with Flask and Vue #Frontend #Javascript #React #angular #Vue #Design #Css #HTML
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyNetflix's Holiday Programming Starts Today! See the Full List, Including a Sabrina Special
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after work, you can play Board games #100DaysOfCode - Report for day 1. Completed the development of the main page of my own website 2. I develo… half of the day was over, and i did nothing for the task. Bad start day 🙄 #100DaysOfCodeDay 2 of #100DaysOfCode Learnt how to use update in Mutations to reflect new data in Queries. Learnt ApolloServer…
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy @NobuyukiTono @100xcode What project are you developing?“Web development is easy right?” #100DaysOfCode #BlackTechTwitter #LatinxTechTwitter #webdeveloper
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyDay-001 #100DaysOfCode My goals for the day: 1. Finish developing my own website 2. Start studying GraphQL Hasura… @Zed_Blockchain thx 😁
I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me! #100DaysOfCodeEasiest #javascript Framework / Library for beginners? 🤔 Comment for other #vuejs #frontend #webdeveloper
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyThe path from newbie to coder may not be easy, but it is simple: * Pick a language * Learn the basics with tutori…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyNotion is just spicy Excel
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy10 Important Git Commands that Every Developer Should Know #Javascript #FullStackDevJS #Coding #FullStack
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All of the expertise on code readability you will ever need: 1. Can YOU read it? 2. Can YOUR COWORKERS read it? 3.…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyWhatta day!
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyThis incredible demonstration of #MachineLearning, #ai #DeepLearning gets us very excited for the future!…
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy @kauresss @_100DaysOfCode numArray1 = [1,2,3,4];I am learning English and trying to write a blog in it. If I write something wrong, please correct it #learningenglish #learn"Notion" is the unique app. I use it for tasks, business, to manage team and finance. But it lacked color scale for…
#DataScience #Python Automation for Network Engineers (Python 3.8) : #ITSoftware
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyMy order from @kvlly came today!!
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Yesterday published the news with header "Python 2 has been retired". Python is dead. Long live Python! #PythonToday was a hard day. All day developed a chat for communication of users and owners of apartments for the real est… that when you type “man” into your terminal, you get things explained to you Really makes u think 🤔🤔🤔
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And this is my stack for basic web applications: Data: Apollo + GraphQL Server: Django Building: Webpack Rendering… you like anything you've made more than three months ago, you're not a true artist
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyЕсли вы пишите много CSS, вы делаете компоненты не правильноGiven one in five people have vision impairment, do you think it’d be reasonable for Google to use a perceived acce…
Retweeted by Nikita KrulikovskiyOh the irony of having a dog you name Sudo who doesn’t listen to you
Retweeted by Nikita Krulikovskiy @hakimel Thank you, great service, I'll start using it today 👍Наконец-то вышел Microsoft Edge на движке Chromium с новым дизайном, и у фронтов будет меньше проблем с кроссбраузе…При попытке настроить ФИАС столкнулся с проблемой что ни одна ссылка на скачивание базы с их документации не работа…
Жиза 😁
Developers prefer dark mode because light attracts bugs.
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