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@JERMAlNE internet genius @KnownAsLit @Froste q with me @KnownAsLit @Froste @KnownAsLit @Froste shit look like stewies old setup lol @Ultra15151 @Yuhuuur @Froste how do i do it @Ultra15151 @Yuhuuur @Froste banger @Ultra15151 @Yuhuuur @Froste got a girls number at whole foods call that shit organic chemistry
@zyfaFN Greatest impression farm of all time @snirot what rank @slamongfIobo get on @may_wedda i am but im not a cracker im street @may_wedda LOL why are u calling me a cracker @may_wedda ok? @nodopameme @TheBroJordan @Huntrelol @OhSnaz the tiktok girl u just tweeted @OhSnaz stole @Webster1x 's flow @OhSnaz i saw it @frostyZK has a great brand for any org and is a better player someone pick him up
@mockmebitch @TheBroJordan @mockmebitch jordans bored👀👀👀 @TommyThroatEm u only been making good tiktoks @snirot @brenmonet lets go snirot
@Horrify football @Horrify you game every day what difference does it make @el_budget @TheBroJordan @torweee 👀👀🗣👨🏽‍🦽Preview for @nmgreen57 🤩 hq:
Retweeted by nmgreen☘️ @Webster1x @OhSnaz @skyafk drop a few tier 3s @aydc12 That brother starving @longneckedbeck Rip @fnstrep here before deleted @Huntrelol this took flight @Yuhuuur @Leo__ffs LOL @LazasBautista @StevenACohen2 no shot @zayt @longneckedbeck dont worry, ill handle this.
@Dubsfn thanks for your professional opinion dubs i will now be betting $10,000 on mike tyson 👍 @JERICHO @Huntrelol @joshttd WHAT LOL NO CHANCE U CAN EAT ALL THAT @Webster1x @shortBlasian righhht @andrewFN_ wait for it to load
@scobesx @TommyThroatEm mf thinks hes nate hill or something @Huntrelol DUDE JORDANS DAD SENT ME A VIDEO OF HIM PULLING UP TO THE THANKSGIVING FUNCTION LOOL @slamongfIobo @jcxshort @Gavpai is that a yes @slamongfIobo @jcxshort @Gavpai ok geton @slamongfIobo @jcxshort @Gavpai val @jcxshort @Gavpai @slamongfIobo is going crazy here @Lxdesman4 felt @TommyThroatEm @Gavpai @Huntrelol my ass borderline too fat @Gavpai @Huntrelol POV: hunter looking at 1,200 restaurant menus all at once @Huntrelol noti @emijuju_ @TheBroJordan you are gross, get help. @White16rhino @OhSnaz @? @frostyZK 🤢 @frostyZK she got peas in her pasta and thats what u noticed @imjaoc @HENTAlGUTS LOOOOOOL
@bhronosFN this reply is good ngl @Ultra15151 @snirot that shit bussin 🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦽🤩 @snirot @Ultra15151 how do u know @PAscrum @miladdyyy @koordell LOL some dario shit @TheBroJordan @Ultra15151 @snirot hes 14 @TheBroJordan @dariogoat @slamongfIobo @PlayVALORANT banger @zyfaFN 2 impression farms tonight 🗣🔥🤣 @zyfaFN g7d only valid answer @Connoreo_ mfs on the list seeing this tweet :😡 @Stretched @longneckedbeck wtf @Webster1x plat 1? @snirot @902Creed thugger wilding @liImorg @slamongfIobo @Ultra15151 @liImorg @slamongfIobo so hes in a game rn? must be playing jett if hes dashing @slamongfIobo get on @Ultra15151 @longneckedbeck stop @longneckedbeck im not adam sandler @Ultra15151 @Huntrelol @Gavpai this has to be sarcasm @Ultra15151 @Huntrelol @Gavpai i dont get it @Webster1x we can do it for $100 @Webster1x its on valorant or cs?? @Webster1x nah come on man lets do it @Huntrelol @Gavpai looking for game? why do u guys keep saying this @Webster1x hello?? @Webster1x lol cool man ill get a middle man do u actually have $500 @Webster1x $500 locked on fort cs or valorant u choose @Webster1x ok middle man it @Webster1x mfs really get placed in gold @Webster1x gold @mooseqt take a break till next season
@middifn LETS FUCKING GOOOO @peesh gn man dms always open @frostyZK u should go for height if u have 4 maybe send 1 into zone with one @slamongfIobo mf playing at the major @tillfn_ did u not have 2fa on gmail? @peesh thats not a dub @NahvGOD @SnoodFN aint that right @SnoodFN @NahvGOD @SnoodFN nah hes about to play val with us @LyarOW @dariogoat get off tiktok bro @bhronosFN I honestly dont really care but shit just rubs me the wrong way that a grown ass man is online beefing with a 15 year old @bhronosFN you think he would've learned that once people cover this HE will be the one getting hate lmao fucking idiot @jinFNBR absolute weirdo @fawadsayss @jinFNBR @SypherPK telling a 15/16 year old to grow up cringe