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Crafts, animals, foods, and art is what I love! I also make, and if you’d like to see it’s @Sberryslothcake !

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@NASTYGRIFF -hugs you tight-8m8 @enenkay He’s come such a long way from his messy furniture in pocket camp!! I’m proud of him it’s adorable!! @Pomsrambles o0o ooohhhhhhh @enenkay This is Marshall’s room??? @Pomsrambles Yeah that’s true huh? Honestly I though that was like his grand kid until I saw that uhhhh episode the… @umiworkshop Is the coffee good?So now added to my list of things I know how to do, removing stitches. It’s simple but never thought I’d have to.All together now - bloom in blue
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Pomsrambles SHE IS?! tho, Tank's a total bro
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Today is my 30th birthday so I’m having a big sale! 🥰 Use the code “BIG30” to get 30% off orders $20 and up at…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Ruu & Walter update! Check out the latest page: You can read from the start of the chapter…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀キバダンです! It's about the ✨YEARNING✨
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Nriya_egg I’ve died from the cute....Fanart de Zelda BotW ✨ ¡Hacia mucho que no dibujaba una ilustración con fondo! Me lo he pasado pipa con esta.
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀hey everyone im claire im in the BA test kitchen and today im making gourmet... pop rocks!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Krooked_Glasses I don’t feel it would be cleanprincely peach #peachlookbook
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀The hobo kitty I’ve been feeding now is at social distancing distance. I ran out of wet food to give but I still ha… @drunkenfix 🤣 @milkykau I love them!!! cyber gladiator stuff 🤖
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀the smell of clay, coffee and a burning fire #ACNH
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it looks like i'm forcing him to clean im fffdgfdhfgfjfkg
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Spalooncooties I have a bowser icon as well @tomatomagica Never seen or heard of her either and I played wild world and new leaf ALOT I wonder where she was hidingPoor thing - working at a retro diner is tough when you keep tripping in the roller skates She’ll cheer up soon, j…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Axoladeee 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖He doesn't know anything about the world.... he just has feet....
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @CryptidEyez They sell greenies for cats with a hair ball formula. It helped my cat stop throwing up food with hair… was bored.
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Human animal crossing villagers ^^
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀My old paintings. I was in a slump when I drew this, but this process has helped me build my beliefs and style :)
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @rabbit_007 I love them basement
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀you can only binge one food show on your island wyd???
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Our first feature artist/tutorial for today is this EXCELLENT set of notes on drawing CAPES by the super-generous…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀It’s time for you to lipsync for your life!
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @taki_bert Bless this ending 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank you for thisadded a kimchi stew recipe on my ig stories!
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀:o!!! wow!
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @drunkenfix He got a new boyfriend✖️ #VampSabbath update! Read from the beginning in @tapas_app
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @hobotaximan I really appreciate the ko-fi💜 here’s your oc Manny w/ my oc Chloe!!
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀when the self care and crafting and cooking ISNT curing your anxiety
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀ladybug march! 🐞✨
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀The pup broke my crafting table, I used it to cut all my sewing stuff and paint on
🍄 #DrawThisInYourStyle 🍄 At the request in my stories at IG, let's do this challenge ✨Mention me and use the hash…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE! 03/27/20: CH11 • P14 --------------------- ---------------------…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Isn’t there any comedians that don’t have to talk about dicks and vagos and fuckin to seem funny?? It’s really fuck… wanted to draw Ms. Fortune as an Animal Crossing character and then thought of this. #Skullgirls #ACNH
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Miss Moocher can be as sweet as a Moll, or as menacing as the Mafia ♥️♠️♦️♣️
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Sailor Moon Café ✨
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀all your favourite friends are here! the phone is ringing, it’s the New Horizons bunch ✨ 🌴 #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @scrotumnose You make stuff look waaaay prettier than some of the chefs I’ve seen at work😱💖💖 @Pomsrambles @Iuciela She is one, it’s the only way I understand.I’m going give $3,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 72 hours (must be following me so I can…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀new page #hiveworks
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀We’ve been getting sores on our ears from continually wearing a mask - this is such a useful tip!
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @cptHamburger Thank you💜🌙cake themed sailor moon 🍰 #SailorMoon #fanart
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @Secondlina’s the pfp in its entirety! Featuring miss Honey Hart! A #showdownbanditoc ! She works as a candy maker 🍭😉
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀still working on the gijinka part of this drawing but I like how this lil merengue turned out... #acnh
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @miss_marchie ADORABLE!!!!💖💖💖 @_mechinaries I love this a lot and would share this with my momsingle mom is forced to go on an Adventure to rescue her hero son.... turns out she's actually pretty good at being…
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀When you work from home and your manager wants a word with you
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀I asked my bf what animal I'd be if I were in Animal Crossing and he said an otter... with a green hat! So this is…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀Baby Blathers and Celeste On the wiki his bug phobia originated from an incident with the mantis egg sac. I don't b…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @soju_bat @cptHamburger WHATS THEIR NAME I LOVE THEM!! @Axoladeee me the C L O W N #arms
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @my2k @serglesinner He just randomly flashing people in dire situations 🤣Raymond👓
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @rabbit_007 She would prepare a good feast for your funeral🔪 💖 hehe I’m glad you like her😊💖세일러문 코디 실사판이라는데 느낌 너무 좋다 ㅋㅋ 작가님도 작화진도 모두 천재패션맨들이야 ㅋㅋ 저런 느낌으로 소화는 안되겠지만 색깔은 좀 따라할만한게 많다 ㅋㅋ
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀If you like gals with retro aesthetics and nicotine addictions, I’ve got you covered All of these are from discord!
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀two girlfriends having a tea party 💖
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀(RTs 💖!) Back in stock, baybeeee!!! Available in S-3XL unisex 🍦 For your friend who lacks self preservation (or ma…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀i haven't thought about jerky in a while and i'm glad it's here for me in this time of need
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀wish I could live among fairies
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀A Pandora for @tsulala ~ I tried recording me drawing this but my phone stopped recording near the end and it won't…
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@RoboCatRC Me too I’m scared! Also this is amazing!!!Why doesn't it work?... P.S. I'm waiting for the last SU episodes... I still hope everything will end up well...…
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀i miss the old days (madmax_fluffyroad IG)
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @rabbit_007 Ummmmn I totally LOVE HER DESIGN!!!😍😍😍Might as well start this account off right with a little artwork! Featuring a gal named Muffy the Moocher!
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Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @miss_marchie She really issss💖💖💖💖🍰☀️🐈🌱
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀remember to always cradle your himbo gently
Retweeted by 🦥🍄nnathersk🐱🍀 @cocoshonen @ianjq @cartoonnetwork @itsmeMIKIB Dang he was good for so long he’s lived long enough to become the villain.....😭