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@tomxe1 The way she smiled and stared at you. 🥰😊Pree this beauty 😍👑 40-46 each. 35000 Worldwide Shipping 🌎✈️ Nationwide Shipping 🇳🇬🚚 Please RT
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @funanyachukwu Wherever she brings it from, let her bring it.Open marriage is so strange but you understand polygamy. 🤡
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @funanyachukwu AnyoneChildren from incest can: •Be born disabled •Be born with low IQ •Be born with heart problems •Be born with slow de…
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @NNE_AMAKAA I tell you.
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @MzSucre19 Funny thing be say dem no know and dem no get anybody to tell them.This one’s confused. @officialnairam1 @emmanueligwekin Exactly what I’m doing baby.Hips >>>>>> @funanyachukwu Ask them to bring the snail for Alaba side.- “Only poor men complain about women’s love for money” - Prophet reveals.
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @NNE_AMAKAA Awww 🥰 That’s sweet. I will put you in my prayers
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @chamberlinokoro 😊🙏
But Will isn’t complaining na. 🤷‍♀️Watch the full video of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Red Table Talk about August Alsina
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️Emergency #AMTurnUpFriday @djkaywise mapami na 😩 #AMTurnUpFriday @Akinbills 😂 @Akinbills Shebi you have round neck, go to ikorodu and snap na.I’ll only vote for the DJ that plays my president’s song. ☺️ #AMTurnUpFriday @Akinbills Go Ikorodu go snap.These DJs didn’t come ready. @SamuelPresh You’re not alone.Just come and take all my money 😩 @iamMrDray Sent. @djkaywise take all my 😩 #AMTurnUpFriday @iamMrDray Yomi please. 😩 @AyoolaTuga Come here 🤗 @iamMrDray Okay dear. @AyoolaTuga I won’t, trust me. 😂 @AyoolaTuga Good, thank you. 😊 @iamMrDray You’ve money, stop lying.I’m ready for @djkaywise tonight. @iamMrDray What happened to you ordering for your friends? @nessa_solace 🙈 @AyoolaTuga I’m fine baby and you? 😂 @officialsunnexy 😂😂😂 @AyoolaTuga 😂😂😂 Awww baby, call me ‘mine’. 🥰 @AyoolaTuga Hello Ayo. 👋I’m always bookmarking tweets of men’s wears so I’d buy them when I’ve a man. 😌 @officialsunnexy 😂 @officialsunnexy I just sent mine, thank you. @Its_Quiincy Yes dear. ☺️ @_DannyDre Lucky you. @Its_Quiincy Sorry 😞Did you receive credit alert today? @abdulwahab_234 Who are you asking? @Akinbills Abegy! 😂 @Akinbills I’ve a man, and it’s not you. @Akinbills Call your woman, don’t tell us.Our leaders will oppress us, police will oppress us even army will oppress us.This country 🤦‍♀️ @funanyachukwu Okay, Okafor. @__Tennie__ Omo! I’m helping feel your pain. 😭 @paularnks I will, thanks. 🙏 @ThisNneka 😂😭😂😭 @King_Blacq See ehn! You can’t even use ‘I’m coming’ to make him clean up. Rather, you’d come and clean it, come ne… Marley has acquired another house in Lekki
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️I know someone that will never clean, if you come the next weekend, you’ll still meet everything as he left it. @MzSucre19 Amen! 🙏To start or not to start? Direct me Lord. 😇🙏Yemi Alade is the number 1 female artiste in Africa ! No 🧢
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Dear Lord, ✍️Please I need a camera , please retweet. Anon on your timeline fit help me 😩
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️My name is Favour Oluma A student of federal university of technology minna I upcyle used tyres to household furn…
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️PSA: If you ever asked for this fit, you can DM me now. I'm restocked on the fabric 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Price: #13, 000 Kindly R…
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @a_dejokee 😂😂😂. Superstory 😂 @a_dejokee Yes! They never tell the whole story. 😂 @a_dejokee 😂😂😂😂Hello people, we’re taking orders for tomorrow ☺️☺️ Kindly go through our media and select one or two or more items. Thank you 🙏
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @stanloboy Hasn’t reduced here. 😞 @stanloboy Yes 😩A librarian makes 55k??????? Bitch
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️But Librarians in my country can’t get a job. Shey I’ll not relocate like this. 😭 @Thomasbone317 @JustKeep_sMILEN Libraries offer more services than people give them credit for. That's why they're still so popular.
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️Rain please 😩 @Phareswears Got tired ke? 😩
@chamberlinokoro 🚶‍♀️For people that think covid is not in Nigeria-
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @chamberlinokoro Stay blocked 🙄🚶‍♀️How can you not like avocado? @Hamza_Mahmud_ Wahala no dey. 😂 @Hamza_Mahmud_ I’ll continue eating it. 😋 @Phareswears That means it didn’t rain much here. Cos the videos I’m seeing ehn.The videos of flooded streets on the TL, when did it rain this much? @ms_tifeee Go away 😂 @NNE_AMAKAA Amennnnnnnnn 😂😂
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️ @ms_tifeee Please don’t konk me. I want to miss man like you. 😩 @hand2ome God no go shame us 😩God when will I miss man like this? 😩 @__Tennie__ No like us short people. 😞 @__Tennie__ Wow! Pictures make you look 5’7. @hand2ome Mazi you do this too? 😩 @__Tennie__ You’re 5’11?🤗🤗🤗 @JustKelechi #FireboyDML #ToyinAbraham #Vbank #Diane #WcwTacha #NYSC please ask me questions 🤗🤗 ... Night pla…
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️Y’all charge for AccessBank to AccessBank transfer? @myaccessbank @accessbank_helpThis is Ariaria international Market in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. And there have been governors there.!!!
Retweeted by MALEFICENT☠️A friend of mine just got shot at by police men along Sunny Vale junction @PoliceNG @segalink
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