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@xQc WELCOME BACK @BigPuffer 📈📈📈 @Swagg Huge W 👏🏼Why does League of Legends make better music than 90% of real music artists? K/DA ACTUALLY SLAPS. @TheSmithPlays hbd you are one year closer to dirt congrats @AlexAce Ayo HMU.....I love you guys. 16 hour stream was incredible. Shout out to the homies keeping me company the whole time! 💖
I PULLED A HOLO CHARIZARD OH MY GOD!!!! I am now live for the next 16 HOURS! On the agenda: 1st: Unboxing the Xbox Series X 2nd: Opening up 3 boxes… @MrRoflWaffles I liked it except for the guest. Honestly had pretty bad opinions tbh. :/
CHAT! Today is a dream come true for us both. I get to work with @cocacola for the first time ever to bring you g… really gotta stop carrying zombies games. revealed the secrets about the Easter Egg spreadsheets on The Courage & Nadeshot Show. Treyarch is coming for me…
@JoeBoo26 If you are a channel member you get it a day early... So 11/5 for the real ones. 🤫So much insane content coming up. 29th: Finale of Cold War Teasers 30th: 16 hour stream of my first time playing M… @TheSmithPlays what time are we recording tomorrow again?THE ENDING OF THE TEASERS. WILL IT BE ZOMBIES OR WARZONE OR SOMETHING ELSE? @KarlJacobs_ ok :) @Treyarch ayo yall got easter eggs?Who's idea was it to give me an Xbox Series X this early? is the worst season of the year and it’s not even close. I can’t stand cold weather. 😡 @MrBeastYT I JUST FINISHED MY RANKED GAME LETS PLAY
I'd like to formally announce my retirement from YouTube. This is too perfect to go on any farther. 😪 am LITERALLY a ninja. No wait, I'm a samurai. No wait wait, I'm just cosplaying myself in real life. Come watc… you're reading this: I love you. 😍
COSMIC SILVERBACK GORILLA TIME. LITERALLY NOT LOSING A GAME. #CODMobile_PartnerZombies? @JERICHO Poker might be the worst game ever invented. @JERICHO I hate poker.
@OMGitsAliA 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 @NoEyebrowsNoahJ @GoogleStadia why are you like this LOLI am literally a god. Not just in looks of course, but the video game. Going live with #ImmortalsFenyxRising on… you’re reading this: Go to bed. Now.
Today, we play a scary version of TranZit... BUT, we also play an even scarier game... THE WALKING DEAD on the … @NoEyebrowsNoahJ Soon.™
I have spent way too much $$$ in the past week.... Not pictured: The full set of golf clubs on order that goes in… 3 years of not putting out any apparel... I have worked so so so so hard to create a new brand for my line n…
@CallofDuty I know which house I’m going to for Halloween... has 3 new & exclusive demos for Immortals Fenyx Rising, Humankind and Pac Man... That can all be played for… need everyone to reply to this. YouTube Channels: NoahJ456 - Gaming & Streams NoahJAFK - Reactions More NoahJ -…
@Zedd @xQc Would love to have you in for the next one Mr. Zedd :) @xQc Big fan, glad to finally meet you dude ❤Playing Der Eisendrache with @xQc @xQc Wanna get an Easter Egg attempt in? @CouRageJD THE GOAT. LOVE YOU BRO!
@BasicallyIDoWrk We ride together brother. Twitch streamers finally have to worry about playing unlicensed music on stream is hilarious. Welcome to… are checking out the brand new mode in Warzone! Not only that, but we have a special stream with @hyundai today…
@Twitch @DrLupo Lupo can I wear your skin and be you tomorrow? Okay thanks.I am literally the Warden of Alcatraz. #CODMobile_Partner voting today and the Austin Texas polls are absolutely POPPIN. Love to see it. @DaithiDeNogla Love this and love you Nogla! @Nadeshot Dude, same. Still waiting for the MHA movie as well because I missed the theater launch. :(
We only have the best Halloween decorations. @LeonhartYT Thank you man!! Really been enjoying your content over the years! @Xotic ❤️❤️❤️ @hitchariide Thank you bro bro!! @StoneMountain64 Hope to see you again soon man! Keep killing it! @TmarTn Thank you brotha!!! 🥳 @DaDSHoT Thank you Mr. DadShot!! @LEGIQN LMFAO only big facts spotted in this tweet. Love you bro @TypicalGamer I accept League carries as presents FYI 👉🏼👈🏼🥺 @JTGily Slowly but surely grinding it up 😊🤘🏼 @Pamaj Ily Pamalam ❤️ @Valkyrae TY RAE KEEP IT UP GIRL WE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU 🥳🥂 @SmartGuy316 @CouRageJD Only half as handsome as you big sexy. 🥵 @timthetatman Do you have any pointers for getting older or does it always cut this deep? 🥺 @NickEh30 Thank you Nick!! Hope to see you again sooner rather than later! 😄 @Swagg Cheers man, much love! 🍻😊 @FaZeBlaze This tweet made me smile. Thank you so much bro, you all keep killing it over there! 💪🏼 @Preston Stahhhhhp 🥺 @BigPuffer Tank yew poofer @Attach Thank you big boss! 😊 @lisadunlop87 Thank you so much!! 🥳 @100Thieves Best team around. Thanks for believing in me. 💯 @samararedway Thanks Samara!! Miss y’all both 🥺 @Nadeshot Thank you my Dan 🥳 @BritanniJohnson Thanks Britanni!!! 😊 @asianboy0122 Bro...... @charlieINTEL Thank you so much Charles Intelligence. 🥳 @MrRoflWaffles This picture will never NOT make me laugh. 🤣 Thank you man. @LonelyMailbox Thank you man, hope to see you again soon ❤️ @JCbackfire Imma hold you to it come back soon. 🥺 @_chucky Thank you brother 🙏🏼
@The_Donnn @NoahJAFK @NoahExperiment All my homies hate NoahJAFK @BasicallyIDoWrk Love ya Marcel! @mcsportzhawk We are the dusty grandpas of the zombies community. 👴 @ReturnOfAzura Glad you’re back buddy. ❤️ @I_AM_WILDCAT We are old as dirt. @ItsTomographic Thanks bro!!! @Vikkstar123 Let’s run it up bro bro. 🍻 @Avalanche100T Can’t wait till the world lets us be together once again. 🥺 @TheSmithPlays THESE WORDS MAKE ME SMILE THANK YOU MR PATRICE 😘 @Dysmo Cheer brotha!! 🍻 @MrDalekJD THANK YOU MISTAH DALEK JAY DEE 🥰 @Chaosxsilencer Thanks Jimmy 😊 @TheCh0pper Love ya choooopah ❤️ @timhansenYT Thank you Timothy 💕 @MrTLexify hahahahHahahAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I am old