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thursday monthly on @ntslive 4th sunday of every month on @bbcasiannetwork i draw too ✍🏾 💌

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@Padraigh_ i srsly wanna get a show on 6 music lol it's time for change!!this is beautiful. the power of people coming together like this makes me so so happy. @RoryBowens igniting all the senses!!🥇🎸🥇 (i'm on my 4th listen i love this show) @kim_anh ugh i'm so sorry. seems like the social currency in which these companies operate w is really being exposed
@RussellELButler OF COURSE U DID!!! yet another reminder of how talented u are and how they would be fucking lucky… @noanunoparty When Lisa yelled at me in the club about my critical email after getting dropped, I said one of my co…
Retweeted by anuThese folks minimized my work, gaslit me, and dropped me 2 weeks before a 2.5 month tour where they couldn’t get me…
Retweeted by anu @RussellELButler whatttt the fuck, i'm so sorry you had to go through that ❤️ she sounds horrible, but this treatme…'s also gross that they have black artists on their roster yet treat their staff like this. ugh ugh ugh.we have to get better at the long fight. that doesn't mean not celebrating triumphs along the way, but i'm embarras…
Retweeted by anu2 more posts about this.... 1st if you want to support Enyo, READ what she is asking for and don’t go about having…
Retweeted by anui really hope that artists who are with odd fantastic speak up about this. what enyo faced is pure racism. white… @dackdel urban dictionary @hyasynthe loooooooolme all month ppl truly are the biggest beg friend's of all time
don't be a dickhead paid in drink tokens for my DJ career, drink tokens for my professional career. I’m tired
Retweeted by anuMade this mix a while ago ahead of a Bandcamp day. Didn't get to share until the other day. It's special
Retweeted by anu @Bandcloud ohhhhhhhhh
Listened to the latest Asian Network Residency? 💥 @noanunoparty was joined by LA based multi-disciplinary artist…
Retweeted by anuit's so fun @docterre thank you 😊 yeah just scanning drawings and then editing on photoshop with a graphics tablet - so time consuming!!
2020 the best @ShyOneBeatsDid you think we were done?...😈😈 BACK ONCE AGAIN!! This one's for us. HOA011. Run it up.
Retweeted by anu @itsFAUZIA @yu_whoooo @West_Mineral @aryu_jassika same here 💪🏾 @UNIIQU3 <3 instant buy on everything u put out omg2 NEW RADIO SHOWS FOR U @bbcasiannetwork w @radhavis tracks from @laminfofana @joseph_kamaru more from @djswisha_ & @kush_jones_ q honestly the best and most consistent output ever this whole trilogy from @laminfofana is beautiful @1djhelix making dreams come tru @SOHOTNOTCRAZY hehe thank u ❤️ @aryu_jassika ohhhh maybe in the near future we can do a skill swap cause i think im getting the hang of the drawin… @aerielist 😘😘 @SOHOTNOTCRAZY i haven't forgotten about that trump comic it's comin soon it is a struggle to not play a @bored_lord track in every radio show realised that higher education n not feeling "good enough" really fucked me up lolALL CAPS BCOS THIS IS WILD BUT I'VE FINALLY BEEN ABLE TO AFFORD ILLUSTRATOR & STAYED UP ALL NIGHT LEARNING IT & I… i already got it but wld buy again @franlobomusic @cobysey @curlrecordings @eyedress @kush_jones_ @IceboyViolet @bapari_ @aerielist @UMFANG @akeemythedreamy can finally get this one from @RussellELButler :') @LoJamMusic @otobokebeaver @towhead_rec @Livity_Sound via @Bandcloud who always has the best recommendations @nickleon @ghostly @Gafacci @principediscos @analogtara @ApronRecords @djswisha_ @eldjflorentino @UNIIQU3 thnx for this @samb_rules ! @AngelHo_Studio @swakcatalog @aryu_jassika @patttten @Ayy_G @DISCWOMANNYC @fysicaltherapy @GAIKASAYS @N_A_A_F_Ihere's a thread of things on my wishlist 🙏🏾 @Surfbk7 @wwwildkid surf!! 💚💚💚 MORNING HAPPY @Bandcamp DAY!
So elated to unveil Physically Sick 3 with proceeds going to @EqualFlatbush a local brooklyn organization fighting…
Retweeted by anu @fishplums woaw thank you!!a v fun & silly show 🤪 thnnx for tuning in @wwwildkid thanks for tuning in!LETS SHRED IT OUT IN THE CHATROOM \m/ @Ted54186826 thank you for educating me on treesi gotta give it to this bot this is the best read ever i love reality tv @Ted54186826 @SquirrelClimb @garyyounge spoken like a true bot, turn urself off pls🎸 @NTSlive tomorrow 3 - 4pm mostly guitars artwork from my neighbour @akidinlondon & i’s new band, adults in sho…
Retweeted by anu @BAKEGLA @nicksneaky scotland it is!!!!! @northworksmusic @Bandcloud ok sure @garyyounge @noanunoparty luckily there seems to have been a sensible ending to this:
Retweeted by anu @SquirrelClimb @garyyounge amazing!!!!The man who bought and sold human beings for profit is put on a pedestal. The man who removes his likeness from tha…
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