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Noble @NobleGG Tampa, Florida

Multi-gaming esports organization • #StayNoble👑 • Sponsored by: @LogitechG @Twitch @OperaEvent

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If Kirby swallowed you, what power would he get? 🤔
Villa don't miss.👀 This week on Noble YouTube: watch @JesVillaArt draw Edel for Cinco de Mayo! 🔗… @RestVAL_ Fixed it for you.
It's #WallpaperWednesday! Check out this clean desktop wallpaper made by our graphics designer @kaivrv. Watch our… for her.🎨 @JesVillaArt @rizajpg villa dont miss villa dont miss villa dont miss villa dont miss villa dont miss villa dont miss villa dont… would like to wish you all a happy Cinco de Mayo! We hope you have a fun and festive day today. Remember to… morning to everyone except Jett mains.pee my pants so im always drippin 🗣️💯😳
Retweeted by Noble @zekkenVAL so true bestie
A Round 9 win on Asylum gives @NobleGG their first victory of the Phase! 🖥️ -
Retweeted by Noble @NobleGG @PrecisionVal Precision has had enough
Retweeted by Noble @GearsEsports @TheRiseNation LET'S GO! 👑.@NobleGG takes Training Grounds 5-3 vs @TheRiseNation! A win on map three Asylum would give Noble their first win…
Retweeted by NobleDon't listen to what the others tell you, join us and @PrecisionVal on the Dark Side. #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Today we say farewell to @menace_val and @janglerr. We'd like to thank both of them for everything they've contrib… @Apex177 🤞 @akPoodle *slams desk* @Igniteful_ a little tired but we stayin noble @MrEasyscape perfection ✅ @Igniteful_ sup 😎hiiiiii (Say it back or we aren't friends 😡)
gm gamers 😎
This week's Streamer Spotlight Saturday is… @Greekologytv! If you're looking for some insane Ana flicks or clutch I… @Greekologytv 👀👀good morning noble twitter :) @Hexxtasy 💜Minecraft players: Undisputed best game. End of discussion. @HiddenShadows_ and maybe an office style party with pizza and cake 🍕 🎂COD Warzone players: Using a controller does not mean you are good at the game. Anyone with opposable thumbs can a… players: If you lose to a Pikachu, you seriously need to reevaluate your life choices. You're getting KO'd b… players: I love you. of Legends players: You have terrible mechanics. Don’t try to play other games. Instead of buying all those… players: You probably haven't showered in 2 weeks. You're the reason they need to print instructions on shampoo bottles.Fortnite players: “You’re literally dogwater, freer than a public restroom, 19 dollar fortnite card, earnings check…'s #NationalHonestyDay 😈 Here are our honest opinions of you based on what you play. 👇Today we'd like to wish @HiddenShadows_ a very happy birthday! Thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you!…
@vaports Thanks king
@vaports made him like your pfp :* @EggIsJustAName thank you :) happy ms paint Tuesdayms paint monday ❌ ms paint tuesday ✅ (ima gamer, do you think Ik what day it is?) @EggIsJustAName shy guy but noble @Money_Folder zen but 💸 paint Monday! 🎨 Reply and we'll draw your main (any game) 👇IT'S GAMEDAY! 📢 In 30 minutes, @Mortifys_ makes his debut with Noble Gears of War. Watch him play in our match vs… @ElevateGG No comment. @lealxzz 🤝gm twitter 👉👈
🚨 Player Profile: @s00nsay 🚨 Check out the first episode of our new YouTube series, featuring Super Smash Superst… of War Roster Update @LoganFxke @antisocialsmm @kevindurantow so true bestieWhat streamer's name would look best with Noble in front of it? 🤔 @Money_Folder HeyyyyyWe're makin' money moves. 💰 Please join us in welcoming @Money_Folder to the Noble stream team! #StayNoble👑 @Money_Folder hey 👀Good morning noble twitter ☺️ @thome210 Noti Squad! @Dricksus @nerdstgamers @safemoon They want to get into gaming. We're into gaming. 🤷‍♂️
C9 v SEN gonna go crazy kinda cute... might delete later idk.
New YouTube series just dropped! 🔥 Watch the creator of our mascot, @JesVillaArt, draw this beautiful image of Ede…
We inherited a beautiful planet from our ancestors, lets keep it in good shape for generations to come. 💙 Happy… you have questions for pro-gamers? Join our Discord for a live Q&A with @thome210 and @yDiamondd at 2 PM ET.… @Cloud9 yes.
We lose 10-13 to @TeamBasiliskGG in the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet, GG! We'll be back for our next match v…
Noble is proud to announce that we will be partnering with @blitzkey_ tomorrow to host the Senpaibowl, an Apex Lege…
Be sure to tune in... it's gonna be a hype one 👀 @johnny_S2J vs. @s00nsay and the winner will play Mang0 in the…
Retweeted by NobleMake sure to tune in to @johnny_S2J vs our boy @s00nsay for SCL Division 1 Quarter Finals! Get ready for some crisp…
We fall 0-2 to @Sentinels in the Quarter Finals of #VCTChallengersNA. Props to SEN, they are seriously nasty. We'll… gunplay from @PrecisionVal 🤭 @NobleGG | #VCTChallengersNA
Retweeted by NobleWe're down 0-1 against @Sentinels, but the series isn't over yet. It's time to bounce back. #VCT @nerdstgamers @zekkenVAL Amen to that. 🙏Sometimes all you need is a @zekkenVAL clutch. @NobleGG | #VCTChallengersNA
Retweeted by NobleThe kid @menace_val is dirty. 🤭's make-or-break time. We face off against @Sentinels on stream RIGHT NOW to see who moves on to Week 2 of…'S QUALIFICATION TIME ✅ Which teams will move on to Week 2 of #VCTChallengersNA? The action starts at 3pm PT/6…
Retweeted by NobleWe win 2-0 over @OnTheWayEsports off stream, leaving us 4-0 for Day 2 of #VCT. Match against @Sentinels tomorrow, stay tuned. #StayNoble👑
@mangosmxxthie @nerdstgamers @janglerr REALIt was almost close. 2-0 over @EvilGeniuses, GGs. #StayNoble👑 #VCT site hold? @janglerr's got it on lock. @NobleGG | #VCTChallengersNA
Retweeted by NobleRough. We take Ascent 13-4 over @EvilGeniuses for Map 1. One more. #VCT Fact #412: @theKingFPS_ is cold. We're up 9-0 into Map 1, come through. 🥶 #VCT 🔗 2 of #VCTChallengersNA Open 2 kicks off at 3pm PT/6pm ET! Here are the first streamed @valesports_na matches:…
Retweeted by NobleOne more great matchup to end the week: It's @NobleGG vs @FireNIceEsports! Coming up next! 🖥️ -…
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We'd like to wish one of our most valued members at Noble, our Stream Team Manager, @fogiibear a very happy birthda… in to #GearsProLeague in one hour at 5pm ET / 2pm PT! @eUnited and @KnightsGG rematch from Tuesday's Emergenc…
Retweeted by NobleTo celebrate World Art Day, we're giving you guys an exclusive Noble wallpaper, courtesy of our favorite artist,… @theKingFPS_ is being wrong a hobby of yours? first saying all of them can go, next saying you aren’t a killjoy main. 🤦‍♂️ @theKingFPS_ who are you? @abhiwasabi You must choose.Happy #AnimeDay everyone! One's gotta go. 👀 @KnightsGG GGs! 🤝
.@KnightsGG vs @NobleGG is the next featured match tonight! 🖥️ - #GearsEsports
Retweeted by Noble @nerdstgamers NSG clean as always 🤝 @RavagingSavage @theKingFPS_ sometimes you just gotta look for the fine print @RavagingSavage @theKingFPS_ the secret to climbing🥶 val player pfp meta