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ambient aunt @noctuarysf San Francisco, CA

resource list 4 non-black dancers to support black people here: other projects: +

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@TortugaMinor I haven’t had to moderate the group of a couple hundred pretty diverse people much at all over 2.5yrs… @TortugaMinor Awesome idea. recently moved my music sharing group on fb to discord and have found it works really w… We can all say a lot of pretty words about San Francisco values, but the proof is in the budget. The to…
Retweeted by ambient auntBruh no one cares how you came up with the tasteless slogan for your shirt, and playing whatever the hell you want… @abu_ashley @natalietooturnt @MichelleLhooq All the time? @str8upcaffeine With a name like that would it really surprise you if they were @lycheefrut I would have paid extra... @___maryboy cool, i got rx'd imitrex. hopefully it works heh @___maryboy what have you tried? if you don't mind sharing :) @IveSeenFootage I haven't tried yet, but he prescribed imitrex! Guess I'll find out in the next few weeks when I in… @abu_ashley @natalietooturnt @MichelleLhooq Most recreational drugs aren’t going to kill you given the ability to test themthese kids....omg, I don't even like kids, but damn they are precious <3 @TheWormShepherd I’ve had them my entire adult life basically 😫 what did you do to treat them (this sounds past tense?)finally saw a doctor about my migraines for the first time. rly hope these meds work 🤞
@soy_idalia Deleting and incoming bad apology on Instagram stories tmw I’m sure @soy_idalia If only she realized that they’re mostly techno bros only in her mentions for one reason 🙃 @robothustle Adorable @dweebonthebeat @lexciya_ The mojito one is super tasty also @lexciya_ I luv kombucha and all manner of weirdo drinks like that. GTs makes a blue one with spirulina I love hehe @thatjuana 😅😅❤️ @thatjuana you’re famous in San Francisco. I still have people that message me about you hehe ;) @BrokeAssStuart This was already debunked by the ADA @CeraKhin @LazyTapes Unbelievably bad taste to do this. You really didn’t think this through, like at all @rig_omen but most of my friends into their 30s & 40s of all identities feel much more settled and comfortable with… @rig_omen i feel like life has gotten so much easier in some ways since i turned 30 - i care so much less about my… @rig_omen You still have plenty of time to get back there ❤️ how old are you? @likeholywine @_Axm3d Maybe if they stopped buying so much avocado toast 😒 @ursulaxanadu You win some you lose some lol @DJHeidiLawden @JimmyMaheras yea no one wants to be retraumatized by that. that said, it would be very easy for peo… @JimmyMaheras @DJHeidiLawden ive let the person i know who played for him know about this (they're not on twitter a…
@supermarke Bromoters gonna bromote @supermarke I mean considering the promoter who is even surprised 🤐 @likeholywine blink twice if you need help matthew @supermarke How’s this terrible event happening I wonder systemic change isn’t achieved by voting but the two aren’t mutually exclusive... you can organize and be part…
Retweeted by ambient aunt @deckgibson I would suggest you read the comments on Jeff mills fb page if you think this lol @deckgibson not what is being said but okTechno is detroit and black, and it definitely isn’t Berlin @woofer___ The baby t ep is excellent. I wish she played like that irl instead of big room drumcode techno @kkieve @DJHeidiLawden No, but he has brought the party here to SF a few times for dore alley and Folsom weekends (… @primopreems And the award for the most annoying record in primo’s collection goes to...🏆 @raihan_ This sounds great tbh @rig_omen duh
@acres_of_gold Agreed lol.@clarkdprice out here reminding me I still love club music.I miss being annoyed by too many straight people being at the queer party
Retweeted by ambient aunt @kev_wav also @nickmcdonnough @lustwerkmusic 🤣 @MichelleLhooq @chrissytrax There’s nothing “post” about this lol @MichelleLhooq “Post pandemic”?? @ilanabryne @d____strange Damn you beat me to it lolol @MineralDisk This is a collab no one expected lol
@realdiva4u2c the perfect gender neutral insultQuit sending Xenninials and Millennials things to print at home. We don't have a printer. And if we do, we haven't…
Retweeted by ambient aunt @wearytr_nny Lmao she is so insufferable @wrightadam This was last night. @wrightadam What do you mean what’s the story? Just what I said. There was a protest that I attended that marched t… can’t believe a solid 20 of these douchecanoes were in full riot gear last night hiding in city hall from....… people love capitalism so much they won’t even think critically about their favorite platforms, businesses & b…
Retweeted by ambient aunt @yukoasanuma You can press and hold the screen and it will pause ;) @8ULENTINA @Bandcamp @Spotify @AppleMusic People get wildly sensitive about bandcamp. You can love something and th… @OliveTonic He’s so good @mikeservito Still can’t get over finding that. The fake one deleted his post after getting found out. Profoundly uncool. @Plaslaiko @jesperdahlback such a beautiful track 🥺 @ChildsBrynna @8ULENTINA @kush_jones_ @Bandcamp Capitalism? Lol @ACABPERIODDDD If there was ever a time to lean into judgment, this would be justified 🥴 @EasyEnough888v2 I could have just added some to your care package m’am 🤨you cant say blm then “celebrate” july 4th dickhead
Retweeted by ambient aunt @likeholywine What did you do Matthew!!I'm perplexed as to what 'Independence Day' people are celebrating today.... like???? Juneteenth was last month
Retweeted by ambient aunt @mikcowley @DownByDfault @glorbis Plus the 30 day trial to test drive it 🚘 @glorbis @DownByDfault @mikcowley got me onto it and it runs so much better than iTunes, finds & removes duplicates… @glorbis @DownByDfault I recently fully switched away from Spotify and am using Swinsian as an alternative to iTune…
@DownByDfault I wasn’t ready for how well adjusted and normal they seem to be 👀 @dan_bean @werkhouse @plant43_ Why would someone like this have comments disabled on their account? Definitely is s… @surethingrec @raihan_ I really don’t know how you held off on joining twitter for so long Aaron. Truly made for you. @werkhouse @dan_bean @plant43_ It’s also not acceptable for this person to pull one over on a black artist. Really beyond uncool. @nwaq3 @dan_bean @werkhouse @plant43_ He has a giant modular rig....there isn’t a chance. This is really fucked up imo 😐 @dan_bean @werkhouse @plant43_ i have a friend who donated which is how i saw this. @dan_bean @nwaq3 @werkhouse @plant43_ i would be absolutely shocked if someone with that much gear did not know who stingray was.I wasn’t sure after the last month, but I still really, really love music. Found so much unbelievably good stuff today. 🤯One of my fave bandcamp discoveries of today - this is jenifa mayanja's label, an older comp but well worth getting> dude has a fake dj stingray account and is asking for paypal donations - really sketch 🧐 @pastsunlight Damn yea I just saw your other tweet after :/ that sucks. @pastsunlight I went to project baseline here in SF. It was very quick and easy to get an appointment and didn’t co… @mcmansionhell I’d say raisin 🤢💣 @EasyEnough888v2 Mother Nature said what she said. 😇 @RajiRags :) @likeholywine In case you or anyone else forgets.
@rig_omen chop chop girl! before i go any farther over budget than i already have lol @johnxela @billygomberg i appreciate that in people and it's something i share lolol @johnxela @billygomberg I knew I would find you here @johnxela ☺️ambient musicians be like “i know a place” and it’s
Retweeted by ambient aunt @keinobjekt Both can be true. “It’s fine the way it is” is not really a good answer to most things lol @keinobjekt It’s ok to recognize that they are great and doing a great thing while also wanting to improve the expe… @frankiefatgold Probably hanging onto anything they can to stop the financial hemorrhage - the people that will onl… @voices_______ So cute 🐱Cc @vinyldreams lol