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Writer, podcaster, director of audio dramas (STRANGERS IN PARADISE: The Audio Drama, PDCT), Trump Resister and kittie fan.

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@WilliamBibbiani...can I say I am relieved that I am not the only person who just doesn't get the diefication of LE…
@KCBloomWrites You just make my heart flutter, life would be perfect if Anna Kendrick would just drop by… @angiebulkeley I actually have a Hell of A Lot of Love for the Bubblegum Pop that was written to be performed on Sa… though I have not really enjoyed a Mel Brooks film since YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, I have deep and unabiding affecti… @fras99 My fear is that this hypothetical MAGAt will look for someone to kill.... @bowtieanimation I think there are a number of Time Lords out there besides Doc and Missy....where are Drax, The Ra… @jamesd7004 @PaZoZo @cinema_strikes @TrashCanDanpt3 @MrJosh79 @BenjyBox @The8thCurse @puritythrufire @jamesd7004 @PaZoZo @cinema_strikes @TrashCanDanpt3 @MrJosh79 @BenjyBox @The8thCurse @puritythrufire @Dotori87 @ThatEricAlper Yeppers....Adam's death really tore me up. @spiderlou2099 I studied for the priesthood and I am very negative toward organized religion. @kevin_thecritic THE LOST BOYS THE GOONIES Any STAR WARS film @miamipulp Thank you so much, ma'am! We will take back our country! :) #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica @KillerfromSpace "You got A BAGHOUL Problem!" Thank you, Vincent D'onofrio, for making me laugh again.... @GailSimone Guy Gardner Kyle Rayner Jessica Cruz Honorable mention: Jade (she was GL for a time, after all) @politvidchannel Considering that the last time you Republicans tried to actively destroy democracy in favor of a d… @ThatEricAlper 1) I think they did send him lawyers guns and/or money.... 2) Before he became one of the first cel…'s #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 offering is a hypnotic police procedural where the murder weapon may be...hypnosis…"Do You Know That Movie's About...Communists?" Laughed SO hard at this.... @JohnnyEAwesome I want the government to finally expel the virus that is killing it from the inside, namely… @GOP @realDonaldTrump "You stole more in 47 months than most bank robbers do in their lifetime."--the American Peop…
@twisted_twins Thank you for this particle of positivity, o Great and Terrible Soskas! @fras99 I would show him my gun. I don't own one, but I'd certainly buy it just for this occasion. @TerryMooreArt Let's not forget Jessica Routhe's joyous leap into a wood chipper in HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 ME.... @MongoFree @1feralkat On one hand, anyone having a terminal illness is bad...but God Help Me, I can't help thinking… @GoodBadFlicks I will always treasure the theme song to your UNINVITED video.... @WilliamBibbiani Even though I own the damn thing (It was part of the SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Super-Collection I pick… @WilliamBibbiani @_MLopesdaSilva This is what I've always said: if we all agreed on everything, this world would be hella-boring. @WilliamBibbiani Well, in my headspace, Sassy Colleen Camp saves Morgan Fairchild and they go off to start their ow… is the cover to one of the last @bigfinish Doctor Who Monthly release. Nicola Bryant is super-hot in period d… @TheRealMrSeb @Live_for_Films I played the arcade game as well! I think I was Lizzy usually.... @TheRealMrSeb @Live_for_Films I wasn't correcting you...I was agreeing with you.... @TheRealMrSeb @Live_for_Films Hey, RAMPAGE is Dwayne Johnson being pals with a giant white gorilla and fighting a g… @_MLopesdaSilva But to be fair, I do think the film--and the world--needs more Sassy Colleen Camp.Watch as Andrew Stevens harasses Morgan Fairchild with his too-bugged-out eyeballs in the proto-'erotic thriller' T… @glenlg2 My mom is old and white and absolutely HATES Trump.
@MsChaunceyKR Thank you, my dear friend, for participating in this and choosing a film I found a lot I could talk about!Hopefully there's an alternate dimension where this film ends with Sassy Colleen Camp shooting the shotgun, and the… @AnothermillennR Well, considering that I #BoycottDisney, I am excited for....well, nothing really.I am pretty positive that that whole scene was there specifically because Smoeller knew we'd be wondering, "What th…'t get too panicked by getting put on hold, Morgan Fairchild....he's burying your boyfriend in the backyard, so…'s a Chief of Security in this television station and he HASN'T BEEN FIRED over this? #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020Now he's in the production booth? WTF, movie? #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020So I'm thinking security in this TV Station is provided by cats doped up on is Derek getting EVERYWHE…, ummm....this Sweetheart Murders you mention every once in a while.... Are they going to ever pay off?…'m going to say it.... Why is it I keep thinking of CAPE FEAR as I'm watching this? Only it's stupider?…'s like Coleen Camp is in another movie, maybe one from the 40's, the way she's going big....…"Clap Your Trap" sounds vaguely smutty....not to mention risky. #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020"Art Fart" The amazing wit of David Schmoeller, ladies and gentlemen! #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020Ooooooh....he SLASHED YOUR TIRES, Brandon. He MUST be, like Eeeeevil and stuff. #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020So, 'It wasn't hard' Derek's answer to everything? #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020Okay, three minutes in and we have skinny-dipping Morgan Fairchild. Eighteen your old me thanks you, David Schmoel… 'Mission Impossible' Schifrin wrote this soppy love ballad? Say it ain't so!! #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020It's neon pink cursive writing over some blue water....can I GET any more 80's? #TheSeduction #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 @twisted_twins....what film can you recommend me for #HalloweenHorrorfest2020? I'm holding a slot open for you! @SirFreebie75061 @FartyCheddarCat Tabitha Da Movie Cat, Reyna, Clipshow Red and Patch are organizing a purr pastoral to help you! @ChuckGrassley You know what else Americans deserve to know? @realDonaldTrump's tax returns, business deals circa… week Des and Duane checks out the recent Shudder Exclusive SCARE ME while Rich The Monster Movie Kid plays HAL… don't know if many of you really understand this yet, but Nov-Jan is going to be one of the most dangerous times…
Retweeted by Tom Deja Knows You Need To #VoteBlue #FuckTrumpToday's #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 feature may be known far more for early roles from @kathygriffin and @LisaKudrow t… @KaylaChowShow The Spy Who Loved Crotch The Sailor Who Fell From Grace By The Crotch Raiders of The Lost Crotch… @KaylaChowShow North by NorthCrotch @AnothermillennR THE PROPHECY is truly remarkable, and Mortenson is my favorite Satan side-by-side with Peter Storm…
I'm sorry, but I cannot see James Karen without thinking of Pathmark! #TheUnborn #HalloweenHorrorfest2020Every once in a while you're watching a movie and recognize actors....but seeing Lisa Kudrow AND Kathy Griffen circ… @Beverly79943415 If they do so, we should get our revenge by removing every aspect of their name....seize their pro… @Kookieduck Nada. Nothing. Zip. Null. Void. @ReynosoTatiani @HawkmanAlex Hey. my friend! Don't ever feel alone....there are always people willing to listen an… is the real monster in this 1988 folk tale of demonic revenge, Lance Henrickson or...PUMPKINHEAD? Find out as…
Retweeted by Tom Deja Knows You Need To #VoteBlue #FuckTrump @kinky_horror so, ummm....what WILL we be doing on our night out? LOL @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump And who cares if his neglectful attitude toward the Pandemic resulted in… @Ren_Chandler4 Yeah, that REALLY bothered me...we're going to include the girl from his past and the anti-house....…
@GOP I'll take 365 truthful, honest answers rather than 753 pushy, bullying, ignorant, vague and wrong ones.… is the Doctor going to do without a young girl to be imperiled? Well, it looks like Susan's replacement is al… @Klee_FilmReview I'd like to paraphase a great critic by saying no good film is too long; no bad film is too short. @crystalline_02 NY Comic Con. Granted, I was on the 'service' end of that stick, but I will never, ever go there again in any role.... @Tallulahs_Ghost I have always had a fondness for 'Stand Back.' @Ren_Chandler4 Milestone was a great collection of books. I know most people will point you to STATIC (before it b… @GOP Where's all of your buttboy @realDonaldTrump's corrupt cronies? I've put up with you lot for four years and t… is #internationalcatday, and Tabitha would like to assure @FartyCheddarCat, @FredTheCat14 @MaevieM @JohnAMcColley I knew of two by sight, and heard there was a third. Tonight I went looking for a copy to watch for… Jehosaphat--there were FOUR Pumpkinhead movies?
Today's #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 entry, chosen by @Hypnogoria and his wife, is a British ghost story that most like… @inkookang If you are a particular enthusiast of 'Grindhouse' Cinema up through the early 90's, you're welcome to c… @twisted_twins Wise words, O Great and Terrible Ones! And I assure you, I am trying my best at being happy and am… @TheKaufmann Shocked....I'm simply shocked! @ACTforAmerica @timodonnell14 I care about making sure his corrupt ass and the ass of the corrupt @GOP that is enab… 182 is good and all, but they peaked with Blink 75. No! Put that bottle down!
Retweeted by Tom Deja Knows You Need To #VoteBlue #FuckTrump @JakeLobin Oscar The Grouch's Uncle No One Wants To Invite To Family Gathering? @DAMasiello Happy birthday, my friend! Keep fighting the good fight!It's live! The first production of the Ocadecagonagon Theater Works! PUBLIC DOMAIN COMICS THEATER: FLEE THE PHANT… I was 11, I bought a cassette of an episode of an ABBOTT & COSTELLO radio show at the local A&P supermarket.… @EddieLove44 One of the most insanely disconnected films I've ever seen.Today's #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 entry is a forgotten pre-code horror film made by the makers of WHITE ZOMBIE and s…
@NRA You know what else a registered gun wasn't used for? A mass shooting of school children. A mass shooting of… @politklwaitress I'm old enough to be the father to someone who is over 30.... @SanityClawz @FireyTopaz @FluffyTank_666 @quembelle @NoKimOnlyZuul @TheProwler3 @TrashCanDanpt3 @FilmToilet today's #HalloweenHorrorfest2020 essay, you may be more horrified by the fact that I hadn't seen 1980's FRIDAY T… @slythwalker_28 Disney as a whole. #BoycottDisney @DaxGigandet Die.