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The Art Of Letting Go You’re Mine Faded Cry Candy Bling Angles Cry Inseparable Stay In Love I Wish You Well For The Record I’ll Be Loving U Long Time Ride Don’t Forget About Us Stay The Night Circles TOO FAR Lead The Way Loverboy Twister God I Found You Make It Last Forever Remix Can’t Take That Away Petals ROOF Whenever You Call Close My Eyes Butterfly Melt Away One Sweet Day I Am Free You Need A Friend Do You Think Of Me Everything Faded Away Music Box The End Of Time And You Don’t Remember So Blessed Can’t Let Go Alone In Love I Don’t Wanna Cry Vanishing will be the month of transition. entering new phases in your life, successfully completing your goals, & m…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleongonna finish watching justice league when I get home.😭 wants to buy me a gun and to pay for my license to carry😭😭 @WeBelongForever thank you baby ❤️❤️ look so fine right now. wow. @bbygirllkay 😘😘 @dps_moira 😭😭😭 bye bcs that fits @adanylaluna 😭 @lemonadepains you too sister ❤️goodmorning baby @planet_eros ❤️❤️😘 @mylesinterlude 😭crush retweeted my pics. now it’s time to plot. you baby 🥰 y’all have a good day :) 💄 can experience people and not get lost in them. The key is remembering who you were before you entered the expe…
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonRomanticizing people right away leaves little to no room for them to actually show you who they are because you’ve already decided. Thread:
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @mikeyslullaby I did mine a few weeks ago, it was much needed 😭 @MayceVassago love you ❤️“FQ performance really is a sacred language only the most gifted & chosen understood” @noellearchives
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonGet into that FACE
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonIt’s the way the lanes just disappear on the freeway in Dallas
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonI am so tired of Black men claiming they want unity when really they want the same power white men have
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonHey y’all, times are hard so here a resource I’ve picked up as a social worker. Please share for the families in ne…
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonHow about 3?
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @lsolatedpIanet 😭 @lsolatedpIanet whati am getting facial feminization surgery (FFS) in korea next year! i’d really appreciate any donations and shares…
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonBeing around and connecting with other trans women this week has been so needed like we’re all going thru the same…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleonbitch... i will wear my bonnet outside. it’s a fuckin hat ho
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @mylesinterlude no 😭😭😭 @mylesinterlude when I catch you...stretching is so important. it relieves stress, tension and helps us to think and move more clearly.
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonHello Twitter, You can help me gain independence and take back control of my life by escaping an abusive environme…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleonit’s officially that time of the year
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonMy girls look GOOD
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @VibingtoANTI wow.that lesson gone repeat until you learn it.
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @mahoumoreno what @SNGSFORYOU ungodly hour, sweetener, lemonade, butterfly, CTRL, life after love @TyEmmittt exactly baby
.@4EverBrandy aka the vocal bible is about to share her trade secrets to skill us on how to SANG! Get ready to be s…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @iusvelvets why would they put a mario song on this.... @ByrellTheGreat chile...Narcissists and manipulators alike love using “you can’t handle me/my attitude” as a response to accountability bec…
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonUnemployment is barely cutting it and I could use a lil help with rent this month, If 10 ppl can send 20 dollars il…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @adanylaluna @notmeraymond 😭hot take but I think everyone who wants to should be able to access trans healthcare, surgeries & HRT. I don’t care…
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonNEW PLAYLIST WITH @therichxlife ! An introduction with a playlist filled with Black Girl Magic ✨ SPOTIFY -…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @Malibubarbarian yes!! @foxybrownstan2 I don’t think it’s dead. it’s just the sound that’s pushed to the masses nowSending love to those who are breaking cycles and patterns in this season. And sending love to those who slipped…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @theaalimabdul so let me be the first to sayyyyyLet’s talk about a VOICE!
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @addisonmsmsm happy birthday baby ❤️Rashida Renée in Balmain via Sisterhood (2017)
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @candytzuyu yes that’s included!! @grookeysus and I love the sound more bcs it was so different and everybody was eating. and the vocalists were more unique too! @papistalli bye lmao @xrevein why you delete 😭 @grookeysus 90s is the most loved because there was SO much, but when you look at the sound and impact....80s and 2000s R&B just hits different. no debate lol.I only need 400 more dollars to reach my goal 🙏🏿
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonPrime example of what I mean when I say trap melodic rappers are literally channeling all types of black ass music…
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @DxpeheadBC oh my 😭 @DxpeheadBC so amazingcrazy how I get cooler and sexier every day
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon*calmy reaches into purse* "Til you do right by me, everything you DO gon' crumble"
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonFull skit
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonHappy Transgiving!
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonThe fact that you “give back the same energy” when you can just be yourself or just cut the person off, but you choose not to is just weird.
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @CelestinoSenna yes!I hate when a nigga does the bare minimum and acts like he moved mountains for you. Lmaoooo bitch go to hell and go quick.
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonAmarion Marciano Baldwin Awaiting the school year to end Kiki ball
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @Jinxurself_ 😭😭 @adanylaluna like imagine blaming a child for being human. @eusneak 😭Mariah Carey during Christmas is more powerful than water benders during a full moon
Retweeted by Noelle DeleonThe more you learn about United State history the worse it gets.
Retweeted by Noelle Deleon @darrylwho 😭