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Noel Rock @NoelRock 🏡 Santry, Dublin

Former TD for Fine Gael on the Northside of Dublin. Previously Chairman of Oireachtas Housing Committee.

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@SeanDefoe @edmundheaphy @RichardLooby Wild. I remember getting a PC in 1999 so well and kicking off on the Internet. Amazing. @muirtheimhne @DCU Proud to have got to know you. Delighted @DCU were lucky enough to have you. Wish you the very best. @KevDoyle_Indo The Autobahn has a new outdoor area and the community has a Wowburger. @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 Yep. Never any doubt once they went behind I’m afraid. Leicester are going to be taken ou… @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 Yeah. They all will. I’ll need you to be advertising it in the front seat !!! @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 Tip O’Neill I think. Not sure what FGs strategy is for the Northside at all @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 Fair play James. That’s exactly what I was working for. @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 Ah sure look, it is what it is. The well-being of people will always be more important th… @ConorRock They were proper thumping movements. Even before this, it’s clear they’ve found a flow. @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 You’re a good man to say James but the three of us here are in it together. Hopefully thi… @RudyHellzapop :-) what a nice lift it gave him!My grandad is the best of me 🥰 @TaxiDave198 Haha. I’m retired from politics 😆 @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 It’s an incredibly difficult moment. I feel it too. @cullenjay01 @TaxiDave198 I hear you. Took a few taxis last week. Brave faces is all I can say. @edmundheaphy @RichardLooby @SeanDefoe I’m with you. First distinct US politics news event I can recall though am s… @SeanDefoe You don’t remember Clinton? That makes me feel so, so old. @TaxiDave198 Fair play Dave. Hope it goes well! Think you’ll come back to the taxi? @MichaelsCoDub @thetwelvehotel @MichaelsCoDub @thetwelvehotel Super spot. Lovely little coffee shop next door too though not sure if open now. Enjoy!
@johnpeavoy Decided to stick it on in the great man’s honour today! @johnpeavoy Count me in. I’m actually wearing one now 😆A special time captured brilliantly by #TheBoysInGreen. All the more poignant given the weekend that’s in it. My lo… @StephenGleeson_ Wow! Now that awakens an old memory too. @altirishmusic It is awful alright. I love the cinema. My local in Santry is an IMC. I’d worry for its future, whic…
Finally, an election win in 2020 😆. Drop the chain around anytime over the weekend @jasonomahony! wishes to @muirtheimhne as he wraps up 10 extraordinary years as President of @DCU. An exemplar of values-driv…
Retweeted by Noel Rock @aoifesh Good lord. The same thing again? I didn’t want to ask or assume but I did wonder. Horrible. @MichaelsCoDub You and your Massey Burgerson. @MichaelsCoDub Grand, just myself so :( @MichaelsCoDub Haha not negative nelly; just realistic rocky 😂. @MichaelsCoDub Gorgeous. Slightly too high a stack is all. Burger has to be able to be gripped by one hand. Gotta m… @ian7777xq @27khv @BarryWhyte85 @ciananbrennan Well, no, because it’s virtually entirely switched off due to our qu… @NoelRock @staidanscbs
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Me V. Bertie. A sensational scrap for Drumcondra and @staidanscbs ! @MichaelMDowling @jasonomahony Solid endorsement. Many thanks.Big win here for @Paschald - a turnaround from days when former Finance Minister Michael Noonan had to go to Eurogr…
Retweeted by Noel RockCongratulations @Paschald This is a great honour and a great outcome for Ireland. 👏👏👏👏
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@BrianCVC Looks nice but struggling to place which local it is! @adrianweckler Is it not new registrations on each given day? Not a fall off as such.
Ireland is pretty class sometimes 🇮🇪
Retweeted by Noel RockIreland is pretty class sometimes 🇮🇪 @DaraDoy Welcome to Santry :-)! @CaoimheNLaighin Great stuff Caoimhe. Gave me a good chuckle. @Mark_Coughlan @DecLawn Yeah I think that’s a reasonable base level to work off of. Bluetooth isn’t infallible. @Mark_Coughlan @DecLawn Perhaps, but would see this more as an aid than an end in itself. If it helps, great. But m… welcome development. @RespondHousing doing a great job of both providing housing and wraparound supports too. @RespondHousing @Fingalcoco @HousingPress @HFA_Ireland Congratulations. Tremendous work. @Cianomaidin @goosed_ie @HSELive Great job. Also happy birthday! @colonelwest @HSELive Between you and @kev_d, I think it’s got a good bill of health? Good to hear.It must have had real traction if they’re belatedly suspending party activity there. Normally they just ignore th… @SmartiSigns @JackHoJo @HSELive Meh. Says 23,970 now. Not sure that’s a massive issue.
@JackHoJo @HSELive 22,151 check ins now. Hope it’s useful. Fein has suspend the party’s entire organisation in the Dublin South West constituency over the nomination of…
Retweeted by Noel Rock @1rorycowan Great window for cats 😆 Pebbles and Bam Bam have their eyes peeled !
@kristalynnland @moranmarc13 Great little factoid that adds to a super thread about one of my favourite movies :-)!Worth keeping an eye on...
@aoifesh @DrJohnDuddy @lostfoundpets @michellecahill_ Ah no. We had a cat reappear once after a few days in a shed…
A good man and a great public servant. I wish him, his wife and their family the very best. @__kbaker__ Yep I did indeed, someone kindly sent em. If planning apps can be carried out remotely, and I can get a… to see this. Makes complete sense to push this project forward and start the public consultation ASAP.
Honestly no doubt Roderic will be a fantastic Minister. Congratulations @rodericogorman @evanoconnell. I’m of course a former politician now 😉 but appreciate it all the same. @jason_corcoran I didn’t say it - you did 😂! Straight from the circus to the zoo 😆. @KarlBrophy Decided to look at long necks rather than hard necks.When life isn’t going your way, a trip to the zoo can cure the blues!
Clearing out the office tonight. This portrait has hung proudly over the fireplace for 9 years. Beidh sé ar ais
Retweeted by Noel RockAh yes the party of protest not Govt had this in the can for a while, ignoring the majority in favour of this #PFG
Retweeted by Noel RockProbably the best video package of the long, long, long (!) journey to the Premier League title - #LFC #YNWA III of the Roadmap to Recovery starts on Monday. Here's all you need to know. We're still #InThisTogether
Retweeted by Noel RockThe Long and Winding Road. #liverpoolfc
Retweeted by Noel Rock @bosscoat @IverHanrahanGP Mad symmetry. This is the first title in my living memory. So so many near misses. 13/14… @SwimmersJackson Gorgeous night for my @VirginMediaIE to not record MOTD on the series link. @bosscoat Just what the doctor ordered, right @IverHanrahanGP?!
@bosscoat Good. @IverHanrahanGP Exactly 😆 😆 😆 it is *glorious*. @IverHanrahanGP As a Doctor I presume you have a cure.... right?!?“Rafa, I’d trade my hair in for a title in truth” My sacrifice finally paid off tonight 😆. @philipoconnor @DanielAgger A great guy. Hope he does enjoy it. It’s his win too. @higginsdavidw @LFC Welcome aboard. A wise choice. Our brother Colm Horkan would have been very proud to have seen Liverpool lift the League title tonight. Toni…
Retweeted by Noel RockEvery united fan I know tonight: Cc @gavreilly @dugganbarry @johnpeavoy @NiallHarbison @fiachkelly year!“In your darkest moment, you’re not alone” ❤️ @Wynnner BingoLittle did I know, it would only take another 24 years to win a title. Maybe I would’ve smiled then. @dmconeill Haha. Just tweeted same myself. Hahaha @andrewtbyrne You better believe it.Fireworks actually being let off on the Northside. Sensational. #LFC #YNWA for the next week at least #LFC #YNWA’RE PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!! 🏆
Retweeted by Noel RockA title comes slowly, then all at once. What a wait. What a team. What a moment. #LFC #YNWAIt is safe for Ireland to proceed to #Phase3 on Monday. I had the opportunity today to thank everyone who has gotte…
Retweeted by Noel RockAnyone surprised? submitted my nomination paper for President of the #Eurogroup . As one of the longest serving EU Finance Mins…
Retweeted by Noel Rock @kevcunningham @jasonomahony Pop it in a polling question. See how the nation feels. @bowlinshoes The cat owner 🤣🤣🤣 @dawnwheatos @J_Keenan19 Good man Joe 💪🏻
Only two Sinn Fein TD’s (Martin Kenny & Pa Daly) which is 20% of their allocation turned up to vote on the retentio…
Retweeted by Noel Rock @otuathail @irishlifehealth That’s a rebate for the month of April. You’ll get that much back for each month as I understand it.