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@diamondlifelb *heavy sigh* @diamondlifelb i couldn't even finish this because i was so triggered. sheeesh. @_TayStar 0. It ain't scary at allimagine fumbling me. condolences.
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩Cleaning out my message inbox and I still can't believe there was a time in 2020 where proximity wasn't even a seco…"Thank you for making it, thank you for existing, thank you for choosing to stay and for talking about it" Y'all b…
@SylviaObell I'M SAYING THOUGH. Something ain't hitting rightHold On x @intanetz still hits♥️ shoutout to the peeps rocking the gear though. Still blows my mind.'t no sales for @theartcycle but hey, the site is still live and the tees are still available. Honestly though,… buddy🥰🥰🥰 and I feel the same way. Stunning storytelling.
Ay yo, what's happening? Y'all seem scressed @ChrisThomas266 Bruuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh @kidnoble Sir @chevalierlb I'm always open for more. Adding this to the list!
@Sweatervestfrsh 😂😂😂 @Sweatervestfrsh Lemon pepper is so trash for the truth @CoryTownes Cutie pie 😍Thanksgiving Fun Fact: Jay-Z heard Bump J's line "I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital" via Ka…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩 @ItsMontez @TMZ I aspire
A Zoom meeting uses 540 MB to 1.62 GB of data per hour. In Africa, median price for 1 GB is $7.04 w/ some higher…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩 @BlkWomenPhoto ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Looking for new prints? Treat yourself: 📸: @noemietshinanga
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩 @finegodmother My Dad, who happens to have the same Bday as you♥️, created a "children's day" for us this year. It was super sweetDave Chappelle is the Modern GriotThe art is in the existing. I create because I have lived.
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩Don't let your distractions distract you again - note to self
@kidnoble I...listen to this almost every day
“I’ve fallen in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me.” -Eartha Kitt
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩02:25:26 | The Godfather Part I #TheGodfather
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩On this day in 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was senselessly murdered by Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann w…
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planning to teach my niece how to say "can i pet that dawg" because, cultureDude is truly a piece of sh*t. @chevalierlb sho' did. A personal fave tbh
Listen, Sunday in Brooklyn is a mood. Go cop, y'all! the human in me so I know it's real @ike he's next on my director binge! Just finished Nolan. Finishing up Fincher now.After Widows, I realized how much I slept on Steve McQueen @funnyjulius I'm sorry the what room? @kyalbr I'd like to point out that Prisoners still makes me shudder. Also Paul Dano, whew. @kyalbr @kidnoble Still need to see Memento @mashfreak Watched it three months ago! Loved it @sasha_like_zee Oooo chile, I know I won't be able to handle Midsommar but I'll check out the other - thank you! @sina_iranikhah Scary movies absolutely. I can handle thrillers though @sina_iranikhah I haven't seen them either but I already know the ending for shutter island which blowsAny recommendations for psychological thriller movies?I looooooooooooooooove seeing black men say I love you too each other. I've been seeing/hearing it so much lately a…💔'm done 😂😂😂😂 Cc: @ro_v_o @FemFema
A silk press and threaded eyebrows sounds heavenly right nowRIP to all the victims of the Lekki Massacre exactly a month ago. All they asked for was fairness and a chance to live #EndSARS
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩Some GOOD news 🤗 This is what standing in your purpose looks like. I’m excited to announce I recently joined the…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩 @kidnoble @Pbbt ION WEAR TIGHT JEANS LIKE THE WHITE BOYYYZZZ @rembert the fact that these come off the dome for you will forever amaze me @ItsMontez He literally said he gon feed her crumbs ...and still I twerk.All of my thoughts in one. really just told Jeezy to shut up cause dis The Gucci Show! Is security present at the venue??? #VERZUZ
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@qimmahsaafir This! And it's super helpful for us so we can know what to be mindful of for our safety early March. I’ll go further and say that I don’t expect life to return to normal until 2022 at the earliest.
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩It's #TransAwarenessWeek2020 A lovely reminder to respect the pronouns, recognize that protecting Black Women ESPE… Spread the word!! RT
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩this for all the peeps that like to hide in their car @noemietshinanga just wrote me a bar. I see you sis
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩I meeeaaaannn you hit me with that one line and I need y’all to give Janet Hubert a very heavy check. Now. It’s never too late.
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩for my low porosity peeps: spraying your hair with hot water deeeeeeeeefinitely helps get that moisture in [at least for me]i still cry every time Will asks “how come he don’t want me, man?” #FreshPrinceReunion
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩 @ItsMontez My goodness that's a lot.
I might create a burner account so I can properly comment on Y*hya's Instagram the way I want toBLACK PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE 20th CENTURY *THREAD*
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩today’s episode of #TiltYourHead, a bite-size series on perspective shifts: mama @Beyonce said, the best revenge is…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩Malcolm & Marie — a cinematic ode to the great Hollywood romances from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson starring Zenda…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩On diversity and inclusion:
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩So excited to drop the teaser poster for my 1st film. #OneNightInMiami Coming to Prime Video on Jan.15th! Follow…
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩man @antbluejr's sets are always fireBut for now, my presence is a present of all, that portrait is crispy as hell. Secondly, I think about doing something like this often [once I'm i…
@iamcjhart I meeeeann shattered.Imma need these apps to sort out who finna do what because nah.@kyalbr is by far my favorite human/critical thinker/twitter to follow @funnyjulius I'm curious if your flaw is the same as mine.That was a whole experience. Mr. Nolan's mind. I'm floored.Just finished Interstellar and 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯Every time I get a notification of a new order for @theartcycle and see it's from a homie shooter || the shot
02:36:57 | The Godfather Part I #TheGodfather
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩Mercedes Benz Fashion Series - Accra photographed by me for @MercedesBenz
Retweeted by Noémie Tshinanga 🇨🇩I haaaaaaaaaaate wearing a mask. 95% of my close friends have moved from NY. I miss the shoots and events. I miss m… @_LyndseyGeanine Bruh. I'm going insane. Taiwan ain't been infected in 200 days. New Zealand thottin n boppin. Mean… just want this to end
The Solange influence is real"congratulations on your face" still gives me a hearty chuckle [cc .@qimmahsaafir] @kyalbr Wait. That's a Fincher film?!?? It all makes sense now. Also the flashbacks in the film gave me Succession intro vibes