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Danish Allana @Nohte British Columbia, Canada

Staff Writer and North America coverage @HLTVorg, NA CS @dust2us DMs open, inquiries:

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Congrats @PTR_tvCSGO, @JonjiJlc, @swishcs, @SpongeyGOD, @alterCS, @nate_rett58 - you guys killed it tonight.… JUST LIKE THAT WE WIN @ESEA PREMIER! WE'RE INTO @ESLCS PRO LEAGUE NEXT SEASON!! @TriumphGamingGG played a grea…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @JonjiJlc @TriumphGamingGG @viz_cs @Shakezullah @bwillsCSGO Congrats man huge plays tonightafter a monster regular season, @JonjiJlc lost a lot of steam in the playoffs but he caught fire again at the perfe…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @_BrianCS @TriumphGamingGG You forgot one @DonHaci map 5 underway, I have to say... @BnB_pt2 to the moon, sorry @_BrianCS premier as entry/lurk/support very flexible schedule. RT appreciated :D
Retweeted by Danish AllanaTurn in and support NA CS, winner makes ESL Pro League
Some story lines rattling around my brain heading into tonight’s #ESEAPremier Final:
Retweeted by Danish AllanaHUNDEN's coaching ban is set to expire on April 30th, which means he'll be back in action as coach for Heroic in Dr… shows just how volatile online CS and the form of teams has been already this year when you see some of the… @_BrianCS @TriumphGamingGG @slowiscool @RyanAtRBM Okay so I'm good to delete Brian's profile now? @TriumphGamingGGWhoever made this video segment of the BLAST format really deserves some credit. Well-made, does a good job explain… shitshow season. ddos'd in playoffs and ddos'd again in relegation. Get hit as soon as we're up rounds, agains…
Retweeted by Danish AllanaOpen to premier offers. Also open to potentially picking up players for next season. Not really sure what we're gon…
Retweeted by Danish Allanagg's @RBG_Esports we win 2-0 sorry to end the fairy tail run boys I was trying hard asf to let it happen by continu…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @seangares @JenaGares Congrats to you both!Watching the NA Val scene make the same mistakes NA CS made 6 years ago.
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2021 like to get the ball rolling on something ahead of this next Premier season, will give more details once all… it's core the story about Keiti and Mel is how revenge porn can be used to control, manipulate and ruin people.…
Retweeted by Danish Allanaand one player on his own team too. wiz is as cracked as he is jacked.@wiz_cs had more kills on Dust2 than two players on High Coast got in the whole series, absolutely unreal performa… @TriumphGamingGG @RBG_Esports ? Bo3 between @HighCoastES and @RBG_Esports started at 5PM PDT/8PM EDT. Premier Relegation matches started an h… @DarfMike Just wait for the 8OT Nuke game we're about to getJesus man, Dust2 stats and series stats for @wiz_cs and @rcfcsgo @insaneck @wiz_cs @rcfcsgo These were the stats prior to the last OT being processed actually, my bad.Alright @HighCoastES @RBG_Esports another OT affair on Nuke so that you end up playing the same # of rounds as a full Bo5 series, deal? @6motm Didn't realize you all planned on playing a Bo5 tonight😭😭😭
@6motm to transition out of CS:GO, to replace the recently departed Relyks on Cloud9 Blue Valorant. Reporting with…
Retweeted by Danish AllanaThe fact that it took nearly a year to be addressed is genuinely concerning considering these teams play entire sea… with affecting previous Bo5 finals in seasons, this has affected S36's Advanced grand final, S33's EPL decide… means the team with a map win can also play their map pick first, increasing their chance of going up 2-0. The… this issue up privately w/ ESEA and it should change going forward, but I feel the need to air this out in… @DarfMike @PTR_tvCSGO
@Mauisnake @RyanAtRBM @RyanAtRBM That... is what I said RyanSo now we start the timer for when tarik joins NRG VALORANT, and subsequently the counter for when stanislaw moves… @witmer "We've got wood at home" Wood at home: @witmer I am going to find wood for the fire pit. @Mauisnake @BLASTPremier Credit to Flashpoint of course, The Blind Spot was one of my favourite broadcast innovatio… @BLASTPremier overtime show is fantastic, wish we'd see more of this sort of thing from other TOs @tarik Good luck manTo each and every one of my international followers. You've just witnessed the real deal in @tryzinn. The whole co…
Retweeted by Danish Allana2/2 Importantly - no sanctions by ESIC were “false” and any unbans observed relate to the exercise of my discretion…
Retweeted by Danish Allana1/2 Update re Aus CSGO, many notices have gone out to players over the last few days with a very few remaining to b…
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Retweeted by Danish Allana @CxziDanny @Nohte What did I tell you? There's proof of him having information and/or being involved. It doesn't ma…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @CxziDanny @Nohte @MnmzzzCS man he’s not implying anything. he’s straight up calling you out for knowingly joining…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @CxziDanny @MnmzzzCS He is talking in the clip while matchfixing is discussed, chose to remain on the team, and nev… @CxziDanny @Nohte Ok but you've had the clip since December so kinda reaping what you sowed, no?
Retweeted by Danish Allana S36 playoffs round 1: RBG send ChocoCheck to lower bracket
Retweeted by Danish Allana @2TR1LL "Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions."Yeah man it's ESEA's fault Carson is implicated in a recording where people openly discuss matchfixing and never ca… the second round of Premier playoffs about to kick off, here's a pretty brief recap of what happened on day 1.…
BLAST's production value and broadcast flow is such a nice change of pace, really enjoying their content and approa… @Cynil_ @tommehgg Congrats on the move!Fantasy for @BLASTPremier is going great, thanks for asking @CroseaNL @followdusT Good suggestions, would also recommend The Expanse - starts out a bit slow but one of the bes…
@etohKP @dignitas Congrats! @Rusto_OW Congrats Rusto, glad to see you land somewhere. Good luck.
@swancantaim congrats!
@Ethexcs Cheers, you're fun to play with man ggslil 1vs3 from the FPL-C qualifier last night, wish I had time to play more games and actually try to qualify but ah…
@KapperiHuge @joshm1cks @_BrianCS Top tier insult from a person who is anonymous on the internet and retweets betti… @Nohte next time at LAN I'm gonna be asking YOU "who the fuck you are"
Retweeted by Danish Allana @_BrianCS LMFAOListen man how do I have .11 less impact even tho we both did 0 damage we even won the round THIS SHIT IS RIGGED @TriumphGamingGG /Mr @Shakezullah for the profile Lower HLTV rating than @_BrianCS never gonna live this down s… @C0J0M0 Sorry man hahaha 🧡And with Triumph and CarbonX being the first two teams to reach Round 6, the page has now been deleted. You can fi… @Thatwearwolf1 @BignTallMatt @ESEA You can do that if you aren't able to add your stream to the stream list, yeah. @Mod645 @SPUNJ What in the fuckIf you are streaming any of the @ESEA Spring Cash Cup matches, feel free to add your link to this temporary page so… @FairPlayEsports @RyanAtRBM @HLTVconfirmed The worst case scenario, jail after being caught out by Ryan @RyanAtRBM @HLTVconfirmed I have no idea who the guests are, just recognized the outline immediately @HLTVconfirmed DH Masters Stockholm MVP ofc"Reviving NA" with the Cash Cup forfeit Makes sense think it's insane that we still have open qualifiers who are annouced a few days prior to their start. How are t…
Retweeted by Danish AllanaESIC Addresses False Narrative Relating to Relationships with Esports Betting Industry "The stark reality is that…
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@RyanAtRBM @CSGO @JakeSucky LOLThe Australian betting bans have gone too long without a resolution or at least a clarification
Retweeted by Danish Allana.@TeamLiquidCS throw their weight around on Inferno. How does @natusvincere respond? @OnFireAnders breaks it down…
Retweeted by Danish Allana @JTcsgo Happy birthday JT! @fl0mtv @MythicRebornGG'm told that Eclipse have dropped out of @ESEA Premier Relegation, and as such, will be replaced by the 6th place… the Bad News Bears
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Spot on, but that's any Esports community. With CS though its so ass backwards where everyone attacks anyone that i…
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.@chetsingh is open to offers in both VALORANT and CS:GO after stepping down from @NRGgg
@boqcasts @nerdstgamers Congrats Boq!Of course HenryG hyped the roster up, that was his job. Despite their results, he did a good job of it, just sucks… amount of vitriol that has been sent HenryG and Cloud9's ways is depressing to see. An international roster ass…