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@Pamaj @KirbyFukawa SO CUUUUTE
@ApollosMission i never got to experience the 301+, always so cool to see it happen tho! @ATLReign @Edison_OW @yung_ksp @PELICAN_OW @Thee_Hawk @Gator_OW @Masaa_ow @ow_Ir1s the TEAM YESSSS @notprxdigy @WhosImmortal @OneUpThreads i ask him this all the time!!!! @WhosImmortal @OneUpThreads OMG THIS IS SICK @SoaRRxqe THIS CLIP AAAAAAAAA SAVE HIMhey i hope youre doin well today!!! ive been runnin a BUNCH of irl errands, but ill be back on the vid grind by this weekend! πŸ’•
@Jewelxo relatable ;v; @discord SCOOT hes the best lil duck there ever was!!! πŸ’š @CODLeague WHOAAAAA THIS IS EXCITING LESSGOOOOO*SURPRISE WE ARE LIVE* playin warzone w the bois and learnin how to use the tundra! let's see how this goes very c…
@IrelandIsABarry this is ACCURATEbright and early! i hope you're doing well <3 today is a beautiful day, you have a beautiful face ~ @DeputyARUUU @ItsRake @AvoidThePuddle ;v; i am honored thank u!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
@PryZee @SoaringOG i saw only this tweet on my timeline and i somehow KNEW u were talkin about tpn s2, omg why call… importantwhich cod soap is more iconic? cod soap or cod soap? @clerkie i will only accept this if the can comes rollin up to my door like the old commercial ~ @FoxyGrandpa @Drift0r it's got a cool bass sound to it and it sounds powerful, but theres a high pitch nails on cha… @Drift0r dsr! msr always sounded like nails on chalkboard to me @Asivrs warzone is a good time! ~ can be s t r e s s but mostly a good time @BrunoPresents AWWWWWW precious! ❀️ @xSpyra HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3
@ATLFaZe @TorontoUltra @CODLeague LESSGO BOIS #EZAFGRAND FINALS! πŸ† Our #CDL2021 Major II Championship match vs @TorontoUltra is now underway! #EZAF TUNE IN:…
Retweeted by ⭐️ butters 🍜 @GoldenEagleV21 @charlieINTEL correct! i never played the BO3 campaign ;~; @charlieINTEL BO3 100000%Call of Duty: Virtual Reality #BlackOps2 #BO2
Retweeted by ⭐️ butters 🍜 @AwakenToast THIS IS AMAZING WHAAAAAAT @Baummerr @Kor3aYn M A N LOOOOOL @Zants she g l o w ✨ watchin an anime called High-Rise Invasion and the first thing i thought of was "wow two mw2 maps!" even when i… @aT_MerKed @matwrestler130 @Kor3aYn THATS AMAZING!!!!!! congrats!!! my cousin is a welder and hes one of the hardest workin men i kno ❀️ @matwrestler130 @Kor3aYn SAAAAME high five for that specialization! πŸ‘ @Kor3aYn graduated w a BS in IT! πŸ’™ @WholesomeMeme o m g.
today is a rainy day where i stay indoors, eat some @pizzahut, watch cod, and snuggle my cats ~ have a phenomenal day today yall! <3 @eColiEspresso THIS HAS NO BUSINESS BEIN THIS FUNNY LOOOOOOOOL AAAAAUUUUGH @IBLRI piano bubble is ENCHANTING ✨ @Yuproducciones OMG I LOVE THESE AAAAAAAA SO CUTE thank you so much!!!!! u captured my expression so well wow ;v; πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
@RealVizual @SaintsGamingCA sendin lots of love yalls way! im so proud of yall for buildin that esports program, it…*NEW VIDEO* WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS YAY theres some snipes, laughs, wins, idk i love these vids and i wanna make more! e…
Retweeted by ⭐️ butters 🍜 @playz_rapid I LOVE IT OMG thank you!!!! <3 @notprxdigy ;v; <3*NEW VIDEO* WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS YAY theres some snipes, laughs, wins, idk i love these vids and i wanna make more! e…
@TheJoseCanUC i am peak productivity while the sun is out! omg who even am i asjdfkl;WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS VID TONIGHT WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS VID TONIGHT WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS VID TONIGHT i am so excited, ill see yall then! ~Stage I: Undefeated. Major I: Champions. Watch from the beginning of the @CODLeague regular season of how @Arcitys…
Retweeted by ⭐️ butters 🍜 @Lottie_games nobody expects the frisbee of death on offense @Lottie_games PROXIMITY ATTACKS LOL @hardrivelost @ATLFaZe this is correct!
@eColiEspresso @WhosImmortal @newkindalazy this is my team @JBProdigy @NickSzott BEAT SABER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?hello! i am a fan of @ATLFaZe (idk if it is obvious), they've been performing unbelievably well so far & are a top… @hollowshaun πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί this makes me so happy95% of my gulags were fists tonight! AND I WON ALL OF THEM minus one im feelin accomplished, punch punch πŸ₯Š
@imtweetingnow AGREED πŸ’«πŸ’•*NEW VIDEO* DIAMOND SNIPERS YAAAAAY imbehinddontworryabout it ~ just a good ol positivity checkpoint here! (no ragi… @BibleJacob02 NOPE tonight! tho it may or may not be after midnight LOLi do be uploadin bocw diamond snipers tonight! yes i doooo 🎡 i shoulda had this done a week after bocw came out bu…
@HoracioFGS thank u so much!!!!! <3 <3 <3 @Eagles_COD @CollegeCoD DAYUM y are yall so mad?! @ATLReign the boys are back in tooooOoooOoooown 🎢 @YenSauce YES MAAM πŸ‘ CONGRATS!!!! @Doug1__ fricku can only like this tweet if u are asleep right NOW sry i dont make the rules, it is simply a law of the universe @NoshinOcean i havent watched this one in years, been thinkin about rewatchin it and saw this tweet, im takin it as a SIGN @LucyferAngel_ !!!!! this is an excellent question that requires further scientific study! @snarkyvulpix she E X T E N D vertically! ^^^ @szleinad aot is the inspiration for my cats' names! connie and krista ~connie says hello to po! πŸ±πŸ‘‹πŸ
@seafish LOL THE FISH GIF @DesiraeSalmark @kriistyxo O M G I LOOOOVE THIS @snarkyvulpix omg wat a VIBE ✨
@DoveGrady @bitwitkyle wait till u see my bitwit mousepad i hav in my vr lab >:D @DanielC66999321 @bitwitkyle one day i wanna build one!! @Praagy08 right back atcha queen!!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ @ethoz @feekhai a masterpiece @SoaREli_ HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY ELI πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œhey i hope youre doin well today!!!! πŸ’• @FaZeDirty YESSSSSS FANTASTIC SPOT i always land broken L plane!!!! s/o comp sniping callouts @bitwitkyle o m g this is GLORIOUS @BetaPlayzYT this is also one of my favorites! excellent choice ~favorite drop in warzone if superstore wasnt a thing GO πŸͺ‚ (my pick is scrapyard, am mw2 fan)
@Apoc_CoD @ATLFaZe @LAGuerrillas IT IS OK we go again on sunday!!!! ~ im just happy i got to watch the bois play @ClutchGrant @ATLFaZe @LAGuerrillas I DIDNT O NO ive been runnin around all day D: ILL CLOSE MY EYES FOR 5 MIN HERE IN A BIT @ATLFaZe @LAGuerrillas I JUS GOT HOME OMG IM READY TO WATCH i am now watching @sdelgado91 @micaboards OOOOOOOOO TINY LIL GUUUUUY @DeputyARUUU @Emdyofficial OMG THIS IS SO COOL @CollinsChadM i actually love this pic
@FaZeScope HAPPY BIRTHDAY u absolute gaming legend πŸ’› @bajanlarrydavid @FanjoyCo i have been considering this! πŸ‘€ @NotUnbaked @FanjoyCo it depends on the day tbh! i love em all ;v; but i think i wear the teal shirt the most!wanted a new pic for twitter, but friendly reminder that "Long Shot Awesome" apparel is still available if yall are… @Tezstyy @GFuelEnergy @FaZeJev LESSGOOOOO excellent choices!!! πŸ’•πŸ’™it is april 1st and i am ONTO YALL -__________- @Stu_Mac179 BLESS thank u so much for usin my code! ;v; πŸ’• great choice too!!! @KellyCantTweet HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY PRETTY LADY <3 <3 <3 @sakeu_ not anytime soon! i use the first 3, 4th is my brother in law's build πŸ’•