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Radio One's @DanielPCarter will be spilling some big Slipknot news later this evening. Wonder what that's all about…"Quite literally thrash metal in its prime". The new @Helldown_UK EP is quite something. the release date of Immortal looms closer, there's never been a more pivotal time for @LornaShore. Guitarist Ada…
"For many, it may prove to be the kickstart required to reignite interest in this band." @inmeofficial present the… that Friday feeling. @superlovemusic have just released their latest single and it's an utter bop.
Get them apples! DIY feminist punk to blissful black metal. These are the bands who will dominate 2020. Featuring…
Retweeted by NoizzeOur resident mobile photographer @itskinglizard has sadly perished after an attack by the notorious @JohnGoblikon
Get your predictions in now folks, it’s all going down next Wednesday.! @yourdreamnails X @Orchardslive for 2020 ♡
Retweeted by NoizzeThank you for the kind words @NoizzeUK so cool to be on this list with some of our fave artists 🎉🎉
Retweeted by NoizzeThrilled to be on this list alongside great bands like @mountain_caller, @crueltyhc, @garganjua and more. Thank you…
Retweeted by NoizzeNice to see @marigoldsuk along with old pals @Orchardslive tipped here 💕
Retweeted by NoizzeFrom DIY feminist punk to blissful black metal. These are the bands who will dominate 2020. Featuring… are we excited to finally share this with you. Kris Meets Jac is here! Listen to a lengthy chat between Kris an… is happening soon. It’s going to be fucking horrible. @ChapterandVer5e video klaxon! These guys are gearing up for a big 2020, we can feel it
2020's some big news we've been waiting a long time for; @Orchardslive are releasing their debut album Lovecore Mar… with additional @Orchardslive! 🍏💚New sounds, new playlist. We've revamped our essential playlist with new and recent music from @aof_official,…
You should all head down to the @Lepub tomorrow night. Literally going to be a madness.👉☀️ TOMORROW ☀️👈 ⛽️ @Petrol_Girls 🔥🔥🔥 🌆 @LePub / 🚪 7:30PM / Stepping out over to the ‘Port to see this one light…
Retweeted by Noizze"There are distant hues of the Beach Scene of old present, but overall, it's difficult to ascertain who is record i…
"Whilst this isn’t a record that provides cheap and instant gratification, for those who want something new to bask…
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- Noizze - “Oh, like Noisey?” - Nah, just Noizze. - “Omg I can’t believe you write for Vice Code Orange's world and we're just living in it.'s finally happening. @creepercultuk are back with a record and will be touring with @HoldingAbsence and…'s a new @burytomorrow record coming this year and we couldn't be happier. fun, funky post-rock celebration from @AimingForEnrike is out today! FFO Battles, The Algorithm, loops, genera…
Retweeted by NoizzeNorway's @AimingForEnrike take to the dance floor with their brilliantly unique forth record. Music For Working Out…
Two reasons why @Immersed2020 is going to be a good time. 1: It's at the @TramshedCF 2: @NGHTLVS, @wearebloomuk had a chat with @MalevolenceRiff for @NoizzeUK, take a look:
Retweeted by Noizze🔔👉 JUST ANNOUNCED! 👈🔔 a marvellous array of local talent for the cost of yo' eyes & ears, no strain on a wallet!…
Retweeted by Noizze.@MalevolenceRiff are taking hardcore forward, and if you weren't already on board - you will be. my neck on the line for @beggarband this year. Absolutely the perfect soundtrack for the already magnifice…
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Our bezzies @ScavengersUK and @NGHTLVS are playing with @musicofjunior in a few weeks. Come on and slam. year, new decade, new music. Here are the bands set to claim 2020 as their own. Featuring @Leechedmhc,…
You have our attention, Miss Williams
Check out our live review of @AmonAmarthBand @archenemymetal and @hypocrisyband ! #metalmusic #archenemy #livemetal out our look at @SomehowJo 's latest album! #somehowjo #newalbum #noizzereviews #metalreview #metalmusic had a chance to talk to Fernando Ribeiro from the extreme metal band @moonspell!! Discussing the band, Metal, pl…
Scavengers play a spicy set 2020 let’s go 💀💖
Retweeted by Noizze @MarekSaidHi Make it a ghost pepper then maybe we’ll talk @MarekSaidHi Oh you know we are! 😂😂 the results would be so entertaining.
IT’S HAPPENING. year, new My Dying Bride record coming our way! saw that world war 3 was trending and the hell are back so it seems clear 2020 is going to be chaos
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So proud of this. Thank you for listening, it means the world to us. Cannot wait to get to work on what we have pla…
Retweeted by NoizzeHoly shit, here it is! The @NoizzeUK Album Of The Year 2019: Featuring myself,…
Retweeted by NoizzeQuality on this instantly makes me want to have a tv show. So so happy with how this came out and to the incredibly…
Retweeted by NoizzeThis is it: our Album Of The Year special is here! Kris, Sam, and special guest (and Noizze owner) Jac Holloway sit…
@kissme2sleep Yehh 😎If you got on with the Burst & Decay EP from TWY this is well worth your time. Some lovely noise from some equally…
Retweeted by NoizzeSo. That surprise BMTH EP. What we feeling?Here's a lovely belated Christmas gift from @Dudetripsuk. Through Love & Death You're All I Have Left is out now v…
Want big riffs, condescend sludge, complex time signatures and a touch of psychedelia? The Ogives Big Band have you…“Thinking, like everyone else, is not really thinking” The phenomenal @strayfromdapath tearing the @swxbristol in…
As 2019 is pretty much over. It’s been a crazy year but in 2020 I’m looking to find new bands to work with and get…
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Here's an early Christmas present for all you post and math rock heads; @Tottoromusic, @welostthesea,…
GOD FELL SILENT WHEN I CRIED OUT. The Oldham bruisers @knockedloose kicking the ever loving shit out of the…'d like to take this opportunity to thank Australia for bands like @Northlane, @PolarisAus, and @voidofvision. IN ON MONTY'S PAW
Retweeted by NoizzeThe only thing you need this gloomy Monday.
That @ConjurerUK X @wearepalmreader split. Big fucking ooooff.
@Simonnnnn19 @ITHACABAND @cultdreamsband @freshpunks @Orchardslive I know what you mean mate. Nothing worse than se… @Simonnnnn19 I agree that far more bands need to use their platform to influence and inspire, but so many artists t… out our photography of @lacuna_coil @eluveitie live at @O2ForumKTown #symphonicmetal #folkmetal #livemetal out our full live review of @lacuna_coil @eluveitie @O2ForumKTown #symphonicmetal #folkmetal #livemetal great slice of ass-kicking stoner doom! @CyberWitchCult #metal #musicreview #cyberneticwitchcult you so much @NoizzeUK for including us on this list with so many amazing bands!!! Oh, and damn right we’d lev…
Retweeted by Noizze @slipknot Featuring @ConjurerUK, @Venomprison, @employedtoserve, @MalevolenceRiff, @wearepalmreader, @Vukoviband,… years of hoping, the greebo gods have finally answered our calls. @slipknot are brining Knotfest to the UK in… you’re curious about who I’m voting for today, I’ve spent the majority of the day listening to nothing but @LosCampesinos. VOTE. @cuttingteeth_uk
@effigypresents @puppyvybes Riffs upon riffs upon riffsIn celebration of the 10th anniversary of Constellations, @augustburnsred took to the @swxbristol with @Erra_Band a… @knockedloose @strayfromdapath @MalevolenceRiff @TDWPband @GideonAL @loatheasone @JFTDofficial @Renouncedhc week @knockedloose, @strayfromdapath, @MalevolenceRiff, @TDWPband, @GideonAL, @loatheasone, @JFTDofficial and…
"@cuttingteeth_uk deliver all that the genre requires and more" Fracture/Decompose is a bit of a banger. I cant say how much fun it is to work with these boys on all their mad projects. If you want a glimpse int…
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From the streets of Cardiff onto your screens. We spoke to the Cardiff elctro punks @NGHTLVS about their latest sho…"Burden’s raw and passionate energy is infectious, captivating to behold, and can whisk you away from your own unde…
@lil_xand Absolute rager 🔥🖤 @niat1972 Yeah man 😎🖤 @RateDGamer69 Yes yes yes 🙏🏻
AND... That’s A Wrap! Stay Tuned in the next few weeks for the release of the Top 10 Albums of the Year! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Many… we’re halfway through recording our Album of the Year Podcast, we want to hear from you! What is your Album o… we're filming our album of the year 2019 show, but last night... it was Kris Meets Jac! The first episode of…
Noise powerhouse @theHaggardCat drop new track from forthcoming album, say bollocks to brexit. Common Sense Holid…
The Swedish metallers @Bombusmusic throw a punch or two with their latest bombastic record. Vulture Culture is out… world may be going down in flames but at least we can laugh at the obscenity of it all with @beanstoast The In…
@freshpunks Getting bevvySeriously tho, how fucking good are @loatheasone @effigypresents I’ll come out of mosh retirement in your honourWe’re off to this tonight. This may be the last time you ever hear from us.
Late stage contender for the gig of the year? We caught @freshpunks @slotfaceband and @puptheband at the… turns out @veilofmayaband are just as brilliant live as they are on record.