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here for the jokes

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@JustInNotOut Thai teaLiterally the first date. apparently I’ve been spelling raspberries wrong????What is Joe Biden’s plan to stop recipe bloggers from telling a long, unskippable, mostly unrelated childhood memor…
Retweeted by i’m speaking“And the LORD regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.” ~Genesis 6:6
dont text me “we need to talk” bc imma just reply “yea we do 😕” and now we both crying and throwing up
Retweeted by i’m speakingA bad bitch. The star of the thanksgiving table. don’t think parents realize how much this behavior affects us. are terrible but one is more familiar lol cute might distance myself from everyone idk
Retweeted by i’m speakingBody building exercises make me want to throw up 🤢 . I much more enjoy the CrossFit metcon pain.Made this one for a client! Before and after!
Retweeted by i’m speakingI GOT IT!!!!!
Retweeted by i’m speakingY’all gonna stop slapping these ridiculous filters on Rihanna. I’m tired of it. show off her bump, you weirdo with @MiaLueur 💕
Retweeted by i’m speakingExcuse me??
Retweeted by i’m speakingY’all still drink Starbucks?? At your big ages?And then I don’t wear them 💀Earrings! I buy a pair from every country I go to. bought some body scrub on the support black owned business movement and the amount of fine glitter and bronzer sh… is a baked macaroni stan account
Retweeted by i’m speakingI literally fall asleep whenever I get my lashes or hair done.
Retweeted by i’m speakingMe on Twitter vs me in real life people are like "serious question, why don't marriages last like they used to" I literally have to walk away o…
Retweeted by i’m speakingtherapist: your feelings are valid me: what if i FEEL that they are invalid therapist: [scribbles "oh fuck" in her notes]
Retweeted by i’m speakingThe President of Disney Channel
Retweeted by i’m speakingwhite passing? where are they going?
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liking men is a mental illness
Retweeted by i’m speakingIf a beautiful soul could cash app me crab leg money for dinner pleasseeeeeee😭 $Thailand0My favorite words from Jesus, "Leave her alone. Why are you bothering her?" (Mark 14:6). Speak up for someone.
Retweeted by i’m speakingmaybe tiktok is okay sometimes
Retweeted by i’m speaking💀💀 had a waterbed growing up!! Absolutely loved rocking myself to sleep lol. myself a hotel room for the weekend, bought myself sunflowers, drank my favorite wine, ate lobster and binge…
Retweeted by i’m speakingNovember and February have consistently been the worst months out of the year for me. Like since 2010 lol. Just com… be getting my heart broke every damn time. time I tell someone that I don’t want to monetize my hobbies they look at me crazy. I deadass don’t think you…
Retweeted by i’m speakingGood. We don’t miss the lies.
Fabian. #shotbyori
Retweeted by i’m speakingSalad is an expensive habit lol
Retweeted by i’m speaking😭😭 tragedy of Adventist perfectionism is how deeply privileged it is. If your main concern that you need to addres…
Retweeted by i’m speakingOh my god?? Lmao only thing flat earthers have to fear.. is sphere itself
Retweeted by i’m speakingWho told you that lmao
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I owe myself an apology for all the shit i let slide
Retweeted by i’m speaking @dasgupz A mix between traditional thanksgiving food and trini food 😋Typically close to 30 and it’s gonna be 8 of us 🥺 Cinderella Story will forever be that movie.This is perfect? Lol’s she supposed to eat them from coach?
Retweeted by i’m speaking come fine men are always fuck boys? 😩
Retweeted by i’m speakingWe’re awake, and you’re right.
Retweeted by i’m speaking#nofgm A thread what happens to the girls when they get married .
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imma player a$$ b*tch and you knew it! 😛😛😛
Retweeted by i’m speakingI love meg but I can barely listen to her music
Retweeted by i’m speakingSkin glowing may be a little early, but Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without Wanda & Jamal. In 2016 they went viral whe…
Retweeted by i’m speakingwater drinkers only 💦
Retweeted by i’m speakingI really made this. Wow.
Retweeted by i’m speakingThis man is beautiful 🤝 jordan peele get out
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This is a very bold statement....but you may just be right. did it Joe. We made it to Friday.
Retweeted by i’m speaking @youngsarcasm_ I’m serious lmaooYes. Especially if you have a consistently negative thought pattern.
Retweeted by i’m speakingCan you gaslight yourself?I don’t want to hear Body ever again. That hook is annoying as hell lolI don’t put anything past anyone.What is this lady ever even saying💀💀 @laugh_track_nat What the hell?Why can't a stork come drop me off a puppy 🥺
Retweeted by i’m speaking they don’t play the Kanye verse, just turn it off rn
Retweeted by i’m speakingIt was delicious lmao😬😬That you think he’s fine was teaching ethics & asked “If your married friend was cheating, do you tell?” 90% said No A lady yells “on…
Retweeted by i’m speakingI KNOW STACEY FUCKIN LYIN
Retweeted by i’m speakingThis is lowkey really disrespectful. @rudegyalzeee 💀💀Let me know when it does 😴’d have to whoop her ass after this I’m sorry.’all make the most loving people never wanna love again.
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if the pfizer vaccine is 90% effective and the moderna vaccine is 95% effective then just take both. 185% effective. covid's a goner.
Retweeted by i’m speakingThe way I immediately lose interest 😩(me when rashida jones is in something) that’s rashida jones
Retweeted by i’m speakingThey are lying to you. Lol
Retweeted by i’m speakinghow it began how its going
Retweeted by i’m speakingI don't take good pictures cause I got the kind of beauty that moves🍂
Retweeted by i’m speakingAs long as you know @EmpressLaina GIRL WHAT ALKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSSKK A WHOLEE MEESSSSSSS
Retweeted by i’m speakingMy mom is actually like this lol