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nox @nokkusuu grand rapids

you can call me aden ʰᵉ𝄍ʰᶦᵐ // pink lad at @artbyform // mgmt // nsfw accounts, DNI

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Joined Twitter 3/20/17 @papakhanmusic ofccredit to @DaisyBushBird they found thisuh oh energizer rabbit is homophobic. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Retweeted by nox @MooreKismetBass @nebita he needs to be more red this burgundy bs isnt gonna fly Made This Cool Song You Should Check It Out
this full-grown man gets it up every day by exposing people who call him out for his bs to his halfwit hive mind of… this a real sandwich, or computer graphics
Retweeted by nox2020 has done all it could to discourage us from pushing forward through turmoil. my purpose with what I create has…
Retweeted by noxwhen your friend Blast says something funny
Retweeted by nox @1020am_ this was originally gonna be a third option but i decided against itwhat is the scariest part of australia @Hampus98989228 You Vs Me all you people with cheese greaters I have a cheese Greatest get on my level @AcidOnMain 3d1 @emtacolor 4c2 @wyntr01 <33333 @wyntr01 mnsb,gd.n, gepiopflbm. @wyntr01 whati just want her back 😭😭😭😭 @phononmusic absolutely school in 2020 as someone with adhd feels like the welcome park skateboard gameIS THIS THE BUILD OF '87??????? @DaisyBushBird you better not say dewdropperAfter many months of "pog" being the new positive slang, we knew we needed a negative to keep the balance. Introdu… buddies :> (zoom in)
Retweeted by nox @majorbean_ @n0thingw0rld YESSSSSSS
@tronbinary this is 100% objectively correctdamn this plugin is crazy
Retweeted by noxYOOOOOOOO had to be done twitter peaked when i said dababy came from debussygood news! (this has been in my drafts for months now and i dont remember what the good news was) @schemebeats good job, keep it up!! @chuck_suttonn six if you count irls i met not on the internet there's no way we can meet at a time like this though @chuck_suttonn two if you count my cats
i dont know a single one of these people✨ Famous Followers 🥇 @RoyIsThaTruth 🥈 @DarboMusic 🥉 @LuizSantosMusic 🏅 @MelissaBWhite2 🏅 @cravemgmt 🏅 @NerdButler
Retweeted by nox @hyperpog Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Our Lord And Savior? *holds up real book*pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog @NoviceMusic @DaisyBushBird anthony because he does a really good job on camera and he's a huge linux nerd @lilykrr @Octaviiaah don't need to be shared but they Can @Octaviiaah yeah you can get air trapped under your eyelids @Octaviiaah on second thought this is really gross but it's still true @Octaviiaah if i pull on mine and get air trapped inside and then press down lightly it goes splsdghljklpthis is mean i'm like 5'2.5 @emtacolor @KnownOrigin_io yooo emta on @KnownOrigin_io???? that is so cooljazz musicians will find any sort of writing or sheet music related to jazz or harmony or something and then procee… @rivalmob it's because nobody is giving teens their space anymore
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Retweeted by nox @majorbean_ @BBCEssex bc i saw the name and remembered you lived there the name of the county is rly easy to remember bc it's the sex one @BBCEssex yooooo @majorbean_ its getting cold @idrinksoju the "ring if you liked the food" bell @Octaviiaah im so confused @Octaviiaah it says something about volunteer work so maybe they do build train tracks?? idk it's rly weird , maybe track is slang for smth @Octaviiaah i thought it was this but idk why everyone would be talking about it someone tell me what voltra is?? i've been asking for months and nobody's given me a real answer :( @nesulosity thanks i made itNO you are NOT "sneaking right past me" the FIRST rule of sneaking is NOT ANNOUNCING YOUR PRESENCE that is not sneaking. @JPEBROmusic @DaisyBushBird brooo she kinda cute whats her @Who is your favorite Linus tech tips character ? This is mine
Retweeted by nox @nebita @glaiv3 :>
2020 @AIiceDTM HONESTLYhey uh what the FUCK
Retweeted by noxhahaha opensuse doesn't like my network adapter nicei spent 5 hours turning my laptop, which i used for almost EVERYTHING a few months ago before i bought new PC parts… @aihighs @RX6800 SAMEEEEno one: dubstep track teasers:
Retweeted by noxlet's hope so @_Astro_Nerd_ @AngryTheInch gonna scare a lot of statistics professionals by saying this but we need more outliersi mean obviously i'll probably be doing more stuff in that vein in the future but yeah i kinda listened to the ne… would you all be okay with my next release not being future riddim/dubstep and just being more self-expression… now!
Retweeted by nox @saopinmusic happy birthday!!!!! @RX6800 i'm about to @tacoswithasix again maybe i'm completely wrong but how is saying "this video game hairstyle is only for poc" not l… @tacoswithasix maybe it's not my place to say this, but if it helps someone feel better or more comfortable with th…
my first #nft artwork "iridescent" is now available on @KnownOrigin_io iridescent is one of my personal favorite p…
Retweeted by nox @lostkagamine alternative caption: free vs paid version of a vst plugini'm calling it right now
Retweeted by noxfather, why did you consume my french fries i purchased them and they belonged to me as a result
Retweeted by nox @itstdpmusic it is funny you should be proud :> @itstdpmusic You Took The Bait @saopinmusic LOL @charle_Eevee @FilipWasTaken YOOOOO YOU DID IT!!!!I wonder if his last name is Tank-Engine
Retweeted by nox @charle_Eevee @h_the_plight well now that you say that you must Get To 100 @JaronTwoBot breaking: bot challenges real jaron to an idea fight @oblivlad you forgot the maximum bad wurst minecraft hack client 1.16.2+
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