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@Natgcoh Two problems: Important, complicated issues rarely fit into 140 characters AND Trump voters wouldn’t be T… much swamp, so little decency. @Sundae_Gurl @Johanvanderslam Let that sink in for a second. Two hours a day to do a president's hair and makeup..…
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@matthewamiller @gtconway3d No this actually happened. Welcome to life in upside down backasswards crazy town. I'll…
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A recent poll shows 31% of Americans trust Trump's response on the coronavirus, which has been a world-leading fail…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINThe madness of Trump @realDonaldTrump #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks #TrumpLiesAmericansDie #CoronavirusPandemic
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @1people1future @LaurelRamoser Deserve a follow for that. @MentalNote2018 @LaurelRamoser Great, now I want fried chicken. @BillyGEdwardsch For example, my teenager went to the aquarium with another family recently. The mom wouldn’t let… @BillyGEdwardsch As a mom, my advice to my sons is that social gatherings are the same for platonic, business, or r… @ptbray @BillyGEdwardsch Isn’t everything? @BillyGEdwardsch When you’re offering something (dinner, movie, door opening) from sheer kindness, it’s probably di…’s be crystal clear what happened here. The House passed a bill in May to extend UI, fund states/schools, stop…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINYou ever get the sense that the only reason Trump is running for reelection is to avoid prosecution?
Retweeted by LISA TOTINIs this a good time to remind everyone that the Eric Trump Foundation was caught funneling cancer research money di…
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@JM_Woolrich Puppies, kittens, the eventual availability of a covid vaccine, being able to travel again, reinstatin… @ImSoConfused225 The same thing he does every day. Scheming. @ehananoki Is this the fruit of the Butina arrest? @RepLoudermilk @All435Reps @WSJ Crazy thought: Maybe you could give some attention to the factors that create viol… veterans died by suicide from 2005 and 2017 (nearly 79,000) than the total number of U.S. troops who died in 3…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINThis news about Deutsche Bank is clearly, by far, so much worse than anything that was perceived by the constant me…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINSir, Sally Yates is twice the man you are.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINIt's August 5th, and President Trump still doesn’t have an adequate national testing strategy.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINI wish I lived in a country with more Sally Yates’ and fewer mediocre men.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINMy lovely wife just said "Everytime they ask @JoeBiden about taking a cognitive test he should just say "Person, Wo…
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Now stop being a whiny little bitch just because you don’t like the pandemic. No one is enjoying this crap. Put o… @caffeinatedrep @neverquitcigs @Infernal_Tank @TomDangora Jackasses don’t care about the safety of their employees,…
Does the GOP have anything in its arsenal besides lies, fear-mongering, bigotry and xenophobia?
Retweeted by LISA TOTINI discovered my parents watching sumo wrestling today. 2020 cannot get any weirder. @haylo64 Christofascist
@EricTrump Oh, Eric, are you sure that a Trump progeny wants to discuss a person using their family name to gain privileges? @dagwinnphd @BadBradRSR I was 4. It’s bothered me for decades, and a good case could be made that it had the exact… @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump If they were better people or better thinkers, they wouldn’t support Trump. It’s the new… @BillyGEdwardsch He paid fines for Fair Housing violations under Daddy Trump’s real estate biz. Rather than be a be… is why the US is leading the world in covid deaths. We’re #1 — so much winning! @Tennesseine Nope.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINOur school district ordered PPE supplies and Clorox wipes in the 1000s. We are a large district. FEMA confiscated…
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Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @mooooojen As women make more strides in the medical field, I’m hopeful that the next edition of the DSM will inclu… @BadBradRSR When I rec’d a Sesame Street Little People set as a child, my dad took the Gordon and Susan characters,…
@JayeForMI I choose to send my younger son to private school, so it’s my responsibility to pay for it, not anyone e… @BillyGEdwardsch Getting the black tear drop or the ubiquitous heart-with-dagger? @EugeneSonn @whyy Thank you for the update. I was a little worried when I couldn’t get a signal during my lunch break. @Diminguy @GaetaSusan @joelockhart They say that you should dress for the job you want. Bill Barr seems to have ta… @SRuhle When I bought my house there was toilet paper in the bathrooms and then it ran out when I needed it. Clearl…
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @CT_Rick @SRuhle Fair enough . . . if we could reasonably expect the modern GOP’s racist base to allow President Ob… @katesmithsc @SRuhle By that logic, every Southern town should have their own stockpile of FEMA trailers and enough… bought the ticket. Now it’s time to take the ride.
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @TheRickWilson Her Motto: Walk right up to the ethical line, and then do the wrong thing.
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @Jenpocalypse17 @vicky_dollysmom I’m good w/ Murphy on covid once he stopped using half the daily briefings to than… @JayeForMI Gonna follow you back mainly b/c you publicly admit that you attended comic con. I figure bots don’t do… great job by @RepSwalwell, drawing the key admission from Barr: the only sentencing he has intervened in is for Roger Stone.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINPeriodic reminder: @Jim_Jordan was not able to pass a bar exam.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINWell, this was remarkable.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINOh baby, 45 is going to LOVE THIS. 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @Yamiche He really writes the punchlines to the jokes about him, doesn’t he?
@Luciferjesi Oh, hon, I’m sorry, and I don’t need to know details or assign blame to wish you peace. My first husb… @atDavidHoffman BreatheSeems like Mother Nature heard the call when moms were summoned.
@Wendilynn66 @CarlMDontCare @CarlMDontCare @Wendilynn66 Still lots of obvious reasons not to give your money to Walmart, but they’re only obser… @MotherJones @sarahcpr There are a couple that can get me as the song goes along, if played at the right time (Whitney Houston’s… @lilaravve In a competent, functional administration, we don’t have to choose one initiative like a shiny new toy.… @HelaoSouse 1.) Look for the requisite pro-Trump paraphernalia 2.) Brace to hear Trump refer to them as “very fine… @EddieGEastcoast @BillyGEdwardsch In all fairness, when FDR was around, Americans knew that Nazis should be punched in the throat. @crchakford @dukewindsor388 My first thought too. @PattyArquette I don’t enjoying saying “told you so” every freaking day of this regime, but you have to find comfor…
@polarsprite I turned out for my first-ever protest within months of his pathetic inauguration when they started to… @hopeformaybe Coping mechanisms: Tylenol, caffeine, an amazing husband, a fantastic son, and reminding myself that… corporations aren’t coming to our rescue? Lol
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @johnnyvegas0 @DanMurphy2018 @dukewindsor388 It’s adorable how you confuse “strategic logical risk assessment” as “… @KrisLeeShort @rainwoodpnw @WinterwayEd Once the MAGAts take off their red hats, they’ll be able to pretend to be d… @WinterwayEd here they are for you Ed:
Retweeted by LISA TOTINMy new video: #AmericasGreatestMistake We need 10,000 retweets in two hours. Please remember you can retweet tw…
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@KatiePhang @Natgcoh In NJ, our Governor does a daily televisized covid briefing. It used to be case count, death… Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, without any medical experts, is just another stupid trump rally.
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @nazani14 @NotHoodlum It also reminds me of another amazing book: The Psychopath Test. In exploring the topic, au… @gtconway3d @realDonaldTrump *installed as President. The voters did NOT elect this bloated orange buffoon.If you’re having a zoom call to decide whether to open schools rather than an in person meeting I think you should know the answer.
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @johnnys46532103 @RonPyke @TrishQ16 Yuengling isn’t just Trump. Much like Chik-fil-A, they have a history of being…
Did I miss Trump saying something about the killing of Judge Esther Salas's son? Or did he exhaust his reserves of…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINIf someone could let me know which business to support with my patronage, I will be a loyal customer to this place.… check: False.
Retweeted by LISA TOTINI’m just going to leave this right here. I suggest you share it everywhere.
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @MaryC_mlc4123 @Stop_Trump20 Harry Truman is my top answer for the old question about having dinner with any histor… @lfm_gojoe @misspiperwood Most ppl don’t realize one of my friends is on the spectrum, just think she’s a little pe… were so loud at Florida @GovRonDeSantis press conference today you couldn't even hear him. Good. He's a…
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @BluMeeny @rhholt @funder Perhaps it could sped up slightly and played with the zany Benny Hill music. @funder @yogafan108 His rallies are now going to be daily at 5pm until he says something so outlandish his handlers…
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@CongressmanHice @All435Reps @AJEnglish So you’re bothered by the vocabulary used to call out a liar, but not bothe… @HoarseWisperer Plenty of folks care that this shooting could be *only* about misogyny. That doesn’t really make i… @MichaelMechanic @MotherJones @AriBerman The first mistake: Assuming that Red State “leaders” care about fair votin… @briantylercohen He's bragging about a test given to patients who recently had a stroke and or are suffering from d…
Retweeted by LISA TOTIN @BernadetteBoth5 @EileenMarieSar1 @MonsterGooder Thank you for the condolences. It’s been a year like no other for…
Retweeted by LISA TOTINStan’ing #CaptainPortland today even more after hearing his phone interview on TV. @Tazerface16 Imma call some of… @BrettButler1111 @HoarseWisperer I’m trying to decipher why you mention the “Obama appointee” as salient. Are you… @MRWintrode @HoarseWisperer If you were the judge who got the reassignment, would you be able to tell yourself that your home is safe?