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Nola Pfau @nolapfau Puget Sound, WA

They/Them. NB Trans Girl. X-Men Yeller Abouter. Editor In Chief for @wwacomics. Writer @sidequestzone, @shelfdustsite

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@CoriMarie21 @CoriMarie21 perfect angel sleeps @CoriMarie21 Some of these new legos are real pieces of crap @imkellyrichards YessssssssAfter being given a backstory that explicitly about the casual racism of her fellow townsfolk in regard to her aasi… I rewriting her entire arc? Maybe.There's a lot of room in RotRL to write Nualia extremely sympathetically, and I'm so annoyed by how the book actually handles her.
@zachrabiroff @XavierFiles I'm just fucking tired of people feeling the need to chime in @XavierFiles I am aware that literally everyone disagrees with me now, do not @ meI mean that's basically akin to besting them in an arcane duel, rightI found a minor error in an official Pathfinder stat block this morning, which I'm pretty sure means I own Paizo now @magencubed @imkellyrichards MAGICAL STREET GANG @imkellyrichards @magencubed totally forgot I wrote this and frankly it might be one of my masterworks.
Retweeted by Nola PfauGlad to see that the haunted doll market has now reached Facebook.
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @the_kilt_thief @queerops 😍 @MelissaBrinks I love @Ali_Galactic Omg @XavierFiles Use the technet to backdoor the x-men into the mcuHiding in the dark for the third evening in a row @RosieMarx Do they have to be mine @XavierFiles "Rogue, allow me to tell you how you feel." @imkellyrichards big forest energy @ckayfabe @VaGentlenerd Gosh @imkellyrichards Seaweed and cinnamon
The band GLITTERTOILET from our Heart & Lightning game made a playlist to help you rock into the weekend featuring…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @XavierFiles @PepeLarraz Really good to see the two of them hanging out together @mymonsterischic @maliciousglee 💙💙💙 @maliciousglee Aquarius @maliciousglee I really hate that this image existsI don't believe in astrology so much as I appreciate yet another way to dunk on myself @imkellyrichards Proud of you 💖 @arma_dillah the ideal formI am constantly distressed by how much political news in the modern age revolves around people who hosted The Man Show
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @AngstyX mood do I opt out of... *general hand wave* @JustenHunter ideally I won't survive long enough for that to be an issueyou ever want to just wrap your head in a bandage to muffle all external input and then bury yourself in the ground
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @illusClaire it's fun @MelissaBrinks @WitchMerri i recommend bread because bread is fucking delicioustoday is a good lesson about kowtowing to publisherssdkkfkd when comics pays mfa money you’ll get some mfa holding editors
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @HitlerPuncher Jesus. Fight coordinators exist for a reason!I wish binary people stopped talking about how nonbinary people can be “cis-passing”—you’d never say that about a b…
Retweeted by Nola PfauMe: The cis person I just met 5 minutes ago after they realize I’m trans:
Retweeted by Nola PfauAs Carta Monir always says, being trans is a gift and I wouldn't exchange this one for anything.
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @maliciousglee allison @magencubed please make Cash and Dorian do this's not a day that goes by that i don't think about this photo
Retweeted by Nola Pfauwatching Death on the Nile and I know they’re trying to portray Maggie Smith as a bitter, suspicious spinster but s…
Retweeted by Nola PfauIf I had to pick one thing P Allor does best, it’s deliciously fucked up romance. So put it on your list, Joe preju…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @jamesIeech time to start practicing handkerchief tricks @WitchMerri @MelissaBrinks I wish to join Merri in making this challengecan we stop making characters heterosexual, especially characters in SPACE. no one in space is straight.
Retweeted by Nola PfauI critique because I love, and I love JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER very, very much
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Um, the people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine to the Governor’s mansion right now.
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @IridescentSlime This is incredibleTIME IS MONEY One of the best GLITTERTOILET clips from the last Heart & Lightning show with Sarra Scherb, ⁦…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @brawl2099 @TwoToTheFifth Pete seems great until you like...examine the pattern of his actions, and you realize he'… complaining to me that they're not actually boomers but "Generation X" but not one of them has a psychokine…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @brawl2099 @TwoToTheFifth nah colossus can get right outThere is a proper cottage industry of websites running “exclusive” rumour stories about the MCU that all end up bei…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @imkellyrichards Gary Onus?Game developers promising "mental terror" in games: Is simply being alive not mental terror enough. Every day I get emails.
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @geneticghost You are a delight to work withI fit in a jab about Jurassic Park in this one.
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @RobertSecundus @zachrabiroff i always wondered who the market was for deadpool omnibus editions, and now i knowmake discourse illegal
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @CoriMarie21 @strictlyworse @CoriMarie21 @strictlyworse ignore cori, she's rude to me @strictlyworse yes but chris train-ing railroading @strictlyworse a training montage is technically an example of railroadingthis one is fun because we make @TheJenya have to explain homonyms and spell words on stream article about #Excalibur ⁦@nolapfau⁩ brings up a great question of super heroines being allowed to not want k…
Retweeted by Nola PfauA Duel To The Death! A Throne Ascended! A Sexy Hot Tub! All This And More In Excalibur #6
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @TheJenya @lysapenrose @BigDunJenShow @DarkHorseComics @vvspaceship @SwordsnFlowers @VVS_Snoot i had such a good money this sessionIn the new episode “GHOST TRACK”, our band GLITTERTOILET is recording their first album when they discover a g-g-g-…
Retweeted by Nola Pfau @RoyalHoeliness i'll take it Zertnert every conversation i've had to have today @CoriMarie21 @kitkatkadydid @YoungRawley @YoungRawley @kitkatkadydid I never said it was without flaw, but that particular flaw is endemic to almost all mod… @karen_xmenfan @XavierFiles @deusxmanicha @geneticghost and I had to cope with the unexpected death of mr. peanut… @kitkatkadydid It's not! It is incredibly tightly coordinated! @kitkatkadydid You also said the book as a whole is messy...Go read @kitkatkadydid being wrong about Excalibur! Marvel Pubwatch
Retweeted by Nola Pfaudo not come into my mentions arguing your pet theory and then imply that I'm dim after I don't agree with it @GaryJaffe @maliciousglee *is* it clear? bc I don't see an intentional connection drawn between them so much as I s… @HitlerPuncher i know a guy who looks just like him @GaryJaffe @maliciousglee I mean all of that is just...armor, it's not like betsy originated it @froonding_loom ah yes, your own personal time to get ill @GaryJaffe @maliciousglee I don't really get that from it tbh @alketrolyat this has powerful trans connotations and i love it @IridescentSlime these are untenable working conditions and you should take the day offStochastic variation on the GANfield model gives the garfields an unsettling frenetic energy #StyleGAN
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