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She/They. NB/Trans. EiC @wwacomics. Writer @sidequestzone, @shelfdustsite, @xavierfiles. Save Black lives. Lift them up.

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When you recognize like-minded character.
Retweeted by nola pfau @greenlanternhat Curiously, it's always men who say this 🤔🤔🤔Let’s play a game of Scrabble GO! @TheGayChingy ...heyI would add justice for Madelyne Pryor, remember when the Panama Papers were released and they showed how basically every wealthy person on the planet…
Retweeted by nola pfau @lizbethanne @j_partridgeIII @danielpgrote @93418 Legacy is a fuckin' incredible book, it's trueI'm a bit of a moderate. I think the rich should have a choice when it comes to paying taxes, and the choice should…
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As a shimbo, I needed multiple layers of this explained to me.
Retweeted by nola pfauand when the sun is low
Retweeted by nola pfau @BigDadEnergy_ this is also the exact secret behind nirvana's sound, they downtuned through a broken ampthe entire discography of chvrches
Retweeted by nola pfau @CoriMarie21 you love meScrabble is fun
@roninprofessor1 @CoriMarie21 No one's saying you can't appreciate the work and its value to you personally! It's m… @roninprofessor1 @CoriMarie21 i mean i'm pushing 40 myself, I'm aware of what the options were then @roninprofessor1 @CoriMarie21 his stuff going all the way back to his hulk days is invariably wildly misogynist in… @roninprofessor1 @CoriMarie21 i got news for you about his older stuffIDENTITY
Retweeted by nola pfau @snakebitcat @wednesdaysgroup @JenApparently i am going off, because you're in my mentions being a buzzkill on a jo… @snakebitcat @wednesdaysgroup @JenApparently you are responding to a year old tweet, maybe take a walkThe thing about mutation in X-Men is someone out there is completely human-passing except for like...a monster dick…
Retweeted by nola pfau @Blankzilla @karen_xmenfan 😂😂😂😂😂 @karen_xmenfan @Blankzilla I own 7 8 and 9 on four platforms and i regret fuckin none of it @weredawgz @maliciousglee oh, see, now THAT is worth somethingThat’s the stuff
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@AtomEve @FantasticHat i want a dragonriding evil butch @NotLasers yeah! guards and there's also a box set of (some of) the inner circle.very excited for this upcoming charles xavier figure @Blankzilla @VicPerfecto I figured it out, you can't just look at the also have to look at his right ha… @VicPerfecto @Blankzilla Yeah, they've done a few, so I'm hopeful! @Blankzilla @VicPerfecto i'm such a fucking nerd because i'm looking at it like "does the helmet come off or is it sculpted together" @Blankzilla @VicPerfecto i love the fuckin SMIRK he's gotanyway who gives a fuck what liefeld thinks these daysWhew. Pulled the tower out and it seems like it was just a loose cable.Whole computer just errored out, rebooted, and now doesn't recognize any SATA drives 🙃🙃🙃 @Philjimeneznyc I should clarify that I only mean "real" in the context of Tony being a fictional character, apolog… @Philjimeneznyc I mean that's great! So do I! But some of them would definitely not appreciate it, is all. @Philjimeneznyc probably because real alcoholics would definitely feel like they were being made fun ofKang
Retweeted by nola pfau @CoriMarie21 classic falcon thomore ps4 avengers figs 🙄Hellfire Goons up tonight.
Retweeted by nola pfauSilk preorder up at 5 today.
Retweeted by nola pfauprint on demand or something! SOMETHINGplease @hasbro just like make a deal with weis and hickman to reprint the sovereign press dragonlance stuff if you'… @j_partridgeIII @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 people forget that there was a time when Dragonlance was vying with FR for… @j_partridgeIII @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 like, this... @j_partridgeIII @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 I think the first thing that hooked me on DL was finding out that a bunch… @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 @j_partridgeIII Takhisis is more fun basically, like Tiamat but with a dash of Ursula grandeur @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 @j_partridgeIII the original chaotic evil goddess, big dragon, many heads @j_partridgeIII @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 brewin and stewin, the life of a Dragonlance fan @j_partridgeIII @CoriMarie21 @trans_rage esPECIALLY considering how Crit Role repurposes a few DL concepts for Exan… @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 @j_partridgeIII i get that argument because the traditional tiamat role in DL is filled by Takhisis @j_partridgeIII @CoriMarie21 @trans_rage currently looking at how the sovereign press 3E Dragonlance books are like… @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 no ideahow long have you been reading webcomics? @jephjacques has been writing them for 17 years, and @Blankzilla wrote ab…
Retweeted by nola pfau @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 sword coast is forgotten realms @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 yeah it's like PDF only if I remember @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 i need to check out that 5E update of it, the last couple generations of D&D were real bad for the setting @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 let's go lesbians meme shoot with thor, beau and yasha @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 also if they're smart they'll do like build-your-own PC kits with swappable parts @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 I think it's a strong possibility @Tahukanuva no idea but it's especially weird right now because the current x-men event is mega-tied into stuff specifically from that book @CoriMarie21 @trans_rage also extremely hoping for beau and yasha @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 i mean i get it, that's me and dragonlancetoday would be a great time to welcome the weekend with a reprint announcement for the Captain Britain omnibus @maliciousglee oh yeah that reminds me @VariousSauces she popped up in an audio book i'm listening to, i loved it @VariousSauces lilaaaaaa @JenApparently literally got this email five minutes ago, so @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 Realms, Dragonlance, Eberron, Ravenloft @trans_rage @CoriMarie21 i am having a time, let me tell you @DaveShevlin @CoriMarie21 @MojosWork I also voted for Mikhail because at least his brand of terrible bullshit isn't as tired @CoriMarie21 @AtomEve look, do I wish they all focused on Cattie-Brie? yes @JenApparently this fixes nothing, i still wanna buy it @AtomEve oh absolutely and i will not lie, i owned and read every single one of those books @JenApparently @AtomEve "...anyway he's a dark elf but he has LAVENDER eyes instead of red and that's how you know he's DIFFERENT,… @AtomEve like i don't care about RA Salvatore's self-insert but what if we get Dragonlance and Crit Role figs @AtomEve i'm losing it @JenApparently Jen they're doing D&D figures, I'm fucked @CoriMarie21 KITIARAAAAAAA @JenApparently I love star wars figures, they make great custom fodder.@CoriMarie21 and I both: If they do Dragonlance characters we are FUCKED @jamesdleech like reading comics I like and enjoying them
Retweeted by nola pfau @TheGayChingy it really fuckin hasTransgender Street Legend Vol. 2 out now.
Retweeted by nola pfau @JenApparently i want that redux of powermaster prime from a bit ago but also i'm out of the transformers game so @JenApparently i love chunkimus primeYou are ALWAYS making a choice. If racists are comfortable with you then black people aren’t comfortable with you.
Retweeted by nola pfau @danielpgrote the answer is Good