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@gp_OF Relatable content
Trust me ... I WONT STOP
Retweeted by Please just 8-8 @BeefedUpStud I could never tell if they wrote her to be as insufferable on purpose or notVery disappointed I won’t get the FULL experience of getting to judge everyone drunk at the local watering hole the… to Faces. A mixtape by the late, great, ✨Mac Miller✨ @trenchcat01 Yo what time? @nealchavan3 @lilsamsquanch66 This is groundbreaking news. Much to think about. @laziestchris This hit different?
@lilsamsquanch66 How the fuck did Post Malone get a nomination for Album of the Year. Literally white supremacy at its peak. No cap, @lilsasquatch66 This says so much about society 💯 @lilsasquatch66 He wanna be Childish Gambino so bad saying “this is America”Going back home for the holidays always tears me up. Highschool was so fucking sick. God I miss it. I would literal…
Retweeted by Please just 8-8 @Ethan_Saunders_ He just posted some SUS and CRYPTIC shit on Instagram. @bobbyteriyaki @Chiefahawk Yeah my legitimate b I had my glasses off and am as blind as I am illiterate @Chiefahawk @bobbyteriyaki Ah shit I always get those two mixed up 🤧
@bobbyteriyaki Yeah man that went viral around December 2019 if my memory serves correct. Feels like ages ago. @bobbyteriyaki As an artist? Nah. His leaked porn video? That was mid. Less than what I’d expect from him. That was cringe.Go Browns fuck the haters 🖕🏻🖕🏻 if you weren’t with us at 7-3 don’t join our bandwagon when we’re 8-8 💯The Browns are 7-3 for the first time in my lifetime and I know they’ve only beat mostly bad teams* and I know majo… @EdCarroll51 Gr8 choice m8To all who prayed on my downfall: I have defeated COVID-19
Collin Cowherd tomorrow: “This is immature. I like my quarterbacks focused on the game during pregame. Childish be… 4 seasons Carson Wentz has ZERO playoff wins, 48 fumbles. He has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons. His te… @CapSavage24 His opinion is bad and he should feel badOn this day, November 22, 2001: Creed performs an emotional halftime show at the Cowboys-Broncos Thanksgiving game…
Retweeted by Please just 8-8Happy 10 Year Anniversary to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to everyone except Anthony Fantano
@itsjenntastic Rick and Morty should hire himThis is my Joker origin storyLiterally the funniest thing ever. That’s why it hurts so much to think about.In pain knowing no matter how funny I try to be, I’ll never be as funny as the dude who ran up a $76 tab at the bar… always confused me why Indiana named their football program after that basketball movie @JoeMerrick I took out another student loan and a third mortgage to help cover the cost of transferring shinies from Go to HomeNot getting Applebee’s for dinner. Much to think about
My life has gotten significantly worse since Applebee’s unfollowed me on Twitter. I took that personally..@Applebees for dinner @kyl3_brotherton You fool @lilsamsquanch66 Legit get Barstool to produce “Lil Sas, Big Smoke” glassware as some merch @lilsasquatch66 Big hype. Biggest collab of the year. @lilsasquatch66 When are we getting Lil Sas bongs? @loreezy_ IdkBreaking news: NoLuckNeal prohibited from being allowed within 300 feet of schools.COVID Quarantine day 42069: Last night I drank eight (8) white claws in roughly an hour and a half while watching H… @UnnecRoughness Probably are. Stemming from the Buck I Guy alone. @UnnecRoughness I valeted for this guy one time. He asked if I knew who he was. Didn’t tip.
@urradbro @Grahamalott Aw 😢🥺Relatable content County repping Capital University #PurplePower
Roommate and I are gonna celebrate with some beers. Just guys being dude’s. do be making biscuit dough @loreezy_ Brady deserves at least 16 likes @loreezy_ That hurts my heartwhat Marx failed to consider was dudes using his life's work for some pussy
Retweeted by Please just 8-8
Happy birthday Gibby I love you!
Retweeted by Please just 8-8Watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers get Stoned or whatever @lilsamsquanch66 Telling Akademiks @urradbro Tummy had the rumblies this morning but other than that I can’t complain
Retweeted by Please just 8-8 @urradbro I am too. What do these officials have in store for us?It’s going to be a great week :) !⃝ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹𝘀 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗮𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲.
Wild Berry Pop Tarts for dinner @justseekheIp Glad to be floating through this void w u Bobbyas a person with a bachelor’s degree in illustration and 5+ years of professional experience my opinion is that wil…
Retweeted by Please just 8-8 @valpilipchuk Grant, Lucy, PC, and myself are doing one. @PatMcAfeeShow @NickChubb21 If there’s any team that could blow a 10 point lead in the last 50 seconds of the game?… @lilsamsquanch66 F*ck OnlyFans... Lil Sas just gave us fap material for a whole week! Is he the baddest in the game… fuck that. Like and retweet it. Support the grind.COVID got me down bad. If you see videos of me shaking ass on the TL mind your own business. @lilsamsquanch66 He wanna be Lil Sas so bad @ktdon1234 Y singing man wear DressGreat Depression irony as people wait in breadline in Ohio, 1937
Retweeted by Please just 8-8 @pissboymcgee If Josh Allen wins MVP it’s because you called it before the season
Retweeted by Please just 8-8My fantasy teams really could’ve used those points but I’ll still die for you @NickChubb21I would die for you @NickChubb21 @lilsamsquanch66 People just wanna use social media to portray themselves as morally superior when really they’re p… @2StarYelp Hell yeah brotherMentally I am here
WHO POOPED THE BED PC who pooped under my bed 3 times while I was away house sitting for a week 👀 @SimmonsTrevin My sense of taste and smell will return better than ever.
@Ethan_Saunders_ Now that’s tragic @Ethan_Saunders_ I smelled my dads moonshine and it didn’t smell like SHIT @Ethan_Saunders_ Hell yeah brother @ODSettlage This is the motivation I need... determined to prove my critics wrong 🦾Oh my God I’ve gone smell blindRefuse to let this slow me down or hold me back. I WON’T nut this November. @drakebenjamin13 Yo appreciate it. I’m asymptomatic so we’ll see what happens hahahaha @gp_OF Griffin @itsjenntastic No Luck 4 Neal @Xanolabars Straight up not having a good timeFinally got some positive news in my life! @milkinhisbag Once my ass shaking money starts coming in I gotchu. @milkinhisbag I would but DeWine might take my job next week so I gotta save what I can.“Just shut us down DeWine :(“ Please at least make a plan to support people who’re gonna be out of work this time… to be dramatic but I’d rather die of COVID than deal with the financial repercussions of losing my source of in… @trenchcat01 Pain. @MylesLGarrett @ochocinco Yeah but did TO ever hop in the Dawg Pound?If DeWine shuts down Ohio again I might have to resort to selling meat pics