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Video games, diversity, @NeebsOfficial Family, @Aztecia316 + @Thick44Official + @Metallica + @Jonnyethco fan! #Strawberryshakes!#worldpeace! Aspiring Guitarist

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The first of 2 loaves of bread this is a brown multiseed the second will be a Canadian white both shall be ready fo…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸New Youtube Vid up! The 5 Man Experience (Sniper POV) Escape From Tarkov Come check it out on Youtube! #EFT
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @AgentBluesky27 Sweet clipBeen a while since I shared a hooping video 😁 #NeebsGaming #JTMusic #SomeoneShitMyPants #Thick44 #WyvernKing
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Hit me up @TeamYouTube
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Quick update: Although we have our channels back, we're unable to upload and post on Neebs Gaming. We're trying to…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Happy Birthday @spudzilla1325! Have a great one!!!!! @Thick44Official Put that on a t-shirtI get it. I get angry at losing, too. But in any facet of life, anger destroys technique. True champions maintain c…
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...2 3 4 Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to your face! Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthda… @kungfukiddo Is this a real shirt? And if so where can u find it?Sad there will be no community hub stream tonight, butttttttt THE GUYS ARE BACK!!!!!
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I just want thank all of my followers that helped me get to 100 followers! You are all great people I’ve now got 10…'ve been greatly enjoying @PhillyD YT show, i would love to see him cover the @NeebsOfficial @YouTube hack that ha…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Know the facts 👇🏻 #saveneebsgaming
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Not only am I missing videos from my favorite creators, but my Twitter feed is clogged with support posts. I love a…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸It's business as usual for us though. We're going to continue to make content so once the channels are back up we'l…
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@Nomad135710 @NeebsOfficial @JonnyEthco @Thick44Official Don't forget Neebs Fat Dog and Nate Panning and Adahop and…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸We'll get through this! #YoutubeSaveNeebsGaming
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸#youtubesaveneebsgaming
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @StephenrlR @Thick44Official I thought you meant the @NeebsOfficial Ragnarok ark series!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @WereKittyKat All one animal @WereKittyKat For the record the, the paranormal woodpecker is in the chimney, and he/she/it is NOT my pet @xmetalearth More like woodpecker. But a paranormal woodpecker...😬 @StephenrlR @Thick44Official @Bob_the_Doggie Studying? @Thick44Official Lucifer😏 📏Lucifer😏 in the hell... Expanse
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸#YoutubeSaveNeebsGaming Is something that needs to get trending. Let's make it happen #YoutubeSaveNeebsGaming
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸While you’re at it, checkout how to with ketchup on YouTube with @SimonSandwiches if you uh, umm, just watch the vi… why are you streaming on our YT channel @NeebsOfficial right now?! We were hacked, our channel na…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸I realize everyone is anxious about what’s going on, but I’ve got no doubt that @NeebsOfficial will resolve this. I… if this sounds idiotic, but I just know realized that @HankandJed has been hacked too!! This is bull!!#WEARENEEBSGAMING
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @BambiWi5 Hell yeah!The only way this community will ever stop is if we all get Thick'd by Thick himself. Be patient, don't unsub, and…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @baines_joshua Dam straightI know many are angry, sad, maybe even a little scared. Just remember one thing, WE ARE NEEBS GAMING, us, the commu…
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@AdahopAlex A lot of people are saying they're going to unsub until it's back to Neebs. There need to be more tweet…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸So we have been hacked encase you have not heard. Time to make the sandwiches! Give this channel an encouraging rai…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @SimonSandwiches Will do @xmetalearth AmenMy favorite faux fur pillow has become her new "teddy bear". As long as she's happy. 😍😍😊😊
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @NeebsOfficial @Thick44Official @JonnyEthco could y'all still upload to @HankandJed in the meantime?
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸We want to thank everyone for their support while we try to get this issue taken care of. We're completely locked o…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @ytcreators Not even hackers can stop worldpeace!
@AdahopAlex @jmelee8 @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @Doraleous5000 @ElyytFIFA @TeamYouTube @TheQuartering @NeebsOfficial Who? @NeebsOfficial @YouTube What the hell is this??????? Are the Taliban of the internet, cowardly cocks that sit far away pleasure themselves by watching others be… It looks like our YouTube account has been hacked. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN OUR VIDEOS. Hackers…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Borderlands® 3) live at
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @Aztecia316 @Jon_Fury I’m tempted to a screenshot this reply and make it my PC desktop
I feel like an idiot but at the same time I can’t stop laughing! I was rewatching the @NeebsOfficial stream this mo… got my new recording mic in the mail!
@NeebsOfficial booooooo, inflight entertain has just gone to a 1/10, no Neebs Gaming, what kinda damn service do yo…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @marc_tade Amen5 shows to get to know me 1. The Unit 2. Six 3. Hawaii Five-O 4. The Rookie 5. Lucifer a little something for your evening 😏😉
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@Jon_Fury @NeebsOfficial Hells yeah! is underway for the epic FuryFam adventure to Oz. Think I’ve got everything? @NeebsOfficial #represent
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @StephenrlR checkout my friends at the @NGCommunityHub of you interested in something to make your Tuesday a little less suc… @SimonSandwiches Bada-bing! Pasta sandwich! @Aztecia316 @YouTube check out my friend @Aztecia316 and her sweet kill streak! 7 Banger - Gun Game Streak - Modern Warfare…
@Aztecia316 I just might do that! @Thick44Official Appsro: Delta Force Thick: Force Recon Neebs: SF Doraleous: Devgru Simon: Coast guard port authority @Thick44Fan I don’t see how someone can find that attractive in the first place!Coe@ check out my man Wheelz! @AdahopAlex @kassiemay95 Yikes😬 @kassiemay95 Very Nice!Top 4 video games 1. Ghost Recon: Furture Soldier 2. Modern Warfare 3 3. Grand Theft Auto 4. Dying Light @xmetalearth @guitarcenter @Metallica @Thick44Official 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 @Thick44Official @guitarcenter @Metallica @Fender Thanks! I will!First video with this new guitar! Some wah shredding and then into the solo from Ozzy Osbourne’s Revelation Mother…
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@myincal @guitarcenter @Metallica @Thick44Official picked up my new Yamaha electric acoustic from @guitarcenter, with a sweet new @Metallica poster!… when someone says tacos!!!!!!
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Maybe we should play inside today.
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸No matter what political side you sit on I think we can all admit it looks like Chester Cheetah jerks off on his fa…
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸For all my dads out there!
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @Jon_Fury I am Nomad, Patron saint fisherman!
Went to an event and was bored so I drew this classy gentleman.
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸No matter where you are, or what your going through, know I believe in you! You can do this! You are loved! Always…
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Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸 @jmelee8 @Darklordtory Looks awesomeEpi-c #epiphone
Retweeted by Nomad🇺🇸Goofing around on the Rapture Rising shoot. Check out our IG and TikTok for more BTS teases!
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@Thick44Official I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites, but Bear is my favorite… @Thick44Official Indeed @thor_wayne90 @Thick44Official @Wendys @McDonalds Not as hard as the goose liver nuggets @Thick44Official @Sandersd84 @Wendys @McDonalds Don’t even get me started on that! 48 out of the 50 McDonald’s I’ve… @spudzilla1325 @talemyn I think @talemyn has some explaining to do... 🤔 #secretbananalover #talyandhisbananas #closetnanner
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