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Guitarer🎸& BadGamer🎮🤬. OG fan of @NeebsOfficial🌎✌️@Thick44Official💪🐉, & @Aztecia316🐺❤️. @Metallica addict🤘⚡️. MAJOR Inferiority Complex. Bounty Hunter💵

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@Thick44Official is live! Working on a Cover with Superior Drummer and Ez Bass via @YouTube @valdeingruo @battlefieldtrip No doubt, my dogs tries to eat through my leg if I accidentally step on his tail. @valdeingruo @battlefieldtrip @valdeingruo @battlefieldtrip @SkeeterisaRita @JaytheOstrich Dammit! @JaytheOstrich Yes it is, and think back to the last zoom call...Looks like I’ll be downing a 20 inch by myself. Don’t even think about it ⁦@JaytheOstrich⁩
@TheIrishPickle Goodnight malady⁦@Kumo_Isamashii⁩ is streaming! Come check it out! Check out Just Hanging with MODVAL
@GeekyGarrett16 @svracer34 @daemelar @DeosAlt The few times I was in a hospital room a got pretty food Jello, but’s… @svracer34 @daemelar @GeekyGarrett16 @DeosAlt Mine plays Charlie in Fear the Walking Dead. Considering she’s handy… @DeosAlt @AlexaNisenson I guess... not sure what I’d do with a quality set up if I get killed by Charlie though... @GeekyGarrett16 @DeosAlt What’s a second @?It's taking a lot of my courage to post this. I thought about throwing both the art and poem out. But I'm trying to…
Retweeted by Nomad⬜️ @wheelz8701 @KenDavis500 @SkeeterisaRita For the food though, not like I was ever able to partake in the social interaction element... @wheelz8701 @KenDavis500 @SkeeterisaRita I miss restaurants. @wheelz8701 @KenDavis500 @SkeeterisaRita Indeed. If the meat is quality, chances are it will end up in my stomach...Didn't really prepare, but I wanted to go live today checking out Rocket League in all its glory or or misery depen…
Retweeted by Nomad⬜️ @KenDavis500 @SkeeterisaRita Tamales are fantastic! Chicken with beans is my personal favorite.
@svracer34 @Aztecia316 @StephenrlR @StephenrlR I need something that’s got a good kick... You know, the wake up driving a stolen car kind would be great... @TheIrishPickle @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @Darklordtory @AgentBluesky27 @OfficialBallsac @hoonnigan @valdeingruo @valdeingruo @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @Darklordtory @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 @OfficialBallsac @hoonnigan @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @Darklordtory @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 @OfficialBallsac @hoonnigan @valdeingruo @Jon_Fury @wheelz8701 @Darklordtory @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 @OfficialBallsac @hoonnigan @valdeingruo @sp4cep4nts Blood hunter 100%. In actuality I’m a fighter. Are these actual class personality descriptions?I’d say my friend’s depiction of my DND character is pretty spot on...
@TechieQube No way! Mario’s been gunned to death! (In Renegade awesome voice) @AgentBluesky27 @jmelee8 Wait... So the men themselves are vaginas...?
@Aztecia316 Anytime you feel like shooting clay pigeons on a course or a range, come visit.
⁦@Kumo_Isamashii⁩ is streaming! Check out A NEW RIDE!!!! @Deeptec @spudzilla1325 I’d invite you to come hang out in St. Louis with me, but there really isn’t jack shit to s… @TheIrishPickle
@Darklordtory Your new Watchdogs character looks great! @The_muzz1 @ligerclaw69 @NeebsOfficial Imma do my best to stay awake until 3 when only six remain and my voice can… @AdahopAda @Feather134340 I wish I had that problem! @P1K3L3 @FletcherFrom, any ideas?
@TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial @fulleras Bada-Bing, Pizza-Pie! @NeebsOfficial @fulleras Well despite the fact that I actually didn’t get to talk to him, or really anyone until th… @eelrengaw I think DeLorean’s puzzled looks has something to do with the fact that Thick stole Anthony’s iPhone... @AlexaNisenson @ChampionUSA @LuckyCharms I’d imagine you’d look ‘charming’ in one of those... I’ll show myself out… this count as getting to talk to a celebrity...?
I wish more games had a good cinematic mode, make my life a lot easier. Like GTA or Ark, sure there's more but thes…
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@Aztecia316 is streaming! Check out Last minute decision to stream. Streaming random BS! for you all to see the new season of @FearTWD on October 11th on @AMC_TV • it’s gonna be epic 🙌🏻 #FearTWD
Retweeted by Nomad⬜️ @AlexaNisenson @FearTWD @AMC_TV To say I’m excited would be a gross understatement... @P1K3L3 I can’t be the only one who sees this right? @JonnyEthco
Retweeted by Nomad⬜️ @lunasm000ke I that a Corgi?
I never noticed this tag on the video before🤣 100% true! @TheIrishPickle @Ghost_Razgriz06 El chonkla! @Kwiff @Aztecia316 Hehe, AlrightHey guys I'll be streaming some #Warframe tonight at 9:00 PM EST!!! Just gonna keep making our way through the game…
Retweeted by Nomad⬜️ @Aztecia316 I gotta go with the landscape. Plain and simple. @Thick44Fan I’m being completely serious when I say that I’ve got the same exact condition and take the same exact… @Taru_Ninja @svracer34 @Aztecia316 @godvekWOO Aha! @AnthonyCSN Finally something to brighten up my day! @Jslammin1 @Kwiff @Aztecia316 @godvekWOO Scratch that I do see Aquarielle but still can’t figure out the others @Aztecia316 @godvekWOO So who’s on the poster if you could remind me? I see Aztecia, Kwiff, Muzz, Thick, and Phil,…
@Kwiff @Aztecia316 @godvekWOO Make that two Azzholes! @Jon_Fury @jmelee8 Indeed. @jmelee8 @Jon_Fury One might argue I’m to slow for Twitter. But all my relatives that are in their late 70s only us… @GamingBetamax Happy Early Neebs Anniversary! @PriestovSodom What??? The severs are dead empty whenever I play! Are you on Xbox? @ashton_arielle @courtneykus92 I can’t imagine falling asleep during one of their 7 Days episodes either🤣 @PriestovSodom Aaah, the good old days of conquest in Sanai desert. I miss BF1. Great way to find Neebs. @McSquiggleeo That’s awesome. Ark and D&A are two bingeworthy series’. @THE_cookiegunz @courtneykus92 That’s the best! My dad and I love listening to Apocalypse Lane and D&A on long road trips, so much fun! @cassediller I completely forgot about all the people Neebs raided on Twitch! Awesome stuff! @JarkMan1 Cooter was a great bird. Truely lived up to my favorite Ark animal Big ShirleyFound an old photo of our old dog Austin: Austy Ausborne edition! R.I.P. buddy. @ligerclaw69 Love that episode! So relatable! #neebsforlife @JJtoob Oh shit! I had no idea that was where that came from🤣 @JJtoob I vaguely remember that stream. But I don’t remember the context of Anthony eating chocolate which turned into a meme🤣 @JJtoob Oooooh! Is JoJo an anime character? I feel like I’ve hear that name in numerous meme compilations... @JJtoob Rabbit? @StonedLazy @valdeingruo @wheelz8701 You can’t say it any better than that. @valdeingruo Indeed, my heart sinks a little bit when I have flashbacks sitting down to the Xbox thinking I am in f… @daemelar @wheelz8701 Sounds like she has a great mother! @wheelz8701 While that was partially true, it would’ve been well worth it had I been able to talk to people in the community. @wheelz8701 100%. I just wish I had gotten on Twitter or Facebook earlier. All of my classmates even in second grad… @Darklordtory For your office job...? @wheelz8701 Ironically many adults would consider Neebs in second grade to be a bad influence. I say fuck ‘em. Neeb… @fulleras That’s so awesome! I love the podcasts on road trips too! I will typically watch their videos during brea…
@wheelz8701 Definitely. The seven years of middle school where I was bullied to a pulp would’ve been way too much… @Icteridae12 Some videos I can watch three times a day. I usually run some of their gap period videos while attempt… @svracer34 This is got to be one of my favorite memories. How many people get to say ‘flying cats got me into Neebs… @wheelz8701 The Mod videos have some of the highest view count of any Neebs playlist, they’re fantastic! It was a s… @JJtoob I assume you mean a Battlefield clan. At least I hope so would hate to think you were ever in a Call of Dut… @ChanceK99636345 Ragnarok is one of my favorite all-time favorite Neebs series! Were they genuinely helpful in any… @JarkMan1 That’s awesome! I sometimes envy people who have only recently started watching Neebs and get to experien… @silvangelz Indeed, their early Ark episodes are national treasures🤣. Appsro’s anger, Thick’s recklessness, and Sim… @valdeingruo Seems like battlefield friends attracted most people. It probably would’ve been the hook for me had I… @valdeingruo God I wish I was my my current age when that trip happened. I think I was like 10 or so when that happ… @TTraykJ How can someone (excluding the engineer) not like conquest and kittens??? Such a classic!