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@BloggersTribe @ofaglasgowgirl I'm a travel / lifestyle writer 🌴🧳🌊🥾 & photographer My latest post: Weekend Getawa… @sarapweber @jessofarabia what the.... 😂 that hike review was unexpected Now I kinda want to check it out & ask t… @JourneyHeroApp damn fo I miss being a Sydneysider Somehow it never crossed my mind that people do not know that… @BritVoyage Oh my. is there no one that could do it for you? I know a lot of cities have groups where people offer… @LetsGoSMWElse @kayleigh__zara No worries. Just send you a PM
@kayleigh__zara isn't it lovely? it feel like the twitter version of highschool behavior 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I've been keep… @spainwithlauren @sunshinesarahxo lucky you. I was actually following some of the people that promoted traveling th… @spainwithlauren @sunshinesarahxo So true. Tho' some micro-influencers also sell out as it's the only way for them… @spainwithlauren @sunshinesarahxo Then again it's such a influencer vs contrnt creator thing I think most of us th… @spainwithlauren @sunshinesarahxo It's honestly disgusting and leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I feel like hon… @spainwithlauren @sunshinesarahxo That kind of attitude reminds me of certain video makes that pushed a heavy trave… @glowsteadyy @spainwithlauren @ReddieTara If they make you write about the place, you should definitely list all th… @glowsteadyy @spainwithlauren @ReddieTara I'd say give them two option: you write about your actual experience& the… @CourseCharted Thank you 💙 I've lost pets before, but this... it's another level. Luna was family. She was my litt… @TravelsBelly Please give your friend a cuddle from me 🐾 Dogs are such special companions & we are lucky every single day they are with us @HeyImMichaela Thank you 💙 Honestly didn't expect it so this was quite a shock. I miss her and her crazy antics so much @JourneyHeroApp - waiting for Luna, so if there is one thing I know, it is that she got a very happy welcome on the… @JourneyHeroApp Thank you 💙 I honestly doubt that she is playing with other dogs as she was never one for dogs out… @stillaslifematt it really is. Luna was special for me and my family. And she helped all of us deal with a lot Th…
She always had a bone or ball in her mouth while dribbling another ball with precision She loved relaxing in the s… just had to share these so more people know what a wonderful little sunshine she was When my grandma had cancer… already miss you Luna 💙 You are and were the perfect dog. I hope you don't forget about me while you spend your… just lost my sweet little Luna 🐶 Words cannot describe how much I love that little dog & how thankful I am that… to take this little cutie to the vet as her breathing is super weird 😞 Please keep your fingers crossed that… @kayleigh__zara's Twitter account has been hacked & she's lost all of her 13K followers Please give her new accoun… @katiexmiddleton @Coco_Travels I'd love to be considered 🍸 While traveling I try to find the best Mojito in the w… to make some last minute edits and I just cannot write a good intro for the final post of the weekend getaw…
@Absolutely_Lucy I want the outside to be sky blue / ice blue, but that might happen later Still not sure if I wan… @Absolutely_Lucy That one looks so nice! Planning a boho vibe with fairy lights and lots of planta as decor. Most… @Absolutely_Lucy share the camper porn! 🚎 (never thought I'd ever write a sentence like that 😂) I love checking ou… @JetsettersFlyin @FSWestlake glad that they are currently trying to fix it! @JetsettersFlyin @FSWestlake wth? that's so weird hope they fix this mess soon
@clockoutcheckin @CourseCharted @SouthernerSays @tspadventure @ARealGirlReview @stillaslifematt @cassiethehag @clockoutcheckin @CourseCharted @SouthernerSays @tspadventure @ARealGirlReview @stillaslifematt @cassiethehag @TheNerdyMeBlog That's my problem 🥾 So many hikes, so little time & no hiking buddy in Europe 🤷🏻‍♀️🌱 @TheNerdyMeBlog and now I'm screenshoting everything I see so I can add it to m list 😅 And I have no idea how I wi… @TheNerdyMeBlog It was somewhere on my list (of countries), but not that high 😅 I kinda played around with the ide… @ARealGirlReview felel free to add to the list 🌱 I'd love to extend my twitter circle! @TheNerdyMeBlog and Wales!!! I never knew Scotland and Wales were that amazing until Covid caused bloggers to go…'s impossible to list everone, but here are more people you should give a follow✨🌱 They all make my timeline so… @NomadsPassport @CourseCharted @SouthernerSays @tspadventure @ARealGirlReview @stillaslifematt @cassiethehag
Retweeted by Steph ✨ │ A Nomads Passport @searchforsarah @CourseCharted @SouthernerSays @tspadventure @ARealGirlReview @stillaslifematt @cassiethehag @JourneyHeroApp @CourseCharted @SouthernerSays @tspadventure @ARealGirlReview @stillaslifematt @cassiethehag as well call this timeline revival no. 2 😅 I've met so many people since I last did this and I'd love to co…✨Looking for new people to follow🌱 Tag some travel bloggers 🧳 🌺 Who you should follow: @CourseCharted
@Clarissa_Laskey going to create another overview page, but the rest will stay the usual way - after all I like my… @Clarissa_Laskey It's such an obsession ✨🌺 Still a long way to go, but this is what I've done so far Really wante… don't know why, but somehow working on this guide feels like I've reached the next level of blogging ✨💻 The enti… @brainybackpackr @CourseCharted @leisurelydrives @earthsunwildair @mattsnextsteps @Icanshowyouthe5 I felt horrible… @brainybackpackr @CourseCharted @leisurelydrives @earthsunwildair @mattsnextsteps @Icanshowyouthe5 it was driving m…
@GalsWander @sl2016_sl @RoadtripC @Nicolette_O @RoarLoudTravel @XeniaKaepernick @HHLifestyleTrav @JulesHalvy @CourseCharted @leisurelydrives @earthsunwildair @brainybackpackr @mattsnextsteps @Icanshowyouthe5 So happy that yo…☀️New Post☀️ Affordable Weekend Getaways in Spain 🌴✨ Plan now, travel there later 🌊 . . T…
@JamieBoucherBA hahahahaha 😂 yeah... the waves around Sydney can be brutal for beginners 🏄🏻‍♀️ 🌊 I feel like it… @becksplore Only 1 - but only for 1 month (Berlin 🇩🇪) still think Sydney should be the Australian capital so the number would be 2 😂
@JamieBoucherBA You learned to surf in Manly? I always thought that all foreigners living in Sydney head down to Ge…
@stillaslifematt Makes sense!😄 Prioritizing ones dreams is hard too. I guess I've taken a spontaneous approach the… @Dreams_Abroad I'm happy with the new path. It is what I never dared to do when there was a save option ✨ Corona j… @tspadventure It feels so weird. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm currently on the path I was always to scared to choose, but before that… when faced with the fact that my dreams are now no longer an option for me🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm happy with my new p… you ever think of the things you gave up on while chasing your dreams? 💙 Being indoors so much in the last few…
@courttheblog I take a minibus instead of a van 😂 I have some very long roadtrips in my list (incl. Alaska to Ushu…
@WattWhereHow Going to a copy shop at 3 AM is not an option, but I have to print the transport papers when I work a… @WattWhereHow Basically the last year of Millenials here, but I own a printer I'm a visual learner & love my highl…
@BGbloggers that's 100% me. Currently working on 4(!) big business project & on something for my wonderful (hobby)… true! a short 2 minute is fine in some cases, but more? nope! No one needs to hear the story of your life.… @NomadicBackpac1 @spainwithlauren @CourseCharted @theowletblog @emma_erichsen @courttheblog @WanderlustChloe @JourneyHeroApp @strayidler One day I'll have enough miles for a flight im a Qsuite 🙈 one day @NomadicBackpac1 @spainwithlauren @CourseCharted @theowletblog @emma_erichsen @courttheblog @WanderlustChloe missing the ocean 🌊✨ I had such a great time on Corfu & cannot wait to return there in the future 🇬🇷 It m… on something new✨💙🇬🇷 Going to publish 3 posts about my recent trip to Corfu before I return to working on…
@Wheregoesrose love the view! 💙
Just did my Corfu travel budget calculation 🧮 and I'm pleasantly surprised 🌱 I'll be publishing a post about it so… @StuffieMuseum 'The Address 92' has good drinks and brunch The Old Fortress is a must!The view from the lighthouse… @StuffieMuseum Okay. Starting with food places: Greek food: Alevri (amazing souvlaki & gyros+ tzatziki) Burgers: Sw… @SouthernerSays @passions_places wohoo! 🥕 @Mailonlinepics sure. Please credit 'Steph Kloeckener / A Nomads Passport'
@SouthernerSays Love the small ones! They have this special taste and when they are cold they are extra fresh! 🥕… @becksplore omg. there's one in Cologne 😶😶😶😶😶😶 Guess it's time to soend a day there m! @StuffieMuseum which places did you visit? I sadly had to leave Corfu today, but I'm already writing down stuff for my next trip there 😄 @TravelBlggr I have no idea what an Affogato is, but now I want one 😂 especially if it contains Amaretto gotta sav… @becksplore in that case: what's the name of the shop? 😶 I have to find out which one is the closest to my Corona home base 😂 @SouthernerSays Strangely enough carrots 🥕 I love eating them while driving. Especially when it's warm outside an… line that do not keep a distance of 1.5m at the airport & a full flight - not gonna lie: that's some seriou…
@becksplore when can I visit you? 😂 I HAVE to eat one of these!!!! @RoadtripC I so do not see the appeal of an office job as described in the article 😂 Not gonna lie: everything tha…
@NomadicBackpac1 dang... 🤷🏻‍♀️ @NomadicBackpac1 so true... I'm so bummed that I'm unable to visit Albania it would have made the itinerary of th… Old Town - it's beautiful but I cannot help but think that it pales in comparison to the North of Corfu 🙈… @LostWithJen you've never been to a winery?! 😶 woman!!!! that Australia trip woth @courttheblog & @emma_erichsen s…
@travelingmitch my organic reach is up, but my Pinterest is a buggy mess, so I had less clicks than last moth 🤷🏻‍♀️ @obligatraveler @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @girlwitpassport @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @SarahsSojourns @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @courttheblog @CourseCharted @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @in_departures @Italians_abroad @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @Italians_abroad @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @YBLCompany @JUTVicky @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @LostWithJen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @LostWithJen @CourseCharted @courttheblog @emma_erichsen @beckyexploring @GreenMochila @in_departures's your favorite ice cream flavor? 🍦 I have to say that chocolate is perfect on a hot and sunny day. 🌊✨ Espe…