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So... what's the best and most affordable route from Europe to Australia/ New Zealand if I want to avoid China / Ho… @imlaurenbate well... it does sound like something that could be the beginning of a Disney movie or musical 😂 @lucethurlo_ Still trying to figure this out and I've been working on it since 2017 😅 So please let me know if you ever discover a solution @em_luxton I think Austria when I was 3. And then Paris when I was 8 or 9.
@nightelephant I already tried that :( And the mistake shows up on more than one device @IDtravelblog It is. I messaged them and they do not know what is going on either 😔 It is so weird. It just won't…
*Update on the messy theme situation* No one knows what the issue is 😢 I'm so confused, sad and annoyed. I just… @RTWBarefoot Sri Lanka or Vietnam. Visited both last year and if I could, I'd head there for a week or two nowJust reached out to my theme support and hopefully they'll be able to tell me wth is going on. It's super annoying… you think reinstalling me theme would work? Would deleting it and uploading it again get rid of whatever went wrong?Think I broke my website while trying to improve the loading time 😭 It shows stuff that should not be there and do…
@nightelephant thank you! I'll check it out :)So... for some reason my website's speed is a mess 🤷🏻‍♀️ I wanted to wrote blog posts today, but first I have to f…
@Clarissa_Laskey Currently at 0 and it’s a small wonder. I usually have around 100 😅 @hidden_coconut it sucks that you are in a similar position, but at the same time it's good to know that I'm not th… chances are that I wanted to finish 2 other posts before I wrote these 😅 Karijini 🇦🇺 Ninh Binh 🇻🇳Good news: I have 4 prewritten blog posts. Bad news: The are handwritten and I hate digitalizing my notes 😅 1. Bal… you ever just want to escape your "life" and start over? That's how I feel right now. It's like I simultaneousl…
@RTWBarefoot depending on the type of wedding I might go for a dress like this. But with a little more sparkle 😂😂😂
Sometimes I wish I could see this view every single day. 🌅🌿✈️ It's so beautiful and always fills me with joy to se…
Retweeted by Steph / A Nomads PassportSo... just looked it up and this was my 5th work trip to Spain in 6 months Starting to think that this country is haunting me 👻Breakfast time ☕️ #onboardcourier #barcelona #travelblogger on a contribution for a collab post. And no coffee in sight as breakfast doesn't start before 7:30 AM ☕️
Sometimes I wish I could see this view every single day. 🌅🌿✈️ It's so beautiful and always fills me with joy to se… was your scariest moment during travel? #travelblogger
Retweeted by Steph / A Nomads Passport30 Pictures that will inspire you to visit Vietnam 🌿📸🇻🇳 #icymt #traveltribe #traveling
Retweeted by Steph / A Nomads Passport @hidden_coconut Thanks. 😊 the sunrise itself was even more beautiful than it looks in the pictures 🌅 Perfect for my first flight of 2020!I've seen many sunrises or sunsets above the clouds by now, but this one blew me away. 🌅 It honestly felt magical… work trip of the year: Barcelona 🇪🇸 #obc #onboardcourier
@wildheartedblog I didn't even plan to rest my eyes 😂 I honestly just want to jump on the bed one last time 😂😂A10) It's not the worst, but it happens again and again, so it's the one that tops it all I tend to forget that I… We broke the support wheel of our trailer during a 3-week Western Australia roadtrip. It was such a dumb mista… @ARealGirlReview @ABritSoutherner At least you'll be reimbursed every time you travel via Amsterdam 🤷🏻‍♀️ Is this… Just ignore it if that's possible. Nothing will ever go 100% according to plan, but that is what makes travelin… I'm just casualy going to refer to my answer to Q4 😂 That bed was so nice and soft and cozy 😂😂😂 I had some c… If I were to change a mistake it'd 100% be the surfing one. I missed out on so much due to my knee #WeekendWanderlust @wildheartedblog haha This gives me hope that I'm nkt the only human disaster that did this My mom still reminds… @TravelLatte @wildheartedblog @WWTravelChat exactly! sometimes you fuck up (when traveling), but that's okay as lon… @TravelLatte My skin hadn't seen the sun for a few months before that as I was sick, so it should have been on my e… @TravelLatte @wildheartedblog @thegenxjourney @WWTravelChat omg. 😂😂😂😂 Did whoever was responsible have that 'Kevin… @TravelLatte @thegenxjourney @WWTravelChat 😂😂😂😂😂That I can solve problems and that it can be good to trust strangers. When I started out traveling I was terrified… the EU. I freaked out and cried but people were super helpful. I ended up finding a cheap flight back The experi… I once feel asleep when I jumped on the hotel bed one last time before I wanted to head down to the lobby. Wok… Does sunscreen count as an essential? 🙈 I ended up on a Ha Long Bay cruise without it and ended up looking lik… @wildheartedblog I hit the ground. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought the water was 1m deep but it was more like 10 cm My knees were… I really cannot think of anything aside from a childhood memory tight now. I ate deer without knowing it and w… Jumping of a surfboard 😂 I thought it would look cool and snded up with a broken tibia head. No 'cool' jump i… @PADI @theblondeabroad call me crazy, but I'd be super excited. I love sharks 🦈 one do you like best? 😊 #pinterest #travelblogger #blogger #srilanka
Which blog post do you want next? 🌿 #travelblogger #blogger #blogging #wanderlust #traveltribe*and **did not saying that I really want an edit tweet feature, but I do. Even if I had to select 'I'm a dumbass a… created several different Pinterest board cover types snd I'm super happy with the result. Now even my Pinterest…
@pip_says me too, but lately longterm travel has just been exhausting 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love traveling, so this is a new development @pip_says @lauram75 @RTWBarefoot If that is who you are, then you shouldn't pretend not to be happy. :) Now please… @pip_says @lauram75 @RTWBarefoot I really, really hate my phone right now. I keep messing up words when I type too… @pip_says @lauram75 @RTWBarefoot - you want to share. I think what counts is that we don't paint some picture perf… @pip_says @lauram75 @RTWBarefoot I didn't mean that you should share everything like friends and family. Just some… @lauram75 @RTWBarefoot I'd say both. How do people know that they can trust what you write, if they do not know any… @lettersfromcaro of course. 😊😊😊😊 Karijini!!!!! 🌿Planned to write a post, but ended up creating Pinterest bord covers What are your handle…
@tspadventure I'll eventually write both. But I want to post something new tomorrow so I don't know which one I should wrote first 🤷🏻‍♀️To write a guide about one of my favorite places on earth or to write a much shorter budget post...🤔 What should I do?Planning to write a collab post about the best spots to observe bioluminescence. (Might even split it into 2 post… @JustinLaurenXO will do :)
@JustinLaurenXO love this. Bioluminescence is the best! I'm planning to write a collab post about the best places…
@mybreakingviews If you have left the airport, met people and explored a city / region: yes!It's a slow progress, but my DA is growing 😊 I know it's only 3 right now, but I've only just published my 4th tra…
Today’s new blog post: 🌿🧳 Sri Lanka on a Budget - How much does it cost to travel in Sri Lanka? 🇱🇰… your Budget for Sri Lanka now 🇱🇰 @fivepax @IDtravelblog haha. Just saw your messages. I'm actually glad that you sent it to me as you mentioned some… Lanka on a Budget 🇱🇰🌿 A General Estimate of the Costs based on my own Spendings + Useful Tips for your Sri Lank… @Travelnpack 😂😂😂😂Live in 3 hours: Sri Lanka on a Budget The longest post I‘ve written so far Let’s not talk about how long it took… voted for Sri Lanka, so you'll get it! 🇱🇰 Not sure if this will be live on the 11th or 12th, but it'll defini…
@louisbink You can tell a lot about a person by these categories. I’ll play along Eggs: only in a cake 🧁 Steak: I… @Clarissa_Laskey Just started blogging again on my new website after a long break and I’m trying to hit 3 a week. Tho’ I’m currently at 2 @OnTheFlyblog1 Sounds like fun, so I’d love to take part 😊Mildly confused as I’ve suddenly started to get more followers on here than usual, but ok. 🌴 So “hi new followers… my next blog post should be out tomorrow or on the 12th And I have yet to write it because my thesis ate my… @TravelJournalUK retweeted it. 😊 Hope you reach 2K soon!So close to 2000 followers, help me get to 2000 and I'll follow back! #traveltribe
Retweeted by Steph / A Nomads Passport @IDtravelblog @fivepax I'll sent you a list tomorrow 😊 (But you might want to message me if I end up forgotting it… @fivepax -- page layout. Somehow my coding style and the theme I was using didn't get along 😂😂😂 oops 😅 I love blo… @fivepax Teenager me used to have a different kind of blog years ago so I set goals for myself 🙈 I'm a nerd like t… @IDtravelblog Followed. Hope you reach 500 soon! @fivepax I post links to now blog posts on all of my social media channels and engage a lot with fellow bloggers😄… how this whole blogging thing is coming along. 💙 Didn't promote yesterday and still got 60 new users on my 9t…
My thesis is on its way to Munich and I finally have my life back! I just hope I pass 🙈 I've been feeling super t… @TooMuchToSee1 @pint_pound_pate so... to summarize my spelling when it comes to that tweet: "clusterf*ck" 🤦🏻‍♀️ @TooMuchToSee1 @pint_pound_pate I'm not saying that I want someto puke sn md on a plane (again), but ic you geg snd… @House_of_Coco I‘ll start traveling again in a few weeks. Handing in my thesis tomorrow so I‘ll be free to post and… little update on the potential dive safari. They compiled a list of the Top 10 and will select a winner in the ne…
Retweeted by Steph / A Nomads PassportI have to send my thesis to my university tomorrow and it's still not done. Not saying that I am freaking out, but…
@RTWBarefoot 😂😂😂😂😂 Drink one for me. I certainly feel like drinking 10 even if I rarely drink 🙈😂A little update on the potential dive safari. They compiled a list of the Top 10 and will select a winner in the ne… @the_HoliDaze @RTWBarefoot love the idea! Iran is super high on my travel list. It looks like such a beautiful cou… Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide 🧳📸🏛 #travelblogger #blogger #traveling
@wandercrystal this!!! 💙 it’s so important! @influenceleague Sustainable and Ethical Traveling 🌿🧳✈️ twitter: @Nomadspassport IG:…