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Engineering Lead. Africana. NYC born. Dubai raised. Founder. Teacher. Maker. Podcast @TheWebPlatform @JSPartyFM. Organize @ #GDG Cambridge. Alum @npmjs @bocoup

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RGB passed away today...what a legacy...and what a loss. Rest in peace sister ❤️Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a historic figure. She changed the way the world is for American women. NPR's obituary:…
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🚢 New episode of JS Party! 🚢 🗣 The Builder Pattern (for your career) 🎙 hosted by @nicknisi @nomadtechie @shortdiv
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @tobie That's true. Burn it all. I have better ideas. @lucamaraschi Best of luck with your talk!!! I totally get it @tobie I feel attacked 🙃
@_developit Same @AhmadNassri @bahmutov Well you can't be jealous if you never leave your house - Mr.Quarentine 3000. Although, it i…, an empanada and Dr. @bahmutov. Lovely social distanced hang today ❤️🙋🏾‍♀️
Lets talk about the overlapping world of software development in modern organizations .... who's shipping software…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @dabit3 I usually always troll myself first - you are in good company. I'm doing great in life. See what I just di… @dabit3 I feel attacked right now. JUST KIDDING. THIS IS HILARIOUS. Still feel attacked though. Sneaky attack. haha ;-D"If you don't have #ADHD yourself, chances are you know someone who does. They are your employee, your friend, your… @_developit ummmmmm wow. Thanks for sharing this.Wow, Moment.js is done! There was definitely a time where it would have been inconceivable to do anything with date…
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We were all pretty heavy hearted with this. The library is an old friend. And that's the response people give I gu…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @are0h totally agreed! @maggiepint I'm so glad that we are catching up later today. Also, this is a great reminder of how much of a knowle… today that Moment will make no further major change or features. Closed a lot of issues with a link to ou…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @AhmadNassri @AnnaJMcDougall @bahmutov @ljharb @matteocollina @jorydotcom @tobie @ag_dubs Your spirit animal. I thi… @are0h Did somebody say Flash? Just kidding - although - on a serious note - there were some really great content c… @AhmadNassri @AnnaJMcDougall @bahmutov @ljharb @matteocollina @jorydotcom @tobie @ag_dubs Spoken like a true Grandpa! Hey there friend! @AnnaJMcDougall I think it's fair to say all the primitives at this point :-) HTML and CSS are implied since thei… @bahmutov IDK - but I think we should ask @AnnaJMcDougall the real JavaScript Grandma™ please stand-up! 🙏 I feel like a JavaScript Grandma™ - newbies - trust me - we have come a far far way on the web. That sai… I wanna be Masako Wakamiya when I grow up
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@sharondio We just got home and I am now regretting everything I bought. I hate my stairs. Hate them. Lol @sharondio Girl. If I could just show you how much food we bought in VT... You might disown me as a friend. Serious… @slightlylate Unfortunately, I'm well aware. LolOmg @slightlylate - thanks for blowing up my mentions! Damnit. I'm still in vacation mode. Can't deal with nerd twi… fourteen varieties of cheese? Ummmm. Yes please!!!!! I have found Ron Swanson heaven in Vermont. 🧀 @banana_umai @AhmadNassri @jerodsanto @JSPartyFM ❤️❤️❤️ @jaydhizzle @nicknisi Lol too funny. Well.... Flutter web bundles are likely the biggest offenders. That's some fat… @banana_umai @AhmadNassri @jerodsanto @JSPartyFM Can't wait!!! And thank you. We have a growing backlog of places w… @nicknisi On a serious note, @addyosmani we know smaller isn't always better, right? API surface, code and mainte…’t wait to see what google libraries get recommended for replacement.
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @banana_umai @AhmadNassri @jerodsanto @JSPartyFM My pleasure! I'm marrying a Korean American & we are both learning… @nicknisi @JSPartyFM @kbal11 @shortdiv So @kbal11 that is the most dad photo ever! In reality, Nick, Divya and I ar… @DNeighly @bahmutov Yaaaaas!!!! There are only 9 rooms in this B&B & we're in The Woodstock Room to be specific - it's the on…'ve been quoted in Japanese. I can call it's quits now. My work here is done. 😬 ありがとうございました @banana_umai. I'm so…, bath for two? YES PLEASE!!! I don't understand why all bathrooms can't be this progressive and respectful…
I'm convinced September is when New England shines the most. It's the best of summer that's slowly ushering the coo… @bahmutov An A Class pun. I would expect nothing else Doctor Bahmutov.A different kind of Mac 🍎 heard it here first. Dr. Gleb Bahmutov is a doctor of JavaScript. @bahmutov we need all the help we can get s… @ljharb @AhmadNassri @cramforce @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto That was dark Jordan. But I'm into the joke. 😬😜 @wavedrop 😂 a rug phase to my development process.
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @AstridSawatzky Nice ☺️ @kristoferbaxter @cramforce @AhmadNassri @bahmutov @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto @jsconfeu Ok. I'll dm when I'm back home… @kristoferbaxter @cramforce @AhmadNassri @bahmutov @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto @jsconfeu This was super fun Kris. And I… @cramforce @kristoferbaxter @AhmadNassri @bahmutov @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto Happy for the endorsement Malte. @kristoferbaxter @cramforce @AhmadNassri @bahmutov @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto @jsconfeu Memories!!!! I miss @jsconfeu s… @kristoferbaxter @AhmadNassri @cramforce @bahmutov @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto Wow. I go have dinner & come back to sear… @AhmadNassri @bahmutov @cramforce @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto Omg!!!! Malte _does_ work at Google. Home of The Borg.programming:
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @bahmutov @AhmadNassri @cramforce @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto So glad there's some good JavaScript kidney interop. @bahmutov @AhmadNassri @cramforce @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto Oh Gleb!!! I'm so glad you're here. You made a debut in th… @cramforce @JSPartyFM @AhmadNassri @jerodsanto Oh and if I remember correctly there's definitely a few minutes of m… @AhmadNassri @cramforce @JSPartyFM @jerodsanto 💀 @cramforce @JSPartyFM @AhmadNassri @jerodsanto I haven't listened to the recording yet but it was extremely fun to… @tx_drewdad Droooool @brianleroux So glad you enjoyed it Brian!!!
really enjoyed this! lots of wisdom in understanding how to focus on core business value, maintaining light TCO and…
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Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜We're recording our live show a day late this week because Labor Day, so join us today if you're free! 🤩 @nicknisi
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜Catch @AhmadNassri @nomadtechie and @jerodsanto on @JSPartyFM discussing Solving Solved Problems.
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @aviskarkc10 @dabit3 @dabit3 ❤️ @johnthad @BenLesh Omg. I didn't but that sounds about right. 🙃 @FirefoxNightly now comes with an experimental HTML Sanitizer! This API takes potentially bad HTML and gives you a…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein ✊🏿💜 @johnthad @BenLesh Hey man..the "woman tax" is very real. It's amazingly sad we don't get an automatic 40% discount… @johnthad @BenLesh That's great Thad!!! I really want to start running as well but I need to get a very very very g… @BenLesh 1. Stupid covid 2. Stupid covid 3. Stupid covid @jasemcclurg Foo Bar Foobar @tx_drewdad Yummmmm. But for me that's Turkey Bacon. I'm sure there's no such thing as actual turkey bacon but I ea… @shanselman I love that family Scott has a beard and computer Scott looks like he's in high school. 😂 I have to sa… @SmothersAaron Whew! No human body parts means it's a safe freezer. Lol Also good call on something locally raised… @kennethrohde Dude. Story ofy m life 😬 @sebawita @kennethrohde Haha yes! This reminds me of an awesome pic I've seen from @cramforce - it's was graffiti a… @rahulballal7 Indeedy do! Good song to: @pipobscure @maggiepint Oh yea! Matt, Maggie and you being the Temporal proposal stewards -We were talking about th… @jamonholmgren Well well well...... @kentcdodds Good one Kent! I would expect nothing less from you. Three words about you! 😬😬😬😜😜😜😂😂😂❤️ @james_foran 😂 @andregce Yummmmmmm! @ljharb @kbrainz Chilllllllllllll. I so dig. @VeryRedBike I could keep going all day with these. @VeryRedBike Hello friend!! Glad to know the feeling is mutual 🥰 @DavidKPiano Oh wait, you are the xState dude, right? If so, very nice you meet you. I'm a fan. @DavidKPiano Smart!!! @trevorpage1287 Yum!!! @charlobo 🥰🥰🥰 @bahmutov Oh Steve.....the original Steve. What a nerd!!! @sheoncehadme Fancy!!! @Sajma Classy!