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Engineering Manager @npmjs. Traveler. NYC born. Dubai raised. Intra-preneur. Entre-preneur. Teacher. Maker. @TheWebPlatform co-host. #GDG Cambridge Organizer

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@bonkydog Idk why this felt like Nirvana's Come As You Are - either way u sing on Twitter. Hello! 🙋🏽‍♀️😎🎤
@kristoferbaxter So much to catch up on. We'll get some time on the books soon. Hope u r well friend ♥️ @bahmutov @CraigCav Hey Craig it's there's a large event happening on Thursday so it's going to be Wednesday Oct 23rd. Maybe u can make it? @kristoferbaxter Indeed. I'm sad bc I will be at CDS halftime. I'm speaking at QCon so I'm double booked... technic… @kristoferbaxter @bahmutov @CraigCav Yup next Thursday. I'll update and formally announce it later todayfor years, npm has maintained the most complete corpus of malware published on the npm registry. learn more about t…
Retweeted by Amal HusseinHad an amazing time @ #AllThingsOpen!! I can’t wait til next year 😁🤗 Thanks to everyone who made it amazing!…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @ThisDotMedia @Silent_Riot5225 @toddlew @DevsRTP Oh yes u do. Love love love this photo. Thank u Phoenix ♥️🙋🏽‍♀️ @theJamesCha @justinribeiro @chatasweetie Very artistic. Love it. It's a beautiful happy accident.
@pikapkg ♥️ @FredKSchott @_drewpowers @pikapkg Yes yes and more yes. @FredKSchott you are being quoted at #AllThingsOpen 😎😆 Lovely talk from @_drewpowers on @pikapkg. I'm so hap… @MoxieHampton "find your tribe - and love them hard" Yessssss I was just on @JSPartyFM and said the same thing. talk from @MoxieHampton on the challenges of breaking through into tech while identifying with multiple un… @ladyleet @jorydotcom @JSPartyFM @kbal11 @AllThingsOpen Wow @kbal11 u got some serious moves... Move over J-Lo lol…, @JSPartyFM is cool and all but @kbal11’s dance moves need an award @allthingsopen #allthingsopen #ato2019
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @seanbdoherty @WPI Also thank you for the kind feedback ♥️ @seanbdoherty @WPI Amazing running into you yesterday!! Can't wait to catch up again"It's really important for me to democratize this knowledge. Most developers don't realize that they are actually a…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein🚨Another AWESOME Session Alert from #NodeJSInteractive!🚨 Check out @nomadtechie give this talk: Goodbye View Source…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein"Applications are living, breathing, they have cruft... it's normal. I want to normalize weirdness, beause that's j…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @changelog Awwww just saw this. I loved being on the show y'all. It was a blast. Thank you for having me. ♥️♥️ @kadamwhite @jorydotcom So so so much fun. We didn't selfie though. We are lame.
@tobie @jorydotcom @bahmutov Thank you Tobie. Hope to finally catch you soon @cavezza @bahmutov @Cypress_io Happy to help with anything you need regard Bobby - I'm very interested to seeing mo… @reg_inee ♥️♥️"people use words like love, testing and cypress together in the same sentence all the time" best quote ever! It'… @kadamwhite Oh no - it's the room. I love the photo thank u so much!! @jorydotcom @tobie Aaaaaah did I miss this? I'm upstairs waiting for @bahmutov 's talk @kadamwhite Thanks for coming KAdam!! I hope you enjoyed it. Also that lighting....😖 LolzReally enjoying (and learning a lot from) @nomadtechie’s introduction to Abstract Syntax Trees at #ato2019—one of t…
Retweeted by Amal HusseinListening to @nomadtechie at #AllThingsOpen
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @TMaxwell Hi Tara! Thanks for coming. I hope you enjoyed it 🙋🏽‍♀️Great talk with @nomadtechie . Harnessing the power of Abstract Syntax Trees.
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @JoeHughesDev Thanks Joe! It's was awesome meeting you. Keep in touch 🙋🏽‍♀️ @jorydotcom And remember foundations don't control the project - community does! #AllThingsOpen @jorydotcom @jorydotcom ....and considerations for if you need a 3rd place to govern your open source projects. this timely talk from @jorydotcom at #AllThingsOpen -- thanks for breaking down the why's and what's of softw… & honored to be speaking at #AllThingsOpen today. Come see my talk, "Does your Open Source project need a 3…
Retweeted by Amal HusseinHello #AllThingsOpen!! If you want to learn about the magical ways you can use ASTs in your code bases today - come… @mhartington @ladyleet @EmmaWedekind @ericastanley Oh yesss! I'll be at @jorydotcom 's talk at 11:45am and my t… congrats on your keynotes @ladyleet @EmmaWedekind and @ericastanley #AllThingsOpen @jorydotcom @kadamwhite +1 I guess I'll see u sooner than I thought K.Adam! 😆😆 @DoesitPew @AllThingsOpen Miss you! I hope Austin was awesome @vicbergquist @EmmaWedekind @AllThingsOpen We can't all live in Norway Victoria so.. .Spending time with @nomadtechie, @swyx && @ASpittel 🖤
Retweeted by Amal Hussein
@EmmaWedekind @AllThingsOpen Can't wait to see you either 😘❤️Excited to be speaking at @AllThingsOpen tomorrow - what an incredibly humbling cohort speakers and attendees comin… are very proud to be hosting 80 of the most influential female and non-binary/transgender speakers at…
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npm turns 10! To celebrate, we've put together a timeline of the milestones we've reached along the way. Thank you…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @EmmaWedekind Awww yaay! Glad u liked you Emma.👂 @nomadtechie on why she's sick of seeing companies with a 'next-gen' team and an 'old-gen' team working in parall…
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@mcrowder65 @reactjs @ReactBoston 😆 I have to say it was a huge surprise seeing that many hands go up for former jQ…’s @nomadtechie at @ReactBoston talking about React and the web “With React, I felt like it was the first time…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @chrisachard Thank you so much for capturing this Chris!! You picked some fun quotes 🤗🤗🏒 @linalekova @ReactBoston Thanks so much Lena! Amazing see u @luke_pighetti @CraigCav @ReactBoston Hey Luke - not yet but it was recorded. Thanks for ur interest. ♥️ @CraigCav @ReactBoston We can be friends. I live in Boston. Testing nerds and web platform fanatics need to stick together. 😆Congrats on your awesome talk @CraigCav ! I loved hearing about your inline vistual tests - I'm such a testing nerd… @WushuDan @ReactBoston Thanks so much Daniel. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 🙋🏽‍♀️“We have a responsibility as the privileged few who build for the web. Let’s be better stewards” @nomadtechie ❤️☺️…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein"No more build tools!". @nomadtechie is crushing it up on stage at @ReactBoston. "Can I get an amen?" - I've litera…
Retweeted by Amal Hussein @CraigCav @ReactBoston Awwwww thanks so much Craig. ♥️♥️ @angelmbanks @AllThingsOpen @HenriHelvetica @ladyleet @mhartington @KimMaida @burrsutter @ericastanley woohoo. Exci… @EmmaWedekind @changelog I think I see why the internet has fallen love with you Emma. You're too sweet. And yea…
@EmmaWedekind @ReactBoston @WayfairTech @ReactBoston ! Excited to kicking off day 2 tomorrow with my talk on React & the Web Platform Delta - lots of…🎙️ @nomadtechie is on a mission to democratize the knowledge and usage of AST’s to push legacy code and the web for…
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@nitya @npmjs Thanks Nitya. Remote first and I'm supporting a distributed team. I hope our paths cross soon as well. ♥️
@jasnell @npmjs Thanks so much James! 🙋🏽‍♀️ @hdjirdeh @npmjs Thanks so Houssein!! Can't wait catch up for realz. See you in November @jeffposnick @npmjs Thanks so much Jeff! See you in November @addyosmani @jeffposnick @npmjs Thanks so much Addy!! @matteocollina @npmjs Thanks so much Matteo! Looking forward to seeing you in December 😎 @Splaktar @npmjs We're hiring :-) @pattishin @npmjs Thanks so much Patti!! @shortdiv @npmjs Thanks Divya! ♥️ Hope to Vue you soon @pipobscure @npmjs Thanks Philipp. Lol @ again. That's right Twitter. We're REAL friends. @rachelnabors @npmjs Thanks Rachel!! So excited. Talk soon. @eisaksen @npmjs Thanks so much Erik! Looking forward to catching up soon ♥️ @millea9 @npmjs Adam!! Friend!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Can we hire you please? Seriously? Cc @AhmadNassri @kristoferbaxter @npmjs Awww thanks Kris! You are very kind. Can't wait to catch up soon! @rijubrata @npmjs Thanks so much Rijubrata! @Paul_Kinlan @npmjs Awwwww Paul! Thanks so much - I'm happy to be on board. Also, ya lah! 😁 @DoesitPew @npmjs Hellz yes! Thanks for the support Stacy. You are a champion of champions. ♥️ @jonny_link @npmjs Thanks John!! So exciting. @codemouse @npmjs Awwww Brian!!! ♥️♥️ @remotesynth @npmjs Thank you Brian. Now you know why I've been "busy". Lots of packages. All manual work. 😎 @_developit @npmjs Shhhh. It's grand plan. Don't spoil the surprise. "Everyone gets modern JavaScript! Now!!!" I… @sharondio @npmjs All the little people! Your all just packages now. 😁😁 Thx for love and continued Shar-bot. ♥️ @ag_dubs @zackbloom @npmjs Omg major looooool Ashley. It's an honor following in your footsteps lady. #originalBadass. ♥️🙋🏽‍♀️
@_developit @npmjs Plot twist 😝 and thanks Jason ♥️ @hayleefaylee @npmjs Yes!! I'll be remote. NPM is officially remote first now. The team I'm supporting is fully distributed. @linalekova @npmjs Awww thanks Lina! ♥️ @zackbloom @npmjs Awww thanks Zack. You are too kind @Splaktar @npmjs Thanks Michael! I'll be remote. NPM is officially remote first now. The team I'm supporting is fully distributed. @dshaw @npmjs Ikr!!! So exciting. @vonneudeck @npmjs Thanks Nicolai! @bahmutov @npmjs Thank you Glebushka!