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Fantasy reader. Gamer/OSU Melee Tournament Organizer. Seeker of frisson. Californian. He/Him. ''There's no way you have this many opinions.''

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Lavash hot sauce laying me out rn @MeleePapa Do you actually want this?Mental acuity is for fucking suckers
The new mattress pad combined with fresh sheets and comforter puts me at such a high placeI forgot to clean the litter box before leaving for work and archie waited all the way until I got back home and cl… @MeleePapa Bojack horseman man is probably my all time favorite TV show, hard recommend.
Cool music lyrics of the day: "Out of self preservation, did I begin with tenderness?"Archie has been such a good boy for meeting all my friends and family so far, he just might be a good boy like almost all the time?Holy fuck best Ive slept in weeks, maybe months. The pen is a powerful allyIf you like something that I think is wack I still respect you. Sike
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Hunter moooooooooode off the pen for 2 and a half months and it fucking showsI have unveiled the final element of my home to archie, no more new space for him to explore but at least he can lo… put his paw on my phone so I started using it to scroll up and down twitter lmao. @CornCobKyle Good luck!!!!Saw a girl on hinge the other day who was from paradise california, probably the biggest RIP I've felt this week.I already love my cat so much he's brought so much light to my life in just a week what an amazing boyIn an absolute display of my utter mastery of trader joe's, I was at the register with all my stuff 4 minutes after entry
@kurib0h1 Imagine reply guying a random dude on twitter in defense of REDDIT of all things. Absolute loser shit her… being locked in my room for a week whenever he was without supervision, I have left archie to explore the apa… @MeleePapa Here's a pic of archie being good and just vibing Random thought, but I've read so much stuff through the years that slowly brought down my… seems pretty determined to be a bad day but I remain UNDAUNTEDNothing like being responsible and trying to get to work early only to be the first car stuck behind the train crossingReddit poisons just about everything it touches folks Adelson died and that's not a bad thing lol.Archie is such a fucking food FREAK I left my leftover lavash on the counter for 1 minute and he was trying to eat it @MeleePapa Rocky and cupid have grown to grand proportions I really want to see them again soon!!!!!Lol I'm a giant dumbass who thought targets return policy was longer than it was and also AT&T decided that I actua…
Just had a call at work where the people I was talking to didn't even understand how to... Log in to a website....I'm vibing so fucking hard this morning @MeleePapa Not yet, the field is so much wider than I let it be in the past, so much on the menu I gotta try.The first time I listened to thundercat, I thought he was boring, an L I have to hold for the rest of my life.Taking a nice hunk of lamb and just slamming it into the lavash hot sauceany democrat born after 1945 can't govern, all they know is make bad website, eat hot chip and lie
Retweeted by berkThere are currently 4(!) Insanely powerful lavash dips in my fridge, I don't know what to to do
Feeling very good today, despite my autocorrect's attempts to ruin my tweets!Another round of slurping turtle while bloated from lavash yesterday life is hardI've been trying to have falco as a secondary but I've realized falcons actually been here the whole timeIf archie realizes I'm paying attention to my phone screen instead of him he'll paw at my arm or at the screen itse…
2021 out the lavash "combo for two" is for more than two people and also an insane amount of valueParentally sponsored lavash lunchFucking funny that twitter baited trump into a concession video to get access to twitter back and then rebanned him… @moth_actually Oh noEvery conservative on this platform is a massive fucking crybaby whose opinions no one actually wants or cares about, hope they all leave. @MeleePapa "holy shit dude I just beat the best kirby main in the Midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I have intangibility flashing btwUh I got stuck like then my opponent dc'd can anyone explain? exclusive for the homies to the work chat*I sent pictures of archie and now everyone's fawning over him because that's WHAT HE DESERVES 😤😤😤😤
"in fact, everyone finds that they are more creative stoned than straight"It's absolutely adorable when your cat decides to just plop their entire body on your chest while you're in bed but… was kind of a menace overnight tonight so I didn't get much sleepYoooo my mom got COVID vaccinated I get to finally feel comfortable about the fact that she has covid positive patients.Holy shit apex is so cool now this game fucking owns footage of me living my best life eagle is such a trap dude why is everything here like 20% more expensive than everywhere elseOh no they're closed @MeleePapa The most overrated stuff ive ever listened to
Gonna get lavash on the way home probablyOh no not another power metal phase.Between the cat, the therapy, and a the job improvement stuff I'm shooting for, I feel like I'm at least trying to… realized slurling turtle on the way back from work only results in 10 minutes total of extra drivingArchie did his first incredibly stupid thing where he tried to lean back from where he was standing on my bed but h… was actually really productive and nice. Got to talk with friends, get the cat properly taken care of, and ap… apparently "pog" might be cancelled now buuuuuut still nice. chatting with old friends actually does work to make the pandemic less shitty, feeling good tonightJust found out the IRS may have my old address instead of my new one even though I changed my address with the USPS…
@MeleePapa I've only had one session and it's already helped me noticeably, hopefully it can do the same for you if… have officially applied to more OSU jobs in a single day than I did in all my time prior to todayCone cat silly boy licked out all his stitches and has been given a cone @ottomaddox_ Damn did Matt Yglesias call the twitter police on you? @ottomaddox_ It's also so obvious from this that the idea of sending *multiple* $2000 checks is just beyond him for… @MeleePapa Archie! (Short for archibald)Using a sick day to make sure the cat is okay and applying to a bunch of new jobs all at once here we go.Despite this he still ran around too much overnight and has issues that need an immediate vet visit :/'s just hanging out!'ve really struck the jackpot with this cat it's the first night and he's cuddled right next to me in bed.The cat is still recovering from a couple surgeries and being around me excites him a lot and I'm worried he's runn… @ActuallyNotRiri How do I acquire such a meal?If Dems win georgia I will unironically use "pog" for the first time in my life. I'm willing to pay this price.Might actually just become Mordekaiser Main Who Only Listens To Power Metal for a bit
@AstroPatty_ It never does...... @ActuallyNotRiri Happy birthday!!!!!! @ottomaddox_ Incredibly bloated from a massive dinner last night. Getting a cat today and very excited!* important caveat being that they also have to be People I Know Should Know Better or very staunch republicans. @MeleePapa When? @MeleePapa Slurping turtle in easton. Tryna hit?Realizing the fact the I believe that people who aren't woke enough are inherently undeserving of kindness from me… the toilet an absolutely unforgettable night