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Noods Radio @noodsradio Bristol, England

Bristol based independent radio.

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Up on @noodsradio now for the next hour 🍜
Retweeted by Noods RadioUp from 2100 for 60 minutes from Barcelona's Digital Arts Festival > @mirafestival hosted by @perera_elsewhere !!… Presents: @pereraelsewhere at @noodsradio. Don't miss her exclusive MIRA 2019 MIX, tonight 10pm on
Retweeted by Noods RadioStepping up from 2000 this evening with a @simplethingsuk Special hosted by @wisdomteethuk bossman @factamusic !! on @noodsradio this evening, 8:00 - 9:00 pm - this time teaming up with @simplethingsuk for a pre-festival spe…
Retweeted by Noods RadioBristol's @ishansound is swinging through from 1500 this afternoon, plug in your earphones!
Stepping up for the next 60 with the mighty Peter D Rose ! from 1900 with @sam_.hall on the @fewandfarbetwennbristol show, get your ears involved!
Lock in to hear DJ JOHN SKERNE back behind the decks after over 600 years. 9-11 @noodsradio
Retweeted by Noods Radiostanding in for uncle knobhead on @noodsradio in 2 hrs
Retweeted by Noods RadioListen back to our @noodsradio debut, complete with music from Efficient Space, @WeAreKit, @KNEKELHUIS_, 12th Isle,…
Retweeted by Noods RadioTune in the next hour for some serious dancefloor material from @TMIDMusic, one last dance for the summer //… @noodsradio tomoz aft....
Retweeted by Noods RadioHearty Breakfast 🍳
Live on @noodsradio for the next 2 w/ a UK garage special from me, followed by a verrrrry special guest mix from Ga…
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A huge show from @shyshyeyezeyez on a UKG tip this evening with a guest show from, get locked from…
here we go :) tomorrow morning I start a new residency with @noodsradio would be real nice if you could join me!
Retweeted by Noods Radio I did a radio show! Thanks for having me @noodsradio I’m such a goof
Retweeted by Noods Radio#radio news: we present a one-off, hour-long mix of the best in experimental music from the Middle East, Africa + t…
Retweeted by Noods RadioCatch us back at The Crofters Rights at the start of next month for a quick knees up with @dardisku_records &…
From Music to Chaosmos with @epsilove playing a load of Techno, Wave, Trance & Metal for the next 60 !! / SW | Make your way to @bristolys4c climate strike on the 20th September from 1100am at College Green Bri… mix is live on @noodsradio until 3pm 👀 Tune in for some chugging BPMs, acid, and cosmic synths ✨
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Kicking off her 3 month residency catch T.Wan (@tiffwanee) for the next 60 !! on @noodsradio tonight ⏰
Retweeted by Noods RadioUp for the next couple with @ossiaossiaossia and guests Simon Grab & Yao Bobby, get your ears tuned in!! the next 60 catch @f_____o__q_____l___ Interferencje show playing tracks from Oramics 'Total Solidarity' releas… on @noodsradio - 2hrs of bruk riddims & brain music. Incl special guest mix from Simon Grab & Yao Bobby, wh…
Retweeted by Noods RadioTomorrow night from midnight I have a mix airing on @noodsradio. It's on the slow, brooding, slightly evil, slightl…
Retweeted by Noods RadioOn air right now on @noodsradio
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Rolling with EP (@coppersounds) 64 for the next 60 with a live session 🤟🤟🤟 tomorrow night with a guest mix from Noumeno (Portals Editions / Haunter Records) a whole host of edi…
Retweeted by Noods RadioWelcome back the rain and shorter days. Act Normal show is exactly 1 year today. Looking forward to playing some so…
Retweeted by Noods RadioYIKES WE'RE BACK WITH A BI-MONTHLY SOCIAL !! Kicking things off with local legend D.HAM and Slack Alice's @NADOONE hour solo flight to soundtrack your morning on @noodsradio . Astrally-project to the link in bio. . . . . .…
Retweeted by Noods RadioOn @noodsradio
Retweeted by Noods RadioTomorrow! FOQL back on @noodsradio with her residency show, presenting her fav experimental and chill tracks from "…
Retweeted by Noods RadioListen back to last week's @noodsradio show from @Filter_Dread - ft. Avon Terror Corps (…
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Playing a load of Hip, Dub & Reggae for the next hour on the Rain World (@rainingworldwide) show !! carboot hoarders are back with a bunch of Dusty Grooves (@dustygrooves0117)for the next couple !!
Kicking off from 1400 with @lucebristol, come through for a boogie, beer and bbq ❤️❤️❤️
Stepping up for the next 60 with sounds from @andymacdeejay !!
Get yourself to The Christmas Steps this Saturday for one last sun dance before the winters here and catch… @noodsradio show is tonight. Hosted by the don @Filter_Dread - 21:00-23:00 GMT
Retweeted by Noods RadioSounds from @djkeyhole for the next 60 playing a load of electro, house, breakbeat!! Izabel the next hour for an assortment of folk, psych and everything delicious in between //…
What you doing right now? Get your ears locked into the sounds @tilly_s for the next 120 !!! for another 40 mins on @noodsradio 🦋🦋🦋
Retweeted by Noods RadioTune in 5-7pm today to our special 4th birthday takeover on @NoodsRadio!! Tunes + Chat from Saffron friends + fam h…
Retweeted by Noods RadioUp for the next 60 with sounds from Fo`pa on the IMBROGLIO show!
Tune in tonight for a very special show from Guest: Songs of Ethiopia w/ Amanuel, 2200 - 2300 //…
Catch up on my @noodsradio show from last week 🕊
Retweeted by Noods RadioBristol’s @hellfirevideoclub till 2100 playing a bunch of odd ball stuff 🤟🤟🤟 for the next 60 with Ben Vince and the first show from his guest residency ❤️ celebration of our 4th Birthday, we are doing a very special Saffron takeover on @NoodsRadio! 🔊🔊🔊 A whole host…
Retweeted by Noods RadioSo stoked to start my guest residency on @noodsradio today, tune in 5-6pm, got some exciting release news and forth…
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Take over at @noodsradio / Three Berceuse Heroique artists will play some of their fav tunes and influences / Don’t…
Retweeted by Noods RadioKeep your eyes peeled for this bunch starting their 3 month residencies 🔥🔥🔥
Forgot that I saw this at Hamilton House last night - love that @noodsradio love being on DAB in #bristol
Retweeted by Noods RadioHere’s my hot ass playlist from my @noodsradio DJ set this morning. See you tonight Bristol!
Retweeted by Noods RadioShips Without Meaning on @noodsradio tonight, 23.00-00.00... cosmic/ambient/soundtrack vibes with music from…
Retweeted by Noods RadioNext Saturday catch @christophebristol spinning some numbers @thechristmassteps for our day party 🎈 It’s Free 🎉 with @sasamiashworth for the next 60 🤟🤟🤟
Catch @Pessimistdnb and @owenclarity joining @VegaRuffhouse on The Buzzer this evening going b2b2b. 2100-2200 BST…
Retweeted by Noods RadioWe're taking a bunch of Bristol's finest to @kneedeepfestival this weekend! If you're around be sure to grab a tick… my @noodsradio show with ChuBEI @supadupachunba 30/Aug/2019 BST 15:00-16:00 JPN 23:00-24:00 今回のゲストはチューベイ君です!…
Retweeted by Noods RadioTune in to @noodsradio from 1500 GMT for my August show! Fluid moods, squiffy grooves and cosmic jams. Live transmi…
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Hopping on @noodsradio at 23:00 tonight - tune in at 👽
Retweeted by Noods RadioI did a guest mix for @oscilla_sound radio show on @noodsradio which aired last week & is now up online.. I played…
Retweeted by Noods RadioListen to the #SlackAlice show on @noodsradio tonight if you like
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We’ve invited @donnaleake1 @christophebristol @zsatsumas & @mixnights for a big old day party in a couple weeks, sw… mix on @noodsradio tonight at 8-9pm! wether you listen or not i hope you have a good hour
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Up from 1900 with @moving0still stepping in for @dardisku_records with 60 minutes of Traditional Arabic, Dabke & Ra… @noodsradio from 8-10pm. mixed bag of fresh heaters as always 🚨
Retweeted by Noods RadioSorry I can’t join you for the ride today @ShaunFPhillips @theokotz @noodsradio – I’m helping out with an egg & spo…
Retweeted by Noods RadioLive on @noodsradio for the next 2hrs. Let us know you’re listening :)
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You can now listen back to the first Polity show on @noodsradio - had an absolute blast playing these tracks - mass…
Retweeted by Noods RadioThanks to everyone who's regularly supporting the label and buying from @Bandcamp, you give me faith!
Retweeted by Noods Radio***Back on @noodsradio tomorrow w/ XDCVR_ @Xavier_McDaniel [ Opal Tapes, Detroit Underground, Ruralfaune ] ***** Pr…
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Catch me on ur air wavessss tonight from 9 with a bag of talent coming through with me x
Retweeted by Noods RadioUp from 2100 with the @shellingz_bristol hosted by @johzee_bristol & guests @djgemmy @bugnum1 @emzbars, Get locked… on @noodsradio today from 1700-1800 GMT. Loads of forthcoming xclusives from kodamadub, @kinsmannl, magugu,…
Retweeted by Noods RadioTracklist now up for Sunday’s @noodsradio show with @jbglza0001 for @Yves_musiq! Jams from @BrotherMay @lawson_benn
Retweeted by Noods RadioRider Shafique (@r7gin) is up for the next 60 with an interview with Delly Ranx on the I-MC show, get locked !!
Hi, I'm playing on @noodsradio in an hour 10-11 BST, playing jungle, hardcore and drum & bass (although this is all…
Retweeted by Noods RadioWe’re back on @noodsradio this Sunday with our Detours show from 2 – 4pm. Tune in online at
Retweeted by Noods RadioRolling with @christophebristol for the next 60 👂👂👂
Get your 👂👂👂 locked into sounds from Jackin'Patz (@dirtytalk_bristol) for the next 60 !! latest hour for @noodsradio is up with a tracklist :)
Retweeted by Noods RadioDefinitely re-listen to @hi5ghostbristol last show with Peter D Rose behind the wheels!! Available on our website 👂… for the next 60 with the debut show from @thebrvtalist with a guest interview with @hurenmusic 👂🔥👂 HERE'S ME FIRST NEW TRACK TO BE RELEASED IN A MINUTE LOL 'TUNNELLING' streaming now via @noodsradio
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Rolling into 60 minutes of Beats, Drum & Bass & Techno from @qmico928 !!! in from 1900 - 2000 today for @sam_.hall debut @fewandfarbetweenbristol show! // LISTEN BACK 🍄
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Up from 0000 this evening with Liar Bird's Live Explorations - a 60 minute recording from their most recent live pe… at 1am tonight - get locked @noodsradio !!
Retweeted by Noods RadioRe-live some of the magic of @tonebusy's appearance at Slix Disco last Friday with his fire session on @noodsradio
Retweeted by Noods RadioSpecial guest 'MAMMA MATRIX MOST MAGICAL' (salác, repeater, healers) on the @ceramicslabel show this evening from…
Up for the next 60 playing a load of electro, breakbeat & techno with @Athene_ldn 👂👂👂