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We’re all here because we’re not all there

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@icryconstantly @emilymusson we're going to need a group chat here
@deems_412 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i love sleeping with a weighted plushie + weighted face mask because it helps calm my anxiety down before bed. UP…
Retweeted by Nora @tocas_miracle @emilymusson us next year
Hi everyone. The movie "Adam" is coming out in August and I can assure you as someone who worked as an extra for th…
Retweeted by NoraThoughts today, July 22, 2019 @emilymusson Love you @Yatesy17 I love youI’ve cried upwards of six times at work today and all I can think about is hiding in my bed for the next four weeks… don’t think, unless you’ve been there, people understand how truly fucking exhausting it is to be a normal functi… believe in a future where our government represents the beautifully diverse society we are. Looking forward to pl…
Retweeted by NoraInspired by @ subliming.jpeg on Instagram (, a band called @themaine, a man called… was let go by Revolver today. If you know of any social media/marketing jobs and opportunities, hit me up.
Retweeted by NoraLooking for someone to sublet a bedroom in an east village two bedroom apt (I will be your roommate, I cry a lot bu… I’m having a blast at comic con, but seeing Sebastian being soft with a puppy just made my weekend :,)…
Retweeted by Nora @Kjlambert @champagnezamy THE PAW HOLD
@caseeeyfitz ❤️❤️❤️❤️All about me
Whatever’s left of me I’ll give to you.
Retweeted by Nora one asked me to write out my favorite @JohnMayer lyrics but I did. What’s your favorite? but respect for MY captain marvel. @CatherinePowell I’ll sleep on it @CatherinePowell Should I do itI want to move somewhere I can always be by natureDaily reminder to men on the internet: you’re not God, or my father, or my boss. ☺️
Retweeted by NoraTell me I can have the fact that you loved me to hold on to @emilymusson MeProbably gonna fuck around and get a Golden Hour tattoo before this show. Come celebrate the end of this very, very…
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@emilycharlottec For how long! I’m gone until Sundayyou're totally allowed to say "I actually don't know enough about that issue to have an opinion"
Retweeted by NoraOr for anyone to confirm whether or not the seats by back of side stage actually have a viewWill sell limb for reasonably priced John Mayer Madison Square Garden tickets on Friday so I can see him perform...... with my dad. Thanks!it is an absolute honor to announce ill be joining @kaceymusgraves in Nashville this fall on the “oh what a world”…
Retweeted by Nora @Yatesy17 I think you’ve actually regressed @sassyblackdiva You are seriously my favorite person on the internet @giannanemeh *i could do this all day* *i know* @giannanemeh Okay come over next weekdon't ask me why but here's 22 seconds of catherine o'hara saying bebe
Retweeted by Nora @icryconstantly @Kjlambert YES GIRLSI miss watching avengers movies. Who’s coming over and watching them with me @StateOf_ALaska @CatherinePowell @mlovascioWhen even the damn Avengers sell their data to Hydra
Retweeted by NoraIt’s going to be wildly hot this weekend and resources to keep the homeless population safe are insufficient. Consi…
Retweeted by Nora @joellehyman Is this just @ me and @corifuuu
*when she sends you a Live Photo and you get a glimpse into her essence*
Retweeted by Nora @emilycharlottec come back to the east coast and play with me please!!!Love like you wish to be loved.
Retweeted by Noranothing like working through trauma in a phone booth at weworkadulting honestly just feels like hoping next week will be easier, and it never is
Retweeted by Nora @lucyyatesxo truly yesI’m crying @ezgiern Ily!!! @stacymagallon SPLOCI FOR PRESIDENTChopped the hairs and it immediately started downpouring the second I walked out of the salon
You should try this other app that ages you 50 years in a second called Twitter.
Retweeted by NoraShow me Sebastian Stan or get out🍄HELL WITH YOU🍄 out now on @Vevo ! Link in bio, let me know your thoughts!
Retweeted by Nora @maggierogers @carlyraejepsen @joellehymanI *SAID* PRINCESS OF POP!!!! *The* CRJ produced by me. Legendary shopping trip and written journey by…
Retweeted by NoraFreelancing is fun and I’ve been doing it full time for 2 years. I want to do social media again tho, or write on a…
Retweeted by Nora @jodielayne @ezgiern
Nothing but respect for MY Spider-Man @ashleyn1cole @FullFrontalSamB Congrats!!!!!Can someone bring me a ginger ale please? @MattBellassai I’m squealingyesterday my trainer told me i was his “big project” in case you’re wondering how my self esteem is doing today
Retweeted by Nora @ashwindeshmukh Quality content @ashwindeshmukh This is amazing @mlovascio This is so bleak and I’m confused as to why you didn’t write this in BFC
Today on BodyTalk Grace Dougherty shares her experiences with an eating disorder, sexual assault, and trauma… and o…
Retweeted by Nora @joellehyman I'm NOT!!!!Desperately want to chop most of my hair off and want to do it tomorrow after 6 PM in NYC - please please please se… discussion on balance and how hard it is to find sometimes
Saw you in a dream🌈🌤🌙🌱
I still love you though. You’re still my best friend but I hate you tho.
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@gabrielancelano ❤️❤️At least I still have my sense of humor am I right or am I right!Is having your period, experiencing a heartbreak, and having withdrawal from ocd medication all at once what they m… @jon_bernstein10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️i spoke to norma kamali about her new skin line while she gave me a hand massage 🧴
Retweeted by Nora @graceodougherty I am doing more unwell than I thought I would be doing 🙃hi i'm still freelancing so please consider me for features/op-eds/reported essays! especially in print!!
Retweeted by Norasneak peek of the website. coming soon.....
Retweeted by NoraMy heart hurts so bad. Sorry Twitter you get to be my diary todayIf I force myself to leave my apartment and walk around in public then I have to stop crying right?
With the news that we're on raid alert 🚨 again. Please continue to SHARE this info widely with your family, friends…
Retweeted by NoraThere’s a dog named Merlin in my office and he’s shy but his mom brings him over to play with me a lot and now he g… @jilliangmeehan I’m so happy ❤️❤️ gonna do more as I keep readingRound two! Pay Isn’t A Game. We took out an ad in today’s @nytimes to support the @USWNT in their fight for equal pay an…
Retweeted by Nora @alyssaneilson I’m waiting for my blanket now ❤️ @lucyyatesxo Right!!! I had no idea. I truly always thought I was having a stroke @joellehyman Oh so we’ve just been like this since we met. CoolYou can tell the people in Big Little Lies are rich because they always storm out of therapy early like that shit’s not expensive
Retweeted by Nora @joellehyman My cycle hasn’t changed so we’re going to need to figure out which one of us really caused this chaos @sassyblackdiva I have been WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT
who in new york and wanna have a crying contest
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