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Thank you. 🙏🏼 Family is everything right? feedback. Thanks for watching Steve Hartman goes on the road with the play of the game - or maybe the season Sec. of State Hillary Clinton made a stunning claim today, alleging Democratic presidential nominee Rep. Tul… least one person is dead after a commuter airplane, carrying 42 people, went off the runway while landing Thursd… Storm Nestor formed in the Gulf of Mexico Friday, threatening the northern Gulf Coast with high winds and… up on tonight's @CBSEveningNews on the @CBSEveningNews NOW: NASA is conducting its first all-female spacewalk
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸News Analysis: The cease-fire reached with Turkey by Mike Pence amounts to a near-total victory for Turkey’s presid…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says it was Pres. Trump who proposed holding the G-7 summit at his resort in Mi…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸According to the Washington Post, Trump National Doral Miami's profits dropped nearly 70% between 2015 and 2017; ro…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸General Mattis: “I earned my spurs on the battlefield ... And Donald Trump earned his spurs in a letter from a doct…
There have been 420 spacewalks starting in 1965 -- and at least one man as been involved in every one of them. Tom… Trump's decision to hold the 2020 G-7 summit at one of his private resorts in Florida has raised concerns abo… a stunning admission, acting WH chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that aid to Ukraine was withheld in p… on the @cbseveningnews to stand against bullying of LGBTQ youth with my @cbsnews colleagues on #spiritday 💜 cbseveningnews @glaad"Why are our troops going to Saudi Arabia if you promised to bring them home?" Pelosi asked Trump during bipartisan…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. it every morning ☀️. Congratulations @JaxAlemany Elijah Cummings, longtime civil rights activist from Baltimore, died early Thursday at the age of 68…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Mitch McConnell spoke out against President Trump's withdrawal of troops from Syria, saying that our Kurdish allies…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸"We got a train coming! We got a train coming!" A Utah patrol trooper is being praised as a hero following a remark…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Pres. Trump's accusations that some Kurdish factions are "more dangerous than ISIS" will be met with outrage among…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸In a Wednesday meeting, Democrats say called Pres. Trump called @SpeakerPelosi "a name" and was "quite nasty," so t…
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Washington, DC - first in war, first in peace, and finally... first in the National League. @JanCBS has the story News has learned all U.S. bases in northern Syria have been drawn down to the main airfield in Kobani, where a… reports after another extraordinary day in Washington: - The House voted overwhelmingly to condemn t… on the @CBSEveningNews up on the @CBSEveningNews“The split has been bitter, as shown by the absence of a statement from Pompeo expressing gratitude for McKinley’s…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸FACT CHECK: Pres. Trump says Turkey's incursion into Syria is "a semi-complicated problem...that we have very nicel…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸FACT CHECK: Pres. Trump says "the Kurds are much safer right now" as Turkey's offensive continues. Tens of thousan…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Thanks to @variety and Brian Steinberg for this piece - link in bio. "All roads seem to lead to Putin with the president"
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To a veteran firefighter, a hose is among the most essential tools of the trade. With a love for his job and coun…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸As U.S. troops pull back from northern Syria, one of America's biggest geopolitical rivals is beginning to fill the… news tonight - as we come on the air House Democrats are weighing a vote on a formal impeachment inquiry.… on the @CBSEveningNews @szirinsky quote: “The evening news remains a legacy broadcast. It has w/in its soul the very tenets that…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Coming up tonight on the @CBSEveningNews to @CBSNewsRadio !!!
Three incredible young women made sports history this weekend - Dean Reynolds has more on Simone Biles, Coco Gauff,… Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today "I am gravely concerned by recent events in Syria and… news tonight - Pres. Trump called for an immediate halt to Turkey's invasion of Northern Syria in a phone… on the @CBSEveningNews President Trump spoke to Erdogan today calling for an immediate ceasefire. @VP Pence says he will lead a…“It’s not out of cockiness. I’ve won five world titles and if I say, 'I’m the best gymnast there is,' (the reaction… Biles: “It’s important to teach our female youth that it’s OK to say, 'Yes, I am good at this,' and you don’… Biles captures all-time medal record at the World Gymnastics Championship
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸CBS News Battleground Tracker: Warren extends lead across early states and New Hampshire, and draws even with Biden…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸“I’m not willing to die, but, you know, I accept that it’s a possibility.” @60Minutes reports on the Hong Kong pr…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Incredible reporting. Brought me to tears. Kudos to producer Rachael Morehouse and Scott Pelley. @60Minutes
👋🏼fixing math flub here that Warren’s lead is not double digits but 8 pts
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸NEW @CBSNews poll: -Biden leads in SC -Biden & Warren tied in IA -Warren leads double digits in N.H.
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸BREAKING: 1,000 U.S. troops out in “deliberate withdrawal.” @FaceTheNation
All-women Delta crew flies 120 girls to NASA to encourage female aviators
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸Loved this story. And as @jdickerson said tonight “I wonder if you can order a six pack.”
Acting @DHSgov Secretary Kevin McAleenan resigns story: close to McAleenan tell @cbseveningnews that the Acting Secretary’s goal was “to bring down the number of b… close to McAleenan tell @cbseveningnews the decision has “nothing to do with Ukraine or the impeachment investigations.”#BREAKING: President Trump has announced that Acting @DHSGov Sec. Kevin McAleenan has resigned. @CBSNews has learne… to my TV sister @KellyO on this well-deserved recognition of her superb career of reporting.… Sondland will appear before House investigators for a deposition on 10/17, not the 10/16 subpoena date, in def…
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Awesome piece from tonight's broadcast on a teenage debate team from Atlanta. Coach Brandon Fleming says, "Be intru… explosions echoed across northern Syria as Turkish air & ground assault continued into its second day ag… reports: The @statedept is concerned about ethnic cleansing by the Turks in Northern Syria are ravaging a mobile home park in Cali Mesa, about 3 hours east of Los Angeles. Extreme winds and hot, dry w… News has learned the foreign-born Rudy Giuliani associates arrested on campaign finance charges were key to set… on the @CBSEveningNews🤓 cbsradio
Important reporting from our #EyeOnAmerica team tonight - As more Americans die from vaping-related illnesses,… News has learned the contents of a whistleblower's memo, which alleges a WH official stated there were conversa… launched airstrikes on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria Wednesday after the Trump administration pulled U.… on the @CBSEveningNews @CBSNews @ArdenFarhi Read the full memo as described to @CBSNews @ardenfarhi here From the whistleblower's 2-page memo as described to @CBSNews @ArdenFarhi "The official stated that there wa… of you @ckubeNBC !’ve gotta watch this !
Simone Biles makes history... again."We're all different & I think that we've forgotten that that's OK that we're all different.” TV host Ellen DeGen…
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸This morning US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland - who is viewed as a key witness in the Ukraine investigation… The White House says it will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, calling it an effort to "overturn the… on the @CBSEveningNews also outlined this morning the four pillars of the House Intelligence/Oversight/Foreign Affairs inv…
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In a new term that began this morning, the Supreme Court is set to hear cases addressing a host of hot-button issue… Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are considering extreme measures to protect the identity of the… on the @cbseveningnews’re live tonight from Washington, DC. We hope you’ll join us on the cbseveningnews
Fact check Admiral William McRaven, the former top commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, believes Pres. Trump…
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@ValerieJarrett “More living, more giving, more understanding” - that is a gift and a wonderful lesson.A lesson in kindness tonight, brought to you by @stevehartmancbs Democrats have issued a subpoena for the White House to turn over documents concerning Ukraine. @weijia has t… says that hackers linked to the Iranian government targeted a U.S. presidential campaign; the hackers att… weighs in --
Retweeted by Norah O'Donnell🇺🇸IC IG Michael Atkinson arrived a bit ago for his second, closed-door interview with House Intel. Lots of members…
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Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker has been testifying on Capitol Hill since 9:30 a.m. He has become a cen…