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JUST IN! 'Morning In America / Cruisin' to the Park' by Durand Jones & The Indications Fresh single of classic so… IN STOCK: 'Nevermind' by Nirvana Nirvana's landmark second record 'Nevermind' has landed back on our shelves… IN: 'Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis' by Matana Roberts Arguably the hottest talent in modern jazz, Matana R… IN: ‘Somebody's Knocking’ by Mark Lanegan Band Mark Lanegan returns with his eleventh solo album! The initia… HERNDON QUICK COMPETITION: Free this Wednesday? Can you make it to London that evening? Simply retweet by… IN STOCK: 'The Raincoats (40th Anniversary Edition)' by The Raincoats You've been loving this one! Grab you… 'Obscurium' by Noumen Uneasy glitch rhythms meet abstract melodies on Noumen's latest. Fans of IDM (… 'Arterial Movements' by Girls In Synthesis New 7'' single from the noisy post-punks. It has nods to… can now get the CD edition of the very limited Live 23 Avril 1995 Paris album over @normanrecords ...comes with…
Retweeted by Norman RecordsREVIEW: ‘Juice B Crypts’ by Battles Warping seemingly incongruent genres with new grooves, pop playfulness and twi… IN: ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ by clipping. clipping.’s latest is an unnerving and abrasive journe… @E__W__A__N Lovely! So many people looking forward to this one, me included! 😈 @amaebi_ @preservedsound anytime!PRE-ORDER: 'Parallax EP' by DJ Seinfeld More bangers from DJ Seinfeld! This one marries breakbeat with future ga… 'The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonus' by Renaldo & The Loaf This piece of unsettling experimental rock from t… STOCK: ‘Dyrholaey’ by Thomas Méreur Evoking the vast natural expanse of Iceland whilst exploring themes of grie… STOCK: 'Commissions: 1977-2000' by Inoyama Land Fan of the brilliant 'Kankyō Ongaku' compilation and Japanese… @bertus161057 @roisinmurphy @MusicOnVinyl a HUGE tunePRE-ORDER: 'Statues' by Moloko ‘Statues’ is quite possibly Moloko’s most consistent, innovative and fun record.… '4 Will You Speak This Word' by Dome More Dome reissues! This one features synth pop legend Vince Cla… 'Little Common Twist' by Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker Songwriter Ryley Walker teams up with jazz drum… 'The Valentine's Day Session' by Sophia This one's finally getting its own release on red vinyl and So… @_grammar_ ohPRE-ORDER: 'Moon Rā' by Moon Rā Moon Ra's second album lands on limited-edition colour vinyl next month!… 'Abies Firma' by Daniel Schmidt Modern classical meets gamelam on this limited archival release from e… 'Singles & Sessions 1979-1981' by Delta 5 Punk-funk from Leeds to get you up and moving! On limited… 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' by Alison Cotton One half of The Left Outsides scores a soundtrack to a gh… Queens of the Stone Age Reissues Queens of the Stone Age are finally reissuing four highly sought-afte…
CLASSICS: ‘Black on Both Sides’ by Mos Def Mos Def’s classic debut album of top-tier hip hop celebrates its 20th r… ALBUM DAY 2019: Today is National Album Day! We’re celebrating the occasion by showcasing a couple of re… OF THE WEEK: ‘No Home Record’ by Kim Gordon We gave Kim Gordon’s debut record a perfect 10 this week, so it’…
BACK IN STOCK: ‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake Nick Drake’s essential ‘Pink Moon’ has returned! This stark folk classic… @MsBethTaylor @JOHNTIMESBYTWO Lavley, enjoy! 🤩ICYMI: ‘Codes In The Clouds’ by Codes In The Clouds The UK post-rockers have laboured over this for six years, amo… PLAYING: 'Aquemini' by Outkast Possibly Southern hip hop's finest moment! 'Kimberlin' by Abul Mogard Abul Mogard has scored an experimental film! 'Kimberlin' lands on limited-… 'Riot EP' by Underground Resistance Mike Banks, Robert Hood AND Jeff Mills on the same record? What mo… 'Dark: Cycle 1 (Original Music From The Netflix Series)' by Ben Frost Dark ambient musician Ben Frost… @SpicemaniacPop This looks like a shipping issue as we've dispatched it. If you could email help(at)normanrecords(.… NME have selected this week's biggest new vinyl releases and records ready to pre-order. This week’s feature i…'s the last will and testament of the Norman Records Friday Jukebox. We'll see you next Friday at 11am! with some tasty footwork talkin about birds Oneohtrix and Blanck Mass!Plaid should collaborate with Sufjan've been informed that Jake is from Kirkstall..., Blossoms, Kim Gordon and other big vinyl releases this week
Retweeted by Norman RecordsAlways thought this was a weird band name...'s got a pilot's license you know? tells us about his lodger...'s the Walker Brothers with lots of hair @henryyeomans_ I was being daft as we gave it a 10/10 this week! We lurrrrv it😍Janelle looking like a lobster in that snazzy suit"Why is this repeating?" - Benn bringing the heat with bangers like this from Jake ambient. mmmmm.... only Drake worth knowing. Here's one of the best cuts from 'Bryter Layter' of the Jake Thackray tracks today! def**Ah, remember when Kanye was good? Hyping charismatic underground MC's and producing super original beats. Those day…'s this fella from? @jjdubit Tah! Gonna grab it soon 😎Up next is 'Sleepflower' from the Manics next is Polyphia from the charity compilation from @theneedledrop stonker! This is going on the techno n house playlist that's for sure!Not heard this song before but it's on R&S so it's probably going to be a banger. Full report after the song ends..… Grab remixing Special Request. Very tasty stuff which we hope to hear at clubs very soon... Night Cafe send us some mixed signals heard the new Kim Gordon record yet? Is it good? 🙃'd wager it's some variety of walking clock... though I love CSNY, Joni did it much better. Sorry lads x would ya just look at that bear monkey thing on the cover! Here's Soul Coughing with a Limp Bizkit cover... saying the frontman's name in a West Midlands accent... this is how foxes feel when they're getting hunted by big-eared boys on farms... on this week's Jukebox is The Veldt's 'Black and Blue' Friday Jukebox is here! Up first we have emo punks Spraynard for all you people who love your jean shorts IN STOCK: 'Wedding Album' by John Lennon / Yoko Ono "Yoko!"......... "John!" The notorious 'Wedding Album'… @paullistensto @codesclouds 💥⚡️😍BACK IN STOCK: 'Wedding Album' by John Lennon / Yoko Ono "Yoko!"......... "John!" The notorious 'Wedding Album'… We got you covered, @normanrecords have the new @codesclouds in stock and shipping now
Retweeted by Norman RecordsPRE-ORDER: ‘BBC Radio 1’ by Om Om have announced a live sessions EP! Featuring the bass talents of Sleep's Al Cis… @Poortambo @matadorrecords @corneliusjapan Still yet to hear Cornelius but I'm going to stick 'Fantasma' on at somepoint this week! @ChrisSpalton thankyou very much! we're looking forward to its arrival too!PRE-ORDER: 'Point' by Cornelius This classic of Japanese art pop is landing on blue vinyl soon! 'Point' is a pla… IN STOCK: 'If Not, When?' by Bdrmm Back by popular demand, we have this tasty little EP from Hull shgzrs Bdr… @ChrisSpalton here you go mate :)
CLASSICS: Frank Zappa, King Crimson and The Kinks These three classics were released 50 years ago today! Frank Za… UPDATE: Here’s our latest Update, bringing you all this week's Norman Records goings-on. Today’s update…! 'Codes In The Clouds' by Codes In The Clouds Codes In The Clouds are a band who can handle a patient build… you @normanrecords for this loverly review of the @BoaMorteBand album!! Ninesies!
Retweeted by Norman RecordsREVIEW! 'Commissions: 1977-2000' by Inoyama Land Vast, sweeping soundscapes are deftly rendered by huge reverbs an…! 'Obverse' by Trentemøller An album like an ambitious and varies Scandinavian seafood tasting menu. 8/10… 'Um Dada' by Stephen Mallinder: Refreshing, skewed, Dadaesque house music and beyo… 'Touchie Riddim EP' by Mosca: Ace tape of demented, squidgy, pulsating, acid grime…
CLASSICS: ‘Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven’ by Godspeed You! Black Emperor On this day in 2000, the… IN! 'VirtuAural Electro-Mechanics (Machinic Pieces 1995–2018)' by Francisco Lopez 8 hours of uncompressed sou…! 'Fireraisers, Forever!' by Comet Gain It's a scuzzy sucker-punch with a chugging CBGB sound and 60s garage… 'Who Knows Jenny Jones' by Mr Ben & The Bens Fresh album from the brilliantly named group! The off-th… 'Feathers' by Dead Meadow Psych rock classic reissue alert! 'Feathers' merges stoner rock, heavy psyc…