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Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world. #NUexperience

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These resources can help you take action and reflect during the Black Lives Matter protests."These events are just the beginning," says @PresidentAoun: "There is no time to waste." will gather to listen, to speak, and to advance the cause of justice on "Juneteenth," which will be a day of sol… will come together at a series of upcoming virtual town halls on race and justice. @NUCSSH @NUSL.@NUSL's Margaret Burnham will join us to explore the diligent work of @CRRJ_NEUSL and to discuss ways to move forward together.Our response to persistent injustice toward Black people will begin with an online vigil to remember lives "brutall… @PresidentAoun's full message: will use this time and space—exactly two weeks after the unjust and inhumane killing of George Floyd—to hold a D… Monday, June 8, we will suspend all classes and close all administrative and academic offices on all of our camp…
Racism, hatred, and ignorance—these are the scourges of a different kind of virus. To halt its spread, it is our ob…
Art is a way to process our shared stories as they unfold, and to envision a brighter future for us all, write…📸 From the archive: Ted Moss, an @NUCSSH professor, cares for animals at his hobby farm: "They're our extended fa…
Trust plays a crucial role in disaster response, says @DanielPAldrich of @NUCSSH. He explains what it could mean fo… need a new #privacy playbook, says #dataprotection expert @hartzog. @NUSL @KhouryCollege a guess: What does your sibling want for breakfast? Parents help their children build positive relationships… trust doctors and scientists to handle the #COVID19 pandemic more than any other individual or institutio…
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Complex machines need skilled technicians. A respiratory therapist explains the "24/7" role of #ventilator operator… pioneering graduates tackle challenges across the globe. The first region explored in their virtual speaker ser… @NUCSSH @NUPoliSci @KhouryCollege @NUlabTMN @NUnetsiWhat role will #mailinvoting play in future elections? A national survey from @davidlazer asks U.S. residents to we… perspectives find synergy in this virtual speaker series, led by @Northeastern’s Young Global Leaders. Great…
Retweeted by Northeastern U.Providing care during the #COVID19 pandemic has prepared these @NUBouve students to tackle any #healthcare challeng…
#Healthcare facilities find qualified staff members with an algorithm created by this @NortheasternCOE team."#COVID19 will result in an even greater decrease [in] access [to] health services," says this @NUCSSH researcher.📸Photo editor's pic(k): Emily Kerr, a @NortheasternCOE student, helps to build an off-road race car in 2019.… hundreds of years, patents have provided property rights for inventors. Will they play a role in the developmen…
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CUP just won't quit - we're back with another online event! Andrew Rea is the creator and star of the hit YouTube s…
Retweeted by Northeastern U. @NortheasternCOE @NU_Business @NU_CAMD @AlumniNUShields for @CityofAtlanta. "Ear savers" for @BOSTON_EMS. Masks for #Morocco. #Northeastern community members ma… information on #gunsafety can save lives, finds an @NUBouve researcher. More on his two-year study of traini… began to travel further and see each other more often before many states relaxed #stayhome orders, find… their entrepreneurial spirit as a guide, these @Northeastern students launched a million-dollar business from…
Retweeted by Northeastern U.The "#murderhornet" sparked fear across social media. One reason? Its name alone, says psychologist @AjayBSatpute.…
Just releasing our second report on policy preferences re COVID-19. National level this time, next week we will ha…
Retweeted by Northeastern U.How might #Bluetooth transform #contacttracing? The answer is in the details, says #cybersecurity expert… @NUCSSH @NUPoliSci @KhouryCollege @NUnetsi @NUlabTMN89 percent of U.S. residents oppose the immediate reopening of state economies, finds an ongoing survey by…
We remember and salute the bravery of our fallen heroes this #MemorialDay, and every day. @Northeastern
Retweeted by Northeastern U.We remember those who served and honor their sacrifices. #MemorialDay
A bouquet of blooms, from us to you. 🌷💐🌷💐🌷💐🌷💐🌷💐🌷💐🌷 dedicated #WFH space helps you separate time online from time offline, @NU_Business's @bzlarson tells @USATODAY. they have an idea, they run with it. Smartphone wallets designed by these #Northeastern students took off on… petals and blue skies at #Northeastern. #NUexperience
Like clicking a seatbelt, wearing a face mask should be a habit to increase safety, an @NUSL expert tells @nytimes. in a snapshot. #NUexperience way to make the most of online meetings? Hide your own webcam video, an @NUBouve expert tells @wgbhnews. #esports? Check. @GoNUesports @GoNUathletics
A green scene at #Northeastern."It appears to me that this has all the hallmarks of a lynching," says Margaret Burnham, director of @CRRJ_NEUSL. Mentor. Leader. This @NUBouve award recipient shares highlights from her #NUexperience: spaces and bike lanes. What other changes might #COVID19 bring to cities? @NU_CAMD @sarajcarr #architecture soak up the ☀️ at #Northeastern. #NUexperience of thank-you messages reach first responders on the front lines through this @NortheasternCOS graduate's w…
Tulips welcome warm weather at #Northeastern. #NUexperience apps raise concerns about #dataprivacy, says @hartzog: "We have to be very careful." #COVID19 source for the latest updates on #Northeastern's phased reopening. @NUMarSci staff member introduces a 🦐 to visitors during an open house. #TBT 📍Marine Science Center 📆 1992 conversation helps co-workers keep social ties strong, even from afar, says @Northeastern’s @bzlarson: “Main…
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When doctors in #Ethiopia needed reliable equipment, these @NUBioE1 students hunted down a solution.… makes the #coronavirus that causes #COVID19 so infectious? The answer is in its proteins, say @NortheasternCOS can be scarce resources in hospitals treating #COVID19 patients. Why might they be in short supply?… researcher @svscarpino tackles #herdimmunity and #COVID19. @NortheasternCOS hospitals weeks before space or equipment shortages is possible with this @NortheasternCOE researcher's too… apps could help control the spread of #COVID19. But what do they mean for #dataprivacy? @hartzog do people across the U.S. feel about reopening? Researcher @davidlazer asks them in a nation-wide survey.… race for a #COVID19 vaccine is on. If companies share their research, says an @NUSL expert, we may reach the fi… test results can take hours or days. This @NortheasternCOE researcher wants to provide them in minutes. key to a tight-fitting, protective face mask? Nylons, finds this @NortheasternCOE researcher. #COVID19 spread in major U.S. cities as early as January, finds an @NUnetsi model. @alexvespi experts track #COVID19 and confront its challenges. a big idea to a successful #startup. This course teaches you how to launch your own business.… NEWS 🙌 IBM Research AI - Northeastern University won a #webby! @johnmaeda presented my award, check out my…
Retweeted by Northeastern U.The bacteria inside this wood-eating shipworm could help scientists convert plant waste and discover new antibiotic…
Our global internet was "designed to be resilient," says @KhouryCollege computer scientist @proffnes. But was it re… has #COVID19 transformed the labor market? @NUCSSH economist @SasserModestino explains on #LitmusPodcast.… courses by an @NU_CAMD professor capture the curiosity of schoolchildren at home due to #COVID19.… can #healthcare systems prevent drug shortages and accommodate #COVID19 patients? #LitmusPodcast.… broke links on the global #supplychain, says @NU_Business management expert @nadasanders. How we got here… quarters are "ripe for infection," says @NUSL expert @weparmet. What might that mean for the spread of… put #healthcare to the test, says this medical sociologist. Where might systems fall short? #LitmusPodcast walking to voting. @NUnetsi systems scientist @svscarpino tackles #COVID19 questions about physical distancing… brings #COVID19 insight from #Northeastern experts to your headphones. #LitmusPodcast can make masks in minutes. This @NUBouve student collects them by the hundreds for people in need across the gl… their 12-hour shifts inside @MassGeneralNews, these @NUBouve nursing students on co-op help patients and other f… ☀️ meets 🌸 blossoms at #Northeastern. #NUexperience the front lines of #COVID19, these @Northeastern students find human connection and stand beside patients as the…
Retweeted by Northeastern U.Discoveries made by these @NortheasternCOS chemists could bring scientists a step closer to #COVID19-fighting drugs…
Internet needs infrastructure. Infrastructure takes time. @KhouryCollege professor @proffnes unpacks life online…👏 Celebration with @NUSL 👟 Road race with @NUBouve 🐾 Trivia with @GoNUathletics Keep track of these virtual events… @NUSL @NortheasternCOS @NUCSSH @AzizaAhmed @daviddesteno @RorySmeadBe sensitive, be encouraging. Here's how you can help others understand the importance of face masks, say our resea… #tech we build today "will shape our future data and surveillance practices," writes #dataprivacy expert…
A colorful close-up. #NUexperience may have quarantine quarrels. Here's how parents can help resolve them, says an @NUBouve expert: vocalists go virtual. @NUNoreasters
A spring scene at #Northeastern. it out. Deep breaths increase activity in your nervous system and calm you down, @LFeldmanBarrett tells… Let's grow a virtual garden. Plant your 🌷 in a reply to this tweet. #NUexperience is ready for varsity. @GoNUathletics #NUexperience