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Dramatist Scouse/Welsh Asc: @MiddleChildHull Nxt: Freedom Project:@leedsplayhouse 12/13 June & @youngvictheatre 26/27 There Should Be Unicorns:@MiddleChildHull

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Hahaha heard this story a few times. Another one was told by his dad to go his band for lunch so he didn’t get a st… @LouLouMason He’s done so many dumb things that it’s become himThe sum total of a human is greater than the time they did something dumb. Accumulative compassion and kindness is…
Find Ash so eloquent. Every time she speaks I feel a bit clearer about the world I live in and my relationship to i… @Danny_Edwards18 Agreed. I unfollowed everyone I know and got rid of Facebook. The comparing stopped and I became happy. @Dandelamotte You can’t have more than one. I’ve seen them on ebay @Dandelamotte Thanks for the review Daniel I’ll forward to Quintin
A Certain Romance by Alex Turner share and give what you can we’re so close x
Retweeted by Luke BarnesAs I get older I am reminded, when I come to the city, how often we confuse beauty with youth.The conversation went like this: Me: Mate please could you create some content for the twitter? TS: What kind o…
Retweeted by Luke Barnes @AndyGRoberts Na virgin/avanti @GraemeKelly1 Why rock the boat that’s teatime f everyone @stephens_ben Never used @RobbieO85 Yes mate!Anyone want this train ticket? £15The Canary and the Crow at @arcolatheatre is a big-hearted blend of grime, classical music and theatre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Retweeted by Luke BarnesREVIEW: The Canary and the Crow, Arcola Theatre London ✭✭✭✭✭ @arcolatheatre #canarycrow @middlechildhull
Retweeted by Luke BarnesReview: The Canary and the Crow, Arcola ★★★★ Electrifying gig-theatre show about a working-class black boy who goe…
Retweeted by Luke BarnesEvery artistic director in this country needs to see Canary and the Crow @MiddleChildHull. Anyone who thinks racism…
Retweeted by Luke BarnesHow to make this sad: Rum Tum Tugger was a curious cat
Thornberry again talking sense here @RobbieO85 Traroe was class @NickBagnall Wahayyayayay @NickBagnall Ffs @NickBagnall 😂😂😂😂 @sophallenmurray @JosephEdThomas What is it? @WinstoneSmyth @Nosynewsy @SkyNews Yes winston! @NickBagnall To us? @JosephEdThomas Yeah man love to. Call me! @Dandelamotte You are a fucking gob shite son xRum Tum Tugger is a curious catIt’s flexible so any time.Does anyone want a ticket from London to Liverpool for tomorrow night on the train? I can’t use it. Cost 45 quid bu… @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Absolutely he should Nick; it's in everyones interest our most influential figures talk about… that's being touted by ***** and the like is at attempt to deconstruct social progression; to take awa…
@BBCPolitics @afneil Think she's quite good here to be fair. @Rachlemon happens a lot this mate. solidarity with you. it seems, in this time, that the answer is practically alw… @A_J_Stirling also adam they have to leave them in places where they can be stolen easily where it also rains.Best of luck to my pals @_TurnTable_ opening FOUR TO THE FLOOR TONIGHT! XXX @kaylafeldman Some of them still living. @kaylafeldman *deafLuke 2020: please don't die please. @paddyhughes89 @gemmabodinetz @FrankPeschier During the show stopper the ENTIRE THEATRE FILLS WITH BUBBLES @drsmckay except for Laurence Foxnoooo @jackrooke @wagamama_uk this is such a pure exchange; jack watch Zoolander it's great. Ewe Magnum.My mate @RobbieO85 has made a film. Give it a watch here; it's won loads of awards and that. @emilyoulton @manwaringashirt @SaraJoyceyThe day I pay attention to a Man City fan about buying success is the day I lose my arse. @Excalibah @paddyhughes89 @FrankPeschier @gemmabodinetz Jurgen is a big fan of new writing; wont shut up about Ostermeeir and Richer!This is cool my man Gadd. Go see if you get chance it’s real good. @FrankPeschier @paddyhughes89 @gemmabodinetz I love everything about this tweet @paddyhughes89 @FrankPeschier @gemmabodinetz I’m game if Gemma and Frank are @Darwen88 Amazing. Best team in the world. @CathRoseSnow1 @RachClements <3 @CathRoseSnow1 @RachClements Goodnight Mister TomStan Collymore was a pioneering mental health ambassador. Very grateful for him speaking out when very were. anyone put together a big list of theatre festivals, scratch nights etc that I can share with young artists jus…
Retweeted by Luke Barnes @TamsinDaisy Tbh there is an argument to say if tories got laid more they might not be so bitter and cold and perha… Head is out of this world. @AliceMLRamsey @johnjtomlinson Look at these legends. Happy birthday JT! X
@LiaHatz 😂 @camillavalerie_ it's a strong height. @camillavalerie_ ..... @slowcrushh @Hull_Trains pahahahaha @PaulStringer7 Manchester has a much higher unemployment level than Liverpool Paul. And even if it didn't and did h… will be amazing are aging well @AnfieldEdition OrigiOrigi @mrdavidjays It’s a similar world - it’s beautiful. He’s the guy who wrote grief is a thing with feathers! @chelseawalker21 Wahhooo @_rooof_ Health and safety nightmare thisCongrats @PrasannaBanana on the new appointment! My mate.Why was every school disco DJ like this
Retweeted by Luke BarnesThis looks amazing @jasonjcrouch @Spectatoreab If I had to read one... @sarahjoymid @jasonjcrouch You’ll love. If you liked Pomona ;). @jasonjcrouch First one! @mrdavidjays I loved it. Made me full of wonder and really emotional. Have you read LANNY by Max Porter?
@jasonjcrouch Never!Ocean at the end of the lane is fucking brilliant. Properly different world and magical. Proper human exploration o… @womtells @ElijahYoung1998 @thewritingsquad @NWNyoungwriters @Alphabetti @benjitoon @northernstage @LiveTheatre
Retweeted by Luke Barnes @Excalibah Pahahaha I think I knew that deep down. I love the OT. Some of my fave things have been there. @Excalibah Isn’t kept up* @Excalibah I stay in muswell hill usually which feels an eternity and I’ve got to be there at a reasonable hour so… @shewolfmanc @McrWritingSchl @MMUEnglishDept This is honestly one of the best books on writing @OPB91 😂😂😂 @Georgia___Green They’re usually the tightest! @popsparks95 @FrankPeschier Still thinking about why you’re mates with Pete Price here Frank @steve_monger this guy is fucking verminThis is great for me. I rarely get to London and when I do I rarely have time to go to Richmond unless it’s a weeke… @Georgia___Green Assistant to an associate? Who are these midas’s @MerPolTraffic This lad was in my class in school @imhelenj @NationalTheatre Where is it on? @imhelenj @NationalTheatre Oh is that on today? I actually will. I love that. @NationalTheatre *ofTonight: OCEAN AT THE END OD THE LINE @NationalTheatre