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@benschwartz_ @franklinleonard I'd consider santa more like folklore as the character isn't an owned copyright.My Hero Academia has completely ruined anime for me.
@LupusKeegan Yes. Games where you always scrape by, but it makes you feel smart. @LupusKeegan No, see, that's ACTUALLY being good at the game. This is a fine line here.Travel tip! Standing closer to the carousel at baggage claim doesn't make your bags come out faster. It makes it…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @LupusKeegan No way! It has to be hard enough that you FEEL badass overcoming it. If it's no challenge at all, then… walked by this fucking thing and was embarrassed by it. Why do I want to see a giant corporate-looking guy, holdi… painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (1817-1900)
Retweeted by Matt RiggI don't necessarily want to be good at games, I just want to feel like I'm good. @ManohlaDargis We all know this is just them filming the show, right? Right?Who knew the the most taxing part of being an adult is trying to figure out what the fuck to have for dinner every…
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In other words, Fire Emblem is really good.Turns out she's one my favorite character in combat and absolutely slays. With this new information, I basically ha… Fire Emblem last night, one of my characters confided in me with, "Yeah, the reason I'm this way is because…'t believe it's been 20 years since we launched Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. This game holds a very special plac…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @BLITZWUFF Aw, you have a new pet! @ChuckWendig I'm in awe of your commitment.
Maybe you’re having a rough week. Maybe your boss isn’t giving you credit. Maybe you accidentally broke your mom’s…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @scottjohnson I hate that you even feel the need to have to clarify that.Uh. @AgeBee
All y'all Deers and Lions stuck on the ground while my Eagles soar, and look good doing it. #FireEmblemThreeHouses really gotta stop acting like videogames popped out of the ground yesterday
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @gfmanalo ALSO apparently it's inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee. @gfmanalo I've only watched a few episodes, but it's something I'm going to finish. @jasonschreier @patrickklepek Saying that "people only cared about the first one" because of a trailer is just as m… @gfmanalo Warrior is so good. @ninjadustpub Every action needs to be a part of the story. I don't like wasting words on details that don't show a… @AgeBee @AdamGarib @Megzilla87 @veschwab Sounds like the perfect time for a break. ;)To raise short story payments to meet the new higher SFWA "pro" pay rate of 8c/word, @BCSmagazine needs $700/mo. o…
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@princess_jem4 Hanna kind of falls into this category. I would think it qualifies as a taken-esque revenge story.… @Lualapin Don't you be hatin' on my boy Ferdinand. He just, uh... takes some time to get to know, is all.Hey all! Dwarrows has a discord! It's pretty quiet, but if you are in the beta and want a place to ask questions or…
Retweeted by Matt RiggI'm amazed at the sheer lack of forethought of this tweet. say all the time “I would kill for my child”, but somehow, “I would cross dangerous borders for a better lif…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @NagataLockII Probably obvious, but worth the obligatory "did you try restarting it?" I find after like a week or…
@ChuckWendig Up here in the Canyada, we just say running shoes... or at least in my neck of the woods. @garywhitta I feel like this kind of pointless pedantry often discourages new writers when they can't close every g… @NetflixFilm Swollen Members.
@AmandaTheJedi Why? You're videos aren't even the least bit offensive. Youtube money lords need to chill.Idk if it's snobby writing threads or talking to the awesome, not-snobby @SamMaggs that did it, but I'm *so* over t…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @scottjohnson I know it's not isolated to Twitter, but I wonder what makes Twitter so susceptible to that kind of d… construction taking place adjacent to my building demolished the fucking tree outside my office area. It blocke… is a nice alternative to youtubers smacking their dogs. Gave me the feels.
Retweeted by Matt RiggMike Posner has legitimately been walking across America since mid-April, releasing new music along the way. At mil…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @NagataLockII I went to the Mick Foley show, and there were def people chatting that thought the show started at 8.
📣🤩Let's show some love to ✊🏽✊🏾BLACK✊🏿✊🏼 artists! Drop your portfolios, kofis, patreons, art you're proud of, etc be…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @scottjohnson What does it do differently from Martyr at that price? Seems like it's just a class. @AndreaaCW These paintings are so cool. At first I thought they were 'world normals' renders.
@adribbleofink That's the beauty of it! @adribbleofink The trick is taking above-average photos of it all. Like really get bouji with it. @NorthernPixels_ @adribbleofink I’m in the US and pay LOADS out of pocket even though I have insurance and still ha…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @adribbleofink I'll take waiting (which you probably do in ANY country, there are only so many doctors) over... like... not going?As a Canadian: LOL. My father-in-law was in-and-out of the hospital ER for several nights last year, including ove…
Retweeted by Matt RiggMe: "It's important to acknowledge that everyone tries their hardest, and skill levels wildly differ between player…
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Indivisible releases on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One beginning on OCTOBER 8th! (Nintendo Switch Coming Soon). Pre-Orde…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @ohiowa89 To simply write. The words will come. They won't, however, if you don't write.Waking up to my apartment shaking every morning at 7am is cooooooooooooooooo—
I almost never touch on topics outside of gaming BUT this video is a prime example of what US gun culture and mass…
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Toni Morrison got her first New York publishing job at 36, published her first book at 39. She was a single working…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @DaveRapoza Robo does deserve his own slot.Chrono Trigger (separate images in thread)
Retweeted by Matt RiggFrog/Glenn - Chrono Trigger
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @DaveRapoza #Goku the ill-informed are being critical of the gaming industry and community, this is a very powerful story. The…
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @scottjohnson At first I sorta wanted to see Vanderbeek. But after seeing a few episodes, I can't imagine it being…
Found this really cool antique copper cup at the festival. That plate on the front is solid copper. I'm gonna make…"The game is constantly surprising us in both good and bad ways..."
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Over the years my beliefs have changed about many different things. I used to feel sleep was not mandatory. “Sleep…
Retweeted by Matt RiggWhat happens when your sunscreen fails and you're wearing a dumb hat. NO TRACE is a moving, powerful, and minimalist film that reminds us what it means to truly live while spotlig… my god Robo is amazing. lathered myself in sunscreen before kayaking today, and now I'm a lobster. Apparently Aveeno is the only sunscre…
There hasn’t been a more important video to cross my TL in quite some time
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @AgathaChocolats Number five never made it. @Coruscating Is he getting more ginger-y?oh hey, now that I'm just working for myself and some amazing clients, I feel comfortable talking about a big old t…
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Stopped at a McDonald's on the road and randomly, there's a big fish tank. all due respect, @polygon, this is a problematic hed and sub-hed. Not only do they sell The Outer Worlds short…
Retweeted by Matt RiggNinja does thing "Very smart sensible business decision cant find anything wrong in encouraging competition" Devel…
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@CobTheCreator GIANT turtle battles. Ahaha. I meant, of course, slow laborious battles. But now that you mention it... 🤔 @CobTheCreator Probably Warcraft 2 editor? Either that or Starcraft. I remember making dumb maps with my friends wi… @AmandaTheJedi It's so good! It was one of the things that immediately caught my attention and, I think, sets it apart.
(l) 1859: journalist berates young man's chess tournament win, a game that 'robs...valuable time that might be devo…
Retweeted by Matt RiggDonnie Yen in MISMATCHED COUPLES (情逢敵手, 1985) dir. Yuen Woo-ping
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@NagataLockII @Nintendo @EVO It's insane. This game's core is the FGC support surrounding it. I seriously doubt it… is @nintendo seriously releasing a #SmashBrosUltimate balance patch 1 day before @EVO?
Retweeted by Matt Rigg @NagataLockII @Nintendo @EVO They really don't give a shit.
@ohiowa89 hey I wonder why Arnie Hammer is trending ohhhh no
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Artists have long resisted breaking the footline, or the bottom edge, of a composition. Even in this crowded outdoo…
Retweeted by Matt RiggThis made me laugh really hard.
Retweeted by Matt Rigg#OnceUponATimeInHollywood was excellent and indulgent, nostalgic yet scintillating with possibility. Moments big an… @tha_rami I felt this too. They then proceed to explain this choice, 30 seconds after you make it. Why?! @Esskaden There's a lot of little things like that in there. @gfmanalo Yeah. Searching is often compared to Unfriended. I like that it's NOT horror movie and is instead a whodu… SEARCHING starring John Cho, who is so damn good in this. Unlike most films that try to use a computer to… one: This guy: I wonder how out of touch I am today?
*crumbles further into dust*
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